Lovers, tired but sated… (PG-13)


Another scene from my latest story, “Papa, what makes a prince?” (PG-13)


In my mind, I imagine Albert and Candy, now parents of two young kids, are tangled in bed, tired but sated, after making love. In my humble opinion, sharing their bodies is the most beautiful way for husband and wife to express their love and passion to each other.

We felt literally spent after that, basking in our afterglow with our bodies entwined.

As usual, please feel free to share my post, but not the image itself. Thank you very much!


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  1. guest

    If you were Candy or Albert’s place, would you love your child if he or she was disabled? retarded? Not all parents are as compassionate as these two.

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      I think most parents would.

  2. Beatrice

    The freckles are back!

    1. mojoqueen

      WOW! Sharp eyes!! 🙂 the freckles leave no doubt that this is Candy now! Terry you can go now… LOL (sorry I am being mean….)

      1. Ms Puddleglum

        This is definitely Candy, hugging the man she always loved to hug 😉

    2. Ms Puddleglum

      Yes… my oversight… LOL 😛

    3. mpcfan

      Good thing you’re able to replace with an edited one in this site, unlike in facebook we can’t do anything.

      And again, your drawing skills are impressive. Looking forward for another one

      1. Ms Puddleglum

        Thank you!! I won’t draw a new one soon… Unless an idea hits me again. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    It’s your hot story’s fault I had to read it again, lol

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Laugh out loud… but thanks for reading again 🙂

    2. mojoqueen

      Again? I am thinking again and again and again…. 🙂 LOL

      1. Enaka

        She tempted me to draw, mojo lol. I’m reading it now 😛

        1. mojoqueen

          A drawing of the chapter “overnight” in LNF will be fantastic?? That scene is still fresh in my mind 🙂

          1. Enaka

            Yaiks! Same with me! First let me finish my PG-13 one lol 😀

            I was thinking about the part when Candy unbuttoned Albert’s shirt… oops!

      2. Ms Puddleglum

        Hi mojoqueen and Enaka: thanks for showing your enthusiasm… I’m flattered I must admit, but I’m so glad you like my “hot” scenes :P… my description is not explicit… leave room for your imagination 😀

  4. Stitch

    Lovely scene and I enjoyed reading this at work this afternoon.

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Thank you for reading and your compliment!

  5. Letty

    I visited this story and it was nice

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Thank you! 🙂

  6. ParkersTheOne

    Now this scene reminds me of something… my friend was in a hospital with her boyfriend. I didn’t even knock when I came in and I was so embarrassed when I found them… exactly like this image…I thought she was going to sue me for not knocking 😛

    Anyway, your drawing fits perfectly in the story 🙂

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Hospital? Are you kidding? Naked? O_o

      1. ParkersTheOne

        Yes. I wish! Nope, they were both wearing comfortable undershirts, and this drawing did trigger some memory 😉

        Glad she wasn’t furious with me. (Maybe a little?) The guy was cute, though 😛

        1. Ms Puddleglum

          Laugh out loud 😉

  7. Marjorie Townsend

    Oh, btw, LOVE your drawings… 🙂

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Thank you!! Still learning though… I just realized I forgot to draw Candy’s freckles… oh well. I don’t think I will change it now. Or should I? 😛

      1. ParkersTheOne

        Probably you were distracted by your own ‘heavenly’ drawing that you forgot to add her freckles, admit it 😉

        Perfect job!

        1. Ms Puddleglum

          Yes… I got carried away… Too focused on their eyes LOL 😉

          1. ParkersTheOne

            Their eyes, or the whole scene? 😛

  8. Beatrice

    How sweet! You have good talent in art, Ms Puddleglum.

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Thank you Beatrice! I’m still learning to use my tool. 😀

  9. Snowbell

    How beautiful!

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Thank you! 🙂

  10. Marjorie Townsend

    Also would like to share some thoughts re: Albert and Terry… The more mature (old!) I become, the more I feel the love between Albert and Candy and why that is the only love possible…. the young me was fighting for Terry and Candy, believe it or not. Also, those who read the mangas and the novels believe Albert and Candy are meant for each other and definitely can feel their intense and deep love… those who watched mainly the anime would prefer Terry….. since the anime skips nearly every tender moments between Albert and Candy (of which the motivation I still cannot figure out)….

    just my 2 cents….

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Marjorie dear, I plan to talk about this soon on my blog, and I agree with you totally! Let’s discuss more later. 🙂

  11. Marjorie Townsend

    Believe it or not, I finished reading all of your stories regarding Candy and Albert! Absolutely addictive and extremely well written… I cannot believe you are not a native English speaker? Am i mistaken? Of course one can be picky but I dare say your writings are much better than a lot of professional writers….. And, I got so embarrassed reading your love scenes since they are sooooo…… (hahaha)….

    Anyway, great drawings and though there are many fanfics…. I probably would just keep re-reading yours, no need to complicate our minds when it comes to the happiness and ultimate love between Candy and Albert.

    Looking forward to other installments of LNF…. 🙂

    1. CKati

      Dear Marjorie,

      I totally agree with you. Ms Puddleglum’s stories are really well written!
      Just wait, you find yourself re-reading all of her fanfics all over again 😀

      1. Ms Puddleglum

        Awww… CKati, what can I say? I truly appreciate your continued support! I will try my best! 🙂

      2. Guest

        in reply to Ckati:

        I knew I wasn’t alone with the same opinion 😉

        1. Ms Puddleglum

          Thank you! 🙂

      3. Enaka

        Now, CKati, that’s very true! MPG here is being so modest ~ 😉

        1. Ms Puddleglum

          Not really… I’m just honest 🙂

    2. Ms Puddleglum

      Marjorie, it’s certainly a pleasant surprise to me that you have finished reading all my stories! You’re a fast reader I must say, and I can’t help but blush when reading your compliments… My love scenes are all rated PG-13 hahaha… including my illustrations of those scenes. 😉 There are other great fanfics out there, but it’s definitely my honor that you rather re-read my fics!! I will go back to LNF world asap! 😀 Thanks again for your kind words!

      1. Marjorie Townsend

        Yes! Fast reading and many sleepless nights!! 🙂 Can’t wait for more….. hahaha

        1. Ms Puddleglum

          Thank you Marjorie!! Sorry for keeping you up for nights… heeheehee… 😛
          BTW, thanks for the PMs in fanfiction.net too. I hope I have answered your questions. 🙂

          1. Marjorie Townsend

            Yes, thanks for the reply and the reference. You do, however, reference more than just the epilogue in your writings….. and it seems you have a much wider grasp of the novels …. I am just wondering where you got the translations for those? Not urgent… just curious. It is great to glean those precious info from your writings though…. 🙂

  12. Enaka

    A scene so tender and sweet and looking very exhausted after their favorite activity, lol. I love the sparkle in their eyes. Great work as always.

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Glad you love the sparkles and thank you for your compliments! 😀

      1. Enaka

        You’re improving everyday and I can hardly wait to see them in colors

        1. Ms Puddleglum

          Who knows? One day I might be able to do so… 😛 Thanks again!

          1. Enaka

            I thought this was also perfect for Father’s Day, but either way is still good! 🙂

  13. CKati

    Very nice! They indeed look very sated. Am I mistaken or is this your first drawing with Albert having his eyes open? I love the eyes btw.

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Thanks, CKati! I did put some efforts in drawing their eyes, and I’m glad you’re convinced that they looked sated!! This is not the first one I have Albert’s eyes opened though… Remember the sad one I did for Rockstown? I might redo that drawing one day 😉

  14. Guest

    Great minds think alike. 😉 I was about to draw the same thing, but not from this story. Other than that, well done!

    1. Ms Puddleglum

      Thank you! 🙂

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