May 15 2014

Love Never Fails Chapter 45: Felicity

Because of growing real-life responsibilities, I’ve been inactive on my blog for a while. I was working very hard to churn out this chapter before I get even busier. Once again, I appreciate all the positive and encouraging feedback to me about this long story. Please keep them coming. Thank you.

The following is the teaser:

The ride back to Pony’s Home was even faster this time, but unlike this morning, neither of them wanted to talk. All the way Candy rested her head on Albert’s shoulder, reliving the precious moments of the day and dreaming of her future with the man right beside her. He placed his arm around her, peering out of the window most of the time. Once in a while, she stole glances at his side profile. He appeared very placid yet seemingly deep in thought.

When they arrived at their destination, the sun began its slow descent. The whole area was lit up in a warm late afternoon glare. Albert then said to his chauffeur, “Norris, take a rest, or do whatever you like. We’ll head back to Chicago tonight.”

Then Albert asked Candy if she could go straight up Pony’s Hill with him. After they got off the car, sauntering towards the bottom of the hill hand in hand, she unexpectedly pulled him back. When he halted his steps and brought his focus to her, she appeared as if something was bothering her. Hence, with his brows creased with mild apprehension, he questioned, “Is something wrong?”

She hesitated a bit before she cleared her throat, looking into his striking blue eyes. “I know this is not very lady like, but I want to remove my high heels,” she finished with a simper.

His apprehension was instantly replaced by amusement. Yet, he stifled a chortle, completely aware that this was another reason why he loved her so much. Compared to the people he often had to deal with, her forthright manner was adorably honest, if not refreshing. Hence, he remarked, “Go ahead, Candy! They are uncomfortable, aren’t they?”

Nodding with a sheepish smile, she mumbled, “They are great shoes, but not when I need to walk on rural roads.”

“I’m sorry, Candy. My oversight,” he said ruefully. “In fact, I will do the same. I actually like walking on the grass with bare feet.”

She couldn’t believe her ears, but what he said made her feel at ease in no time. She was glad she could always be her true self in front of him; she had never feared that he would find her incorrigible or something. Thus, without any reluctance, she bent over to take off her shoes but left her stockings on. When she was done, he was already waiting for her, his left hand carrying his leather shoes with his socks stuffed inside. “Ready, milady?” he asked, reaching out to touch her hand.

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