Dec 24 2013


Today’s post is in response to an anonymous reader’s comment to my story “The Diary”.

First, I thank you for writing to me, and I appreciate your feedback. Regrettably, I don’t understand Spanish, but with the help of a machine translator, I believe I understand what this reader said to me.

About Anthony, I agree with this reader that his death was tragic. Yes, Candy and Anthony were attracted to each other, but it’s undeniable that they were very young then (barely teenagers), and the time they actually spent with each other was not very long unfortunately (possibly just weeks?).

Also, this reader used the word “incest” to describe the relationship between Albert and Candy. I think this is not the right word because by definition, “incest” refers to “sexual relations between persons who are closely related that their marriage is illegal or forbidden by custom.”

Candy Candy fans know that Albert and Candy are not blood-related. Yes, Albert adopted Candy when she was around 13 years old, but they had never lived in the same house like father and daughter (unlike Annie and her adoptive parents). Although years later they lived together when Albert was amnesiac, they treated each other as siblings, never father and daughter.

Candy and Amnesiac Albert, illustrated by Yumiko Igarashi and written by Kyoko Mizuki

Candy and Amnesiac Albert, illustrated by Yumiko Igarashi and written by Kyoko Mizuki

Even at the end of the manga, Candy did not move in to live with Albert as his adoptive daughter. In my short story, “It Must Have Been Love”, I attempted to explain why she would rather move back to Pony’s Home than living in luxury with Albert. In Candy Candy Final Story, it is obvious that Candy remained living in the orphanage, and Albert clearly requested Candy not to address him as her father because he couldn’t bear it, which means that he had never considered her as his daughter.

Not to mention that it’s a well known fact that the author of Candy Candy, Mizuki, was inspired by “Daddy Long Legs”, which is a famous love story between a young lady (also grew up in an orphanage) and her secret benefactor. In addition, as discussed in my other post, Age difference between Candy and Albert, Albert was not old enough to be Candy’s biological father.

Therefore, to me, Candy Candy is really a story of Candy and her prince. She met him as a little girl in the beginning, and she returned to his embrace at the end. It’s a full circle.


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    • Mel on January 3, 2014 at 3:07 am
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    I can not believe what I read, “Incest” for god sake what are they talking about? Really, I believe that most of T fans are young teenagers, not enough experienced people or not very mature, mentally speaking. If they dislike so much this couple why do they even bother visiting and commenting. This only shows a very immature action and not even a healthy discussion.

    1. Thanks Mel! I don’t mind her feedback but just wanted to point out that it was wrong to use the word “incest”. Thanks again!

        • Mel on January 3, 2014 at 10:47 am
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        Ups, I think I got a bit cross there, I didn’t mean most of the T fans I mean “some”, Sorry Ms Puddle.
        After reading her original comment (the anonymous), I don’t think she means bad. She is obviously an Anthony fan, which is ok, everybody can choose either character they find suitable for their hero. But I definitely agree that she shouldn’t use the term incest so lightly. I hope with your clarification she understand what the term really means and why is not applicable to our favourite characters.
        Thanks Ms Puddle, you do a great job in your website, with the fanfics and with the beautiful drawings and I really appreciate all your efforts. Happy New Year!!

        1. Thank you, Mel, for your kind words and encouragement! I appreciate your feedback very much! Yes I also think she didn’t mean bad at all, but as you said we fans should not trample other characters lightly. Each has the right to choose his or her favorites after all.

    • Ana on December 26, 2013 at 10:59 am
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    Anyway! I’m with you Ms Puddle! You do not need to pay attention to stupid comments that just talk about things that they have no clue! As you said in FB, maybe she just repeted what she have read before but at least, she should “investigate” a little bit before adventure to write any silly comment.

    I really hope she had read this post, and Criss Ceron’s comment! It is just great!

    1. Thank you, Ana! Yes I totally agree with you. 😀

  1. Amiga Puddle, tú no entiendes el español, pero yo si, es mi lengua materna y deja le digo algo a esta personita….

    Por Dios!!!! pero que tontería!!!! como acabo de leer, por lo general es el estúpido comentario proveniente de una Territana y lo cual me extraña ya que como verás es un espacio !00% Albertfan y si no te agrada no entiendo a que vienes aqui…. esa es la primera…

    La segunda… INCESTO???? jajajajajajaja para que se de el incesto como tal, por si no lo sabes debe haber algo más que el vínculo jurídico, un vínculo sanguineo el cual entre Candy y Albert NO EXISTE… y si nos ponemos a buscar e investigar más y meternos a lo que jurídicamente debe ser, Albert ni siquiera su padre “legalmente hablando ” pudo ser, ya que en la mayoría de los paises para que se de una adopción plena, el adoptante debe ser mayor de edad y tener como mínimo entre 15 y 17 años más que su adoptado… cuando Albert adopta a Candy no llegaba aún a los 21 y si nos vamos por la edad de diferencia entre ellos, pues menos!!! porque según Mizuki ellos se llevan entre 6 y 11 años (según sea el anime, manga o CCFS), pero no te culpo… no tendrían porque saberlo las terrytanas, no son abogadas y al menos a una como abogada te entrenan para discutir con argumentos, no con palabras sin sentido…. Mizuki no nos iba a dar catedra de leyes…OBVIO… pero para efectos de la historia quiero suponer que quien en realidad fungio como tutor y no como padre adoptivo probablemente fue George o incluso la tía abuela a petición de Albert, ya que, aunque Albert no contaba con la mayoria de edad, pero viviendo en una sociedad patriarcal, lo que él decia se hacía… le gustara a la tía Elroy o no (usos y costumbres, sin embargo no estan por encima de la ley)

    Tercero… en el remoto caso que Albert si hubiera sido el padre adoptivo de Candy, por si no has leído las traducciones no autorizadas de la novela, Candy renuncia al apellido, y al renunciar, el vínculo legal queda sin efecto… y en caso de ho haber renunciado al apellido existe otra figura jurídica llamada EMANCIPACION la cual a mi manera de ver ella practicamente la ejerce desde que empezo a vivir sola sin el apoyo de su familia adoptiva…

    La unica aberración que existe en esta historia son las territanas que ven con otros ojos las cosas porque solo ellas sabrán lo que llevan por dentro….

    Puddle my dear friend…. sorry for my outburst… It bothers me that the “trolls” come to annoy….

    1. Thank you Criss!! I learned a lot by trying to understand what you said above!! You were right! Albert was simply not old enough to be Candy’s father, at most her guardian or benefactor. 😛

      • Ana on December 26, 2013 at 10:48 am
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      Ay Criss… me he reido con tu comentario pero estoy al 100000% contigo. En serio, se necesitan 2 dedos de frente para decir algo así! (digo del comentario anterior)… Gracias por aclararselo! espero que lo lea!!!

    • c.a.w. on December 24, 2013 at 1:04 pm
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    No Candy and Albert are not related. They are just too blind to accept that our fave couple is meant for each other. Great job for explanation ~

    1. Thank you, caw! Merry Christmas! 😀

    • Liliana on December 24, 2013 at 11:44 am
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    The “incest”, is something that are usually use by the Terryfans.
    For the people (like myself), that have many years on this candy-world, we already know to not pay attention to this subject.

    1. I can’t agree with you more, Liliana, but I felt like addressing this issue once and for all. 😀

    • Anonymous on December 24, 2013 at 10:55 am
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    Your rihgt mspuddle they never were a blood related, thas why is not incest!!

    1. I agree! Albert and Candy were very good friends, and their friendship evolved into love 🙂

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