Jun 30 2017

Did Candy find her happiness? (Part 5)

Thank you for reading the series Did Candy find her happiness? so far, and I’m glad some of you like my translation shown in Part 4. My friend Yue Chan had the following thought after reading it, which she agreed to let me share:

…Thanks to your translation of that old letter, I can imagine Albert and Candy planting and growing those roses without name (in their garden near Avon River) as a homage to their loved ones 😢 In CCFS daffodils and Terry appear together only in one scene in Saint Paul’s False Pony Hill. After this, daffodils never are related to an specific character or the Grandchester’s, in the same way roses are related to Anthony and Rosemary, and thanks to you we know now that even Albert is related too…

Hence, thanks for your patience. 🙂 I’m going to show you the rest of my translation of this letter to Anthony in the old CC novel. As before, I have paraphrased some sentences to make it sound like natural English writing. Without further delay, here is the rest of my humble attempt: (I welcome any feedback or correction. Thank you!)

You see, I showed you the badge some time ago, didn’t I? Prince on the Hill, whom I had met on Pony’s Hill in my childhood, had dropped his badge—. Back then you told me only the direct descendant of the Ardlays could own that badge, and yet, I didn’t understand what that implied… That’s right, Albert-san was also Prince on the Hill! Seven Color Mask![1] Consider the multiple roles he’s played, humph!

I actually learned that just recently.

For some reason, Neal’s become interested in me (I should really thank this Neal, for what I have now comes from the fact that he likes me. These two feelings are intricately wrought together that left me somewhat confused…).

Since then, Albert-san has taken his time to relate his story to me, so all kinds of mysteries have been revealed and the veils removed.

Anthony, what you said to me was unfinished —

“When I was a small child, the boy who always stood by my mother’s side……”

Those were your last words. (I won’t forget that.)

That boy was Albert-san! Yes, now I finally grasp the meaning. Anthony, the moment I first met you at the rose gate, I mistook you for Prince on the Hill. After all, Anthony, you and Prince on the Hill were close relatives, right?

Having understood all these, I’m filled with longing to meet with you once more. Although I’m aware it’s impossible, Anthony, I want to talk to you one more time, sitting down by the rose gate, standing by the lakeshore……

Very occasionally, Albert-san comes visit me at Pony’s Home. Whenever we bring up stories about you, Stear, and so on, he always gets teary-eyed, no exception.

Albert-san told me he loved his sister, Rosemary — your mother, Anthony — very much. “I could only watch from a distance, and there was nothing I could do for Anthony, Stear and others…” He keeps talking about the same thing over and over.

Ahhhh, Anthony, I can go on forever no matter how much I write, so it’s about time to stop, isn’t it……

But I’d like a reply, even just a little. In Heaven, are the regulations strict?

I’m still the same, as usual. For example, I haven’t grown much, my freckles haven’t come off, and I haven’t recovered from being a tomboy.

However, I’ll be in trouble when someone is peeping at me from Heaven. Therefore, from now on, I think I’ll grow more mature, even a tiny bit.

Wish you good health, Anthony. (Will people in Heaven also get sick?)


For sure Candy doesn’t mention Terry at all although she mentions Albert-san a lot, but still not as much as the corresponding one in Candy Candy Final story (CCFS). To get an idea, you can read the spoilers in Chapter 27 of the Candy Candy fanfic Amor Aeternus (scroll near the end because it’s the last letter in the epilogue). If you have any insights when comparing the two, in terms of letter contents, timeline, etc., I’d like to hear from you! 😍 Nevertheless, I’ll discuss their differences in my next post. 🙂 You can find this post in Spanish by my friend Yue Chan, and she added more references to CCFS to “¿Candy encontró su felicidad? (Parte 5)” 

Footnote: [1] Seven Color Mask (七色仮面 Nanairo Kamen) is the name and main character of a Japanese TV series, broadcast from June 3, 1959 to June 30, 1960. It was about a young detective who was a master of disguise, utilizing seven different personalities. Most of his disguises are odd characters, but his 7th disguise is a caped, golden-masked superhero.


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  1. Ainsi, Candy n’a pas parlé des circonstances du mariage des parents d’Anthony dans l’ancien roman. En parlant de cela dans la lettre pour Anthony dans CCFS, je pense que Mizuki voulait insinuer qu’Albert suivrait l’exemple de sa soeur Rosemary si nécessaire en combattant l’avis de sa famille pour épouser qui il souhaiterait, peut importe le rang, les origines de sa future femme, sinon à quoi bon en parler?

    Dans CCFS, Candy insiste sur les caractéristiques physiques d’Albert de façon poétique, notamment de ses yeux “clear blue eyes like the newborn morning sky” (des yeux bleus clairs comme le ciel du matin naissant) on y sent de l’admiration 💓.

    Par contre dans l’ancien roman, elle parle du badge symbole de son Prince, cet objet a été présent tout au long de l’histoire, du début jusqu’à la fin. Si je devais choisir un seul symbole, le plus important de Candy Candy, c’est bien celui-ci.
    Les roses sauvages plantées par le Grand Oncle William sont bien un hommage à la mémoire d’Anthony et celles qui sont plantées près de la rivière Avon est bien un souvenir pour rappeler Anthony et Rosemary, tous deux proches parents d’Albert, je suis entièrement d’accord avec vous et Yue Chan à ce sujet…

    Si on combine les deux versions de la lettre pour Anthony, on y voit clairement qui est l’homme le plus important dans la vie de Candy: Albert 💖. Or, d’après Mizuki elle-même, CCFS n’est pas une nouvelle histoire, mais la même racontée avec quelques différences ou compléments. On dit que le manga et l’ancien roman se complétaient l’un l’autre, peut-être que CCFS apporte aussi son somplément d’informations, à une même et unique histoire, en particulier l’épilogue (donc une vue sur le déroulement de la suite de l’histoire) rempli des lettres échangées avec Albert plus celle à Anthony ?

    Beaucoup oublient les deux autres identités d’Albert, notamment qu’il est aussi LE Prince de la Colline. Il faut voir son personnage avec toutes ses facettes, pas seulement Albert, le vagabond voyageur, c’est le piège avec ce personnage si complexe. Albert a endossé trois rôles différents dans la vie de Candy durant les différentes trois périodes de sa vie, dans son enfance avec le Prince, dans son adolescence avec Albert et dans sa vie de femme adulte avec William Albert Ardlay et la découverte qu’il est les trois à la fois, c’est ce dont elle parle aussi dans sa lettre à Anthony, Albert a toujours été présent et la boucle est bouclée. Dans CCFS, elle dit aussi : Et puis … maintenant … J’ai aussi réalisé qu’il existe des personnes même encore vivantes que nous sommes condamnés à ne jamais rencontrer de nouveau, cela signifie probablement qu’elle n’a jamais revu Terry, n’est-ce pas?

    1. Merci beaucoup, mon amie! I’ve quoted your comment in my new post http://mspuddleshaven.com/2017/07/10/did-candy-find-her-happiness-part-6/

    • Anneth White on July 8, 2017 at 4:52 pm
    • Reply

    “Very ocassionally, Albert-san comes visit me at Pony´s home”. The pattern is the same, after have read all the letters from the 1978-79, 1990, 2003, and even those of 2010 in japanese or 2015 in italian, all translated in the English fórum of candyterryparadise. Albert-san is a busy-bussiness man, that doesn´t have time for going to Pony´s to celebrate Candy´s birthday, nor to tell her in detail he was the prince, because he must leave quickly adviced by Georges, because there is so much work to do. And of course Candy has to talk about Albert-san to Anthony, ¡he is his uncle!!! the lovely brother of Rose Mary, and Candy confused both of them as the Prince (also all we that saw the anime being children.). You say Albert-san is related to the roses??? Oh god! I would like to know what does Nagita think about it!! poor Anthony!!!, his uncle is stolen the symbol he was recognized in Candy Candy (because you need to believe the roses in Avon belong to him… so you eliminate the option that Candy takes care the Anthony´s Sweet Candy??? really incredible!!!). And the last thing: CCFS´s letter are much more clear about the man Candy loves, and precisely in her confession to Anthony!; and is not his uncle. Is the man she knew in London, that was like him when she confused him in the ship! The narcisus are totally asociated to Terence, he is the one that lies in the grass smeling them!!! united to Shakespeare as an actor, like his mother, the roses are Anthony´s specifically, the fashion is associated to Archie, the inventions to Stear, and traveling and poupee to Albert. Every guy has a symbol to differentiated them.

    1. I’ve answered you in my new post, http://mspuddleshaven.com/2017/07/10/did-candy-find-her-happiness-part-6/

    • Christine on July 2, 2017 at 8:25 pm
    • Reply

    Ms Puddles, thank you for the post!! I love them so much!! And thank you for the Fans sharing and insight!! They are inspiring!! 😘

    1. Thank you Christine 😙 So glad to hear that you love this series, which is very encouraging. I’ve decided to include my answer in my new post to your other question concerning the chronological order of the last two letters in CCFS. Please stay tuned 😍

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