Sep 24 2015

Manga ending

Thanks to my friend, the administrator of the Facebook page, William Albert Andrew (el príncipe de la colina), for giving me her permission to use the following image from her page.

Manga Cover Vol 20 - 1996

It’s the cover page of the last volume of the Japanese manga edition, republished back in 1996. The title of this volume is “Forever masterpiece finally ends—!!”. The red prints are “Candy Candy, 116 pages”, and the names Kyoko Mizuki, Yumiko Igarashi can be found at the bottom right corner.

Note that roughly 20 years had elapsed since the manga was officially complete, and with whom Candy ended remained undeniable. ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ The last few pages of the manga are all about Candy and her Prince on the Hill, as shown in my previous post, The day her life changed (Part 7).

In particular, on the second last page, when Candy was gleefully running towards her Prince on the Hill, he said to her:

ほんどうに  きみには  笑顔にあう……

いつまでも  その笑顔を  わすれずに……


To translate the above, Albert said:

Smiling face really suits you…

Do not forget this smiling face, for as long as you live…

Do not forget… Candy—-

Therefore, who was the man who made her smile like this at the end? Albert. 😀 Candy was ecstatic because she had found her Prince on the Hill (her first love) at long last, despite knowing that he was her legal guardian. I will talk more about this in a new post. 🙂

Who else cared so much about her happiness? 🙄 As explained in my post, Her happiness, Albert was the only one who actually exerted effort to make her happy, unlike Terry, who had wished her happiness but broken her heart, twice. 🙁

This reminds me of a quote:

Young love is a flame; very pretty, often very hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. The love of the older and disciplined heart is as coals, deep-burning, unquenchable.  ~Henry Ward Beecher

One can exaggerate Terry’s love for Candy, but actions speak louder than words. 😮 For your interest, you might want to read the brilliant comment from Memchew about her perspectives in this regard. In addition, please check my posts, More than words (Part 1) and More than words (Part 2), in which I have compared the actions of the two men in Candy’s life, Albert and Terry. 😀


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  1. I know this post is rather old, but since I have read it recently I have decided to comment on it too. No need to say I agree that the fact with whom Candy ended up is undeniable judging from the pictures. Maybe many readers of the manga needed something more definite than that last scene on Pony’s Hill, that’s why Mizuki wrote the novel. I agree with Evelyn that the translations are often misleading and can give the wrong impression. In the Greek manga translated directly from the Italian Albert says to Candy: “No more tears. Now you must always smile. Don’t ever forget that, Candy…” That was not very promising for a future with him, considering that right after that the Greek version continued with the Italian sequel in which as everybody knows Candy ended up with Terry. The final scene of Mizuki’s original story is quite controversial mostly due to the various translations based on what the opinion of the translator was. The only way to know for sure what Albert said to Candy is to read the original Japanese text. Thank you, Ms. Puddle, for translating it for us. Quite the contrary with some other versions where he said to her that he would never forget her. That doesn’t make sense, does it? Why say something like that, as if he were saying goodbye to her? There was no indication that they were going to part forever. CCFS makes that clear through their correspondence. It also makes clear how important Albert was in Candy’s life and in the story since he becomes a central character in the Epilogue where the letters are only between him and Candy. If Terry was Anohito, he would take a more central part in the Epilogue. Even in the manga it is shown clearly that Candy had moved on from Terry. The manga ending is in complete accordance with the ending of CCFS, when Candy runs into the open arms of Anohito. Yes, maybe this ambiguity gave Terry fans some reasons to hope, putting at the same time Albert fans and Terry fans in a continuing conflict. As I have said in a message to Ms. Puddle, if Mizuki had chosen to speak out loud Albert’s name, instead of creating Anohito, Albert fans would be completely reassured and justified, and Terry fans would be forever silenced (or maybe converted). That was the only thing I didn’t like personally. From what I have heard about the old Candy Candy novel, there is no ambiguity, no Anohito, it is absolutely certain that Candy’s husband is none other than Albert.

    I have been currently translating CCFS in English based on the Spanish translation and I must say I love the way Mizuki writes her story. If we could have this beautiful writing along with the wonderful drawings of Igarashi, if we could combine in some way the manga and the novel together, what a perfect story that would be!

    I also believe that Candy looks a little too juvenile in the second picture, but the way they are portrayed together leaves no doubt about Mizuki’s intentions about those two. Besides, she said it clearly when she spoke about Candy’s three loves. Could it be more obvious than that?

    • Lukyta on October 29, 2015 at 11:33 am
    • Reply

    Hi Ms. Puddle, as you can see, I’ve been reading more of your blog 😉 Since I saw the second picture I’ve had the idea that they seem like a recently wed couple 😀 well, it is only my perception lol

    1. Thank you Lukyta for your interest in reading more of my blog 💖💟

      They look like a couple for sure 😍😘

    • Evelyn on September 29, 2015 at 7:04 am
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    Hello dear Ms Puddle!! I can’t agree more with all of you ladies about who “Anohito” is in the end! As you said, Ms Puddle, Anohito was just created to appease T-fans but to me the key term is “her prince” which is Albert all along! I keep re-reading the original manga and Candy keeps wondering where “her prince” is throughout her youth and never stops thinking of him and his whereabouts. He consistently holds a special place in her heart from beginning to end but I will not discuss her 3 loves again in this post. Going back to Terry, I totally agree with Memchew, Terry is a flawed hero and there is nothing wrong with that. He is not an evil person either. He just made some questionable choices that took priority over feelings for Candy. His love was not unconditional like Albert’s love was for Candy. Albert was willing to let her go for the sake of her happiness. Sigh!

    I think one of the most controversial issue is the lack of affectionate scenes between A&C compared to the forced kiss and their romantic moment by themselves in Scotland. Yes, I agree that something strong was developing between T&C at that particular moment but Mizuki decided to truncate their future by making Terry choose to leave a broken-hearted Candy behind in London. This decision Terry made changed the entire course of their future along with other questionable choices he made after the fact. When I read blogs from T-fans arguing that they cannot see any romance or love happening between A&C (which I disagree there are plenty of scenes to prove that) one can argue the same about the exaggerated or over inflated love they claim Terry holds for Candy. Yes, I could lean toward the argument that Terry felt that he made the wrong choice by choosing Susanna over Candy but he himself admitted that he made that choice and in the end he owned up to it and decided to go back to Stratford to start from zero and back by Susanna’s side. In the end his career was still more important than anyone else.

    I have read a few times on T-blogs that Terry is the one for Candy, and to make no any mistake of that because there are many more Terry fans than Albert fans! I also disagree with that 🙂 But that is also irrelevant. When you posted this Manga ending blog (Thank you by the way for translating this last page!! 😀 ) I had been wondering what the original translation really said? In the Spanish manga, it read about the same except for the last thought that Albert said which practically is saying good-bye to Candy. This is what it says: “Candy… Jamás te olvidaré” or “Candy… I will never forget you” instead of “do not forget … Candy” in reference to her beautiful smile. Completely different meanings and endings. That’s why some people think she ended up alone. My point is that poor translations have been the cause for not understanding the real ending of this great story. Although if you keep an open mind you can still see by Albert’s actions his clear feelings and intentions for Candy and well as hers for Albert 🙂 ❤❤❤❤ 😉 Thank you for your wonderful analysis!! 🙂

    1. Hola Evelyn, buenos días! 😘 Yes, who Anohito really is can’t be more obvious to some of us. It’s just that some people deliberately ignore the undeniable clues that indicate Albert is indeed Candy’s husband. 😍

      You’re absolutely right, that Prince on the Hill is way more important throughout the story. Even Albert’s identity had been mysterious since the beginning until the very end. “Both” held a special place in Candy’s heart. 😝😜

      Yes, I totally agree with you concerning Terry, especially how his fans over inflated his love for Candy. Also, I plan to discuss lack of romance versus forced kiss in the story. 😊

      About Terry being Anohito because he has more fans, I must say this is such a weak, if not laughable, argument… One famous counterexample is “Little Women”. The fact that the heroine, Jo, rejected Laurie and later married a much older man, the professor, broke many fans’ hearts. I like Laurie myself and was a little astonished that Jo turned him down, but I as a reader accepted the author’s choice. 😣😅

      Yes, Evelyn, the translation on the last page in the manga is very misleading. Sigh… But clearly, it’s essentially a new beginning of another story, the story in which Candy would marry her prince! ❤❤❤❤

        • Evelyn on September 29, 2015 at 10:15 am
        • Reply

        Buenos días Ms Puddle!! I look forward to read your thoughts on romance versus forced kiss for sure when you get to it!! Also, maybe talk about the age difference since I’m sure that is another hot topic some T-fans have. I have never had any issues with that as I feel Albert has more experience in life to be able to appreciate and love Candy the way she deserved it. ❤❤❤❤

        Good point with the example of Little Women!! You made me laugh the way you said it! 😀 but is absolutely true!! I couldn’t be happier with Mizuki’s choice for Candy’s husband being Albert. He is truly perfect for her!! 😀

        Absolutely correct that the ending of the manga is simply the beginning of their new story as a couple! And yes, Candy did marry Albert. Mizuki gives us a glimpse into her future during the forced engagement party to Neil where Albert tells Neil that Candy will chose her husband according to her own judgement. This is the way it reads in the Spanish version. He himself predicted his own future with her 🙂 Sigh!! Gracias mi amiga! ❤❤

        1. Thanks Evelyn for your suggestion about the age gap. I don’t understand why it bothers the Terry fans this much that Candy ended up with a man years older. 😜 Like you, I think Mizuki created Albert for Candy. He’s perfect for her. 😍😘

          Interesting thought about Albert contemplating that Candy might eventually choose him as her husband. I actually wonder about the same thing 😆 … Great minds think alike, my friend! ❤❤❤

            • Evelyn on September 30, 2015 at 5:39 am
            • Reply

            Am not sure if Albert knew right at that moment if Candy would choose him or see him as husband material but if I were Candy whom just witnessed such a display of authority and command by Albert, I’d certainly be making up my mind real quick for Albert! ❤❤❤ 😀 what do you think? 😆 I think she was definitely impressed to say the least when she just stared at him in disbelief just mentioning his name!! Sigh!! And actually I do think at that moment she saw Albert in a whole different light from that time forward and you can see this when they both were at the top of the tree staring at each other and her thoughts were that Albert was just like she wanted him. Sigh!! ❤❤❤ Thank you my friend!! Enjoy your day! 😉

              • Ms Puddle on September 30, 2015 at 4:15 pm

              Dear Evelyn, I am not sure what exactly was going through Candy’s mind at that moment, but like you, I think she was head over heels, highly likely before the engagement party. 😅😝😜 As you said, what a display of authority and self-confidence! He wasn’t afraid of anyone, not even his aunt. His open rebuke showed who was the real boss in the family. Sigh… 😘😍

              The scene you mentioned above is definitely one of my favorites! Candy secretly admired Albert’s handsome looks while staring at him with dreamy eyes. Is that translated correctly in the Spanish manga? Too bad, none of these is in the anime version. 🙁

            • Evelyn on October 2, 2015 at 7:01 am
            • Reply

            This is one of my favorite scenes also!!! The translation in Spanish for this scene on Candy’s thoughts are: “A charming uncle!… He is much younger than I had believed… but he is just as I desired him… ” Sigh!!! 🙂 😛 ❤❤❤

              • Ms Puddle on October 2, 2015 at 5:14 pm

              Ahhh… Did Candy really say “just as I desired him?” ❤

              I think in the original it’s slightly different, Evelyn. From my memory, I think Candy secretly admired that he was handsome. She used the same adjective twice in a row. Then she also said that he was much younger than she had thought, but he was very nice, as expected. 💞💕💗

    • Memchew on September 28, 2015 at 1:17 pm
    • Reply

    Ms Puddle

    First of all, thank you for the mention- as I call it part of my rambling thoughts!
    Secondly, awesome gift in the previous illustration- love it!
    Thirdly, Candy and Terry – he shared his “sandwich” to her but Candy never really did. Unless I missed any scene in the manga. I’ve yet to sit down and read the entire manga.
    Fourthly, I probably am prejudiced to Albert- I tried to read a fan fiction with Candy ending up with Terry- it didn’t feel right and natural. Felt like a fairy tale. Terry’s character is altered- totally different from the anime/manga. But he is really a flawed hero- and there is nothing wrong with that.
    But he is made to be too perfect.
    And Candy being with Albert felt so organic and right! i just love the characterization of Albert and Candy – whether story is set in a different timeline- the essence of Albert stays the same and how he feels about Candy who in turn responds to him.
    Oops – rambling again!

    One of these days- if you will allow me to use your fan arts and I will use my recorded voice as the music for it. Just a bit shy and private! Hahaha! Take care! Keep writing! I will keep waiting!


    1. Hello Memchew,

      No, I should thank you for writing a brilliant comment for me to quote! 🙂 😀

      Thanks for your compliments for my drawing. 😍 So you do sing, and you must be proud of your singing voice! Wow! What’s your plan to do with my fan arts? You know, I always see flaws in my illustrations after a while, but I tell myself I’m still learning. 😝😜

      About Terry and Candy, regrettably they hadn’t really “shared” anything personal and deep. You’re right, Candy rarely told Terry about her past, except about Anthony. Terry wasn’t even aware Candy had been mistreated in her past.

      Terry wasn’t willing to open up either. It just so happened that Candy discovered his secrets, one after another, by chance. Both of them kept things to themselves, as though they didn’t trust each other enough. Sigh… After all, their relationship had barely started before they went separate paths.

      I can’t agree with you more about Terry being a flawed hero. Nothing wrong about that, but deep down some of his fans probably wanted him to be more tender and understanding. That was reflected in some of their fanfics… Come to think of it, some writers might actually admire Albert’s character. 😊😝😅 Mizuki had really created Albert with love and care. ❤❤

  2. Hello Ms Puddle

    Le titre et les images en disent long effectivement. Je suis d’accord avec Reeka, il semble que sur le deuxième dessin cela soit leurs fiançailles. 😀
    Et le sourire, seul Albert son POTH et Anthony évoque et aime son sourire, il ne me semble pas que Terry en ait fait référence une seule fois.
    Très belle citation qui reflète très bien ces deux amours en effet.
    Merci pour ce post. 💗

    1. Bonjour Antlay mon amie! ❤❤

      Some people said that Albert and Candy might have dressed up like this to attend Annie and Archie’s engagement party as described in CCFS 😊😝😜 Well, they were both there, and they should dress formally, right? 😘😍

      About Terry, he and Candy did have some good time in Scotland, especially when they spent some time alone. However, I think that was it, am I wrong? Most of the time they were bantering. Did they enjoy the superficial friendship, probably?! That’s what Terry always remembered, right?

      I found the quote by accident a long while ago, and I was literally shocked how perfect it was to describe Candy’s loves in her life. Glad you like it too, dear Antlay! 💞😘

      Have a wonderful day! 😍

    • Reeka on September 25, 2015 at 8:12 am
    • Reply

    Yessss! And the attached poster, doesn’t it look like they both dressed up for their …mmm say, their engagement party? :).

    As much as some people don’t like it, it was Albert in the final book cover, along with the heroine herself. Tell me what does it mean!

    I might be biased, but I really can’t get enough confidence to let Candy end up with Terry. With so many, I say A LOT, Terry fan fictions out there, nothing has assured me that Terry and Candy could live together compatibly side by side and have children together. I read a lot of them, believe me. A few of them are good, but they have to twist the original plot. ;-). That made me realise, even his fans couldn’t make a convincing fan fiction where Terry was anohito.

    And yes, I am definitely biased because I couldn’t even see Candy+Terry’s intimate moments on those fan fictions making any sense. Probably because most of their embraces, hugs, and kiss were forced ( by Terry). I don’t recall one moment when Candy was voluntarily giving Terry a hug ( please correct me if I missed any). How contrast it was with Albert, right? 😉

    Of course Mizuki never intended to change the storyline. If she out of no where wanted Terry, Mizuki sure didn’t make CCFS ambiguous. The fact that she tried to tone down the obvious ending of manga and make CCFS puzzled speaks volume. She simply gives room for those who want to imagine their own preferred ending.

    The quote is very much saying what happened between Candy+Terry and Candy+Albert. I love it, Ms Puddle.

    1. Yes dear Reeka. The picture in which both Albert and Candy had dressed up wasn’t a fanart. It was an official poster drawn by the mangaka Igarashi herself. That says a lot, and they were both smiling happily. Although I must say Candy look a bit too short in the drawing… 😂😝

      Indeed, the last cover shows Candy with Albert. He was the man predestined for her by Mizuki, right from the beginning. He was the first man and the last in Candy’s life. 💕😍

      To make Candy accept Terry in her life again the fans would have to imagine a lot of things that’s not written in CCFS. In other words, the fans would have to make lots of speculations. The death of Susanna wasn’t enough to convince me. 😛😝

      I think you’re right. In the manga Candy had never voluntarily given Terry a hug. They had some sweet moments together, but their relationship was short-lived. Most of the time they were chasing each other.

      Can’t agree with you more about Mizuki’s not changing her mind. My whole series of “the day her life changed” is about this. Mizuki created “Anohito” just to appease some fans… IMHO. 😜😅

      I love the quote a lot too. It fits the pairs so perfectly! ❤

        • Evelyn on September 29, 2015 at 7:25 am
        • Reply

        I have to agree with you, Ms Puddle about Candy looking a bit short in the drawing by the tree I always thought! 🙂 She also looks a bit too young to me. She was already around 19-21 would you think. In the manga she looked even more beautiful and mature toward the end showing she had become a beautiful young woman. Maybe this scene was drawn a bit too rushed. Nonetheless it still shows that they end up together! 😉 ❤❤

        1. My sentiments exactly, dear Evelyn! 😜 Like you, I think Candy looked a bit too short compared to Albert’s height. She also looked a little girlish … although some might argue it’s because she looks very, very happy. I don’t know how old she is supposed to be in this drawing, but for sure Albert and Candy had dressed up for an occasion, and they posed a picture together, with Candy leaning on Albert. ❤😘😍💗

    • Luna on September 24, 2015 at 12:47 pm
    • Reply

    ❤️Hello Ms Puddle,❤️

    This manga drawing explains everything. This is what I believe from the beginning and naturally I ‘m very happy that she isn’t with Terry at the end. Whatever proves it, this is welcome😍.
    For me Albert is the best and only choice for Candy and not Terry. As you said why she would be with someone who has broken her twice. Terry isn’t a bad guy maybe but I always find him very selfish. Also in Susanna s case he wasn’t enough honest. Firstly ,he hidden Candy from Susanna for a long time and secondly, he didn’t talk about the accident. In my opinion, their relationship (Candy-Terry) would have been easier, if he said what happened in the beginning. But he didn’t do it! So everyone should accept that the author changed the direction of their destiny on this point. And why? Because this story isn’t a story which is taking a shape concerning our dreams or our thoughts. It has an author who planned everything according to her plan by leaving some clues about the identity of Candy s husband. From your sharing , from what I read on Internet, everything is pointing out Albert and indeed ,It isn’t a story between Candy and Terry. It is a love story of Candy and Albert.

    And very importantly, even I ‘m not the expert of the CC final story like you or other dear ladies of your blog, I can see why she is finishing with Albert . And due to this I really don’t understand some people who still insist about Terry.


    PS: thank you very much again for your awesome stories and all the information which you found in order to share with us.❤️

    1. Bonsoir, Luna! ❤

      Yes, this picture speaks volumes indeed. It’s a story of Candy and her prince. As you said, why would she hang on to someone who had given her up again and again, once for his career/dream and once because of another woman? 😅

      No Terry isn’t bad, but he isn’t meant for Candy. I’ll soon re-discuss his ambiguous letter, which is consistent with his behavior all along — self-centered. Sigh…

      About Susanna, Terry fans can’t seem to see that Terry could have avoided the whole thing right at the beginning… If he could have told Susanna that he had someone special in his heart.

      What you said was so true… The author has her plot fixed, and the story development leads the readers towards the end. It’s clear that Candy was back to her prince’s outstretched arms, both in the manga and CCFS. 💗💕

      Glad you like my stories and posts, Luna. Thank you for your support! 😘😍

  3. Hello Ms Puddle!

    Thank you for sharing with us! I can’t agree with you more, Ms Puddle! It’s crystal clear with who Candy ended! Mizuki hasn’t changed her mind! 😀

    Wishes are easy to make, acts speak louder than words, indeed! Albert always makes her smile and not only at the end, while she often cries because of Terry!

    I’m looking forward to read your new post, my friend. 🙂


    1. Bonjour Candy Bert! ❤

      Yup, this short post is just the beginning. I have different topics in mind. 🙂 Anyway, it’s clear Mizuki hasn’t changed her mind, not even in CCFS. 😉

      I totally agree with you, Candy Bert. How many times Candy had cried because of Terry? Sigh… 🙁

      Hugs to you too! 😘

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