Dec 20 2014

Merry Christmas to you all!

As you can see, this is a variant of my latest drawing. 🙂 I wanted to draw them kiss, but I drew that last year already, so I changed my mind. This can be either before kissing or after kissing. What do you think? 😉

This is my Christmas present to you all! One of you has already asked me for one with her name, and if any of you like this too, please don’t be shy. Let me know please.

Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noël! Buon Natale! 聖誕快樂! С Рождеством! 메리 크리스마스! メリークリスマス! Καλά Χριστούγεννα!






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    • CKati on December 24, 2014 at 3:02 pm
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    Dear Miss Puddle,
    A very merry Christmas to you too!
    I live the drawing and I think it they look like they are about to kiss very lovely indeed 😀

    1. Thanks, dear CKati!! Vrolijk Kerstfeest!

      I hope I got that right? 😉
      Thank you so much for your continued support! I wish you and your family a very blessed new year! 😀

    • Agnes on December 23, 2014 at 1:56 pm
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    Many thanks for all your great and amazing stories, posts and drawings.

    1. Thank you Agnes for your kind words, and I wish you a Merry Christmas! 🙂

      • Agnes on December 24, 2014 at 7:25 am
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      Something didn’t work in my previous comment! Here the complete…
      Many thanks for all your great and amazing stories, posts and drawings. This last one shows us all the chemistry there is between the both of them and their eyes full of love, anticipation and admiration … really stunning!
      I am a Candy story’s fan since I was a little girl, then a teen. I’ve been so heartbroken when Terry and Candy had broken up and I’ve been not very enthusiastic to see Candy eventually having a love story with Albert. But I’ve read your stories, at first by curiosity, and you know what? It was an revelation, now I’m completely found of Albert. Yes, indeed, Candy and Albert are genuine soulmates and have to be with each other! True love never fails, duty should not get over a true love. Thanks to you, I’m now in peace because you gave me a “true end” and I’m no more frustrated. Your stories are so beautiful, well written, full of sensitivity with depth of the characters. I’ve been so moved, I’ve shed many tears of sadness and happiness. I’ve been stuck until the end. Thank you very much for that and please continue to fill us with joy.
      Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to you and all your familly!
      Big hugs from a french fan <3 (sorry for my terrific english)

      1. Bonjour Agnes! First of all, your English is very fluent, and don’t be too modest ;). I used to know another Albert and Candy fan, Agnes, from France, and her English was excellent like yours too.

        I think Mizuki could have done a better job with the love triangle Terry, Susanna and Candy. It wasn’t a convincing way to “separate” Candy and Terry (although practically they had never been together), leaving the readers with the agonizing sense that Candy had been forced to give up her love and Terry had to stay with Susanna out of duty, not love.

        Anyway, many, many thanks to your compliments. I’m speechless and blushing! Merci beaucoup! 🙂 I’m so glad you like all my works, which is very encouraging. For a while I felt like I was talking to myself on my blog, but lately I’ve been getting more and more responses from people around the world. This certainly motivates me to keep ‘working’. 😛

        Joyeux Noël! Happy new year to you and your family too! 😀

          • Agnes on December 27, 2014 at 3:15 am
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          Hi Ms Puddle! You’re very welcome! It’s well deserved. The other French fan is Antlay I suppose 🙂 I saw her post.
          Thank you to your compliment about my English even so it isn’t as good as I would!!!

          I completely agreed about the triangle Candy, Terry and Suzanna, as well as the triangle Candy, Albert and Terry. In the anime version that I know well, it’s not elaborated and it gives me the sensation of an unfinished story (Candy and Terry) or rather never really began story with a succession of failed rendezvous. As a matter of fact, Candy has realized that she was in love with Terry only when he has left England. I think it’s one of the reasons they have magnified their relationship. In French romantic literature of nineteenth century, we could name that “crystallization”.
          Afterwards it was difficult for Candy to move on, for her it was like to betray their story. But you’ve done a great job with the triangle Candy, Albert and Terry! I’ve much appreciated that you have respected all characters and that Albert was not a second choice! Indeed, with Albert by her side, this awesome guy with so many qualities, I think it was unavoidable for Candy to fall in love with him. He has never failed her and Terry had let her go after all!

          I’m so fond of “Love never fails” that I’ve started reading it again and I even more appreciate it! And thank you for St…! ;).

          Will you write another fiction in future? I do hope so… 🙂

          Happy new year for you and your Family!

          Agnes <3

          1. Bonjour Agnes!! No, the other Agnes isn’t Antlay. 🙂

            I can’t agree with you more about the love triangles in Candy Candy. In fact, some people inclined to believe Stear hadn’t truly got over Candy, just like his brother Archie. Yet, they knew Candy would never see them differently, so they “moved on”. I think in CCFS Mizuki did try to clarify this concerning the Cornwell brothers.

            Unfortunately, the love triangle of Terry, Candy and Albert remained unresolved in CCFS, which is disappointing. While it is clear whom Candy would end up with at the end of the manga (though as you said still seemingly incomplete), in CCFS the Terry fans had “hope”. Some even claimed that Mizuki had changed her mind about the ending, so she named him Anohito to appease both sides of the CC fans. To be honest, I think this is in fact even more exasperating.

            Agnes, you were absolutely right that the “love” story of Candy and Terry were a story of “a succession of failed rendezvous” and that their “love” was magnified because of frustration after frustration. So true! Their relationship had never been developed, and neither made an effort to be together either. Besides, Candy remained independent from Terry. She never asked him for an opinion about taking care of Albert by living together with him. She made this decision on her own and simply informed Terry in writing.

            Moreover, Candy seemed to be always “slow in response to love”. 😉 She didn’t realize her true feelings until after she lost Terry or Albert, don’t you think? 😛

            Albert wasn’t a second choice like many Terry fans believed. They said Candy ended up with Albert because she couldn’t have Terry (as you said, Terry had let her go). I was told that in many of their fanfics, Candy would definitely leave Albert if Terry returned to her. However, as I have mentioned again and again, the Rockstown episode in the manga was crystal clear that when Candy was given a choice to reunite with Terry, she didn’t. She had moved on, or at least she still strongly believed she had done the right thing by giving up Terry to Susanna.

            I think I’d stop here before I go on and on, lol!! Many thanks to your compliments, 😀 😀 and I have spent so much time and effort into “Love Never Fails” that it means a lot to me whenever people tell me they are re-reading it.

            Another story? I do have one in mind, but it is more an original story inspired by Candy Candy. I don’t know if I have time to write it down though. I’ll be quite busy in the new year, so I don’t want to promise anything yet. I’ll see. Thanks again, Agnes! Your enthusiasm encouraged me beyond words!

            May you find success and happiness in the new year! Best wishes to you, Agnes!

            • Agnes on December 28, 2014 at 9:04 am
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            Thank you for all these details Ms Puddle! I’ve read some of your posts too and this has helped me to understand the story better.

            I think that the Cornwell brothers always had special feelings to Candy and they always will be fond of her even if they “moved on”!

            About Anohito, yes, it’s definitely exasperating!

            Candy seemed to be always slow in response to love, indeed, except with her Prince of the Hill, 😉 therefore with Albert in someway! 😉 🙂 😀 . He was her first love and at the first sight! She has always searched him and thought of him all over her life, the proof, his badge as an amulet. I think that explains these invisible threads between Albert and Candy all over their lives. They were destined to each other. Deep down in her heart, I think she’d felt that, she only didn’t realize in her mind! Rockstown episode was very important, I even think it was a turn for her, she was here for Albert! I don’t understand why it was the reverse (Terry giving up “again” on Candy) in the anime, a nonsense for me!

            Well, this time I stop here! 🙂

            My best wishes to you, Ms Puddle!

            Agnes <3

              • Ms Puddle on December 28, 2014 at 10:02 am

              Bonjour Agnes!

              You don’t need to thank me, and I’m sure you already know most of them anyway! 😉
              About the Cornwell brothers, I agree with you that Candy would remain special to them, but I think they wouldn’t yearn for her like they used to. Just my thought of course… 🙂

              Yes, Candy fell for Prince on the Hill at first sight, and later when she met Anthony, the same thing happened because he was like a replica of her prince. She noticed Terry because she thought he looked like Anthony. As I said in one of my posts, she subconsciously compared the men she met to her prince, except for Albert. She liked him for who he was even though she was scared of him initially. Deep down she knew Albert was special to her, and she didn’t deny it or try to explain it. She even told Albert later in her life that they had been tied by invisible threads, and I personally think this is a big clue that she had strong feelings for Albert by then. 🙂 I’ll talk more in a new post about this.

              Totally agree with you about the change in the anime version that replaced the Rockstown episode in the manga. It was totally the opposite of what happened in the story, which is so annoying!! Grrr…

              Best wishes to you, Agnes!!

    • Antlay on December 23, 2014 at 12:14 am
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    Je pense aussi qu’ils vont s’ embrasser, à en juger la timidité dans leurs yeux et de la façon dont ils se tiennent !
    Vos dessins sont de plus de plus merveilleux, pas un détail ne vous échappe. Un jour je vous ai demandé si Mizuki se cachait derrière vous mais j’avais oublié Iragashi, vous êtes un savant mélange des deux !
    Merry Christmas for you and your familly !

    1. Joyeux, Joyeux Noël, Antlay dear!!!!

      Thank you so much for your compliments!! You made me blush, and my drawing is not that great actually… need to modify and modify until I’m happy with the result. I can’t draw like a professional yet, but I truly enjoy the process.

      Wish you success and true happiness in the new year, my dear friend and your family!!!

  1. Hello! As I said in Fb .. I think they are going to kiss. Since they have that look of desire, anticipation and even pre-kiss connection. lol
    By the way he has his hand on her waist and she and pulling him much closer … (sighs) I want that kiss lol
    Ms. PuddIe…I send you my best wishes for the holidays, that is just the beginning of a full year of successes. Your new projects being successful and that are the best of the best for both you and your family. Many blessings and Merry Christmas! ….
    Oh yeah! please … could have one with my name? Lizvet Ardray. Thank you very much.

    1. Awww…. well said, Olenka dear! I wanted to draw them going to kiss, so I’m very happy to hear that!! 😀 Yeah!

      Blessings and best wishes to you too, my dear friend! May you find true happiness in the new year!

      Certainly, my pleasure! I will add the photo with your name in the album soon!

      1. Oh, it´s ok Ms Puddle. I’m really enjoy reading your post and honestly I love all your work. How you write and draw everything so perfect…I want to learn to do that.. but. .. I dont know draw nothing at´s why I prefer just look and admire lol… Happy Holidays to you my dear Ms Puddle.

      1. Awww..Like we say here : thousand “thenkius” Ms. Puddle..I’m using your fanart in my picture’s profile. I’m so happy…. Yujuuu!!

        1. Thank you once again for your kind words, dear Olenka! My honor and pleasure indeed!! Have a wonderful Christmas! Feliz Navidad!! 😀

  2. Merry Christmas to you too!

    A great drawing, a special Christmas gift indeed.
    In my opinion they look like they are about to kiss, haven’t kissed yet. But whether they kiss on the cheek or he gives her a kiss on her forehead it wouldn’t matter, I’m sure it would be just as well done and beautiful.
    May I pretty please have one with my name? I would truly aprreciate that and cherish it 🙂

    Greetings, Victoria.

    1. Merry Christmas Victoria! Nice to meet you! Thank you so much for your encouraging words, and I’m so glad you like this!
      I will post it on my Facebook later and give you the link when I’m done. Thank you for your interest! 🙂

    • Quevivacandy on December 20, 2014 at 1:22 pm
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    Merry Christmas my Dear!!!!! Love the drawing and for me, they are going to kiss… :p The look in their eyes says so, like, ‘Come here…’ lol….

    Dont’ be shy? So I won’t… lol… me me me me meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseee!!!!

    1. Dear QuevivaCandy!! Feliz Navidad mi querida amiga! Good imagination! 😀
      Yes, please check my Facebook page later. I will post it there for you to download! 🙂

    • Tiny12 on December 20, 2014 at 9:58 am
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    Feliz navidad y prospero año nuevo ms puddle!!!!

    1. Same to you, Tiny12!! Feliz navidad!!!!!

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