Aug 04 2017

Did Candy find her happiness? (Part 8)

Many thanks to my friend who sent me the letter to Captain Brown in the old novel, which I have posted in Did Candy find her happiness? (Part 7). According to her, there are more differences between the old novel and Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS). For example, in Candy’s letter to Eleanor Baker, Candy didn’t explain why she had gone to Rockstown. In CCFS, Candy mentioned she had gone there to look for a missing friend who had helped her a lot (she was essentially telling the beautiful actress that “no, the reason wasn’t Terry”). Besides, there was nothing about her promise to Susanna of not seeing Terry again, which is also a new addition in CCFS.

Another interesting change is the venue of the grand opening party of the new hotel. In the old novel, the party was held in Chicago, but in CCFS, many of you know that it took place in Miami, Florida. Not only that, neither Madam Elroy nor Archie went there, and Candy attended this party with Albert plus his loyal assistant Georges. Imagine that! Had they been traveling together, spending hours on the trains? Remember, trains were the main transportation back then, especially for long distance travel.

Besides, remember the reconstruction of the orphanage? In the old novel it was Annie’s adoptive father, Mr. Brighton, who financed the project! But there was not much description about it, whereas in CCFS it’s mentioned twice with details that William Albert Ardlay bought the land and paid for the reconstruction. 😊

There’s yet another difference, the return of the diary in CCFS, which I have discussed in my earlier posts in this series, so I won’t repeat myself. In the old novel, Candy also wrote down her honest feelings in her diary and left it for her adoptive father to read so that he could understand why she decided to pursue her own career path. However, nothing was mentioned about the diary again in the rest of the novel.

Anyway, I’d like to share with you Candy’s letter to Kyoko Mizuki in the old novel. For the original letter in Japanese, please visit Yue Chan’s post Carta de Candy para Kyoko Mizuki. Since Yue Chan got that letter from her Japanese friend, I asked Yue Chan for the permission to translate that letter directly from Japanese. Though I’ve paraphrased slightly, I tried my best to stick to the original meanings and keep the nuances, so don’t be surprised it’s slightly different from the Spanish translation. 😛


Dear Kyoko Mizuki,

Thank you for writing to me. It’s been a year since we last met, right? Somehow I feel that the year seemed to have passed in the blink of an eye.

As for me, I am full of energy. Every day, as the dedicated nurse of the Pony’s Home, I hardly have any spare time; because I not only take care of the children but also the sick villagers in the neighborhood, for it’s a well known fact to everyone that I’m a skillful nurse. (Ahem)

Now, I’m happy thinking that you’re about to start Volume 3 of my story (though it’s a bit embarrassing…).

Having read Volume 1 and 2, I was wondering how the bits and pieces could be put together for the third volume. The second volume was up to the moment when I said good-bye to Saint Paul’s Academy in the midst of morning haze. Even when I remember this, my chest is tightened with emotions…

After that many events followed, and as indicated in your letter, you consider it impossible to collect all these in one book. I think so too.

Many different things have happened since I left Saint Paul’s… after I finally returned to America from England, I became a nurse, and I reunited with Albert-san, who had lost his memory. And then, I really broke up with Terry —

Also, the abominable war started, and Stear was gone as well. There are way too many memories for my hands to hold that I find it undesirable to summarize them all in only one book.

Your idea, that Volume 3 isn’t going to be written in the style of a novel, but rather, you wish to use my correspondence with my friends to serve as the updates of my recent status. I absolutely agree with you. Fortunately, I keep communicating with my old friends using letters.

I think I can certainly help you.

Therefore, don’t act like such a stranger and say “it’s troublesome, isn’t it?” Do make a point to come visit us for your amusement please, alright?

For example, I’d like to show you the fascinating birthday card that Albert-san sent me, or the letters from Archie, Annie and the others…

Listen, please definitely, certainly, come visit, okay? Because I have got many stories to tell you; they piled up like a mountain already.

Flowers are now blooming on Pony’s Hill. Please come before they shrivel, by all means.

But… if it happens that Igarashi Sensai comes together with you, I’ll be so thrilled that I can jump all the way to the sky.

Pony Sensai and Lane Sensai are right beside me, having urged me five times already to pass their regards. (Yes, yes, teachers, I’m writing it properly, you know!)

After that, it is my turn — I’m sending 500,000 kisses to all the readers! Greetings to you.

Well, I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Candice White Ardlay

I’d like to point out the highlighted words above. I think perhaps with hindsight Candy realized it was a turning point in her life, and then many things happened since that moment?

If you read Yue Chan’s aforementioned post, you will notice that Anneth White provided some different translations of that sentence in her comments. Candy uses present tense here, and not to mention that I did do some research, including using a Japanese dictionary. I believe this particular word じん と  means “strong emotions as though your chest is tightened” or “extremely cold feeling/sharp pain that makes one feel numb”. Some dictionaries simply refer to the second meaning as “numbness”, and it is often used when the speaker describes his/her physical discomfort. Hence, I’m afraid the ones Anneth White provided were incorrect.

Like my anonymous friend who has read the old novel and sent me the letter to Vincent Brown said, it doesn’t really matter how Candy feels about her departure in London because the ending of the old novel is absolutely unambiguous. Remember Candy’s last letter to Albert? As my other friend Fay said, she read in a forum that a Candy Candy fan asked a Japanese person (not a fan) about this letter. The Japanese person had no doubt that it was a love letter.

I totally agree with my anonymous friend. She said what matters is if Mizuki (Nagita) changed her mind in CCFS. 😉 If you read the beginning of this post, plus all the previous posts in this series, Did Candy find her happiness?, you will see that Nagita has added important clues and made new changes in CCFS that favoured Candy’s Prince on the Hill. Don’t you agree? 😀 Though I can’t send kisses like Candy, I hope you like my new drawing, my present to you all. 😀 See you in part 9! 🙂

This is the Spanish translation of this post by Yue Chan, ¿Candy encontró su felicidad? (Parte 8).

Candy and Prince on the Hill


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  1. Hi. Ms Puddle
    Did you finish your analise with this post? You make a beautiful drawing! Congratulations!
    This letter is a great surprise because it’s the own Keiko Nagita explaining the meaning of her novel, Keigo speaking through Candy.
    I love this: “… and I reunited with Albert-san, who had lost his memory. And then, I really broke up with Terry“ Gain (Albert) – Lost (Terry)
    “I reunited with Albert-san” is like the song Reunited of Peaches & Herb.
    Reunited, and it feels so good
    Reunited ’cause we understood
    There’s one perfect fit
    And, sugar, this one is it
    We both are so excited ’cause we’re reunited

    Have a nice aand very, very happy weekend 🙂

    Martha Cervantes

      • Ms Puddle on August 11, 2017 at 8:50 pm

      Hello Martha,

      Thank you for your compliments 💓! Glad you like the new drawing 😘

      Yes this letter is very different from the others indeed. Keigo Nagita herself speaking through Candy. It’s funny how eager Candy wanted Mizuki to visit her. In Japanese her tone was quite enthusiastic 😃

      Excellent point about the contrast, and thanks for the lyrics. As you said, although Candy lost Terry she had reunited with Albert. In fact, in Japanese she used the noun “reunion”, but when I translated it the sentence structure didn’t look nice in English, so I reworded the phrases. 😅

      Interestingly, about “breaking up with Terry”, Candy used the same verb that also meant “said goodbye” (the same word she used in the beginning of this letter and the moment she left St. Paul’s academy). However, when the same word is used in a relationship, it often means breakups, especially Candy used “really” here. The emphasis is clear. It wasn’t a normal goodbye, and it wasn’t like the time when Terry left London. Back then Candy strongly believed she would see him again. However, this time she knew she wouldn’t.

      In CCFS it’s even more undeniable. Mizuki added the fact that Candy had promised Susanna not to see Terry again. This notion is reinforced in Candy’s letter to Albert and Anthony — the last two letters in the epilogue.

      You have a great weekend too, Martha!! 😘😗

    • reeka on August 5, 2017 at 12:41 am

    Dear Ms Puddle,

    I think ( consistently as before) Mizuki/Nagita changed some letters/information in CCFS, mostly in favour to Albert, because the fact she omitted that last letter from Candy to Albert in old novel. Yes, it is ultimately a love letter. The tone, the words, the promise she made, and the closing of the letter. No arguments for this. Those who’s still doubtful is simply blind.

    Regarding the phrase “my chest is tightened with emotions”, I’ve just checked Yue Chan’s blog and Anneth White’s comment. But I didn’t get it LOL, the translation was confusing, I didn’t understand what she had argued at. But I can guess that she highlighted the significant of this feeling with how much Candy loved Terry?

    To me, even in present, Candy was normal to feel that way even though now she’s married with her prince. Leaving St Paul that day, I think, the feeling would be forever something she hardly let go. It’s not only about Terry. That morning, she had started her crazy adventure to cross the ocean with no money at all. She had left her best friends without words. She felt she had disappointed her adoptive father who had expected her to study and being a lady. And don’t forget, all of this was because Eliza’s trap. Simply because Eliza hated Candy for once again winning an affection of a boy she liked. And Candy in present, rewinding all the memories, knowing at the end she and Terry could not be together anyway after all the sacrifices, … of course, she felt numbed, if not upset.

    Although, as we know, if we looked further to the thread of fate that binding Candy and Albert, it had all happened for a reason. 🙂

    Anyway, about the letter to Mizuki/Nagita, on the same paragraph ( p.4), at the beginning, she delivered her doubt how bits and pieces in volume 1 and 2 could be put together in volume 3. This line, I grasped a hint, she referred Albert’s roles in her life that would be changed drastically in volume 3. Of course, many events had literally happened too as you wrote in this post. But the most difficult part for volume 3 was narrating her life after she reunited with Albert as her amnesiac patient. And in volume 3, Candy had been expected to speak about her break up with Terry, and it was difficult for her.

    We have discussed it, actually, that we assumed at this stage ( Candy’s letter to Mizuki), she was already in a relationship with Albert. How far, we don’t know. But we assume she did not want to upset Albert/jeopardise their relationship with this novel. The novel was supposed to be published, right? — we also have discussed the reason a writer like Mizuki interested to write a novel about Candice White Ardley. 🙂

    That’s all, my friend.
    Have a nice rest and happy weekend!

      • Reeka on August 5, 2017 at 5:37 am


      Forgot to say the drawing is sooooo beautiful! I love the way you drew Candy’s side-braids. 😍😍😍 imagine it’s a portrait Albert would put on his working desk in his office.

        • Ms Puddle on August 5, 2017 at 10:11 pm

        Thank you very much for your encouraging words and compliments 💓😍 I want Candy to look a bit more mature (using the timeline in CCFS, she should be in her early twenties). 😁

      • Ms Puddle on August 5, 2017 at 10:10 pm

      Dear Reeka ☺️😙

      Yes indeed Mizuki (Nagita) omitted that last letter in CCFS (I like your remark about some people being blind 😅), but think about it, there are overlap between that letter and the last letter to Albert in CCFS.

      In fact, I should add more differences in this post… They are also in favour of Albert, but I forgot about them when I was writing this. I’ll update this after replying to you here. 😊

      I didn’t completely understand what Anneth White said in Spanish, but from the poor machine translation I grasped the ideas. That’s part of the reasons why I decided to translate this letter myself from Japanese. 💕

      Even putting the erroneous translation aside, I don’t think Candy would have felt a sharp pain back then. In fact, by leaving London in secret, she determined to find her own path like Terry, and she was full of hope to somehow see him again. Therefore, it was a decision she would never regret. What do you think?

      From this particular letter, I think Candy felt quite emotional because she recalled all the various sad events that followed the end of Volume 2. That’s it. Terry was one of the reasons, not the only reason.

      I like your analysis of another possible explanation of why Candy was upset and emotional. True, she should know that this led her back to Albert indeed. It makes sense to her with hindsight. As you said, it was hard for Candy to speak much about her breakup with Terry.

      Also, when Candy was writing this letter to Mizuki in the old novel, she and her Prince on the Hill were writing to each other. He sent her a fascinating birthday card too! This implies they were in a steady relationship, because Candy didn’t say the birthday card was from her adoptive father. 🤣😂

      I totally agree with you about Albert’s roles in Candy’s life had changed again and again in Volume 3. Very interesting thought about not to jeopardize her relationship with him. 💕💓 In fact, one difference between the old novel and CCFS that my anonymous friend pointed out is that in old novel, Candy’s letters to others didn’t mention Albert much. This is very different in CCFS. She mentioned him quite a lot in her letters to various people. That’s another change that favours Albert, of course. 🌹💓

      You have a wonderful weekend too, my friend 😗

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