Apr 18 2016

Terry’s brief letter to Candy (Part 2)

Remember in Part 1 I talked about Adele’s song, “Hello”? It’s the lyrics that inspired me to write this series even though I haven’t yet finished my other series, Overwhelmed with emotions. 😛 In addition to what I already mentioned in my previous post, these three lines from the song hit me as well:

Hello, how are you?
It’s so typical of me to talk about myself. I’m sorry
I hope that you’re well…

Really, what else can you say to the other person whom you used to be very close but for some reasons had gone separate ways for quite some time? Naturally, you will just talk about yourself. 😄

That’s not unlike what Terry did in his brief letter. My appreciation goes to all my wonderful friends who have contributed in Part 1 by writing many of your thoughts and analyses. 😍 Thank you ladies for your continued support. ❤ I wish I could update sooner, but to most of you I did my best to give you my feedback. 😊

Yet, more than one of you have believed that Terry might have sent this letter after he had left Rockstown and possibly already back to working for Stratford. However, I kinda disagree mainly because his letter was lack of sentiment. Note that I’m not even talking about an intense sentiment! His words were essentially matter-of-fact… almost like he was talking to the air. Think about it, if he had indeed “seen” Candy (or he thought it had been an illusion as shown in the manga), he would have sounded way more emotional, don’t you think? 😉 Like he would tell her that yes, he had hit his rock bottom but now he was back on his feet, etc.

Of course, you don’t have to agree with me. Nobody knows the timing for sure, except for Mizuki herself… 😉😂

Anyway, let me show you what the beginning of his letter looks like in Japanese (CCFS Vol 2 P. 283):


Many of you have read the spoilers, in which the Japanese fan had translated these three lines into:

How are you doing?
… It has been a year.

First, do you know the line that follows “Candy” can have meanings like “what’s up?”, “what’s new?”, “how are you?”, “how’s it going?”, and yet, people can use the same words to mean “hasn’t/haven’t changed”. For example,

彼女のことも好きなことには変わりはないでしょ。(I know your feelings for her haven’t changed.)

The way Terry wrote could literally mean ” you haven’t changed, right?” or “no change, right?”.

Don’t you find that very interesting? 😛 There are other ways for Terry to ask Candy “how are you?”, but why did he ask in such an ambiguous way? You know what I mean? 🙄

Also, as I have explained before, the highlighted words in yellow above implied it’s been a year since an incident that both Candy and Terry were familiar with. Therefore, I’m inclined to believe that he meant their breakup in New York, or it can even be something much, much earlier… like their first kiss? 🙄 Despite being a stolen kiss, they both remembered that May festival very well, don’t you agree? 😆

After explaining why a long time had passed because he had wavered, Terry wrote

ーーーぼくは何も変わっていない。 (— I haven’t changed at all.)

I wonder if you can read that it’s the same kanji that Terry used (), just that this time it’s a verb, not a noun. Literally, he meant “For me, nothing has changed.) I agree with some of you, that if Terry meant his feelings for Candy hadn’t changed, he should have mentioned “his feelings”… But he didn’t. Again, another ambiguity.

See? The complete lack of emotion makes me doubt it’s after he had finally emerged from his depression. Not only that, he was unsure if this letter could reach Candy at all, as though he had no idea where she might currently reside. Moreover, he signed this letter as “T.G.”, like he wanted to hide his identity.

Terry Candy 2Together with the fact that there’s no hint that Terry was sorry about anything, I have reasons to believe that (… drum rolling sound…) Terry might write this letter when he had settled down in New York and started working as an actor in Stratford. He thought of getting in touch with Candy about a year after the May festival (like their anniversary of some sort), and this idea might hit him some time in early spring.

Unfortunately, he probably felt somewhat guilty of ‘abandoning’ her in London, so he wavered for about half a year. In other words, the six month period doesn’t necessarily begin in May… If you read his words carefully, he could mean that half a year had elapsed since he had that idea in mind… I hope you understand what I’m trying to say here. 😀 😌

Anyway, I have a hunch that Terry sent his letter to St Paul’s Academy. By signing his letter as T.G., people wouldn’t figure out who he was (so as not to get Candy into trouble again). Yet, at the same time he wasn’t sure if she was still studying in that boarding school. She might have been punished by her adoptive father (as Archie and Stear had worried), or she might have moved to another school or even returned to America already.

Not to mention Terry had no clue what Candy was up to… perhaps she was already going steady with another guy? After all, neither of them had pledged their love for each other before Terry’s abrupt departure.

What do you think? I know this might sound crazy… but I’d like to hear your thoughts. 💗


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    • Quevivacandy on July 3, 2016 at 12:34 pm
    • Reply

    Ok, ok… Now I see how you get to that conclusion. Yep, it could be but… there are a few things that don’t fit it on my ‘head time line’… lol… so I’m still inclined to believe it was after their breakup…

    Candy spend with him all summer in Scotland. The summer was over so they returned to England. There, their friendship became a little bit ‘closer’ and Eliza noticed it, so she set them a trap. Because of what happened, Terry decided to left Saint Paul’s academy. There, we are talking it was already autumn. Then Candy returned to America. Next spring she begins to study nursing. WWI begins in summer and by Autumn of the same year, she was sent to Chicago. There, she reunites with their friends. By the end of the year, it was King’s Lear presentation, beginning their correspondence.

    So, according my time line, there is no time for the ‘year’ he mentions in his note and 6 extra months. That is why I keep thinking it was after their breakup. Around 2 months ago, I finished CCFS so my timeline after Saint Paul, is based on the letters we can find in the third part. Maybe our time lines are differente becuase our interpretations, hehehe

    About feelings, Terry always wrote ‘unromantic’ letters and all the time he teases her. So it doesn’t surprise me to find no feelings showed in his note. That is the way he is… hehehe

    1. So here I am. 😁 First of all, your friend has misunderstood my post. 😉

      My guess is roughly one year and a half since their first kiss, not when he left St Paul. 😊

      In the story, the forced kiss happened during May festival, around Candy’s birthday (different timeline from the anime).

      Besides, in Terry’s words, he said “it’s been a year”… he planned to contact her on the anniversary of the incident he expected her to also know by heart…

      That is, if you read his letter again, it’s possible that he thought of reaching her on the anniversary, but this thinking process could occur way BEFORE the anniversary… you know, he had settled down in New York, and the new flower buds might remind him of May festival. In the manga, both Terry and Candy recalled their first kiss again and again. But he wavered and half a year elapsed.

      Therefore, when he finally mailed the letter, it might plausibly be some time in early summer or late spring, before WWI took place.

      Anyway, this is just my wild speculation. My main point is that the unnamed incident is definitely NOT Susanna’s death. 😌😂

        • Quevivacandy on July 3, 2016 at 10:06 pm
        • Reply

        Hello my dear friend!

        So she misunderstood your post… I see… 🙂

        Well, she also said this serie has 3 parts but, as usual, I got visitors and I had to stop my reading. They just left a minutes ago. :/ So, now, I already read part 3 and your replies, hehe

        So you were talking about their first and ONLY one kiss, lol… Yes, it happened during May Festival, before summer vacations in Scotland. But still, the time line doesn’t matches to me and it’s because ‘the ‘wondering time’. You said the ‘wondering’ period could began earlier than May, but in the Italian translation the letter says (my attempt to English… :p):

        “Dear Candy

        How are you?

        It’s been a year… Elapsed this time, I had promised myself to write you, but then, dominated by doubt, I have left pass about six months more.

        Nevertheless, I gathered up my courage and have decided to send you this letter.

        For me nothing has change.


        So, according that, I understand the six months go after the anniversary of the unnamed incident. Now, you are making me doubt if the Italian translation is accurate… 🙁

        If it isn’t, then there is time that the ‘unnamed incident’ is their first kiss, but if it is fine, there is no way that could be.

        ANW, I’m always more inclined to believe it refers to their breakup, hehehe but now way, after Susana’s death.

        The fact that the letter goes after her orbituary it doesn’t bother me. The letters in the 3rd part are so disordered, they are not in chronological order but from whom or to whom they are sent or received. So, that letter could be sent way before her death but physically goes after. I’m strongly believe it was a Mizuky trick.

        Another thing is, I believe Candy did receive it. In the 3rd part are the letters somehow she has sent or received. So if the letter appears there… 🙂

        Also it could be that she already had receive it before Lakewood trip and decided to not mention it to Albert or to Anthony in the epilogue. Everything is possible. However, when Terry sends that letter and when Candy receives it, it’s a mistery… lol

        By the way, my friend, I read Terry called Candy ‘Tarzan Freckles’ in the English translation. Do you know how it goes in Japanese?

        1. Hmmmm, my dear QuevivaCandy, in Japanese the wording is not the same. As explained in part 2, it’s been a year, but how much time has actually elapsed is vague, mainly because he wrote that (my direct translation) “Although I determined to contact you in a year, wavering, unintentionally passed half a year more.”

          So to me, he planned to do so at the anniversary of an incident that they were both familiar with. In other words, the thought struck him before the anniversary. However, for some reason he wavered, so that might possibly mean he had unintentionally let time pass by without knowing half a year was gone since the day he had that thought.

          Anyway, the timing doesn’t really matter much because we both agree that it’s not Susanna’s death he implied. Right, my friend? 😍

          As explained in part 3, whether Candy had received this letter or not, it didn’t affect her whatsoever (unlike what most Terry fans have wished). Anyway, that’s part 3.

          In Japanese, Terry called Candy Tarzan Freckles when they were in London. Candy signed herself as such in her unsent letters to him too. But in this particular ambiguous letter, Terry addressed to Candy and signed as T.G. 😊😉

            • Quevivacandy on July 7, 2016 at 5:52 pm
            • Reply

            Hello again. 🙂

            First at all, it was me who misunderstood her for had read her comment in a rush. Shame on me. Yes, she said you were talking about their first kiss.

            I see, the words are not the same, and I understand what you said. However, I still believe the letter inside timing is a year a half. hehehe

            Anyway, as you said, what is important is that we both agree the letter is not after Susanna’s death.

            Hugs my friend, hope you all are fine and thanks for ‘Candy Tarzan Freckles’. 😉

            1. Hola mi querida amiga! 💗
              True, the theory that the letter was sent after Susanna’s death has no ground, and based on my understanding, this letter is not significant enough to be mentioned anywhere else in the novel 😅

              About Tarzan Freckles, in Japanese it’s not plural, FYI. I’m fine my friend, and I hope you’re doing well too 😍 Hugs!! 💞

    • Martha Cervantes Quiroga on May 24, 2016 at 12:37 pm
    • Reply

    I think this letter changes to Candy because helped her to take a decision, changed her mind, perhaps even understand her true feelings for Terry. Why Candy mention it.

    1. Martha, muchas gracias por leer! 😘 Some people even said that Candy hadn’t received the letter at all. As you wrote in Part 3, Terry was contradicting himself. He wanted Candy to know he hadn’t changed, so he wrote a letter to her, but at the same time he wasn’t sure if she would receive it.

      If he really loves her more than anything else, he would have done everything he could to find her. Don’t you think? 😅

        • Martha Cervantes Quiroga on May 25, 2016 at 7:51 am
        • Reply

        Thank you for your answer. I’m so happy.

        1. De nada 💓💖

        • Martha Cervantes Quiroga on May 26, 2016 at 4:05 pm
        • Reply

        Hi, Ms Puddle.
        I’m again, About your question. I have this premise:
        In Chapter 99 of the anime, when Candy prevents Susana pull from the roof of the hospital, Terry appears shouting the name of Susana. Terry is surprised to see Candy standing there in the middle of the snowstorm and the noise that was created Susana.
        Terry takes Susana in his arms at the express request of his mother, passes by Candy with an expression of utter indifference, then I dawns on me as if I read Candy’s mind I say: I have nothing to do here! As if this were not enough, Terry forgot that Candy was in the theater!!!! He did not mind dump her there. He ran to the hospital where Susan was.
        Terry unaware that Candy had gone to the hospital for Susanna.
        Terry left the theater forgetting Candy promise to be together at the end of the play.
        And if Candy had not gone to the hospital? Candy would have waited in vain for Terry, Candy wondering what happened with Terry, why He left the theater just at that moment that They were supposed to be celebrating.
        Instead, Terry ran to see what happened to Susan. At that time Terry had already left again Candy.
        I agree whith you, Terry did not have the character or strength to defend their feelings for Candy.
        I can finally rest, I’ve had this crazy for a long time and I can finally share.
        Thanks Ms. Puddle for inspire me and read me.

        1. Hola Martha mi amiga, your English is getting better! 😍💕 Congratulations! 😁

          The anime episode was slightly different from the scene in the manga, but in essence it’s the same. Terry had made a choice already, even though he had been struggling before Candy’s arrival.

          Clearly, Susanna was the one he would run to rescue; after all, she was handicapped because of him. Whereas Candy was healthy and normal, so she could definitely survive without him.

          You’re so right, Martha, that Candy had been dumped… not only in the theatre but also in the hospital. I believe if both Candy and Susanna were in danger, Terry would save Susanna first because Candy was supposed to be strong. She had always been, sigh!

          Right… Terry hadn’t done a single thing trying to save his relationship with Candy.

          Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and opinions, my friend. 💞❤💓

            • Evelyn on May 26, 2016 at 8:40 pm
            • Reply

            ¡Hola estimada amiga Ms Puddle y Martha! I just wanted to add that Terry had stated in his thoughts that he could not leave Susanna alone. Further more, Mrs Marlow begged Terry to not leave her daughter alone creating even more struggle for Terry. My personal feeling is that Terry still could have fought for Candy’s love if he truly was desperately and madly in-love with Candy; to not loose her at any cost! After all, he had finally found her and did not have to cross the ocean as he said. Unfortunately in the end, as Ms Puddle states, Terry decided between Candy and Susanna based on honor and he knew that Candy was strong and would survive. Once again, I also feel that he was definitely physically attracted to Susanna as well. After all, Susanna was a beautiful woman and why wouldn’t Terry find her attractive? There are hints of Terry’s and Candy’s separation even by Terry’s own words when he says that no matter what happens he will always love her or I’d say hold a special place in his heart. He never really made every possible effort to be with her. Opposite of Candy, she always fought with every fiber in her being to be with the one she loved! Sigh!!

            1. Hola Evelyn mi amiga! 😍 Yes, Terry couldn’t leave Susanna. Before the accident, they had been friends, not close, but still in good terms with each other. Consider that he couldn’t get along well with anyone else, neither his fellow students in London nor his co-workers in Stratford.

              True, if Terry had been madly in love with Candy, he would have fought for his love for her or at least spoken up. Indeed, the only concrete thing that he had done to reunite with Candy was to buy her a one-way train ticket and book a hotel room. Other than that, I can’t think of anything else, unless you include the night after the charity performance when he had waited for her outside the hospital.

              Agree with you Evelyn, that Terry must have some feelings, at least respect, for Susanna, and he didn’t hate her as some people assumed even after knowing what she had done to Candy. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have given up Candy and even promised Susanna to stay with her forever.

    • Memchew on April 29, 2016 at 10:04 am
    • Reply

    Hello, Ms Puddle
    I sent yesterday but alas you seemed to have not received it.
    I will do the fast!
    LOVE- life revolves around it- whether familial, brotherly and most talked about- romantic
    But what makes it interesting ?- LOVE TRIANGLES
    The Prince-Candy-Anthony

    We just love LOVE and everything that comes with it whether right or wrong, happy or sad. It is best to have experienced a broken heart and not lived at all, right?

    Anyway, Terry chose his path. Deciding to live the way he did was also his choice. Deciding to not go to Candy was also his choice. There was no blackmail or threat or coercion or manipulation done.
    We always reach a crossroad in a stage in our life. From the most mundane thing of choosing- red or black shoes to donuts or oatmeal or a most heart breaking decision of marrying someone who has been there for you or running away with the bad boy with a motorcycle. (Sorry- thinking fast on examples). We decide and choose. We just have to live with the repercussions or the consequences and live with no regret.

    Candy had always been consistent- she always put everyone ahead of her own emotions, her own desires.
    But once she realized that Albert meant more to her after he left and disappeared- she made choices to hopefully gain herself and find her own happiness and she found it in Albert, with Albert.

    Opinions differ. That’s ok. So many pro-Terry- that’s ok, too. There are pro-Anthony even. But I know- it has always been Albert- the Prince on the hill. Candy has to go thru a lot of roads and places to discover that he has always been there close to her heart and mind and body.

    Thanks for letting me ramble!


      • Reeka on April 30, 2016 at 7:15 am
      • Reply

      I agree with all you said here, Memchew! You got it, there’s always love triangle throughout the whole story. At the end, both who had been met at the beginning ended up together. They had been separated because they needed “lessons and experinces”.

      I paste here a very thoughtful quote I found in internet.

      “I think you need to fall in love with the wrong person. I think you need to fight and cry and sweat and bleed and fail. I think you need to experience bad relationships and bad breakups. I think you need all of that so when the right person and the right relationship comes along, you can sigh with relied and say “ah, yes, it is how it’s supposed to feel”. ”

      I think the quote fits Candy’s story perfectly. She said it herself in CCFS that Albert gave her a marvelous sense of security. As a married woman, I know exactly how important it is to have a partner who could make you feel secured. Mentally & physically.

        • Memchew on April 30, 2016 at 9:55 am
        • Reply

        Reeka! (From Anne of Green Gables). I feel you are a kindred spirit even if only I know you via in written form.
        I loved what you found in the Internet. Not all things are bad or evil in the Internet! 🤔
        But alas, sometimes people realized too late or they seem to never meet their right person! Or they didn’t listen or misheard? Or just wrong timing?
        I also have this one quote from one of my fave movies – The Wedding Date-

        ” The hardest thing is loving someone and having the courage to let them love you back.”

        This so just hits me all the time!

        1. I’ve not heard of this particular quote, Memchew, but I’ve heard of its variants. Here this could apply to Albert in CC. He was willing to love Candy in silence, but later he came clean and let her know his feelings… Because he realized that she had reciprocated his feelings… Sigh!! 😍😘

      1. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful passage that you have read online, Reeka!! Can’t agree with you more regarding security… That’s a big hint where her happiness belonged. 😍😘

    1. Very nice summary of all the love triangles in the story, Memchew. Candy was surely involved in many of them lol… Agree with you completely about Terry’s choices defining the path of his life. He had given up Candy while pursuing his dream in America. His fans should be aware of this. Candy was never his everything. His career was.

      Yes, Candy had had some painful experiences, but in the end, she found her true love — the man who had always been by her side. 😍 I just don’t understand why some people refuse to accept the beautiful ending. 🤔

      Have a great weekend! 😘

    • Evelyn on April 26, 2016 at 5:02 pm
    • Reply

    Dear Ms Puddle!! You are simply a genius!! Wow, I never thought of this alternative that the event was their first kiss!! It makes sense and fits the story so much better. I do believe it was their first kiss on her birthday which go together because it was the event they both remembered time after time when they thought of each other as per the manga’s illustrations. It is natural to get closer emotionally to someone and remember that particular event after sharing something so intimate as their first kiss. (Although, yes Candy Bert, there was also a slap involved which makes it even more memorable 😉 😆 )

    I must admit I did not see what you were trying to explain on your previous post, Ms Puddle. The lack of emotion speaks volumes. Although I’m still inclined to think as a possibility that the letter could have been sent after their break up in NY, the letter is way too short and unemotional. It almost feels that he is speaking in code so to stay under the radar…perhaps to not say too much for the St Paul’s staff to question but the recipient would know what he was referring about. This 2nd letter is a follow up to Candy to let her know that he was doing well since he left her only a short note when he abruptly departed to America. Well done my friend!! 💗❤ 😅

    1. Dear Evelyn! How are you? 😘 Thank you for your encouraging words!

      Like you, I also think if the unnamed incident was their kiss, then the whole thing makes more sense to me. I’m in total agreement with you, my friend, that both Candy and Terry kept remembering the kiss when they were being apart. Interestingly, neither of them seemed to remember all those slaps that had occurred afterwards. 😌😂

      I also recall Terry saying something like “it’s been a year” when the moment he had kissed her resurfaced in his mind. Just that I need to dig it up in the manga. Do you happen to remember a scene like that too? 🤔

      I like what you said, Evelyn, that Terry was speaking in code to stay under the radar! That’s exactly what I have found too… That he had been careful to choose his words to make this short letter blameless but at the same time Candy would understand him.

      If this is true, then at least Terry in CCFS had done one thing to try to get in touch with Candy… Unlike the Terry in the manga… 😅😌

        • Evelyn on April 28, 2016 at 3:51 pm
        • Reply

        Hello my friend! 😉 Yes, I do remember when that kissing scene resurfaced in their memory. Candy specially remembered their first kiss a few times, so she would know what Terry was talking about. Do you think he could have been referring to when he left the school? It all kind of goes together… The kiss and then the abrupt departure… sigh!!

        1. Yes indeed, Evelyn! 😍 Not just Candy actually, and Terry had thought of the kiss at least once too… Neither seemed to remember the slaps afterwards… Lol… 😅😂

          I’m inclined to think he wrote the letter before the war broke out, so it’s more likely to be the kiss than his departure months later. Right?

  1. On n’a pas fini de se gratter la tête! 😆 à propos de ta dernière question Antlay et si je me souviens bien, Terry est venu à Chicago peu de temps avant qu’Albert n’arrive amnésique à l’hôpital je dirais donc à peu près en été 1915 (il y a une baignade dans le lac au moment où Candy apprend que Terry va venir à Chicago) alors que Terry avait dû quitter Londres vers l’automne 1913 donc pour moi, environ deux ans ou un peu plus ce seraient écoulés entre les deux évènements donc il aurait eu le temps d’envoyer cette note entre les deux. En tout cas c’est une possibilité, le problème est que l’on ignore combien de temps a mis cette lettre pour parvenir à Candy, si tel est bien le cas. Qu’en pensez-vous?

    1. Bonsoir Candy Bert

      Merci pour ta réponse, donc au niveau de la chronologie effectivement ça colle.
      Maintenant quand la lettre de Terry est parvenue à Candy, ça c’est un mystère, peut-être plusieurs années après qui sait, j’imagine qu’en temps de guerre le courrier pouvait facilement se perdre.

      1. Oui, Antlay et Candy Bert! 💗

        Back then, mail delivery was not as reliable even before the war broke out. I still think the letter was written before the rumors about the war were spread. 😉

      • Reeka on April 26, 2016 at 11:14 pm
      • Reply

      Hello Candy Bert and Antlay,

      About when was it exactly Candy received it, I think our friend, Ms Puddle will drop the bomb at part 3. 😝😝. I have a suspicion of what she will write. I said on my previous comment that I saved it for later, but she said she liked to see what we thought.

      My guess, the letter was indeed sent to St Paul. No matter Sister Grey would have found out who TG was, the letter itself sounded rather formal, don’t you think. It’s what we found wrong on NY break up theory. Afterward, Sister Grey/Sister Margaret could keep the letter herself, or forwarded it to Ardley’s residence. Like you all pointed out, it could take years and years, especially with the war happening.

      If you all happened to ever read fanfic In Fraganti, it was a plot when after married, Candy & Albert went to London before off to Scotland. And they visited St Paul, their almamater and met sister Margaret and Sister Grey. 😋😋. It is a fanfic I know but the plot was a very much possible to happend to Albert and Candy.

      Now that I am thinking while typing 😆, I think I more incline to an idea Sister Grey/Margaret kept the letter to themselves. Why? They knew this trap of Eliza had brought troubles to Candy as an adoptive daughter of Ardley’s patriach. With Candy running away, they really did not want to bring more trouble to her. As stern as sister Grey could have been, I think she was like aunt Elroy. Deep down, they have good hearts. If somehow the so called Grand Uncle William found out it was a letter from the boy who “stained” her daughter honor, It could cause huge trouble.

        • reeka on April 26, 2016 at 11:38 pm
        • Reply

        I must add something … 😀

        One more reason I believed Candy received the letter from St Paul’s sisters many years later, probably when she and Albert moved to England, it was how this letter was the last letter on second part of CCFS.

        Yes, the letters and the contents inside the damascened box were not placed orderly by their date of occurrence. But what if some of them placed orderly based on the time Candy received it and kept it in the box. It’s obvious she had not opened the box on regular basis, right? So the letter could have been the last piece of anything referred to Terry that she placed inside the box, above the obituary of Susanna.

        1. Reeka, my dear, I like your theory, however I don’t think Sister Grey or another sister would have handed the note to Candy in front of Albert, it would have been awkward and embarrassing, don’t you think? But they could have sent it in a letter addressed to her only.
          Your great idea about Candy putting the letters inside the damascened box by their date of occurrence has hit my brain and my mind! 😆 👏 What if Candy had opened this box to put the Terry’s note she just has received thus so, so many years after it has been sent ? That would explained her state of nostalgia at the end of CCFS epilogue! 😉 I’m sure Ms Puddle has something in head about all of this! 😀 I’m looking forward to reading the part 3!

            • Reeka on April 27, 2016 at 6:38 am
            • Reply

            Bonjour Candy Bert!

            Good point taken there, my friend! Yes, the letter shouldn’t have been handed to Mrs Ardley in front of Mr Ardley! 🙂 Well, I see you are with me in term of this letter from Terry could be her newest addition to put inside the damascened box, so we agree Candy had received the letter not so long before The Present Time on CCFS. Candy Bert, you said that recollection moment on CCFS might be because Candy wanted to put the letter into the box. I like the idea.

            You remember Queviva Candy’s Memoir of Mrs Ardley fanfic first chapter? If I’m not mistaken, it’s told that Candy’s older children were at school, St Paul. 🙂 So I imagine, after moving to England, Candy had visited St Paul quite regularly since their children studied there. Maybe in one of those moments, the sisters handed the letter. It had been too long since Candy had run away from St Paul, the sister could not hand the letter over at Candy’s first visit for sure as the sister needed to find the letter first.

            Exciting newly found clue, isn’t it?? Bravo to Ms Puddle!!

          1. I don’t remember exactly about first chapter of Quevivacandy but yes, it could be so, their children were at St-Paul.

            It’s absolutely exciting! Ms Puddle is our great muse! 😀

              • Ms Puddle on April 27, 2016 at 9:16 pm

              Thanks Candy Bert! We inspire one another, right? 💗❤💓💖

            • Evelyn on April 27, 2016 at 10:25 am
            • Reply

            Hello dear Candy Bert and Reeka!! This short letter could have been given to Candy years later after Candy re-established communications with St Paul’s. In the spoilers we have read where Candy communicates with sister Grey by mail. This letter could have been either mailed to Candy from Europe or handed over in person, but I mostly think it could have been forwarded to her by mail once St Paul knew of Candy’s whereabouts back home. 🙂

              • Ms Puddle on April 27, 2016 at 8:48 pm

              That’s also true too, Evelyn! Good point about Candy writing to Sister Grey. I need to dig that up… I believe that happened soon after her escape from the academy though… 💗

          2. Dear Candy Bert, I agree with you that the letter wouldn’t be delivered by hand in front of Albert even though they couldn’t know for sure who T.G. from America was. 😋

            No you ladies have your own brilliant ideas that are insightful and inspiring. Bravo to you all! 💗😍😘

        2. Well said, Reeka! 😘 This is absolutely brilliant, my friend! Candy might have finally received it in her present time… When the contents would mo longer affect her. She was already a happily married woman. 😍😜

      1. Bravo Reeka!! No I don’t have another bomb, but your insights are very convincing! Congratulations! 👏👏👏

        I agree completely. I don’t think the sisters or any officials at St Paul’s would find anything wrong with this short letter. Plus, they couldn’t tell for certain who T.G. was.

        What you said above was plausible and reasonable. I also feel that somehow this letter was lost for many years… Until when it had become meaningless to Candy…

    2. Bonjour Candy Bert 😍

      I think Terry came to Chicago in early summer 1914, not 1915. WWI broke out in July that year, right?

      When Albert appeared with amnesia later, he was suspected as a spy, remember?

      1. Hello Ms Puddle!

        I’ve just checked the manga since I have no CCFS, Terry went in Chicago after the begining of WWI, in volume 6 p44-45 Candy saw an article about Terry, it was the first time she had news of him since his departure more than six months (Candy’s thoughts) earlier and just at this moment she heard someone say WWI began (28 of July). Later she moved in Chicago and Terry went in this town later. Candy received the first lettter from him and the same day, Albert came from Europe injured and amnesiac (volume 6 p189-193) but, the big problem is Italy entered the war only in April 1915 so Albert couldn’t have been injured before this date! It seems to me we have already discussed of that matter in timeline! Am I wrong, Ms Puddle? Perhaps Mizuki has made a mistake?

        So if I’m right this time, Terry has left London in January 1914 or so (I thought it was earlier) and went in Chicago in the end of summer 1914 and Albert in the begining of fall 1914 if we forget history and timeline of WWI! 😆

        1. Yes Candy Bert. 😍 It was a mistake in the manga. 😅 Italy didn’t join the Allies until 1915! Also, to me, the fact that Albert enlisted himself didn’t make sense either. He should know how important he was to his family… He couldn’t be this irresponsible by not even telling anyone about it.

          Anyway, according to the timeline, Albert appeared with amnesia some time in the early fall of 1914. What do you think? 😆

          1. So we agree with timeline, Ms Puddle!

            The fact that Albert enlisted himself didn’t make sense either to me, why a pacific guy so important for his family took such a risk even if it has been for Red Cross!? What had happened in Africa to push him acting like this? Or perhaps it was the same reasons than Alistair, but I have the hunch that something bad could have happened in Kenya but what? Another blank to fill in the story, another mysterious part of the Albert’s character, so fascinating! Sigh!
            Well, I stop here because I am off topic! 😆

  2. Bonjour Ms Puddle

    Alors là vous m’espantez Ms Puddle! 😮 Comment ne pas y avoir pensé, car il semble effectivement que les lettres dans CCFS ne soient pas forcément dans l’ordre comme pour brouiller les pistes.
    Votre théorie semble juste, une note aussi vague, dépourvue de sentiments et Terry qui n’est pas sûr que la lettre parviendra à Candy. Peux-être que le courrier était effectivement ouvert et lu par les soeurs ou bien il pensait que Candy avait déjà quitté le collège depuis et le fait que l’Europe soit en guerre, pas sûr que le courrier soit facilement acheminé. Dans tous les cas si ce courrier est arrivé à Londres il a été probablement renvoyé à Chicago à la famille Ardlay et qui sait combien de temps cela a pris également…
    Je pense que Terry dans sa lettre fait référence à l’incident dans la grange quand ils se font surprendre par la mère supérieure.
    Il serait intéressant de savoir combien de temps s’est écoulé entre le moment où Terry quitte Londres et sa venue à Chicago pour jouer “Le roi Lear”.
    En tout cas un post de plus extrêmement brillant Ms Puddle ! 😀

    1. Bonjour Antlay! 😍

      Glad to know you don’t find me crazy in thinking that this letter could have been written way before Terry’s performance in Chicago. 😉

      Indeed, the more I think about this possibility, the more I’m convinced, mainly because of its lack of emotions and brief content. Of course, his initials are another clue as well. In the departure note he had left to Candy earlier, he had signed as Terrus (not Terry).

      However, I still think it’s the kiss he referred to. The barn incident is never mentioned again in the manga, as though both of them wanted to forget 😂

      Just my two cents 💗😘

  3. WAOU!!!! What a brilliant idea Ms Puddle I applaud with my hands and my feet. 👏👏 Your explanation total makes sense to me! It’s the best explanation I’ve found so far for this note! Like you two, Ms Puddle and Reeka, I always felt that something was wrong, if it was sent a year and a half after the death of Susanna or after their breakup, it was too impersonal, with a lack of feeling, too vague, indeed! Furthermore, I agree it rehabilitates Terry, because I always wondered why he had never tried to write to Candy once he was settled with a definitive address! Thus, the note appears to make sense! Where I am not sure, if it has sent to London because even signed only with his initials, I think the sisters would think of him, after the scandal that had marked the spirits. Instead I think more of Pony’s Home, he had gone there and had to think that her two foster mothers had to know where join her, it is what I would have done anyway but i’m not Terry! :lol:.

    Now a year and a half after what exactly? I more incline to think about their first meeting on the Mauretania, for it was the very beginning; I’m not sure he would have wanted to remember to her their slaps too! Just my two cents! Anyway, this note could have been sent approximately on the summer of 1914, when World War I broke out and Terry was worried about her, it be seen in the manga volume 6 p57 BTW, he also said he could not go back because he was beginning to live his life!

    1. Merci, Candy Bert! 😍 So glad you found my new idea convincing! That’s very encouraging to me. 😊

      Yes, something still seems wrong even with our explanation that the unnamed incident was their breakup… I’m actually more satisfied with this note being sent while Terry wasn’t sure where Candy was or how things were going with her.

      However, not sure if he would send his letter to Pony’s Home… Like you said, Candy’s foster mothers should know how to contact her, so the chance that Candy wouldn’t receive his letter was extremely low… You can say back then the delivery of letters might not be very reliable. Oh well… 🤔

      However, since he expressed his uncertainty, I’d say he sent it directly to St Paul’s because he should know the exact address. 😜

      Even if the sisters at St Paul’s couldn’t know for sure who T.G. was… After all, the letter was mailed from New York. They could have suspicions, but the writing itself was so vague and impersonal that the sisters couldn’t possibly find anything wrong with it. 😂

      Yes, the unnamed incident could even be their first encounter in the ocean liner! Who knows? The thing is, Candy would understand what he implied. However, I doubt Terry wrote this when there were rumors of war. By then he should have sounded more worried, but the letter didn’t show any hint of him being anxious. He didn’t even urge Candy to take care of herself, you know what I mean?

      So this letter should have been mailed not long after he had settled down in New York and started working as an actor. 😍😊

      1. You’re very welcome, my friend! It’s up to us to thank you for all the time and work you put in your writings! 😀

        Well, it make sense about the place where Terry had sent his note, maybe it was in St Paul after all! 😉
        About war, yes I completely understand what do you mean that’s what I thought while I wrote this! So, he could have sent it just before, in May, there were two important things in this month that eventually have triggered his act, indeed: Candy’s birthday and the kiss. So many possibilities!!!

        1. Exactly!! There are many possibilities, but for sure there’s no way this is sent after Susanna’s death even though many have chosen to believe that. How could Terry be so cruel to say he had remained unchanged after someone’s death? 😓

    • Reeka on April 19, 2016 at 12:11 am
    • Reply

    Ms Puddle!!!!! ** not scolding, I am hysterically screaming to you bcos i am too excited!**

    Okay, I don’t know whether you read this comment first or my private message. On my message, I was too excited I sent it before reading the last few paragraphs of this post. So yes! Of course you also think the letter was sent when T just got settled in NY and the letter was sent to St Paul.

    Hahahahahha OMG!! I feel goosebumps now. This way, It MAKES SENSE! All of it. The timeline, the unmention event, the lack of efforts from Terry, and the uncertainty of Candy receiving the letter. This way, we can understand this Terry! And because, if the event was their break-up ( forget Susanna’s death, we all here are so over it!), I still very much incline it was sent after Rockstown, based on timeline calculation.

    Ms Puddle …. I want to hug you and dance with you because it is brilliant! And Mizuki was more insanely brilliant to have that idea. Hahahaha.

      • Reeka on April 19, 2016 at 12:29 am
      • Reply

      Btw, no you’re not crazy! Right when I read you mention about their first kiss, I felt like I got stroked by the lightning and thought just like you did. Terry sent the letter from NY to St Paul!!

      I know some people might get mad to read our speculation, but hey! … to me, this new found idea actually makes Terry look better, doesn’t it? This Terry made effort to contact Candy after abandoning her in London. No matter that he sounded not too eager, but it’s better than never trying to reach her. And this Terry, he really moved on since Rockstown. He’s not awfully hanging on his illusion for years. Right?

      Another possibilty I’ve just thought. The letter could be sent to Andrew residence. I don’t know who received it, but the fact that the letter appeared on CCFS, Candy might eventually receive it some years later, maybe when she already married. Aunt Elroy could keep it. Or yes, maybe after married, C met Sister Grey again when she and Albert visited the school. I just think at the end the letter would reach Candy.

      1. My sentiments exactly, dear Reeka, that if what we think is true, this letter actually makes me smile instead of frown. It simply depicts an insecure teenager trying to get in touch with a girl whom he missed a lot but unsure if she had reciprocated his feelings. She might have been mad that he had left without a trace too. 😆 This explains why he asked right off the bat if she had changed. The entire letter carried no emotion, so there was no reason why St. Paul’s people would suspect anything or withhold it. 😉

        In Part 3 I’ll talk more about this letter still. It relates to part of your comment here. 😜 Please be patient, my friend. 😍 All I want to say now is whether Candy received this letter or when she did doesn’t matter as much to me now; what took place in New York on a winter night happened afterwards and sealed their fate forever. 😅

    1. Dear Reeka, your comment put a big smile on my face… 😁 It’s worth updating my blog after all 😜

      We’ve been so stuck trying to explain why this letter wasn’t sent after Susanna’s death that the notion that this could have taken place much much earlier didn’t hit me till recently. 😋 Yet, once I realized this could be a possibility, this entire letter makes so much sense to me. 😆

      I’m so glad you’re in agreement with me, Reeka. Like you, I also think if this was the case, then it’s actually a much more positive perspective. Terry remembered May festival while he was settling in New York, so he thought of getting in touch with Candy.

      However, unsure of her feelings for him, and him being an insecure teenager, he wouldn’t have disclosed too much of his feelings in his writing. Not to mention that people at St Paul’s might actually read the incoming letters (as I have heard how Terry fans have defended their favorite hero why he hadn’t made any attempt whatsoever to contact his beloved). 😋

      Indeed, if my speculation is true, then Mizuki is insanely brilliant!!! 👏👏👏

        • reeka on April 20, 2016 at 8:13 am
        • Reply

        Hahaha, glad that my enthusiasm brightened up your day, my friend! 🙂

        See … when we thought we couldn’t be any more surprised with CCFS, things have kept coming up. Some of us, including me, we had always thought something missing in this letter. Something was not right. Even when we agreed it was referring to the break up, we still could not let it as it was. God, we had been stuck at the later events in Candy Candy story. We overlooked the other time they had been separated. Sigh. “It’s been a year” does not need to be meant exactly one year, 12 months. I think Terry could refer to those time they had been together in St Paul, starting from those time they started regularly meet at Pony Hill 2, to their separation as a result of Eliza’s trap. And yeah .. most certainly Terry remembered Candy nearly May the following year. He could refer it to the last time they saw each other, the fateful night in St Paul’s barn. We still can say it ” a year” though. Or when he said “it’s been a year” it was on NY eve? A year after they had met for the very first time? And he wavered, and finally decided to write in May?

        I re-read your post. About the line says ” you haven’t changed, right?”. I incline to see that here Terry meant Candy’s situation … not her feeling to him. Like he wanted to ask ” are you still in there, in St Paul?” or ” are you okay and not being punished by your adoptive father?”. Or, even if it was referring to some feeling, it’s like “you’re still remembering me, aren’t you?”. Despite of his cocky manner, he was an insecure teenager and they had not told each other their feeling yet.

        I can guess what you want to talk about in Part 3, Ms Puddle. 🙂 I have something I wanted to discuss with you, but on second thought, let’s see your post first. 😀

        1. It certainly did brighten up my day, Reeka! 😍 Thanks again!

          I agree with you totally about the possibility of new discovery in CCFS… I myself was surprised too when the thought struck me. 😆 Yet, it makes sense to me… Lol…

          You’re absolutely right… We were too absorbed by the later events in Candy’s life, especially after the breakup. Yes, the letter seems too impersonal… it’s far from being a love letter, and it’s almost wishful thinking to make this brief letter an evidence to prove that Terry wanted to reunite with Candy. If so, the lack of effort really makes me wonder why the fans think Candy would jump to Terry’s “invitation”.

          Something is just not right. 😜 If so, I wouldn’t admire such a girl… To be honest.

          My gut feeling about the unnamed incident is their first kiss in May festival. It’s certainly about something they both remembered very well, and in the manga it’s obvious the scene kept coming up in their minds while they were being apart. Of course, just my two cents. 🙂

          I totally agree with you about how Terry asked if Candy had changed. It’s very ambiguous, but this is the point. He didn’t want to make his letter suspicious 😌

          Sure my friend. You can either wait or discuss your thoughts here. I don’t think I’ll update soon though. Will wait for more feedback before doing it. 😜

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