Apr 12 2014

Love Never Fails Chapter 43: Recuperation

This is another lengthy chapter, though not as long as last one. Hope you like it, and if so, please let me know. I appreciate it! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7472782/43/Love-Never-Fails The following is the teaser: Terry heard from Anna and Lucas that Albert had barely survived a terrible accident back at his own residence. Needless to say, all …

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Apr 08 2014

Candy Candy Ending Song

Here I attach the link to the Ending Song of the anime series of Candy Candy “I love tomorrow” (I would have used “I like tomorrow” instead, but never mind 😛 ). The lyrics were written by the author of Candy Candy, Kyoko Mizuki (her other pen name 名木田 恵子): Back then, Mizuki used “Anohito” to …

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Apr 05 2014

Albert the Prince Charming

I’m finally done modifying my old drawing of Albert the Prince Charming. It’s an original story I wrote more than a year ago (oh boy, how time flies!!) borrowing the characters from Candy Candy. For your interest, you can find the story in http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8792556/1/My-Prince-Charming If you prefer Spanish, my friends have kindly translated the above …

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Apr 03 2014

Modifying an old drawing

I’ve been quiet for days because I have many items on my to-do list, and one of them is to write the next chapter of “Love Never Fails” (my draft is about half done now, yeah!). Anyway, I can’t believe my Facebook page has reached yet another milestone (>400 likes) within such a short time. Thank …

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Mar 27 2014

Drawing bubbles

My first attempt to draw bubbles! I know I can do better, but for now I hope they don’t look too bad to you? This is my new profile pic as well. Hope you like it. I’ll be back to writing mode now, so I’ll be quieter. Please feel free to drop me a few …

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Mar 25 2014

Have a good day!

Thank you for all the likes on my Facebook page! It’s very encouraging! I did the following just for fun! ❤ ♡ ❤ ♡ Have a good day!

Mar 24 2014

Thinking of Albert…

This shows my another attempt to draw a scene of my long story “Love Never Fails” (based on the end of Chapter 39) in which Candy was thinking of Albert. In my imagination, the sun was setting when this happened, and she just woke up, so her hair was a bit messed up. To those who …

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Mar 20 2014

Everything Has Changed?

Thank you, Nilva, for letting me know about “Everything Has Changed”, a song written by the American recording artist Taylor Swift and the British singer Ed Sheeran. Here is the link to the video (very cute by the way): To Nilva, part of the lyrics matches Albert’s feelings when he first recovered from amnesia: All I …

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Mar 18 2014

My sincere thanks!

To all who have read Ch 42 of “Love Never Fails”, you have my thanks! 😘 The image (still draft) I used is actually part of the new picture that I’m drawing, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to finish it. 😉 Wish me luck!

Mar 17 2014

My Response to your Reviews for LNF 42

Thank you all so much for reading my new chapter despite its length. I wish I could have written this chapter around Christmas, but I was three months late lol! 😀 Since publishing chapter 41, I’ve put my best efforts into writing this emotional chapter whenever I had some free time. My goal was to …

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