Oct 05 2014

Warning to repudiate his son

The day after posting about the unlikelihood of Terry inheriting his birth father’s property in Love Triangle (Part 5), I double checked the manga and found some evidence to support my arguments.

First, Terry’s father, the Duke of Grantchester, went to his son’s room in the dormitory of St. Paul’s Academy and informed Terry that his birth mother had written a letter to claim Terry back. Terry was apparently shocked to hear that, but his father was quite angry about this. Terry was perturbed and argued with the Duke. Terry couldn’t believe his father seemingly had no more feelings for his birth mother.

The Duke then urged his rebellious son, as a member of his family,Candy Candy Vol 04_p203 to keep up the image of Grantchester. Guess the Duke didn’t want people to know that he and Eleanor had had a son? I’m not sure, but at least that was what Eleanor had told Terry earlier. Anyway, the Duke even warned Terry not to see Eleanor ever again, or else he would disown him. The Japanese word the Duke used, 勘当する, was harsh. It means “disown, repudiate or renounce”.

Candy Candy Vol 04_p245Some time later, after being tricked by Eliza, Candy ended up being imprisoned, and Terry realized that he had been punished lightly compared to what Candy had to go through. After some consideration, he decided to quit school and negotiated with Sister Grey so that he could take Candy’s punishment. Then he declared that he would renounce his family name, Grantchester, after today.

Yes, these are from the manga, and I don’t remember if this happened in the anime version or not. However, these didn’t contradict with Candy Candy Final Story at all. As mentioned in my previous post, in CCFS, Terry went to United States and gave up his family name. The name “Graham” was his middle name I think, but he used it as his last name from then on.

So the fact that Terry quit school and went to Broadway to become an actor must have enraged his father. Do you think the Duke would repudiate his son as he had threatened?


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  1. Bonsoir Ms Puddle

    Je suis également d’accord avec le commentaire de Reeka. Je confirme la boite est visible page 119 volume 8 et aussi dans le dessin animé. J’ai egalement enquêté de mon côté. Dans des spoilers en France j’ai trouvé des extraits de CCFS.
    Candy raconte : “J’ai lentement marché devant le meuble au dessus duquel est accroché dans son cadre fait à la main, unepeinture à l’huile 55×34. Cette personne l’a installé de façon à ce que la peinture soit visible à partir de n’importe quel endroit. C’est lui qui l’a trouvé dans un marché aux puces à Londres il y a quelques années.
    N’est ce pas un merveilleux cadeau ?
    Cela ne prenait qu’un regard pour reconnaître immédiatement ce que celle-ci, parmi les vieilles peintures, représentait. La maison de Pony. On y voyait la vue qu’on à partir de la colline de Pony. Un merveilleux mois de mai. La maison de Pony avec un tapis de trefles blancs, de boutons d’or. La maison de Pony entourée d’arbres feuillus verts, d’herbe haute et tendre et puis les coloris de lupins et de rudbecka encerclant la maison.

    Je pense que ce tableau a été acheté par Albert. Voyageant beaucoup il est probable que ce soit lui, surtout Londres, on sait qu’il a des entreprises en Angleterre. Je vois mal Terry faire le marché aux puces. De plus Candy dit que le cadre est fait à la main. On sait que Albert travaille le bois. Il a refait la chambre de Candy à Lakewood.
    Candit dit “N’est ce pas un merveilleux cadeau ? Albert sait que ce qui fait plaisir à Candy, ce ne sont pas des objets de valeurs mais des choses sentimentales, comme les chevaux Cesar et Cleopatre. Il sait que le tableau lui rappelera la colline de Pony. De plus les fleurs, dans une lettre de Candy, quand Albert vient la chercher pour l’emmener à Lakewood, elle dit :
    “It was a lovely drive to Lakewood. Lupine or rather bluebonnet, black eyed susan or ( rudbecka hirta), lace flower cow parsely, I murmured the name of the flowers along the road, thank you for admiring me for that ! Les mêmes fleurs que sur le tableau. Etonnant !
    Puis elle continue : “Dans la résidence au mur du salon, des photos de famille”
    Pensez-vous que cela soit la famille de Terry ? Non je ne pense pas. Mais la famille d’Albert oui, rappelez-vous à Lakewood tous les portraits de la famille d’Albert.
    Candy continue : “J’aimerai me rendre à la maison de Pony…la grande maison des André est maintenant passée en d’autres mains.”
    On sait que Candy vit quelque part de l’autre côté de l’Antlantique, probablement l’Angleterre vers 1930. En 1929 il y a eu le krach boursier aux Etats-Unis.Je pense que la famille André pardon Ardlay, a peut – être eu des problèmes financiers et a dû quitter les États-Unis pour se rendre en Europe. Albert s’ était rendu en Angleterre quand Candy se trouvait au Collège Saint-Paul pour developper leurs entreprises en Europe.
    Qu’en pensez-vous Ms Puddle ?

    1. Dear Antlay, you must have read my mind! I’m going to post something along this line in my blog! Thank you so much for the spoilers in French!! Please wait till I write my next post so that we can discuss more! 😀

    • Reeka on October 8, 2014 at 12:52 am
    • Reply

    Errrr … I’ve written such a looooong comment, and it’s error! I’m trying to remember what i wrote and rewriting it … 🙂

    QuevivaCandy, I’ve found the scene! :). And like Ms Puddle said, in my translation, the maid was Doris, and yes she spoke harshly to Candy, even she dared to do that in front of the handsome trio. Oh on that particular scene, Mizuki also highlighted Candy’s amulets, Ms Pony’s cross and Prince’s badge. 🙂 Interesting, isn’t it?

    And speaking of this jewellery box, another scene came up in my mind. It’s on volume 8, the scene when Candy played with brain-training-chain from dr Martin in her apartment, right before Patty came and bring a flying helmet from Stear. The chain reminded her of something. She then found her jewellery box contained her treasures/amulets. The jewellery box had slightly different pattern with the one in Volume 2, but I am certain it was also given by Uncle William. Well, Candy only had those expensive and nice stuff from him, right?

    The chain apparently reminded her of Prince’s badge, and Mizuki spent almost 2 pages for Candy remembering her prince. Anthony and Terry only came very briefly in that scene, and also she remembered Stear who back then was in battle field. Does this scene sound familiar? Candy – jewellery box – walking down memory lane? 🙂

    So indeed my dear friends, this jewellery box was obviously not something new in CC story. More over, it’s always something related to the Ardleys.

    Well, it’s a bit out of topic. But on the discussed scene in volume 2, right after Candy had dress, the boys picked her up and they all had dinner with Aunt Elroy and the Leagans. Remember the episode when Anthony was so proud of the way Candy behaved toward Eliza during the dinner? He said inwardly that he’s not worried about Candy again and he was really sure that Candy would grow up to be an excellent lady. And then he daydreamed to get married with Candy. I’m so sorry for Anthony, but don’t you think it’s all really beautiful that Anthony’s dream somewhat became reality. That Candy eventually became a gorgeous lady and a matriarch? However, instead of him marrying Candy, it was his handsome young uncle, whose look and physical features was pretty similar to him? In fact, in his daydreaming, the man indeed looked like Albert after having his hair cut.

    I can’t explain it on writing, but yes, I think I fully understand why Mizuki ended the CCFS with Candy’s letter to Anthony. Beside what we have talked about that it’s like a final closure for Candy.

    1. Hello Reeka! Sorry to know that something wrong happened while you were typing I guess?

      Right on! Interesting insights, my friend, especially about Anthony and his fantasy!! Some people did mention that Anthony “foretold” Candy’s future, like you said. She would be married into the Ardlay’s family. 🙂

      Also, Candy’s amulet is always highlighted in the manga from time to time, and as Candy said to Albert in CCFS, she had never forgotten her prince. Don’t you think she implied she was in love with him already? 😉

      I don’t remember the details of that particular scene in Vol 8, and I only remember Candy putting all her keepsakes together (unsure if she had used a jewelry box… but I’ll dig it up to check later 😛 ). Is this scene just before the arrival of Patty, bringing the “flying machine” from Stear with her?

      About CCFS closure, I actually have something in mind to talk about in a post. Please stay tuned. 🙂

        • Quevivacandy on October 8, 2014 at 12:11 pm
        • Reply

        error while you were typing… hmm may we should accussed the blog’s owner??? a couple of times it had happened to me… lol…. just teasing you my friend, you know we love you but Reeka, I know how frustrating it would be, sorry for that.

        About the jewelry box in Vol 8, I found it, Vol 8, ch 4, pas 114-115-116. Yes, there is a jewerly box and Candy digged in her wardrobe looking for it, she was looking for the prince’s brooch. sooo.. Ha! I knew it! lol… jewerly boxes are related to the Andrew’s and you are right Reeka, I guess Uncle William gave them to her as a present.

        About Anthony, Candy fell for him because he looks like her prince… she fell for Terry because she thought he looks like Anthony, when he had his back to her in the ship. So the guys she fell for, had something to do with her prince, except Albert, she didn’t recognized him or mention that he looks like her prince. She fell for him just because he was Albert, her friend… Now I understand even more her shock when she discovered indeed, Albert was her prince.

        1. LOL… QuevivaCandy… Perhaps you should type your comment somewhere else first and paste it on the comment box when you’re done? 😉

          It seems Candy always liked to keep her keepsakes together in some sort of jewelry box, didn’t she? 😉

          It’s so true that Candy fell for Anthony/Terry because they looked like each other and it all went back to her prince. I talked about something like in one of my earlier posts too. That Candy loved Albert just for who he was. 😀

    1. Thank you very much for sharing, CAW!! I’ve been so busy with my real life lately that I forgot to check my news feed! But thanks again!! 🙂

    • CKati on October 6, 2014 at 2:33 pm
    • Reply

    I agree with you all.
    Based on what is known, I think it’s highly unlikely that Terry is the heir to the Grantchester name and fortune. He renounced his family name as you mentioned. I can’t imagine the duke, being a very proud man, would forgive him for this. The duchesse would probably feed the duke’s pride to her own advantage and therefore the advantage of her children.
    This only solidifies the idea that the jewellery box had to have come from Albert.

    I really like reading about all these clues. It makes me want to read the manga again. 🙂

    Honesly, the end of the manga is proof enough that Albert is her great love. Her first love and also her final love.
    Seeing the end of the anime and reading the end of the manga, that was the first thing that popped up in my mind.

    1. Very well said, CKati! You’re so right about the Duke’s pride plus how the Duchess would feed his pride to her advantage! Terry would have to work extra hard to ask for forgiveness, but being very proud himself, I doubt that Terry would.

      Glad to know that you like reading these clues, CKati. I have more coming. 😉 But as you said, the manga ending is clear enough that Albert was the one even though some people still can’t believe it. 😛

    • Reeka on October 5, 2014 at 11:47 pm
    • Reply

    Oh I definitely remember these two scenes really well! Especially the one where Terry told sister Grey “since now on, I’m no longer a Grantchester!”

    However, I’m not sure that the Duke would officially disown Terry. Probably he knew his son too well that he had a pride so high and wouldn’t come back to the Grantchesters after leaving London. So the Duke just left it that way. He might forgive Terry if he asked forgiveness and willing to behave like a Grantchester, BUT we all know that Terry wouldn’t do it, never! The Terry Mizuki created won’t care about the title and status.

    Those who created imaginary things which T swallowed his own words and made him come back to the Duke did indeed insult Mizuki. ^^

    1. Yes Reeka it’s true that Terry had that kind of pride. Plus, he had never liked that family, and I just can’t imagine why on earth he would want to return. Not to mention that the Duke was a man with pride as well. He probably wouldn’t take the initiative to reconcile with Terry either.

      You’re so right about the improbability of Terry swallowing his own words. So unlike Terry’s character lol! 😉

        • Reeka on October 6, 2014 at 7:37 am
        • Reply

        You woke up early! 🙂

        Your reply posted while I was writing additional opinion. Hehehehe.

        Yes, Ms Puddle. Not to mention that Terry then became one of the most famous broadway actors. He sure didn’t need the Duke’s financial support. Yeah, why would he come back to live in London then?

        1. I often wake up early, Reeka, but I don’t always have time to reply in the mornings, heeheehee 😉

          Anyway, whether he was still famous or not, his pride wouldn’t allow him to return and beg for forgiveness. Unless… The Duke was dying? Even then, it was highly unlikely Terry would inherit anything

            • Reeka on October 6, 2014 at 8:35 am
            • Reply

            Hahahaha .. I believe in you 🙂 🙂

            True, Ms Puddle. And people sometimes forgot about CC timeline. Back then, people were not easy to move around from one country to another. Like you said, my dear friend, why on earth T wanted to return to London?( when Broadway gave him everything). However, for Albert, Mizuki even added an explanation in CCFS, in one of his letters to C, he told her that he had been in London for preparing a new business for Ardley, beside watching over Candy, Stear, & Archie. Since I’ve read CCFS spoilers, I always believe that this point in his letter has correlation with the fact that Candy was living in London with Anohito.

            Okay, I know, I could be unstoppable sometimes. LOL.

              • Ms Puddle on October 6, 2014 at 8:51 am

              Very true, Reeka dear! While there wasn’t any particular reason for Terry to return when he was successful in Broadway, Albert had a legitimate reason–to expand the family business in another continent, which makes sense for a business empire.

              Don’t worry, my friend! Your comments/feedback are always more than welcome! 😀 😀

      • Reeka on October 6, 2014 at 7:31 am
      • Reply

      Btw, if I’m not mistaken, Terry still used Grantchester name in manga when he started his career in Stratford. Didn’t he?

      Meanwhile in CCFS, He was certainly Terrus Graham, at least since he came back from his disappearance ( rockstown). So once again, it’s like Mizuki wanted to give assurance that Terry was no longer a man from a noble family. He’s just simply Terrus the rising broadway actor. Hence, the clues like damascened jewelry box & living in London in 1930s are definitely not favoring him in this Anohito guessing game. 🙂

      1. When he was playing in King Lear, the name Terry Graham was on the poster. That was what happened in CCFS at least. That’s also how Candy found out that Terry had become an actor in Broadway.

        You’re so right, Reeka. This clue is one of the biggest hints in CCFS who Anohito was. 😉

    • Quevivacandy on October 5, 2014 at 10:43 pm
    • Reply

    OF COURSE HE DID IT!!! the Duke already had warned him so when Terry left London, the duke must had done it.

    I don’t remember very well, but in the anime the duke and Terry had a conversation about Eleanor. The only thing I remember is that he, the duke, asked Terry to behave like a granchester. Another scene is when he went to the duke’s mansion and the duchess began to insult Terry and his behavior. The duke was there and Terry just was awaiting for him to say a word but nothing came from him.

    I don’t remember either if he said that he is going to renounce his family name when he left England. I guess he didn’t, he just lefft a note to Candy saying that he will continue his path and wished her the best.

    1. That was similar to the manga, my dear QuevivaCandy, in which the Duchess insulted Terry and said she would never accept Terry as a member of Grantchester or something like that. The Duke didn’t say anything for Terry’s sake, which disappointed Terry very much.

      In the manga Terry did renounce his family name, just like CCFS. After that, he also left Candy a note and told her his plan, wishing her happiness. 🙁 That broke Candy’s heart ….

        • Quevivacandy on October 6, 2014 at 3:34 pm
        • Reply

        I’m watching the anime right now. In Ch 46 the duke went to St. Paul school and talked to Terry. He told him that just received a letter from Eleanor telling him that she wants to live with Terry. He added that he didn’t know that Terry kept in touch with her and remember him that he HAS to protect the family name. Terry answered that the duke did it by divorcing her so the duke gets so mad and hit him in the face. Then, he warned Terry firmly if he sees her again, he will disinherit him. After that, Terry thought that Eleanor’s love is honest than his father’s and what will be happen to her if he only thinks about the Grandchester’s name… That gives us a clue and it is sooo clear that he doesn’t care about change his name and keep a relationship with his father.

        After the first time Terry spoke with Sister Gray (ch 48), he asked himself what is he doing with his life and all that he gets it’s because his family name. So he took a decision. Then he went to the duke’s mansion looking for his help but when he deny it, Terry told him Good bye for EVER. The duke was shocked. (ch 49) and VOILÁ… LOL… in his last conversation with sister Gray, Terry told her that he ‘will not use anymore’ (that is the way they translated to spanish, could be renounce) his family name… and then he just get out office. Then laying on the grass, he thought he will NEVER come back (I understand England) and will never see Candy again and as soon as he goes the better will be. Then, Candy found his note, ‘I have decided to left St. Paul’s School and leave to America. Wish you fortune.’

        In Ch 51 the duke talked to sister Gray and she informed him the Terry left the school and is in his way to America. The duke associated his departure with Eleanor and asked the director to bring him back. After some consideration for having talked also with Candy, he decided to bring him back to England by himself. I guess he wanted to get Terry back with him to continue with the duchy buuuuutttt… after had a conversation with Candy, he wondered what Terry could be doing in America and she replied that maybe Terry has found his path and begged the duke to not makes Terry to get back to England and to leave him alone and to not take away his freedom. I guess the Duke did it and Terry finally renounce his family name. At the end of ch 51 Candy declared that Terry renounced the Granchester’s name as she will do it with the Andrew’s and the narrator said that now she is free.

        Sooooooooooooooo…. again, there is no way how he can have the jewelry box. Now, I’m not sure if the duke repudiated his son, but that is based in the anime. Manga and CCFS is another thing. But one thing is clear, Terry didn’t have intetions to return to England or be a Grandchester. He wanted to built his own way.

        Another thing is, I never see a jewelry box in Terry’s family, but I saw them in the Andrew´s. That’s another interesting clue.

        1. Thanks QuevivaCandy dear for all these details! I watched these episodes long time ago and forgot some minor details lol! Of course I remember how Candy was trying to persuade the Duke (which didn’t happen in the manga I think), and Terry didn’t even ‘warn’ his father of his decision in the manga.

          Anyway, it only confirms that Terry had no interest in going back… Just as you said, my dear! He wanted to find his own passion, and he did, in CCFS! Good for him that he had become a successful actor! His dream had come true.

          I guess all ladies in the high society owned some sort of jewelry boxes, but the one Candy had was special because it was an heirloom, passed from generations ago. Again, the clue was loud and clear. ^^

            • Quevivacandy on October 6, 2014 at 5:23 pm
            • Reply

            you’re welcome my friend.

            Of course, all ladies in the high society should owned some sort of jewelry boces but What I meant about it, is that in the manga Mizuki and Igarashi paid attention to mention or drew a jewelry box inside the Andrew’s residence, thing that didn’t do it at the Grandchester’s

            It’s like Mizuki was saying, ‘please, pay attention where I have put some jewerly boxes… the special one at the end comes from the same family…’ lol… :p

              • Ms Puddle on October 6, 2014 at 5:55 pm

              Yeah it’s so true my dear friend! In fact, we don’t know much about the Grantchester’s family other than that the Duchess had given birth to at least three children to the Duke. (Again, Terry had no chance.)

              On the other hand, the Ardlay’s family is way more prominent in the story, and we know several family members very well. 😉

            • Reeka on October 7, 2014 at 2:10 am
            • Reply

            I’m intrigued! I really forget about the jewelry box drawn in Manga. Where is it?

              • Quevivacandy on October 7, 2014 at 9:28 am

              Hey Reeka!

              Well, it isn’t the damascened jewelry box. As Ms Puddle, I believe that one was storaged somewhere, maybe by Aunt Elroy, as an heirloom for the heir’s wife.

              After Candy was adopted, Dorothy was helping her to get ready to have dinner with the family. In volumen 2, chapter 2, pag 65, there was a jewelry box on the dresser’s top. hmm could be nothing but now that I checked it I’m intrigued! In that frame they made us, I meant Igarashi and Mizuki, to focus in the jewelry box. In the same frame are Dorothy’s legs, Candy sitted on a stool but we only can see her legs too. The jewelry box has the foreground… pff, who knows…

              • Ms Puddle on October 7, 2014 at 9:27 pm

              Found that page, QuevivaCandy! You’re right! LOL… Must be a gift from Uncle William for his newly adopted daughter. 😉
              But that maid wasn’t Dorothy, who was only in the anime version. Dorothy was so much nicer to Candy whereas this maid (Doris I think) was mean. She and the other maids despised Candy’s lowly background, suspecting she was a thief as rumor said.

              • Quevivacandy on October 7, 2014 at 9:35 pm

              hmmm… interesting, the spanish manga version named the maid “Dorothy” or at least the translators. So I always had thought Dorothy in the manga wasn’t nice and TOEI Animation changed her personality in the anime. But I guess she is the same person because the plot of the story… she was the maid to take care of Candy once she was adopted.

              The same happens with Mr. Leagan. He seems to be a nice person in the anime but he is not in the manga…

              what do you think? lol… I know, it doesnt have anything to do with the jewelry box… :p

              • Ms Puddle on October 7, 2014 at 9:45 pm

              You might be right, QuevivaCandy! Her name is DO-RI-SU in Japanese… I’ve always assumed “Doris” LOL… but she looked very different from the nice girl in the anime (with braids), and she only appeared very briefly in the manga.
              About Mr. Leagan, I know. He wasn’t as bad as the one in the manga. Sigh.

              • Quevivacandy on October 8, 2014 at 12:21 pm

              Well, I keep thinking is the same girl… lol… There is no Dorothy in CCFS, isn’t it?

              About names, there a lot of differences…

              Doris – Dorothy

              Andley – Andlay – Ardlay – Ardleys – Andrew – Just in the anime they wrote it in 3 different ways, spanish manga has it as Andrew, and CCFS translations differs one to another.

              Rosemary – Pauna

              Sister Lane – Sister María

              Leegan – Leagan – Raguin – The same family – (Ragan is new for me) – I read about the Raguin’s in CCFS english spoiler’s translation, the spanish one has it as Leagan, same as manga and anime. Leegan, I only have read it in one story, I guess the author wrote it like that because how “Lee” is pronounced in english, not quite sure.

              • Ms Puddle on October 8, 2014 at 1:38 pm

              Agree… there are so many different variations of these names… In Japanese manga though Albert’s sister is no doubt Rosemary. 🙂

          1. Question, ladies. I’m a little confused here. Some say that the Leagans’ name is actually Ragan in Japanese. There is also Leegan. I don’t know which to use for the future posts. Should I use Leagan or Ragan?



              • Ms Puddle on October 8, 2014 at 1:34 pm

              Sorry CAW I really don’t know the official answer. The Japanese word is just the pronunciation of the name… in spoilers it’s Raguins isn’t it?

            • Reeka on October 8, 2014 at 6:06 pm
            • Reply

            I don’t know if this would help. Japanese spelling is based on how it’s pronounced. It doesn’t have word “L”, but it pronounce “R” with “L”

            So I guess when in Japanese it’s Raguins, I guess it is Leegans or Legans?

          2. Ah okay. Thank you for the clarification, Ms Puddle & Reeka. I guess I’ll stick to Leagans. In anime, they’re Leagans, but I’m not sure about the manga that translated into English which is also “Leagans”.

            Thanks again! : )

          • Reeka on October 8, 2014 at 5:56 am
          • Reply

          Girls, please see my reply on the top of comments. LOL after getting an error at first attempt, then I wrote in a wrong reply field. Sigh. 🙂

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