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Mar 26 2015

El Amor Nunca Falla Capítulo 4: Sorpresa (Parte 2)

Note: En este momento ya se habrán dado cuenta de que mi historia se basa en la versión del manga. ¡Sus comentarios son más que bienvenidos! Nuevamente, gracias mi amiga, SweetCandyAndley! Ms Puddle Capítulo 4: Sorpresa (Parte 2) En su cumpleaños, Candy abrió sus ojos justo al amanecer, estirando sus brazos y su cuerpo mientras bostezaba. Normalmente dormía …

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Mar 21 2015


낮잠 내가 왜 이러지? 자꾸 졸리움에 눈이 감긴다. 아마도 오후의 뜨거운 햇볕이 나를 이렇게 나른하게 만드는 것 같다. 아니면 아까 캔디와 함께 만들어 먹었던 맛있는 점심 때문일까? 믿음직스러운 내 비서 조르쥬가 곧 도착하여 캔디를 시카고로 데리고 갈 것이라는 걸 알고 있어서인지 우리는 하고 있던 모든 일들의 속도를 늦추기 시작했고, 그동안 나의 사랑스러운 천사는 내 곁에 …

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Mar 13 2015

“Afternoon Nap” in Korean!

It is my great pleasure to introduce to you a Candy Candy fan from Korea, 이수진 (pronounced as Lee Su Jin). She approached me a short while ago and expressed her interest to translate my stories. The main reason is that she wants to let other Korean fans learn more about the manga, the original …

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Mar 08 2015

Happy Women’s Day!

Happy Women’s Day to all the friends I have met in Candy Candy world! Thank you all for the enthusiastic feedback and interesting comments to my previous post, and I will try to answer you all in new post(s)! 😀

Mar 06 2015

A man worth loving

Found this meaningful quote (source unknown) the other day: When a guy can handle your flaws, love you on your moody days, kiss you when you don’t look great, and say you’re beautiful no matter what happens, he’s worth loving. So the Magic Spell scene in the Candy Candy manga flashed across my mind, which I …

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Mar 02 2015

A magic spell?

It’s been a while since I last colored a favorite scene in the manga version of Candy Candy, and this time I selected the episode in which Candy had just successfully escaped Neil’s trap in a remote place. However, while looking at the manga strip, I couldn’t decide which panel to color. 😉 The particular …

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Feb 24 2015

My gift in return

As mentioned in an earlier post Happy Valentine’s Day!, some of you have created very nice posters for me. I’ve been thinking of giving you something in return, but regretfully I couldn’t find the time to make anything special. Therefore, I cropped my latest drawing to show Albert only, and as you can see in the animated …

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Feb 23 2015

El Amor Nunca Falla Capítulo 4: Sorpresa (Parte 1)

Disclaimer: Candy Candy y la mayoría de los personajes le pertenecen a Kyoko Mizuki, las imágenes a Yumiko Igarashi y el anime a Toei Animation. Note: Los detalles del cumpleaños de Candy no se mostraron en la historia original, excepto cuando Stear le envía la máquina voladora desde Francia. Este capítulo es de mi propia …

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Feb 13 2015

Ça devait être de l’amour Chapitre 1 (Partie 2)

Chapitre 1 “Mémoires” (Partie 2) Je croyais que ma première rencontre avec l’Oncle William resterait à jamais le moment le plus surprenant de ma vie. J’étais absolument stupéfaite quand j’ai entendu sa voix, la voix que je pouvais reconnaitre n’importe où. Quand il se leva et se retourna vers moi, j’étais paralysée et abasourdie, à …

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Feb 12 2015

Ça devait être de l’amour Chapitre 1 (Partie 1)

Ça devait être de l’amour par Ms Puddle Avertissement : Candy Candy et tous les personnages appartiennent Kyoko Mizuki, les images à Yumiko Igarashi et l’animé à Toei Animation. Note: Pour les lecteurs qui ont lu mon histoire courte (Afternoon Nap) “Sieste” et qui ont exprimé le souhait de lire la suite, la voici. Mais …

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