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Oct 05 2015

Another drawing as my gift

It’s my honor to announce that my dear friend, QuevivaCandy, is translating my latest fanfic, Peculiar Relationship into Spanish. ❤❤❤ Some of you know that after drawing a scene from this short story, Candy by the wishing fountain, as a token of my appreciation to some of my friends, I was already planning to draw Albert …

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Sep 18 2015

My drawing as a gift

As some of you know, I wrapped up my short story, Peculiar Relationship, last week. It has taken me longer than planned, and yet I truly appreciate those of you who have sent me feedback chapter after chapter. ♥ ♥ Without your continuous support and encouragement, I couldn’t have finished it. 😛 😉 In particular, as of today, out …

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Sep 10 2015

Peculiar Relationship Epilogue

In Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), we know that Candy was still very much in love with her husband in her mid-thirties. When he came home to her in the evening, she jumped from her chair, running into his outstretched arms. Even though Mizuki didn’t write anything about Candy being a mother, I strongly believe …

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Sep 05 2015

Peculiar Relationship Chapter 10

I’ve been very quiet lately because I was writing two chapters in a row. Thank you all for your patience! For those who aren’t familiar with Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS) spoilers, please bear with me. I don’t want to repeat what Mizuki had already written in the epilogue, so this chapter begins near its …

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Aug 10 2015

Peculiar Relationship Chapter 9

Do you know this is actually my 300th post? 😀 🙂 I can hardly believe this is happening, but I must thank all my readers and friends for their continued support. Without their encouragement and brilliant comments, I wouldn’t have come this far. Please accept my deep gratitude!  ❤ ❤ ❤ I know I’ve taken a long …

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Jul 08 2015

Peculiar Relationship Chapter 8

Time flies by so fast! Due to real life obligations, I haven’t had much time to write, but I appreciate your patience and continued support! Without further ado, please enjoy the new chapter. If you like, please write your comments below. Thank you in advance! -Ms Puddle Chapter 8 While Candy and Albert were deeply …

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Jun 13 2015

Peculiar Relationship Chapter 7

Thank you for your patience! Lately, I have to juggle many tasks. It’s unbelievable! Besides, I wanted to read more references for this chapter, so it has taken me longer to finish. If you like this chapter, please write a few words. Appreciate your continued support and encouragement! -Ms Puddle Chapter 7 Though Mrs. Watts …

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Jun 03 2015

Peculiar Relationship Chapter 6

Thank you for following this story! It’s my imagination based on the events written in the second volume of Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS). More than one of you have pointed out that Sarah possibly made her speech in front of family members and/or relatives. However, it wasn’t clear how many people the Leagans had …

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May 26 2015

Peculiar Relationship Chapter 5

It has taken me a while to write this short chapter because I have been busy with other things. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it. 😀 -Ms Puddle Chapter 5 While taking in the view of Miss Candice snuggling against her adoptive father’s athletic frame, a discouraging thought slithered …

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May 18 2015

Peculiar Relationship Chapter 4

About the complicated timeline in Candy Candy Final Story, there are different theories out there, and I base my story on my own interpretation. You don’t have to accept my timeline, but I hope you will like this chapter, the longest one yet. The positive feedback and comments have motivated me to keep writing, so …

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