Nov 20 2015

A matter of timing

I’ve been very busy lately, and I don’t have much time to write Part 8, and yet this post is meant to be a supplement to Candy and Prince on the Hill (Part 7), in which I showed you Candy’s near outburst after discovering Albert’s true identity in Lakewood. Judging from Candy’s retrospection, I believe she was at a loss of what to say to his teasing retort to her blame. I can almost imagine how her jaw dropped upon hearing that he’d rather she look more like a grownup than his little sister. 😉

Then Candy suddenly shifted the focus of her recollections from this particular exchange to her reflection concerning her relationship with Albert. She began a new paragraph with a few words, 兄と妹。( Brother and sister.) She then talked about how they had been living together, pretending to be siblings. As time had passed, she began to realize he held a special place somewhere in her heart, and she was aware that living with a real family member wasn’t the same. Near the end of that reflection, Candy wondered how Albert had felt… About what? 🙄

Guess what? Candy left that sentence hanging without elaborating it, as though she let her readers imagine what was on her mind. 😉 Then she abruptly ended her reflection by saying that he’s really driving her crazy (in present tense! 😀 ). Please read Argh, he’s driving me crazy … for more details about this short but significant paragraph in Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS).

Why is it significant? Well, it’s the evidence that Candy’s feelings for Albert had evolved! ❤ ❤ By the time he had disappeared in her life, he was no longer merely a friend who had rescued her from drowning in the waterfall.

In the manga, we got to see how much Candy missed Albert and wanted to look for him, but how about her friends? We don’t know, but in CCFS, Candy had highly likely asked her friends to help her find Albert too. On P. 243 of CCFS Vol 2, it shows Archie’s urgent note to warn Candy about Neil, in which Archie ended his note with the following:

Archie wrote that “We are also looking for Albert. Do not let your heart be troubled too much.

Perhaps Archie figured Albert was more than capable of taking care of himself, so Archie was concerned that Candy had worried too much. Sigh… After all, she was only human, and after living together for so long, how could she feel absolutely nothing about her handsome and kind roommate? 🙄 😮

Right after this urgent note from Archie, Candy in her 30s described her puzzlement regarding Neil’s sudden interest in marrying her back then. Even now in her 30s she still found it unbelievable. Then, after talking a bit about the forced engagement, Candy opened a new paragraph and wrote that (CCFS Vol 2, P. 244):


However, I have to gratefully thank Neil. Thanks to Neil’s whim, George disobeyed Granduncle for me, telling me Granduncle’s whereabouts in order to rescue me.

Years later, with hindsight, Candy was grateful to Neil for his capricious desire. Have you ever wondered why? 🙂

It’s not like Candy would never see Albert again back then. I suppose he would eventually show up, don’t you think? 😉 Yet, I believe before he could appear to her as her legal guardian, he had to sort out his feelings for her first. As I have explained before, he was in love with her, and that was why he couldn’t bring himself to tell her the truth, at least not yet. See Conflicting emotions if you like. 🙂

But because of Neil, Candy could reunite with Albert before Albert could get over her. It was a matter of timing, and Candy was indeed grateful. Her letter to George also indicated that. I’ll talk more later. Thanks for reading, everyone! Have a wonderful weekend, my friends! ❤ ❤

Vol 09 p161b


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    • antlay31 on December 2, 2015 at 8:53 am

    Bonjour Ms Puddle, Reeka et Evelyn

    C’est effectivement une brillante analyse et je vois pas grand chose à ajouter. Comme vous j’ai toujours pensé que George avait désobéi pour réunir à nouveau Candy et Albert afin que les deux cessent de souffrir. Ils se manquaient l’un et l’autre et George le savait trop bien. Il leur a donné un coup de pouce avant qu’il ne soit trop tard. Dans le manga quand Candy retrouve Albert à Lakewood, Albert est distant car je suppose qu’il essayait de se comporter en tant que tuteur, il a probablement lutté pour ne pas la prendre dans ses bras. Puis après les quelques heures qu’ils ont passé ensemble, il a du se rendre à l’évidence et accepter le fait qu’il l’aimait. Certainement pour cela qu’il se rend ensuite à la colline de Pony pour lui avouer qu’il est son POTH, il n’est plus distant à ce moment là, bien au contraire, il l’incite à courir dans ses bras tendus ! 😀

      • Ms Puddle on December 2, 2015 at 7:28 pm

      Dear Antlay! Nice to hear from you again! 💕

      Glad to know you agree with us about the reasons behind George’s disobedience. Like you, I also think Albert was acting remote towards Candy in Lakewood, but that was only the beginning. Later, he really enjoyed the time with Candy. In fact, they were both awkward at first, and Candy didn’t throw herself into his arms like she always did. Something must have stopped her, which could be his intimidating identity… 😞

      However, I can’t agree with you more about how Albert must have realized that he truly loved Candy such that he decided to face the reality. His confession on Pony’s Hill later proved that he was willing to let her know that he was essentially her first love. You’re so right, my friend, that he was ready to receive Candy into his outstretched arms. 😘❤💕

    • Reeka on November 30, 2015 at 3:10 am

    Hello, Ms Puddle!

    Don’t you think Candy wondering how Albert thought about her ( when they lived together in Magnolia) somewhat correlated with her repeated question to Albert about when he exactly regained his memory? It’s like Candy having a curiosity about when exactly Albert started seeing her differently. Apparently, Albert might still keep it secret to Candy in CCFS present time. My guess, of course. And it drove her crazy. 🙂

    And I agree with you, Ms Puddle. It’s about the right timing! After all, their love indeed happened in the right moment. Come to think about it, why would Neil hurrily ask his parents to marry him with Candy? He’s still very young! Yes, he was smitten by her, but he didn’t necessarily marry her at that very moment, right? However, the plot was still acceptable as it was Neil we’re talking about. Until now, I’m still quite amazed by this plot though. Brilliant, don’t you think? Mizuki used Neil’s obnoxious whim to reunite Candy and Albert. For once, this spoilt brat was useful!! 😀

    And you’re right, Candy in her 30s, couldn’t be more grateful to Neil. She must have been wondering how if she had met Albert again longer that she did. Would Albert still love her? Would they finally marry? 🙂

      • Ms Puddle on November 30, 2015 at 7:40 pm

      Dear Reeka, you’re absolutely right, my friend, that Candy’s question about the timing of Albert’s recovery was closely tied with her question about when he began to see Candy differently… Like you, I also have a hunch that Albert was still being vague about all these… He probably said to her, “Does it really matter to you? Isn’t it enough that you know that I love you?”

      Just my imagination… 😆

      About Neil, this reminds me of Candy Bert’s latest chapter… He was obsessed with her and could hardly wait to “own” her… That’s why he employed some tactics to push Aunt Elroy to react. You bet, my friend, I think it’s a brilliant plot — Mizuki used Neil to compel George to disobey his young boss for the first time, leading Candy to Albert. 😀

      If it wasn’t the timing issue, I don’t know why else Candy had to be grateful to Neil. I mean if Albert would always remain her legal guardian, why did it matter so much that Candy had to find Albert during that time? 😜😆

    • Evelyn on November 27, 2015 at 9:47 pm

    Yes I totally agree that G knew A was the only one who could save Candy from that forced engagement to Neil, but I also feel a possible second motive could have been that G knew of A’s feelings toward Candy and must have seen this as an opportunity to allow Candy back into A’s life so he could protect her and let fate do its job between them! 😍😘 Kind of allowing A to find his happiness since he wasn’t able to find his! Sigh!! what do you think? 🙂

      • Ms Puddle on November 27, 2015 at 10:30 pm

      Dear Evelyn! I couldn’t have said it better, my friend! 😘 I’ll quote you in a post later.

      Indeed George must have known Albert inside out, consider that he had seen the young heir grow up from a child to an adult. G should be able to see through A why A decided to stay with Candy for few more months without telling her anything about his true identity or his recovery. What’s more, I’m sure George was fully aware of the Rockstown episode, if not the one who sent the parcel on Albert’s behalf. That’s why George’s comment of Candy’s childish drawing of Albert speaks volumes. 😜

      • Reeka on November 30, 2015 at 4:13 am

      I too agree with you, Evelyn. I think George sure had a hidden motive for his disobedience. True that he knew Candy for years and he most probably cared about her a lot as well. But my bet, George wouldn’t disobey his master if that’s the only case. He could’ve told Albert himself via telegram and sure Albert would still have been able to stop the engagement.

      However, we know that’s not what had happened. So yeah, George saw this as an opportunity to reunite Candy and Albert. George must have witnessed albert’s dilema and vulnerability , and like me, I am sure George must have thought it was just a matter of communication. Maybe, he saw that his young boss had often lost his focus at work and George knew exactly the cause. He hot two birds with one stone, so he’s pretty sure Albert wouldn’t get upset with his disobedience.

        • Ms Puddle on November 30, 2015 at 7:48 pm

        Definitely, Reeka! My sentiments exactly! ❤😍

        George could have easily informed Albert even though he was in Lakewood. They worked closely together, and G must be able to reach A without disobeying his order, like via telegram or even long distance phone call. So true, A could easily intervene without disclosing his identity to anyone. 😝😁

        In addition to what you said, I think George was fully aware of what was going on in Albert’s life, and he must have witnessed how A came home to Candy every evening, to the House of Magnolia, after a long day of work. He’d rather buy take out dinner than having gourmet dinner in the grand mansion… Sigh…

        • Evelyn on November 30, 2015 at 10:47 pm

        Hi Reeka and Ms Puddle! Definitely I agree with what you both say! G could have easily telegramed A the latest events and all he had to do is give an order and the entire engagement would have been called off as he had done before with prior major events pertaining to the family!! So it is only logical to conclude that there was an alternate reason for G’s disobedience!! So assuming A would have annulled said engagement remotely, what’s next? They each could have continued their lives independently from each other as both of them are very independent individuals able to survive on their own. The story would have taken an entirely different turn, but Mizuki wanted to make their paths cross once again and this time to seal their fate and what better opportunity to make it happen with a bang having A himself save C from Aunt Elroy, Neil and his family by embarrassing them as payback for all of their mischievous deeds! 😏 After the forced engagement party, the two of them get together alone to enjoy each other’s company and ponder about one another! Sigh! ❤️😘

          • Ms Puddle on December 1, 2015 at 7:29 pm

          Indeed, dear Evelyn, this is such a brilliant plot to bring Candy back to Albert, especially it was his most faithful assistant, George, who disobeyed him. That speaks volumes about George’s “hidden agenda”, for Albert’s happiness, consider how much he understood his young boss. 😊

          Candy’s appearance caught Albert by surprise too, but I have a feeling he had been preparing for her return, not right away, but one day when he was ready to tell her the truth and receive her in his house.

          You’re so right, my friend, that Albert got to pay back the mistreatment during the engagement party, not just to the Leagans, but to his aunt too.

          Like you, I also figure if it wasn’t Neil or George, it’s highly likely A and C would go different paths. Of course fate (Mizuki) wouldn’t let that happen. 😍❤

          • Reeka on December 1, 2015 at 8:08 pm

          Yes Evelyn, like Ms Puddle’s point on this post, it’s about timing. Mizuki gave them enough time to contemplate, to meditate how their feeling toward each other, how hard it was for them to live apart after living together for so long. However, the time was not long enough for their feeling fading away.

          And I think the time was also right for Albert presenting himself as the patriach. He could use the guilt of Aunt Elroy’s and The Leagan’s mistreatment to make Aunt Elroy seeing Candy differently and eventually accepting her.

          Back to George’s disobedience, yeah … I couldn’t imagine another reason why he dared to disobey Albert for the first time. George must have noticed that his master had fallen in love with Candy and he avoided her for reasons that actually could be solved. And George himself had experienced an unrequited love and had never had a chance to let the woman know the truth, and he didn’t want it happen to Albert.

          I wonder if George had ever tried to reason Albert before this, to face Candy and tell her everything.

            • Ms Puddle on December 1, 2015 at 11:00 pm

            Good point, Reeka, long enough to make them pine for each other but not too long such that their feelings would fade… In fact, by then, Albert should have known the outcome of Candy’s trip to Rockstown. 😳

            Yeah, I also wonder if George had dared to say anything to his young boss… In my imagination G was always reticent but a seer. Even a fool could figure out why a millionaire would rather stay in a tiny apartment and sleep in a bunk bed… 😍😁

    • Evelyn on November 26, 2015 at 12:49 pm

    First of all, Happy Thanksgiving Ms Puddle!! I think it’s very interesting the fact that Candy mentions in her retrospective about Albert commenting that he’d rather that she looks older than for Candy to be confused as his little sister! And then she jumps into the supposed “brother and sister” relationship that they were living as at the Magnolia House. This links directly into Albert’s previous comment in which he clearly tells Candy that he does not want people to think of them as siblings! So there is Candy’s answer where she wonders how Albert felt about them! Clearly Albert does not see Candy as his little sister! sigh!!
    Also I find you analisys very interesting, Ms Puddle, that because of Neil, Candy was able to find Albert before he was able to get over her. You are correct! Albert most likely intended to remain at large until he completely got over his feelings for Candy and that’s probably why he did not make an effort to reappear in her life. And if it wasn’t for George who disobeyed his young boss their reunion and future relationship would not have ever come to happen!! That is why Albert thanked George in the manga. Not sure if this happened in CCFS?
    Anyway hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!! 💜😘😃

      • Ms Puddle on November 26, 2015 at 9:02 pm

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too, dear Evelyn!! It’s nice to hear from you. Time flies doesn’t it? It’s almost the end of 2015! I can hardly believe it. 😜

      You read my mind exactly! I think Mizuki put two separate paragraphs side by side with a reason. Like you, I also think Albert had somehow answered Candy’s question about how he felt… Despite being unclear what exactly she had on her mind. 😁

      Yes, it seems to me that Albert would remain out of Candy’s sight until he could clear his head. If it wasn’t for Neil’s whim or George’s disobedience, Candy couldn’t have found Albert in Lakewood. 😆

      I suppose Albert thanked George in the manga because G knew A was the only one who could save Candy from Aunt Elroy’s authority. It also shows that A didn’t mind G had disobeyed his order. What do you think?

      You have a wonderful weekend, my friend! Have some well deserved rest, and enjoy shopping spree 😊😁💕

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