Dec 19 2013

Grouse Mountain Trip

If you have read my short story “My Prince Charming”, you will know that I have mentioned Grouse Mountain a few times in the story. My family actually went there last December around Christmas time. It was breathtakingly beautiful up on the mountain, and I would like to share with you some of the pictures we have taken. Yes, that last picture shows a real reindeer! Please click on any of them to view a larger version of the photos. Enjoy! 😀


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  1. MN027

    Maybe I should bring my family up there and enjoy the scenery

    1. Ms Puddle

      Yes you should. It’s a popular tourist attraction all year. 🙂

  2. Enaka

    Once I went to Snow Mountain with the family and friends, all I did was watch the gorgeous male blondies ski 😉

    1. Ms Puddle

      Oh lucky you! Then why didn’t I see any? 😉

  3. Ana

    It is a beautiful place!

    1. Ms Puddle

      Thank you Ana! Yes it definitely is! 😀

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