May 05 2014

My Response to your Reviews for LNF 44

You probably know that the following will contain spoilers to my chapter 44. If you haven’t read it, please kindly pass (unless you want to get spoiled? 😛 ).

From Korean manga version

From Korean manga version

Anyway, I must thank you all for your feedback, and once again, it’s very encouraging to see the number of unique visitors since I published. Here, I’d like to give you a humble bow, and many thanks for reading. In this chapter, I finally could write about one of my favorite scenes in the manga (it’s a pity that it’s not in the anime version). Not long after Candy had learned of Albert’s true identity, he took her for a ride on the swan boat invented by Stear. The swan boat malfunctioned later near the shore, and they were both soaking wet and had to dry themselves off before the fireplace (they were barely clothed for who knows how long… I suppose they needed to wait till their clothes were dry? LOL). I did write about this scene in detail in my other story, “It must have been love”, but in Love Never Fails I only borrowed the idea. 😀

Do you know that swans mate for life? If a mate dies, or is killed by a predator, the remaining mate will take up with another; however, if all goes well in the pairing, they indeed will stay together for life. Because of their long-lasting, monogamous relationships, swans are often a symbol of love or fidelity (source: wikipedia).

In the beginning of the manga, the fact that Stear built a swan boat for Candy implied that he had feelings for her (at least to me), but as always, his new invention failed to do what he had wanted. Near the end of the manga, the swan boat reappeared. This time, Albert was the one who fixed it. Why had he fixed it? Had he been waiting for someone to ride with him? 😛 Anyway, Albert taking Candy for a ride on this swan boat made me smile.

Thanks to those who have been catching up and read my previous chapters. Thank you for your reviews too. However, here is my response to your reviews for Chapter 44 only (as of today):

takadeedee: Thanks!

SweetCandyAndley: No need to be sorry, dear! You don’t have to, but thanks for your kind words!

CandyFan72: thank you for your big compliments, and I’m very glad you like my Albert and the way they celebrated her birthday together. 🙂

Reeka21: I’m so happy to know that you love this chapter! Ch 45? I’m taking a break from writing for other priorities! Lol… I didn’t expect you would love that “kiss me back” part so much… But many thanks!! I’m flattered indeed! 😉

lhbarba: Hello dear! It doesn’t matter how many times you said the similar thing, I appreciate it all the same! I won’t be so cruel to Candy, right? So Albert has to recover lol! Yes, her friends are in university now. Thanks again for reading and writing a review! 😀

Patty Castillo: Gracias por leer!! I was a little worried people wouldn’t like my arrangements for Terry. I’m glad a few people, including you, told me they like that too! But Terry is still unsure. 😉 Also, I like the part about Anthony myself (borrowed from the touching scene in CCFS). Like you, I prefer Albert as well! The wet clothes scene is my gift to my readers lol! As I said above, it was inspired by the manga. 😛 Many thanks again for reading!!

lcolina: Hi there! Nice to hear from you! Glad you love the chapter, but Terry is still undecided as I mentioned above, but he’s more mature as a person for sure. 😉 Thank you so much for reading!

Albertcraze: Thank you for reading! It’s about time for Albert to reveal his secret! He wanted to do it before the wedding! 😛

Tiny 12: Hi there, thank you for catching up and reading two long chapters within a few days. I appreciate it! Glad you like the swan boat scene as well! Albert and Candy just had a cake (like afternoon snack). It was too early for dinner, but once again, thanks for following!



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  1. Hola Ana dear! How are you doing? As I told you before, I’ve always looked forward to reading your feedback, and thank you so much for writing such a long review in FF! 😀

    Like you, I absolutely love the letters between Candy and Albert in CCFS epilogue. They obviously cared for each other, and their bond was so strong. The letter about visiting Anthony’s accident spot is particularly touching to me. The ruby pendant was introduced in CCFS; in the manga you were right. It was about the fox fur.

    It’s funny so far you were the only one who talked about Neil! Guess most people hate him LOL… anyway, I was inspired by another Shakespeare play, Macbeth, actually… that he went somewhat ‘crazy’ after killing someone. I do believe that our conscience can be very powerful, and Neil was afraid (or constantly anxious) of being caught. After all, Uncle William had the money and power to track him down, right?

    About Terry, yes… women… sigh. lol lol lol… Candy loved Albert with all her heart but she was still ‘curious’ about Terry’s new interest. 😉

    About the swan boat scene… the boat was too small and they were really passionate with each other, so you get the picture? *WINK*

    Albert’s recovery? It’s for all my readers and myself… heeheehee… Glad you like all the details in this lengthy chapter… I’ve skipped five months and needed to make sure I cover most of the things. After writing, I was like “Wow! I have written this much?” 😛

    Thanks again, my dear friend, for reading!! You have a wonderful day!

  2. Will you write down their bed scenes explicitly after their wedding? 😛 😉

    ★★ All About Anime ★★

    1. Hello there!! You’re not the only one who asked me, and I’m feeling the pressure already!! *SWEATING* Thanks for asking! 😀

    • Ana on May 6, 2014 at 8:02 am
    • Reply

    And now I know why they didn’t end up in front of the fireplace! aha! This time you just borrow the idea, but I love it… and now everything is clear to me… now I know why he wants to take her to Pony’s Hill…

    hehe… this is all about my “short” review in FF… 😀

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