Aug 21 2015

Candy dressed up!


This is the cropped version of my new drawing, dedicated to my dear friend, Candy Bert. ❤❤ To see the complete version, please click Un superbe cadeau de la part de Ms Puddle

As some of you might know, Candy Bert has started a blog in French, True Romantica, where you can find her very romantic story for Candy and Albert, Le fil rouge du destin, inspired by Candy Candy Final Story. It’s not yet complete as of today, but she has written 20+ chapters already. 🙂 Unlike me, she updates the story very frequently. 😉

Candy Bert has not only been actively promoting my blog on her site, but she has also translated my short story Afternoon Nap to Sieste, as her surprise gift to me!! ❤ Therefore, as my appreciation for her friendship and continued support, I’ve decided to draw her Candy based on one of her earlier chapters, in which Candy attended a new year’s eve party in 1919, dressed up like Rose Dawson in Titanic (played by the English actress, Kate Winslet). Hope you like Candy’s dress in my new drawing! ❤



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  1. kittenandley

    Hello MsPuddle

    Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out. I love your drawing, i have to ask, what program do you use, to make your beautiful fan-arts?

    Have a good night.

    PS: Candy looks beautiful.

    1. Ms Puddle

      Thanks kittenandley for your compliments! Glad you like my latest drawing. It’s only published on Candy Bert’s blog. 🙂

      I use Photoshop Elements. Do you draw too?

      1. kittenandley

        Hello Ms Puddle I hope you are having a great night

        Yes I draw but im not good at it. Thanks for answering my question, you fan-arts are beautiful.

        1. Ms Puddle

          Don’t be too modest. Keep drawing, and one day you can probably share your talents with us! 🙂

          Thanks again for your compliments, kittenandley! ❤❤

  2. SweetCandyAndley

    Hi, my dearest friend,

    I have to say that you never cease amazing me! You keep rocking my world and making my day!
    Definitely your talent is improving considerably, and yet you did another extraordinary piece of art. I liked it, I loved it, I admired it!

    Candy looks so vibrant and beautiful!

    Congratulations to Candy Bert on her blog, and my best wishes so it becomes as popular in french as yours is in English!
    I agree c’est un superbe cadeau!

    Have a nice weekend girls!

    1. Candy Bert

      Hello SweetCandyAndley!

      Thanks for your kind words! 😀

      You have a nice weekend too!

    2. Ms Puddle

      Dear SweetCandyAndley, thank you very much for your kind words and compliments! I’m blushing now, speechless even! 🙂 I must say I’m satisfied with my latest drawing of Candy myself. Perhaps one day I should draw her in a wedding gown… Don’t know when 😉 😛

      You have a nice weekend too, mi querida amiga! 😀

  3. antlay31

    Dear Ms Puddle
    Your drawing is fabulous and very nice dress ! Great art Ms Puddle !

    1. Ms Puddle

      Merci beaucoup, Antlay mon amie!! 😀

      The dress is mainly based on one of the magnificent gowns in Titanic! Bravo to the designer too! 🙂

      1. antlay31

        Yes of course ! it’s seems to me the designer is french, ah the french touch, chauvinistic the french no it’s a myth ! 😀
        Indeed Candy Bert is a great designer 😉

        1. Candy Bert

          Merci Antlay! You made me laugh! Too bad I’m not really the designer! 😆 😉

          1. Ms Puddle

            Antlay is really funny… I agree with you, Candy Bert! 🙂 But you have great taste, Candy Bert. I really like the costumes in Titanic 😀

  4. Candy Bert

    Hello my dear friend, I’m so touched by your kind words, thank you so much and for mentions and links, as well. 😀

    I’m so grateful for your infallible support, and for the time you took to write a comment on each chapter of my story, you always encourage me, although you are very busy ! It means a lot to me.❤

    Like I said on my blog, your drawing is absolutely stunning, “our” Candy is definitely gorgeous thanks to your talent, Ms Puddle! Thank you!!! ❤❤❤

    BTW, You write so many interesting posts about CCFS, your drawings… on your blog, mine is mainly filled by my story for now, it’s why I can update it so frequently! 😉

    May you have a great weekend! 😀

    1. Ms Puddle

      You’re very welcome, my friend! I find your blog and story fascinating, and I sincerely think more people should be informed. 🙂 ❤❤

      Don’t be so modest, Candy Bert. You’re hard working as a writer, that’s for sure! 🙂

      You have a great weekend too! ❤

      1. Candy Bert

        Thank you, my friend! 😀 ❤

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