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Disclaimer: These are unofficial English translations of Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS). I will keep updating this page whenever there are new updates. Please bookmark this page for your convenience.

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Chapter 1 (part 1)
Chapter 1 (part 2)

This is Fay’s unofficial translations of CCFS. She’s doing her best to translate from the Spanish Versions (also done by fans).

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Volume 2

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Section 3

Narrative 1
Letter from Susie
Letter to Mr Carson
Letter to Carson’s children
Letter to Mr. Juskin
Letter to Miss Candice White Ardlay (from George Villers)
Letter to Captain Niven
Letter to Miss Candice White Ardlay (from Cookie)
Letter 2 to Carson’s children
Letter to Terry
Letter from Archie
Letter from Stear
Letter to Sister Gray
Letter to Mary Jane
Letter from Annie
Narrative 2
Letter to Frannie
Letter from Patty
Letter to Dr. Frank Campbell
Narrative 3
Letter to Mrs. Sara Leagan
Letter to Mr. Stewart
Letter to Mary
Letter to Mr. Whitman
Letter to George


For your interest, this is my friend Yue Chan‘s excellent post that summarizes Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS) in Spanish, Candy Candy Final Story ~ Estructura de la novela, which Fay has kindly translated to English. There is another marvelous post from Yue Chan, discussing the differences between the Old Candy Candy and CCFS, Candy Candy Final Story ~ Primera edición de la Antigua Novela de Candy Candy, which Fay has also translated to English for Candy Candy Fans here.


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  1. reeka

    I love Narrative 3, Vol. 3.! 🙂 Of course I had read the spoiler before, but yours, Fay, the narration sounds even more beautiful. Here we get more and more evidences of who exactly Anohito is.

    1. From what I could recall, many times ( although not all) after present-time-Candy described a clue about Anohito, Albert name was what followed next lines. Here in paragraph 5 and next. After she mention the man she loved was always laughing at how she still often judged people by their appearance, she mentioned Albert. People may say, it is because dr Leonard, room 0, and Albert was all related, but .. come on, Mizuki could narrate it in other ways if she didn’t mean it.
    I also remember, once Candy mentioned the man she loved was the one who fixed the music box. And the name came after that was Albert. If I am not mistaken, it’s Albert’s picture drew by doctor Martin.

    2. The most obvious one in this narrative 3 is the picture in Leagan’s hotel opening. Hahaha please, if the man in the house is not in the picture, why would that particular picture hung there in family study room? Candy could hang other picture if she meant to showcase her Ardley family side, and in other proper events like Archie & Annie engagement party, not something related to Leagans. 😀 The reason must be something special with that event. Ms Puddle had a fanfic supporting this theory 🙂 – not necessary with exact imagination though. And somehow I sense, in this event, Candy and Aunt Elroy had already had good relationship. Oh, and I’m a bit intrigued by the way Candy gave exclamation mark when she mentioned Uncle William, twice! – Have we discussed it, Ms Puddle? I don’t remember we did. I do not think this hotel opening happened close after Uncle William’s revelation. Did it? I am really awful at remembering CCFS timeline 😀

    3. It’s small hint and repetition to my previous comment. Candy again here somewhat felt uneasy remembering Terry. If she now was happily living with him, how could she be feeling that way? However, I don’t think her uneasiness due to her leftover feeling to him though. After all, those clippings and pictures mostly covered the not so nice rumours about his career after they had separated, so normally Candy would have felt responsible ( being a person who always put other interest’s over hers). Shakespeare’s books there? I think as many times we had discussed it, it’s a norm a prestige household carries this collection at their library/study room. Even I found it make sense if it’s mentioned that they’re first printed edition ones. It’s an Ardley’s patriarch house after all. 🙂

    Btw, Fay, in your translation here, I am more than sure now that Neal had changed. And I have to admit he possibly had been really in love with Candy. – who did not?

    Good job, Fay! Sorry if I am babbling too long. Hahahah

    1. Fay

      Thank you, Reeka, your comment was very enlightening. There is a lot of evidence and we need to gather as much as we can to prove our case, that Anohito is indeed Albert. You are right, his name is mentioned right after Candy talking about her husband, and that happens more than once. That couldn’t be accidental. Mizuki is very clever, she must mean something writing this way.
      I congratulate you on noticing such an important evidence, the picture from the Leagan hotel opening. If Anohito was Terry, why on earth would Candy have that particular picture in her house, with almost the whole of the Ardlay family taken on an occasion totally irrelevant with Terry?
      I believe too that Neal had changed from the way Candy describes his reaction towards her. Maybe he wasn’t over her yet. Although in the manga version we saw him eager to go to Florida to meet other girls and forget Candy. In the novel version he appears more serious about his feelings and definitely acting different from his sister.
      How many boys in this story loved Candy after all? There must be something about that girl which captured everybody.

      1. Ms Puddle

        Hello Reeka and Fay, you two will be more thrilled when I post the letter to Vincent Brown in the old novel 😁😘

        1. Fay

          Ms. Puddle, I thought this letter existed only in CCFS. Do you have any surprise for us? Whatever it is, I can’t wait.

          1. Ms Puddle

            Hi Fay, in my latest post I mentioned it. Please feel free to read it when you have time. 🌹

          2. Fay

            Thank you. I will as soon as I can.

        2. Reeka

          My friend, do you have new discovery in that letter? I remember we discussed it last year. And we reached some amazing conclusion about Candy’s status by the time the letter written. The fire mantelpiece is one of the clue beside the confident way she talked to Capt Brown.
          Sure it was one great clue from Mizuki that we had overseen at the beginning.

          1. Ms Puddle

            Hello Reeka, I don’t want to spoil you at this point. I’ll just say that the two letters are interestingly different. 😁😆

    2. Ms Puddle

      Here you go, Reeka:
      There is at least one post I talked about this family picture as a significant clue and another post about judging people by appearance. I’ll dig them up later.

    3. Ms Puddle

      Hello Reeka and Fay,
      As promised, I found at least three of my old posts related to Narrative 3 in CCFS. For your information, in the following posts I have shown my attempts to translate some key passages in English too. 🙂

  2. reeka

    Hello, dear Fay! Thank you for keeping us updated with this translation, I think it’s not too long until we reach the most favourite part 🙂

    I’ve just reached Narrative 2, Volume 3. This part is one of a few things in CCFS that intrigue me. The narrative mostly describes Candy’s memory about her feeling when she received newspapers clippings from Annie ( I assume they were about Terry’s debut, so it was event before Candy met Terry in America). But there’s two paragraphs where Candy in present time thought about Terry, when she took the envelope from the jewellery box. She mentioned Terry had become an actor that left mark in stage, in other words, he had become very successful now and he had made his dream ( he once had told her in Scotland) come true.

    what I want to explain is … Candy in present time talked about Terry’s well being and whereabout. We, readers, got updated news about Terry. And it’s described that she felt somehow agitated because of this memory ( why would she feel that way if she was now happy with him, right?). However, as far as I understand CCFS, Candy in present time, never told readers where and how Albert was now. She never gave us clue if William Albert Ardlay had married, had children, or still lived in America? 🙂 . This always tickles my curiosity and made me even more sure about who Anohito is. The whole CCFS is started because she somewhat missed those people she cared so much who lived across the ocean, far away from her. And it only makes sense that she didn’t talk about present-time-Albert because he was there living with her in the old continent.

    Well, I might be wrong about this particular hint because we have not reached the end. 🙂 so, Fay, I am really looking forward to the next parts. 😉

    Once again, thanks for making the effort. Take care and have a great weekend to you, Fay.
    And you too, my dear Ms Puddle.

    1. Fay

      Thank you, dear reeka. I know what part you mean; no, it’s not very long now to get there. However, before you reach that part you’ll find many interesting things in the letters and narrative parts that follow. And of course the best is for the last.
      You have a point about Candy being agitated while thinking about Terry in the present. I think her heart was moved when she recalled the past (she mentioned Stear too) and the times that will never come back. I don’t think she was nostalgic or sad about Terry especially, but the newspaper clipping brought back to her memories that were probably painful, and she just couldn’t help feeling a little emotional.
      Yes,she never mentions Albert’s present whereabouts. As you say, she doesn’t have to because he’s right there with her. We are updated about Terry but not about Albert. Too obvious to anyone unless they deliberately choose not to see.
      The next part is coming as soon as our friend Ms. Puddle is able to update this page. Have a wonderful weekend too!

      1. Ms Puddle

        Sorry to disappoint you too, Fay 😅

        I decided to share my own interpretation in my reply. Hope you don’t mind that. 😙😚

        1. Fay

          You didn’t disappoint me at all. Besides, in my translation I use past tense. “Terry had become an actor…but I wasn’t surprised.” But I was a little troubled too like Reeka about this scene. It is a little confusing how Candy narrates about the past and the present at the same time using both past and present tense. However, in the last sentence you describe she uses present tense, which means that she is agitated in her thirties. But, as I said before, even if she feels like that, she might just feel nostalgic about the past. That doesn’t mean she is not happy in her present. Anyone can feel nostalgia recalling the past, even when they are currently happy. Candy might be experiencing just that while searching through her memories inside the jewelry box.
          Thank you for sharing with us your translation from the original. I hope too my own isn’t too different or misinterpreting. I can always revise it, you know.
          By the way, I have just sent you two more parts of my translation. Reeka is looking forward for a new update.

          1. Ms Puddle

            I agree; it’s confusing to read her retrospections, sometimes it’s about her present and often times about her past. I might be wrong, but Candy almost always used past tense for Terry… I’ll need to reread the passages to be sure.

            In some places she omitted the verb (no tenses) entirely, like the sentence I pointed out earlier about Terry being an actor for the theatre.

            Also, readers can interpret the last paragraph in different ways. Could it be Alistair’s decision and later his death that upset her?

            You can read again, Fay. Candy talked about difficulties in her path but she hadn’t yet known blah blah blah… Her tone was neutral and matter-of-fact. She even refused to blame the fate, believing that she made her own choice. Right?

            All of a sudden, she remembered Stear, and it’s strange she used his official name Alistair. She said “Alistair, you too—-”

            Of course one can also argue that she was unsettled because of Terry, but right after Candy mentioned Stear, she talked about the nurse who went to serve Red Cross. Hmmm…

            Mizuki is very tricky. Don’t you think?

            Thanks for the new letters. I’ll update later tonight. 💕💓

    2. Ms Puddle

      Hello Reeka, sorry to disappoint you, when Candy mentioned Terry being an actor, my interpretation when reading the Japanese version is very different. First, no verb was used, so it’s sort of like “Terrence… An actor on the stage—”

      Besides, she used “Terrence”, not “Terry”, so my gut feeling was that she referred to the newspaper clipping.

      Therefore, to translate that part was like this:

      “Terrence (became?) an actor on the stage—
      I wasn’t surprised.”

      So it wasn’t about his present time in his thirties, so to speak.

      Also, later in Candy’s recollection of her longing to see Terry again, she wondered if Stratford would come to Chicago. Then she realized he didn’t yet know she had returned to America. The translation here was a bit strange, which should have been

      “No, more than that (here this implies whether he would come to Chicago) he does not know that I have returned to America.”

      Later, when Candy mentioned destiny or choice, she used Stear’s long name “Alistair”, and she said something like “… paths we had taken were our own choices. This applied to Terry, to me… Therefore, Alistair, you too—-”

      Finally, the last paragraph, it’s literally “When I shut my eyes tight for a moment to calm down the high waves of my heart, I already took out a news clipping that was in the envelope.”

      So it’s unclear what exactly caused the high waves in her heart? Have a great weekend, Reeka and Fay! 😍😘

      1. reeka

        Hahahah … if you say so, my dear friend. I have read again Fay’s translation just now and yes, I noticed the different use of tenses. So, you mean, after the paragraph where Candy takes the envelope, the narration jumps back to her old memory, precisely to where she got the clippings from Annie?

        I am confused. LOL. But it does not matter though. I still got this lingering feeling about the absence of an update of where and how William Albert Ardley was in present time CCFS. And the nuance of this Narrative 2- Vol. 3 gives me a strong feeling that Mizuki wanted readers to notice Terry was really Candy’s past. An uneasy melancholic memory from her youth.

  3. Fay

    I would like to thank all those who have kept this page on the top-10 of this blog, that means there are a lot of people reading. Thank you all for your interest and encouragement. Also I want to say again that this work is in progress, and as you know, I translate from Spanish, not the Japanese, so I’m not at all familiar with the original text. So anyone who has read the novel in Japanese, even parts of it, and notices something different or incorrect in my translation, please let me know. I understand that some things in the original text couldn’t be translated word per word, but it would be best to keep as close to it as possible and at the same time have a decent English translation. I try my best to do that, and any help would be most welcome.
    Dear Ms. Puddle, maybe you are tired to hear me say that, but I will say it once more. I’m happy and grateful for your help and support.

    1. Ms Puddle

      Hello Fay, no we should thank you for spending your precious time and efforts into making this possible for a lot of Candy Candy fans around the world. As we all know, other than the original Japanese version, there’s only one official Italian translation, which is unfortunate to many who don’t know either language.

      To many of you who are following this page, please kindly leave a few words of encouragement to Fay. She is doing all this work for you, free of charge, just because she loves this story and wants to figure out the truth herself. 👍👏

      Fay, it’s my pleasure and honor to be able to help and support your endeavour. 💓💕😘😍

  4. JeannyJJ

    I just want to say thank you for your continuing work on translating CCFS.
    I enjoying reading so much and as I was reading Ch15 of section 2, the letter from Albert made me want to cry for some reason. T_T
    Just by reading the line “Dear Candy, there can never be any goodbyes between us. I know we’ll meet again.” Both Candy and Albert never have thought next time they met would be in a totally different circumstances.
    Also, I wonder why Albert mentioned the nurse he met in Africa who looked like Candy to Candy. Maybe he was thinking about Candy or was he worried about her?
    Looking forward to next chapter!

    1. Fay

      JeannyJJ, thank you so much for your kind words. I also enjoy reading while translating. Albert’s letter is indeed significant in more ways than one. The phrase that there can never be any goodbyes between them indicates clearly that he intends to be in Candy’s life and as we already know he has been there for her from the beginning. So distance can’t keep them really apart. He knows that wherever he goes there will always be something connecting them. And yes, even Albert couldn’t imagine under what circumstances their paths would cross again. Fate brought them together again without any of them expecting it. That’s another evidence Mizuki intended them for one another. Otherwise Albert’s amnesia couldn’t serve any other purpose and would be a useless device.
      About the nurse, I think Albert’s mentioning of her might be the impulse for Candy to start thinking about becoming a nurse herself. I don’t know if there is some truth in what some of fans have claimed, that perhaps Albert was romantically involved with that American girl who looked like Candy. The fact that Albert especially mentioned that young nurse among all those other people who had come to the clinic from all over the world might very well be her resemblance with Candy and nothing more. Of course Mizuki doesn’t say any more about that nurse except in that letter from Albert. We can’t know if she had in mind to elaborate more on that subject. However, there are some fans who suppose that maybe Albert had fallen in love with that nurse and that’s why he especially mentioned her to his dear friend Candy. I can’t deny there could be that possibility. Albert was a young man and he was free in a place he loved doing what he loved, being useful to people and animals. Maybe that brought him close to that young nurse not because she looked like Candy, but because she did exactly what he did, and sometimes when two people are in a remote place like Africa offering their services as volunteers inevitably creates a link between them. Yes, it could be a possibility. But I don’t believe Albert was already in love with Candy and trying to forget her he used that nurse as a romantic substitute. That couldn’t be Albert. However, we can’t deny that this simple phrase of Albert’s about that nurse has created many questions and many assumptions. The only certain thing is that because of that girl mentioned Candy finally decided to become a nurse.

      The next chapter is coming up very soon. Stay tuned!

      1. Ms Puddle

        Hi JeannyJJ! 😘
        I agree with Fay concerning the speculation of Albert’s feelings for Candy. I know there are supporters for this theory, but I don’t think he would let himself harbor any romantic thoughts when he was fully aware of his guardianship. Think about it, even though he didn’t really want to be her father, it doesn’t necessarily mean he would fall in love. I believe Candy was still a young girl to him back then. 😄 所以他走得好瀟灑。😎

        Therefore Mizuki made him forget everything, such that he would know Candy from scratch, when she became an angel 👼 who saved his life. That was when he couldn’t help falling in love with her, despite being aware of her relationship with Terry.

        About the nurse from America, yes there are fanfics out there about her being Albert’s girlfriend or even fiancée. I don’t have any objections. As Fay said, they were both adults, and they had common interests, so it’s only natural that he admired her.

        That being said, I believe he had no attachment in Africa (unless they ‘broke up’, LOL 😅😂), mainly because he recklessly decided to vanish, temporarily breaking free from the Ardlays. Little did he know what fate had in store for him. 😂

        Hence, Albert’s mentioning of the nurse’s resemblance might only be a casual comment that inspired Candy. 😄

        To me, his phrase “There will never be goodbyes…” implies that he intended to always watch over her, even from a distance. After all, he had adopted her, at least on papers. 😁😅

        1. JeannyJJ

          Agreed with both of you, Fay & Ms Puddle.
          Mizuki had Albert hit the reset button and got to know Candy in a different way rather just being her friend and the guardian. 😛
          I really can’t wait to read all the chapters!!!

          1. Ms Puddle

            Laughing​ out loud, reset button? That’s a good one, JeannyJJ! 😅

            What’s more, because of this, Albert owed Candy his life, so Mizuki made sure the gratitude isn’t one-sided. They were both grateful for each other. ❤️💕💓

  5. Fay

    I feel I need to reconsider my opinion about the novel’s ambiguity and the epistolary form in Section 3 and the Epilogue. I will leave the Epilogue aside and talk about Section 3. I haven’t got to that part yet in my translation, but I already know that there is a multitude of information in all these letters describing Candy’s story after she left St. Paul’s. We know for sure that Mizuki didn’t write a different story with CCFS, and that it isn’t a sequel or anything like that, the plot is the same with some minor alterations and additions but she didn’t change anything important from what we knew from the manga version. I believe that the manga and the novel represent the complete story if we combine them and they offer us a full picture with no gaps at all. The manga gives us a detailed story from the beginning until the revelation of Prince on the Hill. No ambiguity, no mystery in the end, no loose ends, and the beautiful drawings that made us love the characters. The novel narrates the story in a more detailed manner than the manga, with Mizuki’s descriptive and poetic way of writing which gives more depth to the characters, their thoughts and feelings. Moreover, the novel advances further into the future and gives us important facts that the manga didn’t. We see Candy happily married in her 30s, something we couldn’t know reading the manga alone.
    Ms. Puddle and reeka, I agree that if Mizuki had kept the narrative style in all the novel, it would have been impossible for her to keep Anohito’s identity a secret. In fact, there wouldn’t have been any Anohito. Readers would know right away she meant Albert. If indeed he is mentioned so often in the letters in Section 3, it must be too obvious. I can’t wait to read/translate them to find out for myself.
    As for the Epilogue, I agree also with reeka that it is exclusively about Albert and Candy. That should be proof enough about who is the central character of the story along with the heroine. Their letters are so beautiful that you almost don’t miss the narrative style there (except perhaps their scene in Lakewood).

  6. Louna

    Hello everyone
    I read the translation of Vol 1 until the conclusion, now I read article 2 I am in chapter 1 I have to translate every time with Google in French, so it takes more time.
    I like the passages with Anthony, it’s very romantic. I did not see their story on this angle. I also like when Albert saves Candy, takes care of her, they stay at least 2 days in the house of the forest? Their funny dialogue is very funny. .
    I will continue to read the translation, thank you for sharing.
    PS: I had the opportunity to read the full translation of the Italian version translated by 2 Terry fans, the passages with Terry in college are very funny, Candy talks about her husband in the present, There are passages too, Where Candy talks about her relationship with Albert that I find very interesting and relevant

  7. Louna

    Bonjour à tout le monde

    J’ai lu la traduction de Vol 1 jusqu’à la conclusion, maintenant je lis la section 2 je suis dans le chapitre 1 que je dois traduire chaque fois avec Google en français donc il prend plus de temps.

    J’aime bien le partie avec Anthony c’est très romantique. Je n’avais pas vu leur histoire sur cet l’angle. J’aime aussi quand Albert sauve Candyi ,il s’occupe d’elle, ils restent au moins 2 jours ensemble dans la maison de la forêt ? C’est drôle leur dialogue.

    Je continuerai à lire la traduction, merci pour le partage

    PS : J’ai lu de la traduction complète de la version italienne traduite par 2 fans de Terry, le parti avec Terry dans le collège est très drôle, alors la Candy parle au présent de son mari. Il y a des passages où Candy parle de sa relation avec Albert que je trouve très intéressant.

    1. Fay

      Merci, Louna. Thank you for your comment, and for your trouble to read while translating. I hope it wasn’t very difficult for you. I also do this translation through Google as I can’t speak Spanish, and I know it takes time and patience.
      I think too that the part with Anthony was very romantic. After all he was Candy’s first love.
      Candy spent one night with Albert in his cabin, the next morning she went back to the Leagans.
      I haven’t read the Italian translation, but the Spanish is based on that. So I hope these two are close to each other and also close to the original Japanese text.
      Candy’s relationship with Albert is very interesting, especially their letters in the Epilogue. Here we can see how important he is in her life since she met him as Prince on the Hill until she discovered that he was Uncle William. Certainly he is a central and crucial character in Candy’s story.

      1. Louna

        Bonjour Fay
        Merci pour votre réponse ,dans la version italienne traduite en Français, les passages de Terry et Candy au Collège St Paul sont mis en avant .

        Je me demande est ce que Mizuki n’a pas décrit les passages avec Candy et Albert à l’appartement du Magnolia, car la traduction que j’ai lu n’en fait pas mention . Je sais que les Italiens ont eu du mal avec la fin du manga quand Mizuki a réuni Candy et son prince de la colline Albert , et avaient fait leur propre suite avec une fin avec Terry.

        Donc la version Italienne est elle fidèle à l’originale en Japonaise ? c’est la question que je me pose ?

        1. Ms Puddle

          Bonjour Louna, regrettably Mizuki (real name Nagita) didn’t describe much about Candy’s days in the apartment. The third section is mainly letters to / from various people plus Candy’s restrospections. However, from some of those recollections, including her letters to Albert, we could tell she had been happy living with him and missed those days.

          Not to worry about Italian version not being faithful. The translation has made some mistakes but overall the plot remains the same. The thing is, my friend from Italy told me some of her friends, who are Terry’s fans, were disappointed after reading CCFS. They figured out who Anohito was.

      2. Louna

        Hello Fay
        Thank you for your reply, in the Italian version translated into French, the passages of Terry and Candy at Collège St Paul are highlighted.

        I wonder what Mizuki did not describe the passages with Candy and Albert at the Magnolia apartment, the translation of the translation that I read does not mention it. I know the Italians had trouble with the end of the manga when Mizuki brought together Candy and her prince from Albert Hill, and made their own sequel with an ending with Terry.

        So the Italian version is faithful to the origin in Japanese? This is the question I ask myself

        1. Fay

          Louna, that is exactly my complaint too, that the narrative stops after the closing of Section 2, and from then on there are mostly letters. So we miss a very interesting part of the story, Candy and Albert’s relationship which is described perfectly in the manga, but in the novel it takes an epistolary form, and that’s why it’s not so appealing. Although the letters in the Epilogue are beautiful in themselves, we are still deprived of a narrative description of their story, something we enjoyed in the first two sections, where Anthony and Terry respectively were the central characters. I’m glad to hear that the Italian version has remained faithful to the original. That means the Spanish translation is faithful too. I wouldn’t like to translate this novel myself if I didn’t know I was keeping close to what the author has written.

          Ms. Puddle, the fact that Terry’s fans admitted that Anohito was Albert when reading the novel, means that they have read it carefully and without prejudice. It also means that the story isn’t so ambiguous after all. However, it’s discouraging that they are disappointed. Can’t they see that beautiful love story Mizuki created for Candy and Albert?

          1. Ms Puddle

            Hello Fay, I do agree with you that it seems unfair to us readers that a big chunk of the story is missing, especially the interactions between Candy and Albert when he was in the hospital or when they lived together in the apartment. Not only that, the important Rockstown episode is not described.

            However, I also believe if Mizuki had written all that in narratives, she couldn’t possibly keep Anohito mysterious. It’s with letters in random order that makes this possible.

            That being said, most letters in section 3 are about Albert-san, even in Candy’s unsent letter to Terry. He is the only constant character after her breakup with Terry. Just like Anthony, Terry became a figure in Candy’s past. While she mentioned Anthony in her present, she didn’t mention Terry in particular, except in her recollections of the breakup.

            I think the Terry fans in Italy might have believed the fake endings in their manga or anime. They missed the whole point of the original story… Sigh…

          2. reeka

            Hello girls,

            This is new to me. So, Mizuki omitted the part of Albert and Candy’s cohabitation in Magnolia? Yes, it is fairly disappointed, but I do agree with Ms Puddle here. This is a proof of Mizuki’s brilliant way to write a new novel (CCFS) with the very same idea of story. Again, if she wanted to change her mind about the ending, why so much trouble, right?

            I am with you, Ms Puddle, it’s very hard for Mizuki to write and narrate the relationship between Albert the amnesiac and nurse Candy. Even more when after recovered his memory. If we pay more attention on manga, this part of the story is an example of the power of Igarashi’s drawings. Many of their feelings were drawn perfectly in manga. Albert’s gaze to her. Candy’s smile for him. Their chemistry, how secured Candy be close to him like she trusted him blindly, even with the fact she never actually knew who Albert really was.

            And Mizuki’s style of writing was beautiful in describing feelings. That’s what I witnessed from Fay’s translation. So, it is almost impossible for Mizuki to tell us that part of Candy’s life without revealing too much. And we know that is two huge secrets Albert kept during this cohabitation. Saying that Mizuki consistently told the story with back flash and present feeling method, yeah, it would be revealing a lot :). Whatever it was Candy feeling to Albert after the amnesiac period, it’s clear he was extremely significant for her, and I can not imagine how beautiful it must have been if Mizuki had decided to narrate it instead of the way she actually did in CCFS. 🙂

            And I think, with the absence of this, and the fact Mizuki exclusively gave Albert the whole part of epilogue, it really speaks volume. The way I see it, Mizuki did try her best to slightly reduce the magnitude of Albert’s significance for Candy so it was less obvious who Anohito was.

          3. Ms Puddle

            Hello Reeka, don’t want to mislead anyone here, so in CCFS Candy and Albert lived together in the apartment just as shown in the manga, but there’s no narrative about that passage. It’s all in the letters or Candy’s restrospections. She did mention here and there a few times that she treasured those days with him.

            In fact, in CCFS their cohabitation lasted two years or longer. We don’t know when exactly Albert left Candy though, but he did leave her without a trace. She was so worried that even Archie told her not to worry too much.

            Clues are everywhere about Albert’s significance in Candy’s life. She just couldn’t live without him.

          4. reeka

            Yes, my friend, I understand that Mizuki only changed the way she told the story about Albert and Candy life in Magnolia in form of information written in their letters in epilogue, and some in letters she wrote to/received from other characters in part 3. I just highlighted that this change, the decision of Mizuki’s for not telling the story in similar manner she did to stories of Candy with Anthony and Terry, does speak volume. Because what happened if Mizuki did so? It would surely be obvious with whom Candy ended up. Because if Mizuki narrated their story the way she did to others, the others would look insignificant, it would be full of Albert 🙂

          5. Ms Puddle

            My sentiments exactly, Reeka! Mizuki would have to write how much Candy trusted Albert to help her get over Terry, how she worried about him and went to Rockstown (assuming somehow she got a hint from him), and how she spent her sleepless nights, etc. There are so many details missing, and Mizuki could have written another book 😁😂

            Yes I’m with you Reeka that their story is beautifully portrayed in the manga. Bravo to Igarashi indeed. 👍❤️

        2. Louna

          Hello girls
          Fay, I’m glad to hear that Terry’s fans have come to objectively recognize that Albert is
          Anohito, so Candy’s husband.
          Me, on the French forum of Candy and Terry, which I discuss, it is not quite that, some fans
          have recognized that from the beginning it is Albert that Mizuki chooses for Candy.
          But other fans, considering these elements categorically reject this truth, these fans refuse,
          even going so far as to think that Mizuki was influenced (completely absurd idea, of course).
          I draw attention to the fact that Mizuki specifies in her interview that the image of Candy is:
          Candy is strong, surpasses the difficulties of life, she knows how to stand up and face, Candy
          will find a new love! It’s not his old love (Terry) that Terry fans think.

          Candy goes ahead, she does not come back on the past !!! Candy lives with Albert in the final
          story, in her correspondence, they make plans for the future, Candy and Albert stay together
          M’s Puddles and Reeka: To describe his life with Albert in the Magnolia apartment, I
          remember reading, Mizuki said she had more than 300 pages to summarize that it was too
          much work. (It must be said that these memories with Terry at St. Paul’s College and with
          Anthony are much shorter than memories with Albert, he is present in Candy’s life from
          beginning to end in the story.

          Mizuki certainly does not see the need to summarize their memories at the Magnolia
          apartment, Albert and Candy are now husband and wife.

          The author prefers to do it by the letters of Candy to Albert and Albert to Candy, in fact, these
          letters are too beautiful and romantic, we feel the special relationship between them and the
          love of Candy for Albert when she finishes thus, her Last Letter (With all the love of my
          Although Mizuki deliberately omitted the identity of Candy’s husband, not to offend the
          dreams of some fans, in his interview after the last edition of Final Storry, Mizuki gives this
          important information that I quote:
          The manga is the original story, no matter what someone said, this sentence is confirmed by
          the image of Albert and Candy Marry, represented by Igarashi, in Flight 9 of the Manga.

          1. reeka


            Interesting what you said, “Mizuki doesn’t see the need to summarize C&A memories in Magnolia, they’re husband and wife now” – it is EXACTLY what I have been feeling regarding the absence of Candy’s retrospective about the present time William Albert Ardlay. I always thought something missing from the whole story of CCFS. From the spoilers I had gathered, we didn’t hear something about where’s WAA now. He is a vital element in Candy’s life, why didn’t present time Candy update us about present time Albert?

            Unless, she didn’t need to, – just like you said, Louna. And now that I have learnt that Mizuki didn’t narrate the passage about their cohabitation in Magnolia ( except from information in letters), it makes sense even more.

  8. reeka

    Fay and Ms Puddle,

    ( yes, it’s me again. Yes, Ms Puddle? I know you are saying in your head “reeka … missing in action for months, and come back to leave 3 comments in a half day. LOL)

    I’ve finished reading section 2, up to chapter 2. FAY! Thanks again for this translation. I truly, immensely enjoyed reading them. I smiled on the first banter between Candy and Terry. And I laughed on Archie & Stears’ antics. And how Candy described sister Grey. 🙂 . Also, my heart skipped when the Diary was introduced. What Candy promised to Granduncle William on that very moment, … it was really a cruel joke from the universe, wasn’t it?

    1. Fay

      Thank you, reeka, for your interest and your comments. Needless to say, I enjoy this project as much as you do because I read while I translate and all this is new to me too. Apart from the manga and the anime, I didn’t know at all about the novel’s plot until now. As I was going through Section 1 I loved Candy’s story with Anthony all over again, especially that ride they took together in Chapter 15. And of course Anthony’s death was just as painful as in the manga. Even reading it instead of seeing the pictures can have the same impact when the author describes it so vividly as Mizuki. She writes in such a poetic way.
      I also love Section 2 where Terry becomes the central character along with Candy. They will have more banters later on, you can prepare for them. Reading these chapters you can understand why Candy loved Terry at that certain moment of her life.
      About the diary you are right. Who could believe that this object would play such an important role in the story later on?

      I’m glad you have brought this page alive with your comments. It’s so nice to discuss on the novel and exchange opinions, Thank you again, dear friend. Comment all you like.

  9. reeka

    Dear Ms Puddle,

    and I’ve just read Yue Chan’s summary of CCFS. Thanks for sharing it with us, my dear friend.

    To read the summary alone, no one will argue which characters are the most important for our Candy. Yue Chan wrote the summary very fairly, she mentioned each person’s story without showing her preference ending. And from Yue Chan’s explanation of Part 3, I’m now more sure that those letters were random in dates ( of writing), but organised orderly by the time Candy received each letter. Having said that, I once again agreed with your last post about “ambiguous letter” :).

  10. candy Bert

    Thank you Fay for your fantastic work! 😀 And thanks to Ms Puddle for sharing with us. I will read it for sure, and share a link on my own blog when I have opportunity to do so.

    1. Fay

      Candy Bert, thank you so much. I really do my best. Most credits go to Foro Andrew for translating the official Italian translation and to Ms. Puddle for publicating this work in her blog where so many can read it.
      I have inscribed to your blog. Although I can’t speak French, I think it is full of so many interesting things about Candy and Albert. I really enjoy it.

      1. candy Bert

        Hello Fay, thank you very much for your interest, it means a lot to me! 💖💗💓

        FYI, I shared links to your blog and this page. 😀

    2. Ms Puddle

      It’s my pleasure to share Fay’s wonderful works on my blog. She’s been very hard-working without a doubt 💓

  11. Martha Cervantes Quiroga

    Dear Fay
    I was waiting the chapter for the Section 2, thanks!

    Dear Ms Puddle
    Thank you for sharing your space.

    1. Fay

      Dear Martha, thank you too. I’m happy to be able to share this beautiful story. The next chapter will be coming very soon.

    2. Ms Puddle

      De nada Martha, my pleasure 😘

  12. reeka

    Dear Fay and Ms Puddle,

    Thank you for sharing this translation. Finally we are able to read its english version fully.

    Fay, I really enjoy reading it, thanks. Mizuki wrote the novel beautifully. Sometime I am grateful for her creating this Anohito ambiguity. If it’s not for that, we might have not discussed it over and over again, and perhaps this translation have never been existed. For it has been certain and absolute that Candy ended up with her prince, it’s even more assuring to me after reading your translation. 🙂 You see, Mizuki took a great care on Prince on The Hill. He was mentioned many times, and young Candy remembered him very, very often.

    I can’t wait for the section 2, Fay. It’s full of Terry, isn’t it? 😀 . I’ve had this amateur analysis ( from previous pieces of spoilers/loose translation) about the content of section 2 and epilogue, and your translation will be a real help for a conclusion 😀

    Once again, thanks, Fay.

    And Ms Puddle my friend,
    Thanks for providing a place for Fay’s translation. *kiss*

    1. Fay

      Thank you, dear reeka, for your interest in my work and for your kind words. I am doing my very best in this translation bearing in mind that not only it is not official but also that it is not from the original Japanese text (which I could never translate even with a Google translator) but from the Spanish translation which the members of Foro Andrew have done, and I’m grateful to them, because without their work I would never have started this endeavor. I owe too much to Ms. Puddle for providing me with the opportunity to share this work with other Candy Candy fans and for supporting me all along. It is the first time I can read this novel apart from spoilers of pieces here and there and of course the letters in the Epilogue. Since they are the highlight of the whole novel I hope I can measure up to the previous translations of them when I get to this part of the story. I was a little disappointed in Mizuki not revealing Anohito’s identity, but you may be right that we would not have so many discussions over him if she had. Besides, knowing it for sure just makes this narrative even more interesting and exciting. I am discovering it myself going through it. Yes, Prince on the Hill is referred to many times, more often than in the manga, even through his precious badge alone. He is always with her wherever she goes.
      Section 2 is on the way too. Terry is right there from the beginning, as you can imagine, in the very first chapter. This section belongs to him without any doubt. I have the impression that every man Candy loved has his own section in the story. Anthony was the central character in the first one, that’s why it concludes with his passing away, and Terry is in the second one which as far as I know ends when Candy leaves the college after him. But Albert is there from the beginning to the end with his three different identities which all of them affected so much Candy’s life.
      I also love the way Mizuki writes. It is a mixture of poetry and prose, so full of wonderful descriptions of nature’s beauty and people’s thoughts and feelings. The only thing lacking is Igarashi’s drawings. You can imagine they are there among the pages and you have the perfect story.
      This work is in progress, so I’m more than willing to accept any critisicm and suggestions from you to improve upon it. Please feel free to give me any ideas and bear with me since this is an amateur translation and what’s more, it’s translating from a language unknown to me. Maybe by the end of this I will be able to speak Spanish too!
      Thank you again for your encouraging comment.

    2. Ms Puddle

      Hopefully one day we get to hear about your analysis, Reeka 😄
      It’s my pleasure to share the wonderful works from Fay 🤗

      1. reeka

        hahaha, my friend, nothing you never heard from me actually. I just want to confirm that the present-time Candy never mentioned WAA’s present whereabout in her moment of walking down memory lane. And I’m intrigued by this as we all know, he was the only constant one in her life, in this CC story. Like, how could Candy not tell us, the readers, how he was right now. He should have had a family as well at this point.

        A reason should be there for “his absence”. Right? 🙂 – like, … he was the answer of all the puzzles 🙂 That’s the thing I need to confirm from Fay’s translation.

  13. JeannyJJ

    Thank you, Fay, for your unofficial translation.
    I really enjoyed reading and I’ve finished Ch 18!
    I can’t wait for the next chapter(s)!

    1. Fotini Tsapoga

      Thank you for taking the trouble of reading my work. I’m glad I share it with others and I hope it’s a rewarding experience. The next chapter is coming up very soon! There are more along the way. Just stay tuned!

      1. Martha Cervantes Quiroga

        Fotini Tsapoga
        You are here and it´s great.
        Thank you for your contribution to Candy word and her fans.

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