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Apr 02 2015

Susanna and Candy

Many thanks to some of you for your comments to my post Kono, Sono, and Ano even though we aren’t really talking about that post anymore. 😉 😛 Just to let you know, I’m actually happy to read comments from you wonderful ladies on my blog. 🙂 Please feel free to share anything you like, anytime. 😀 I …

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Mar 29 2015

Her happiness

When Terry decided to leave England, he left a note for Candy as shown in the manga here. He addressed her as someone considerate or thoughtful (心ある), telling her he quit school and headed to America for his dream. Before he ended, he wished her happiness. Literally, he said, “Wherever I am, I pray for your …

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Mar 15 2015

I wish you were here…

Here I am again, sharing bits and pieces of Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS) with you. Please bear with me because I read Japanese not as fast as I wish. 😛 So far I’ve quickly skimmed through pages here and there just for curiosity, but before I dare to share anything here, I have to …

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Mar 11 2015

A nice bride

I’m feeling slightly better, and thank you for your patience and warm wishes. 🙂 While reading your comments for A man worth loving, I noted some of you were talking about the manga scene in which Candy grumbled about not being a good wife? So I thought I might as well give you the manga strip in …

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Mar 06 2015

A man worth loving

Found this meaningful quote (source unknown) the other day: When a guy can handle your flaws, love you on your moody days, kiss you when you don’t look great, and say you’re beautiful no matter what happens, he’s worth loving. So the Magic Spell scene in the Candy Candy manga flashed across my mind, which I …

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Feb 26 2015

The man of her dreams

Many thanks to those of you for sending me positive feedback regarding my interpretation of Candy’s poem about Albert. In particular, Antlay pointed out that butterfly had many meanings to Japanese. Since then I have done some research myself, and I must say I was surprised. Initially, by simply reading the aforementioned poem, I just thought …

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Feb 19 2015

Candy’s poem of Albert

My friends, the administrators of the Facebook page, William Albert Andrew (el príncipe de la colina), have kindly let me share this poem with you. Written by Kyoko Mizuki and illustrated by Yumiko Igarashi, the poem is from Candy’s point of view, describing her thoughts about Albert. The Japanese words are (with my direct translation to English):   ふりかえったら もう いない …

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Feb 18 2015

Argh, he’s driving me crazy …

Today, I’m going to discuss in detail a small paragraph in Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), and many of you might have read this from the spoilers already: Brother and sister. Albert and I had been living together pretending so. Is it like this if I live with my family? No, it may have been slightly different from …

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Feb 09 2015

Red String of Fate

The St. Valentine’s Day is coming up, so I take this opportunity to explain to you a myth originated from a Chinese legend and also widely understood in Japan. I have talked about this before, but some might not have heard of it. 😉 Anyway, according to the Chinese legend, the deity in charge of marriages is …

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Feb 06 2015

Engulfed in his warmth

First of all, I really enjoy reading your comments regarding my previous post. Thank you CKati, QuevivaCandy, Reeka, Antlay, and Agnès, for your interesting thoughts and insights. QuevivaCandy helped by providing more spoilers to us, and Antlay actually raised a good point — Albert himself had been misjudged by others merely based on his casual appearance. …

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