Jul 18 2017

Did Candy find her happiness? (Part 7)

I got exciting news to share with you all. Recently I received a private message from a Candy Candy fan, Nynaeve Dmd, who’s translating my longest fanfic Love Never Fails to Russian and asked for my permission to post it in a forum. Why would I say no? Hopefully this is great news to those who are fluent in Russian 😘 большое спасибо, Nynaeve! 🌹💓

Another good news is that Yue Chan my dear friend has started translating this series, and you can find it here “¿Candy encontró su felicidad? (Parte 1)”. As I mentioned in Did Candy find her happiness? (Part 1), according to the table of contents in the older edition of the Old CC novel, there wasn’t any letter to Anthony’s father, Captain Vincent Brown.

Yet, a friend of mine (who prefers to stay anonymous) kindly sent me a screenshot of the letter to Vincent Brown in the latest edition the Old CC novel, published in 2003 after the lawsuit with the illustrator Igarashi. Some of you might know that previously, the old novel contained Igarashi’s illustrations (most can be seen in the manga), but this edition does not.

Hence, this letter to Vincent Brown was a new addition to the latest edition. Do you know that the letter to Captain Brown is a significant clue to Candy’s happiness in Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS)?

If you’re in doubt or have no idea what I’m talking about 🤔, please read two of my earlier posts: Candy and Prince on the Hill and Granduncle William(!).

You can then compare this letter with the one in CCFS. 🙂😘 Again, below is my humble attempt to translate the short letter to English with some paraphrasing:

Mr Brown-Sama

I really thank you for the beautiful Christmas card. Mr Brown, we were last together at Stear’s funeral, right?

I met you for the first time when Anthony had passed away–

Before then, I had always been wondering, what kind of person is Anthony’s father?

I was happy it turned out my imagination had been on the right track…

However, you and I always meet during sad times only–

Next time, I definitely want to get together with you at a happy occasion.

Say, when you return, from a long voyage, please certainly come to Pony’s Home once to visit us. I’d like to inquire about Anthony’s stories in his childhood, etc.

In particular, I would want you to hear my adventures as a stowaway on my way back to America from England. (Also for the sake of preventing stowaways, you ought to listen to this!)

Please let me know when you find out where you’re going to stay in the port of call. I want to send you a long chattering letter.

Wishing you a Bon Voyage!

Candice White Ardlay

Those who are familiar with the manga version should know that Candy didn’t meet Captain Brown until Stear’s funeral. This is somewhat surprising when I first read this letter in the old novel (I’ll refer this as the old letter), but in CCFS Mizuki (Keiko Nagita) changed it back to match the manga timeline.

If you compare the two letters in Japanese, you can tell right at once that Candy was way more respectful to Captain Brown in the old novel. First, she addressed him as “Mister Brown-sama”. Here, this is a real example that “sama” is not always equivalent to “Mister”, or else Candy wouldn’t have used these two together. 🙂

Both “san” (as in Albert-san) and its more formal equivalent, “sama”, imply familiarity. Sama is frequently used in letters (as in this case), and it’s most often used in addressing persons higher in rank than oneself (such as people in the older generation). Sometimes it is used for people considered to have some high ability or be particularly attractive. That’s why Candy called her prince “Prince on the Hill-sama”. 💓 Of course this doesn’t mean Albert was Mr. Prince on the Hill. 😅

In addition, in the old letter, Candy continuously used formal or very polite terms or phrases to describe their first encounters, to invite him to visit, and to explain her intention to ask him about Anthony. In fact, she acted appropriately as someone equal to Anthony when writing this letter to his father (older generation) with high respect. If you have read Candy’s first letter to her Prince on the Hill, you will know she’s quite capable of writing very formal letters. Just imagine she has written something like this to Captain Brown in the old novel. 😉

Btw, this is yet another proof that Albert wasn’t a father figure to Candy because she resumed using casual words and phrases after being reminded by Albert to be her usual self. In short, she had always regarded him as her peer / friend. 👱

Back to the letter in CCFS, Candy addressed the captain simply as Vincent Brown-sama, so she dropped “Mister” and actually included his first name. Also, she sounded polite but not formal; she didn’t use any of those serious phrases as in the old letter, as though she was someone in the same rank. That’s one of the major differences that caught my attention.

Secondly, in the old letter she didn’t mention anything about putting the Christmas card on the mantelpiece as in CCFS. Think about it, if she lived in the orphanage, it’s much less likely she would put anything personal in an area shared by everyone. Unless, the fireplace belonged to her. 😛

Another difference that my friend pointed out is the stowaway experience. My friend laughingly joked that Mr. Brown was too old for Candy 😂. Her remark made me laugh too… 😁 Those who know CCFS might have read that Candy told her darling about this adventure, and he hugged her tight in his arms in response.

Of course, the most important difference to me is Candy’s invitation to Captain Brown. 🙂 In the old novel, I’m inclined to believe Candy wrote this letter when she was back to Pony’s Home. It makes sense that she invited Captain Brown to the orphanage, whereas in CCFS, Candy talked about Rosemary and Albert here and there, and above all, Candy invited Captain Brown to visit them in Chicago or the villa in Lakewood. 😉 Unlike the old novel, Candy said she had lots to talk about, but nothing in particular in CCFS.

What a huge difference! Don’t you think? 🤔🤔🤔 What’s intrigued me most is why did Mizuki make such a significant change in CCFS? 🙂

I’ve already explained why inviting Vincent Brown to the Ardlays’ residences is such a big deal in my aforementioned posts. Not only that, this new discovery of the old letter actually supports my hypotheses. 😉😘

Candy’s obvious change of tone is one thing, and her mentioning of Albert (even as Granduncle William) is another. Come to think of it, if I was right, that Candy wrote the letter to Captain Brown when she was back to the orphanage; according to the manga timeline, Candy already knew Albert was Prince on the Hill. 💕 However, it was perhaps still a secret between them. She could write to Anthony about Albert mainly because Anthony knew about Prince on the Hill and there was no way Anthony would let slip the secret. After all, nobody else was aware of her peculiar relationship with WAA. She signed this letter as Candice White Ardlay merely due to the fact that it was her full name as the adopted daughter.

Therefore, it’s understandable why Candy chose to mention only Anthony in this old letter (not even Rosemary, possibly because Candy didn’t know about her much yet). However, in CCFS, since Candy could bring up Albert and openly relate to Mr. Brown about Granduncle reminiscing to her with nostalgia, it only makes sense Candy’s relationship with Albert was either publicly known or at least not a secret anymore.

You might argue that even as her adoptive father, he could tell her his stories. However, using this same argument, why didn’t Candy talk about WAA in the old letter, not even a single word? Perhaps she was afraid she might spill the truth? 😅 That she wanted to avoid rousing any curiosity? That’s my interpretation. How about you?

In addition, remember Candy’s letter to Anthony in Part 4 and Part 5? Candy said Albert could only visit her at Pony’s Home very occasionally. Yet in CCFS Candy wrote to Vincent Brown that Albert “always mentions Anthony’s father as big brother with high regard”. Since Candy used present tense, I believe this implies it happened often enough. ☺️ Not to mention that Candy spent her time talking to Rosemary’s portraits, not just once! Thus, Candy must have learned a lot about this beautiful lady from Albert such that she had endless topics, talking to some portraits again and again.

That’s likely why Candy also had lots to talk to Vincent Brown, even inviting him to “visit us in Chicago or Lakewood, anytime!” Think about it, how could she invite someone when she herself didn’t even live there? 😅 Especially Captain Brown was almost always overseas, and she had no idea when he would be able to drop by. More likely than not the Chicago mansion was officially her residence (she was no longer a guest), and when Mr. Brown happened to visit, they could go to Lakewood together.

Another difference in the old novel is that Candy said she wanted to send a long chattering letter to Captain Brown when he arrived at the port of call. In CCFS, Candy said when he did get to Lakewood she had lots to say to him. She used the same adjective, which means ‘chattering’, in both letters. I suppose in the old novel she didn’t really expect Captain Brown would visit her and the orphans at Pony’s Home? Whereas in CCFS things were different. Can’t you see Candy had spoken on Albert’s behalf? 😉 Not only Candy was in the mansion but Albert, Rosemary’s beloved little brother, also lived there as well. Not to mention that Anthony was his exact replica. Therefore, the chance that Mr. Brown would pay them both a visit was much higher, and in that case Candy could wait till he actually came. 😊

At any rate, since Candy mentioned Rosemary and Albert using familiar terms in her letter to Vincent Brown in CCFS, most probably, at this point in her life, she associated herself with her Prince on the Hill. As a result, Captain Brown was shifted from being Anthony’s father to Albert’s brother-in-law. Though Albert respected him, they were in the same generation. That explains why Candy could write without being overly formal, and the lady of the house signed her letter as Mrs. Ardlay. 💕🥀🌹 Please feel free to write to me. I’d like to hear from you too. Stay tuned for Part 8 please.

This is the Spanish translation by my friend, Yue Chan, ¿Candy encontró su felicidad? (Parte 7).


After reading this post last night, my dear friend Yue Chan reacted with excitement. I was thrilled that she felt the same. The letter in CCFS speaks volumes when compared to the equivalent letter in the Old CC novel indeed. 💓 💓


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    • reeka on July 28, 2017 at 1:52 am
    • Reply

    Hello, my friend!

    So, in old CC, the letter to Captain Brown could be considered as Candy’s normal response for his Christmas card, yes? But then, Mizuki changed a few details in the letter for CCFS. A few but for us, they led us to one huge evidence of Candy’s status by the time she had replied that letter. Her confidence and the mention of the mantlepiece were absolutely not added by Mizuki randomly.

    Like some other hints in CCFS which favoured Albert, this was too added to balance a few memorable moments from Manga and old novel Mizuki had omitted in CCFS. Like, the promise to travel together.

    I laughed when you mentioned the very little possibility of Captain Brown as anohito because Candy had planned to tell him the story of her being stowaway. But hey, if she were going to entertain him with the story of her dangerous adventure, Albert as a close relative of Captain Brown, must have been fully aware by this story, right? 🙂 Or it could have been like this, …. because she planned to tell Captain Brown about it ( because he was a ship captain and she wanted him to improve the safety of the ship and its crews and passengers), she then told Albert first about the story ( I bet she was reluctant to tell him because he would be shocked and petrified).

    Thanks for this post, Ms Puddle.


    1. Hello Reeka, how are you? 😙

      My sentiments exactly. The differences between the two letters are significant and shouldn’t be ignored, especially the stark contrast of how Candy wrote in the old novel, in which she was extremely polite and respectful. You’ve been to Japan a few times right, and you know how much they care about paying respect to people in the older generation or higher rank. That’s the impression I got when reading the old letter, whereas the tone in CCFS is entirely different. Unfortunately this is lost in translation, but I can assure you that in CCFS Candy was very polite and sincere but just not the same.

      As you said, her confidence of inviting Vincent Brown to the Ardlays mansion is indeed nontrivial and speaks volumes of her new status in the family. 😊 That’s why I think this discovery actually confirms our hypotheses. 😁

      I agree with you that it’s a pity some scenes from the manga are not in CCFS, but at least there are something new in CCFS that undoubtedly favours Albert. 😗

      Very interesting thought about Candy wanting to tell Captain Brown. Yes, Albert would have known by then. I need to double check the manga… Candy didn’t tell anyone her adventure, not even Albert, did she? I wonder if she was somewhat ashamed… In CCFS she did write to Terry (unsent) that she wanted to tell him… I wonder if she wanted to save this for him but got no chance?

      Hugs to you too 💓💕

    • Christine on July 25, 2017 at 7:18 am
    • Reply

    Ms Puddle, thank you for the great insight!! 👍👍You are absolute rIght that Albert indeed had done so much for Candy…recipes natructiin of Pony’s home, approving Achie and Annie’s engagement, sweat and tears birthday presents and etc. He was willing to sacrifice himself for the happiness of Candy!! I am so glad that Candy’s ultimate “happiness” was actually Albert!! So happy ending!!! ❤️❤️

    1. So true so true, Christine! I also think it’s a beautiful love story 💓💕 just like Daddy-long-legs! 🌹 It’s too bad some people refuse to accept the truth 😅

    • Christine on July 23, 2017 at 2:43 am
    • Reply

    Ms Puddle and fans, I really admire your excellent analytics and imagination which I am so blind about the clues!! I am so happy to know you as my dear friends so that I can learn from your insight!! Highly appreciated!!! 🙏🙏🙏

    Candy shared that no one knows what will be happened behind the bend, it was “a person’s will on how to turn the bend”, which I totally agreed!! Terry did, Stear did!! I started to recalled how Candy has used her strong “will power” to turn her bend ie she controlled her destiny in a positive and enthusiastic way. She had jumped over many “hurdles” in order to have a happy ending with her Prince:

    – First, since 6 years old as a little girl, she kept the badge of her prince until he would come back to her for it. She even carried or wore it as her treasure so that it reminded her that she had something good for her to look forward to. Finally she had her prince come back to Pony’s Hill and asked her for he badge! 💕💕

    – Candy was not just waiting at Pony’s home for her Prince! She had been striving to find her Prince. Imagine as a little girl of 12-13 years old who had been living in the orphanage for so long, but had the BIG courage to follow the Leagon’s driver to be the playmate for an unknown family without second thought. 👍👍 The drive behind the courage was after seeing the “insignia” of the Prince’s badge with Leagon’s family. Who of us in that young age dare to take the similar challenge llike Candy?? 😨 If not our heroine Candy, how could she meet with her dear friends in Lakewood? And get closer to Albert, her Prince? 🌈🌈

    – Albert was intentionally to be a silent supportive friend to Candy. He has no clue or intention to be her lover all along the path. 🌵🌵Candy was so passionate to take care of Albert after recognising him in room 0 and she
    even broke all social traditions and rules to co-habits with a young and handsome man for over a year! 😰😰Without memories and being at the rock bottom, Albert had been so touched by Candy’s kindness and gradually fell in love with Candy. Though Candy sacrificed her nursing career and reputation (short term), she won her “true love” with her unconditional care, kindness (and I guess love gradually developed too) to Albert. ❤️❤️❤️

    – It was obvious that Albert vanished from Candy was to hide away from her esp after recovering of the memory, uncontrolling of his own special feeling towards Candy, knowing their legal relationship as well as realising that he caused troubles than happiness to Candy. 💔💔Though he wanted to lead Candy to Terry in Rocktown, Candy’s determination of NOT meeting with Terry but to try hard to find Albert in Rocktown also “melted” the heart of Albert! I guessed Candy’s dedication to track down Albert, helped turning Albert’s heart from a “give up” mode 💔💔to “could I have a chance” mode!! 💓💓

    – Candy being put into a forged engagement with Neal, she also tried hard to object. 💪💪Seeing her sorrow and strong will, George advised her to go to Lakewood to find Grand Uncle William. Candy also had the courage to go to Lakewood and was ready to “confront” and “annul” the unfair treatment!! There, she was able to unite with her Prince, Albert. And both could spend “heartwarming” time together in the Lodge!!💘💘

    – Though it was 100 years ago, Candy was not shy to express her true feeling to Albert….how she thanked her parents of abandoned her at Pony’s home so that she could meet with Albert was so touching to every heart, not to say Albert. 💕💕Even today,I wonder if I have the courage to say it loud and so expitcitly to the man I love too!!😰😰 If Candy was not controlling her own destiny with her high enthusiasm and actions, how could she “moved” Albert who was indeed a very reserved person who kept everything in his heart!! I feel that he indeed needed Candy’s positive clue and encouragement to make his big steps!! 🤗🤗

    Candy indeed earned her true love, and not fate!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Hello Christine! So glad you’ve enjoyed this series so far. Thank you very much for your summary of the major events in CC or CCFS! 💓💕🥀 Like some people, I also think CCFS is a mystery novel starting from section 3. Even to this day, I’m not entirely sure of the timeline. I could only make some estimates based on the letters and some facts.

      On the other hand, now that we have read the letter to Vincent Brown in the old novel, it’s a solid proof that the author has made a significant shift! I have no more doubt about the equivalent letter in CCFS, which speaks volumes of Candy’s undeniable improvement of status in the Ardlays. Yes, Christine, in the story we see how Candy had used her strong willpower to overcome many hurdles in life and at the end her Prince on the Hill really came back to her on Pony’s Hill, asking for his badge. 🌹🌹

      However, the fact that Candy followed Stewart to the Leagans wasn’t really about the hope of meeting her prince again. This part is in the anime only. Without knowing it, fate (Mizuki) had brought Candy closer to her destined love. 💕💓

      Yes you’re right about Albert’s intentions of being a silent supportive friend to Candy. She wasn’t a love interest to him at that point. Yet, again, fate (Mizuki) brought him to the kind nurse when he had lost everything, including his memory. As you said, he was tremendously touched by her kindness and care that he couldn’t help falling in love.

      I totally agree with you about Candy’s courage to “break all social traditions and rules to co-habit with a young and handsome man for over a year! 😰😰”  She really wanted to help, and she didn’t care what the others thought. I guess she touched Albert’s heart beyond words. He was just a nobody back then after all. Yeah, good point that “she won her “true love” with her unconditional care, kindness”
      ❤️❤️❤️!!! My sentiments exactly!

      So true that Albert had his inner struggles with his own feelings for Candy once he had recovered from his memory. In the manga he looked upset even… 💔 You brought up the Rockstown episode, which is very important because it clearly shows “Candy’s determination of NOT meeting with Terry but to try hard to find Albert in Rocktown”!! “Candy’s dedication to track down Albert, helped turning Albert’s heart from a ‘give up’ mode 💔💔to ‘could I have a chance’ mode!! 💓💓”. Well said, Christine 😙 Indeed, Candy’s own determination “confront” and “annul” the unfair treatment by going to Lakewood led her back to her Prince, Albert. Like you, this part of the manga is my favorite episode!💘💘

      Finally, what you said about Candy’s honesty to express her true feelings to Albert in her letter is a solid proof that we shouldn’t ignore. You’re absolutely right Christine that “how she thanked her parents of abandoning her at Pony’s home so that she could meet with Albert was so touching to every heart, not to say Albert. 💕💕” I wonder why some people can be so blind. 😢 Thanks for sharing your thoughts in so many details, Christine! Not everyone can say something like that to their loved ones, I think so too.

      However, it’s not just Candy who made all the moves. Albert did a lot for her without asking anything back. For example, the reconstruction of Pony’s Home. No conditions were put on the contract that Candy had to ‘love him back’. 💕 He might not say “I love you” to her, but his actions spoke much louder than words that he actually loved her with no strings attached. Remember he was a very busy man, but he took her to Lakewood and spent time with her alone. I won’t say more because I’m sure you get the idea, right, Christine? 😙

    • Martha Cervantes Quiroga on July 20, 2017 at 12:10 pm
    • Reply

    The fisrt thing who called my atention of the letter from Candy to Mr. Brown in the CCFS, it was the Candy’s invitation to the Chicago house. I said what? How about aunt Elroy?
    Even without me having recovered from the surprise, Candy said that she speaked with the Rosmary portraits, then Is Candy living in the Chicago house while she writte this letter?
    Thanks this post I can say yes! to all my cuestions. I think this letter open the begining of the Epilogue in CCFS.
    About your question Do you know that the letter to Captain Brown is a significant clue to Candy’s happiness in CCFS? I’m really sure the answer is YES.
    Hugs and kiss from me to you Ms Puddle.

    1. Hola Martha mi amiga 😗😘

      Like you, when I first read it I also wondered why Candy would invite someone to the Chicago mansion… First, she didn’t even live there, and secondly, who gave her the right?

      Of course in my old posts I already explained why these were significant clues to who Candy had become 😍

      I think by then Candy not only lived there but had every right to invite guests over. She became the lady of the 🏠, that’s my guess 😊😁

      Glad you think like me and the others too, and yes, this letter lets us know Candy had found her happiness with her Prince on the Hill. 💓💕

      Yue Chan also agrees, and she was thrilled after reading this post too. I’m going to update my post and share her reactions on Twitter. It’s very encouraging, and I’m glad my effort wasn’t wasted 😅😆🌹

      ¡¡Muchas gracias!!

  1. […] Did Candy find her happiness? (Part 7) […]

  2. […] Did Candy find her happiness? (Part 7) […]

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