Jun 08 2017

Did Candy find her happiness? (Part 3)

Thanks to those who have read Did Candy find her happiness? (Part 1) and Did Candy find her happiness? (Part 2). Remember the Japanese fan ジャミーラ on Twitter (jyamiila) whom I mentioned in Last letter in Old CC Novel? I asked her afterwards if she had the first letter as well from the Old Candy Candy Novel, and jyamiila was so nice that she kindly replied in a tweet

As you can see, the right page of the first picture shows one of the illustrations in the manga, in which Candy longed to see Albert again during his absence in her life. The title of this page is “7. The correspondence between Candy and Albert-san“. Besides, the short passage underneath the beautiful illustration is Candy’s own words, apparently right after Albert’s confession to her at the end of the manga. Here is my attempt to translate the paragraphs:

This is what it’s like to go crazy with happiness, isn’t it?

Albert-san is Granduncle William; in addition, I can’t believe he is actually Prince on the Hill! But, but still, I have lots that I don’t understand. Please, oh please write me many letters, Albert-san!

That’s it, so this serves as the introduction to why they began to write to each other. Note that in Japanese she wrote the first sentence in a very feminine way, which reminds me of Annie. (There’s no equivalent in English unfortunately.) We all know Candy was a tomboy, so it’s unusual and not very Candy-like. 😅 Hence, no doubt she was suffused with happiness and surprise that Albert was her prince.

On the left hand side is the beginning of her first letter to her prince. It’s quite long when compared to the equivalent one in Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS). However, I will say that the one in CCFS shows Candy’s shock even more vividly. It’s almost like she was still reeling from the truth of Albert’s last secret and needed more time to sort this out, 😀 whereas the one in the Old CC novel was to recapitulate what had happened that day. In CCFS, Candy didn’t recap until after getting a reply from Albert, which was weeks later (remember the snail mail back in that era? 😉 ). Mizuki showed that Candy’s happiness and excitement had lasted, and she even demanded Albert to come again on her birthday to spend time with her (by casting a spell on him in her letter). If you still insist Candy wasn’t in love with Albert, please consider re-examining her letters with an open mind. Thanks for reading, my friends. ❤ Please stay tuned for Part 4; I will discuss Candy’s letter to Anthony in the old novel. For Spanish version of this post plus Yue Chan’s own thoughts, please click “¿Candy encontró su felicidad? (Parte 3)” ❤


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  1. C’est intéressant le fait que Candy se montre plus “girly” que d’habitude, à mon avis c’est une preuve de plus qu’elle est amoureuse. Quelle est la meilleure raison pour qu’un garçon manqué se comporte plus en fille: l’amour bien sûr! 💖Dommage que la traduction fait perdre cette subtilité et merci, Ms Puddle, de l’avoir précisé.

    1. Oh yes, Candy Bert, here Candy used the feminine phrase “かしら”, which means “I wonder”. There’s no equivalent in English, and I read somewhere that even ladies rarely use it nowadays. Perhaps back in the 70s it was more common? I don’t know. 😁

      Nevertheless, what Candy said here is already unambiguous enough. She was a lady in love, no doubt about it. 💕💕

    • Mina Ferrari on June 10, 2017 at 11:40 am
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    我倒不覺得她變比較女人味耶!我看了CCFS 書信是感覺她對他軟硬兼施,口氣像小女孩式抱怨或用巫術語耍著他半開玩笑半認真,不然就是稱謂使用故意叫他舅公、爸爸之類的,讓Albert自己說出自己在甜甜面前的定位!後來他終於用Bert之後,甜甜才放心開始用軟性攻勢,才變成比較有女人味,表示身份才Albert心裡認同後她書信看出她長大了,戀愛中女人是不一樣的嘛!😉

    變得比較女人味是從Albert讓她叫他Bert開始,其實意味Albert至少要甜甜和他姊姊是同個位置,如果甜甜心裡還想陶斯,這個名字Bert有可能變成妹妹可以使用,所以陶斯迷覺得是兄妹情,不過甜甜回信是用little Bert 表示想比當姐妹更親近,她想做他的女朋友,也一直想著他且要他用時間陪她。這樣的書信內容往來,已經超越兄妹情了,最後才帶甜甜去家族成員博物館,還有退日記,這些讓甜甜明白了一切…..☺️





    Anohito = William. Albert. The prince on the hill.

      • Mina Ferarri on June 10, 2017 at 2:25 pm
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      CCFS的讀者請注意!如果Albert不在乎為什麼要退日記,一本寫滿Terry的日記?要頭低著?眼睛看著窗戶不看著Candy說話?語氣幾乎壓低小聲到相似喃喃自語?為什麼?他不在乎認養問題!認養可以解除!他也不在乎社會階級家族保守力量問題,他卻最在乎Candy 是否真正幸福與快樂?Terry這個名字是阻礙是大情敵是Candy最傷痛的人,如果Candy心裡還有Terry,就不會在退日記後的最後一封信,Candy告訴Albert說:「不會再翻閱這本全寫Terry的日記!」


        • Mina Ferarri on June 10, 2017 at 2:38 pm
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        Albert 先生=你



          • Mina Ferarri on June 10, 2017 at 2:53 pm
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          1. Yes, Terry belonged to Candy’s past, and she found some old things​ related to him in her jewelery box but decided to put them back right away, whereas when she saw Dr. Martin’s drawing of Albert, she smiled spontaneously and fondly remembered those sad days in her life. Even this is a big clue to who Anohito really was. 😉

        1. Yes, it’s so true, and Candy’s last letter to Albert was essentially a goodbye to her past loves, Anthony (recovered from guilt) and Terry (returned the diary to Albert). ☺️

      1. Absolutely agree with you, Mina! 😍

    1. 妳好,Mina! 😘 我贊成妳以上的看法。😊 Candy let her feelings for her Prince on the Hill show in her writing. Sometimes she was frank about how much she wanted him to spend some time with her alone, talking to her, and sometimes she complained that he seemed too busy for her. 😉 Anyone without any background on Candy Candy would have assumed he was already her boyfriend… LOL 😄😅

      Yes, like you said, she asked him if she should call him father was to force him to be honest about his feelings for her. It was a question he could not dodge anymore.

      Yet I believe Rosemary also called Albert ‘Little Bert’ (I’ll double check that), and he told Candy that in person, not in writing (as in the old novel). Also, Candy was undoubtedly happy he let her call him that. From Albert-san to Little Bert it represents an advance in their relationship; if he had always been treating her as his sister, as some Terry fans claimed, there was no need for Albert to change now. Not to mention that he clearly indicated he didn’t want to be called a father or rather people not think she was his sister.

      Of course, Terry was the real obstacle between them. Albert didn’t want to be Candy’s second choice, and he could keep their existing relationship if she would rather stay single the rest of her life; some people insisted Candy would wait for Terry forever 😕, which doesn’t make sense when Candy was undeniably happy with her Prince on the Hill ❤️. Just as you said, Mina, that her last letter is definitely a love letter. Gratitude didn’t make her love for Albert any less intense, but gratitude actually made her love stronger and more likely to be long-standing.

    • Martha Cervantes Quiroga on June 9, 2017 at 11:52 am
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    Hi, Ms Puddle
    I don´t understand how the persons are so blind to the obvious. Of course, Albert is the love for Candy.
    Thanks to the link you shared I went to Jyamiil’s twitter account and it was great to have found an image of my beloved Stear.
    My congratulations for your work, the three chapters are fabulous.

    1. Hola Martha! ¿Cómo estás? 😘

      Yes it’s unfortunate that some people would rather turn a blind eye on obvious facts 😂… Candy had found her happiness with Albert. She was in love with him, no doubt. 💕💓

      Yes jyamiila uploaded many different pictures from the manga, and she’s very friendly to us foreign fans. 😍

      Muchas gracias por leer, mi amiga 😗😍

        • Martha Cervantes Quiroga on June 9, 2017 at 4:18 pm
        • Reply

        It’s a pleasure to read your post.
        Saludos con afecto para ti, querida amiga 🙂

        1. ¡Igualmente! 😙

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