May 20 2017

Did Candy find her happiness? (Part 1)

Thank you all for your recent comments to my post Last letter in Old CC Novel. As mentioned in the post, my friend Yue Chan would also publish her translation in Spanish of this letter. Even better, she showed the table of contents of the entire old novel, which, as she said, was not very different from that of Candy Candy Final Story. 😉  After reading Yue Chan’s post, some ideas have formed in my mind. Later, because of the comment from my other friend Fay, I thought perhaps I should start a new series comparing the old novel and CCFS. I know my friend Yue Chan is going to do that, so I try not to do the same. 😊 Instead, I’ll look from the perspectives of Candy’s happiness.

As many of you said, judging from the last letter in the old CC novel, there is no doubt Candy was in love with Albert. Not only she missed him very much, but she hid nothing about her feelings, even ending her letter with love from her heart. If anyone still insists Albert was merely a big brother to Candy or a father figure to her, that person is either in denial or has problem comprehending love stories. 😕

Therefore, in the old novel, it’s clear that Candy has found her happiness with Albert, and the novel ends right there.

Now Fay believes that even Candy’s first letter to Albert in the old novel conveys more about Candy’s feelings for Albert. Well, as a matter of fact, Fay listed several brilliant points, and I’m in total agreement with her. 😍 If you read the letter closely, it can only mean one thing, that by the time Albert revealed his last secret to Candy on Pony’s Hill, she had already fallen head over heels for him. Candy immediately accepted that Albert was her first crush, the handsome Prince on the Hill, without reserve or doubt. ❤️ If she still regarded him as her big brother, her reaction would have been entirely different (for example, she would have been embarrassed, if not nonplussed). Also, Albert would not have made that confession if he treated Candy as his sister.

Perhaps, based on these two letters alone, it does seem that the old novel is more clear and direct about Candy’s feelings for Albert than in Candy Candy Final Story. However, overall, I’d say each novel has its own merits. Remember, Mizuki (real name Keiko Nagita) meant to improve her old novel when she was writing Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS). The author also claimed that CCFS was not a sequel. It was the same story. In other words, she hadn’t changed her mind about Candy’s three loves in her life. 🏵️

For example, Candy’s letter to Captain Vincent Brown, Anthony’s father, was missing in the old novel. I have discussed in length in three earlier posts, Candy and Prince on the Hill (Part 9)Granduncle William (!) and Overwhelmed with emotions (Part 4). If you haven’t yet read any of my old analyses of this particular letter, I’d encourage you to read them. It seems insignificant at first glance but it’s actually full of undeniable hints to Candy’s new status in the Ardlays. The more I think about this letter, the more I’m inclined to believe that Candy was already married, living in the principal mansion with Albert in Chicago. 😙

What’s more, in CCFS Mizuki rewarded Candy and Albert a day trip to Lakewood, just the two of them. 💑 In the old novel, as far as I know, the only “trip” they went together after knowing that Albert was Prince on the Hill was to visit Dr. Leonard in the hospital when she came to Chicago for her birthday. Anyway, in CCFS Candy described this significant trip in detail in her letter to Albert, which she ended with love and gratitude. Some people claimed that this is backward when compared to the old novel, because Candy didn’t end with love but also with gratitude. I could hardly believe my eyes when I read such comments or theories. Seriously, there are many articles out there about how to sustain a marriage with gratitude for your spouse. Not to mention that Albert himself had expressed his deep gratitude to Candy too. In other words, they actually treasured and cherished each other. 💕

In fact, I’ve written quite a few posts about this special trip to Lakewood, and I will discuss some more in Part 2. Meanwhile, I’d like to point you to one of the old posts, Wildflowers on the way to Lakewood. One of the highlights of their trip was that Albert, for the first time, pulled Candy into his arms. ❤️❤️❤️ If I remember correctly, it was always Candy who threw herself to him, wrapping her arms around him to seek comfort in his tenderness. (Please correct me if I’m wrong.) But this time Candy tearfully blamed herself for Anthony’s fatal accident, and it was at this very moment Albert gently brought her body to his. While sharing an intimate embrace, she let herself sob on his broad chest, so much so she ruined his fine shirt (possibly an expensive silk shirt). 😢

Personally, this is my favorite scene in CCFS, which is not in the manga nor the old novel. First, it far outweighs the forced kiss Terry imposed upon Candy. Besides, it is the first romantic scene between Candy and Albert. I was told that Igarashi did draw an embrace to end the manga, but Mizuki decided to replace it with the classic scene, Candy’s first encounter of Prince on the Hill. This signifies a full circle because she was back to her first love.

Yet, Mizuki described an unforgettable embrace in CCFS epilogue. If you don’t find their hug romantic enough, Candy wrote that the grassland she visited together with Albert was filled with bluebells. I heard these flowers bloom in April and May in the shade, so you can easily imagine how the sun was shining down through the trees in the forest fenced with lots of wild roses 🌹. No wonder Candy wrote it was so beautiful that she couldn’t help crying, like they had stumbled upon the edge of Heaven (she wrote it was like the border between this life and eternity). ❤️

I took this picture today in my neighborhood. Note that it’s past mid May already, and the bluebells are blooming amidst the bushes. Believe me, they are all over the place, except where the sunlight can reach, and it is a breathtaking view. I could barely capture the beauty with a camera. This makes me wonder if Albert took Candy to Lakewood in May as well. Of course Albert was fully aware how special this month was to her. It was her birth month, and May festival was a memorable event in her life.

So, if indeed they went there in May, slightly more than a year had elapsed since his important confession to her on the hill, which had taken place on a fine spring day before her birthday. In the old novel, he was in Brazil when Candy wrote to him about how time had flown by that they had to use the fireplace already in the orphanage (early winter). In CCFS, I wonder how long Albert had stayed in Brazil for his business. Probably months or half a year or more? That explains why Candy had refused to write a long reply to him. She had rather talk to him in person. Actions speak louder than words; her yearning for him was indisputable. ❤️ Again, this letter of complaint wasn’t in the old novel, and it speaks volumes of Candy’s relationship with Albert. She acted like his girlfriend who demanded his return, don’t you think? 😛

Now, if you have felt that Mizuki has taken away something precious about Candy’s relationship with Albert in the old novel, think again. 🙂 In CCFS, some time in late spring, Candy and Albert hugged each other for who knows how long with an enchanting forest as the backdrop. I bet they wouldn’t look at each other the same way afterwards. 😉 I can easily envision how they blushed, thinking about what had just occurred between them. 🙂

To conclude, Candy was again upset about Anthony, but unlike Terry, who had forced her to ride a horse with him, Albert consoled her with his strength and heartwarming tenderness. Candy truly found her happiness with her prince. No doubt she felt his unconditional love for her. Because she herself later wrote in her letter that something inside her had been revived since this trip. I’ll talk more next time. Please stay tuned for Part 2.

My dear friend Yue Chan has translated this post to Spanish. “¿Candy encontró su felicidad? (Parte 1)”


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  1. This is a very interesting and insightful post. You have done a brilliant analysis here. I’ll start saying that the picture is wonderful and I want to believe that this is exactly what it was like in Lakewood when Candy and Albert were there. I couldn’t imagine a better and more romantic setting than that. I envy you for having such a beautiful neighborhood.

    You are right that both novels have their merits. Mizuki wanted to improve upon her story, that’s why she wrote CCFS. However, the old novel has also many interesting information. So your idea about comparing the two novels would be very welcome. I’m looking forward to it.

    About the trip to Lakewood, I think that it is a blessing Mizuki put this in the new novel instead of the old one. (Although I would love to see that in the manga version too.) I agree about that embrace. Albert did take Candy in his arms, as I have read in the Spanish translation on which I’m currently working. She didn’t run into him this time. He did that impulsively in order to console her and help her overcome her guilt over Anthony’s death. That embrace and his words about his own guilt made her realize that he, too, had felt the same with her all these years. That made her own burden lighter. She cried in his arms, probably for quite a while (since she ruined his shirt with her tears) and in that way all the pain she had kept inside her found its way out and relieved her. All of these factors (the crying, Albert’s tender embrace, his own guilt over Anthony’s death) helped Candy overcome this burden, and that’s why she said later in her letter that she felt like something inside her had been revived. I believe that Terry had helped her accept Anthony’s death and realize that she was alive and had to go on living, but he hadn’t been able to help her overcome her guilt too. Albert did that and that was what healed Candy completely. So she was able to speak to Anthony for the first time since his death in that mental letter to him. She was free of any sense of guilt to weigh her down and her heart was light again, ready to love again and find happiness. In this letter it seems clearly that she has found it. That was one of the most beautiful and romantic scenes of the whole novel, and I’m sorry that it was not given to us in a narrative style. Knowing how Mizuki writes, I can easily imagine what a masterpiece that scene would be.

    By the way, I have just sent you the next chapter of my translation. You can update any time you like.

    1. Thank you Fay for another chapter! 💖 I’ll update my page after this. 🙂

      Yes, the pretty bluebells are small but numerous. They tend to grow close to one another in the shade, the blueish violet flowers contrasting the green leaves. It’s just amazing. Thank God I live very close to a small forest, so I happen to walk by that sunny day. 😊😎

      In CCFS, the bluebells were not the only flowers, but there were wild roses too. Based on Candy’s descriptions, it must be a heavenly place! 💕 Mizuki chose such an enchanting forest for their long embrace for a reason. Not only the surroundings were romantic, their healing embrace touched deep into each other’s hearts, just as you have described. You were so right about how Terry helped Candy accept the reality but she wasn’t mentally recovered until after this visit to the forest with Albert. I’ll talk more in my next post, so please stay tuned. 😘

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