Jan 01 2017

Happy 2017!

Happy new year, everyone! Hope you like my new drawing, and yes, I added Albert to the scene to hug Candy (see my original drawing here).  🙂 This is actually my 401st post, and I thank you all for your continued support. 💓💓💓



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  1. Martha Cervantes Quiroga

    Happy 2017. Wishing you love, peace, health and money amoung your family and friends. God bless you.

    1. Ms Puddle

      Feliz Año Nuevo mi amiga! 😍 Same best wishes to you too, and may God bless you 😘

  2. Olenka Vértiz

    Happy New year!!
    I am so glad that you keep sharing your precious art with us.
    Weeeee!! This time Albert is in the frame.
    Awww so lovely!! thank you. thank you!!

    1. Ms Puddle

      Feliz Año Nuevo mi amiga! 😍 So nice to hear from you again, Olenka! Muchas gracias! 😘
      Yes, I planned this all along to add Albert into the picture, but I did Candy first 😆😁

  3. Luissid Uz

    Happy new year!! God bless your year and bring you health and peace!!

    1. Ms Puddle

      Thank you Luissid!! 😘 May God bless you too in the new year! All the best 🎆🎇🎊🎉

  4. JeannyJJ

    Awwww… Another treat to start the new year. 🙂

    1. Ms Puddle

      Thank you JeannyJJ! 😍 Wish you all the best in the new year 🎉🎊🎇🎆

  5. antlay31

    Bonjour Ms Puddle
    Meilleurs voeux 2017, que cette nouvelle année vous apporte le bonheur, l’amour et la santé.
    Candy et Albert sont craquants et attendrissants, un splendide dessin, du grand art ! 💔💕💞😍

    1. Ms Puddle

      Bonne année à toi, Antlay!! Best wishes to you and your loved ones too! ❤😘😍

      So glad you like the new drawing! Merci beaucoup 😘❤😘❤

  6. Stormaw

    Love your Candy and Albert drawing, it’s beautiful
    Happy 2017

    1. Ms Puddle

      Glad you like my new drawing, Stormaw! 😘 Thank you! 😊😄

  7. Stormaw

    Thank you.
    Wishing you a New Year full of joy, peace,  love, health, luck and success.  Happy 2017.

    1. Ms Puddle

      Hello Stormaw, the same best wishes to you and your loved ones too! Happy new year! 🎇🎉🎊🎆😘

  8. Candy Bert

    Thank you for your beautiful gift, Ms Puddle! Candy and Albert are so cute, my heart is melding. A new proof of your great talent. 💕💖💗💓💞👏💑
    Happy 2017, may this new year be full of joyce, health, peace, success and love amoung your family and friends. 🎇🎆🎊🎉

    1. Ms Puddle

      Bonjour Candy Bert 😘
      Thank you so much for your compliments and kind words! Your continued support means a lot to me, my friend! ❤😍😘

      May this new year bring you and your loved ones peace, love, happiness and health!! 🎉🎊🎆🎇😍😘❤

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