Apr 03 2014

Modifying an old drawing

I’ve been quiet for days because I have many items on my to-do list, and one of them is to write the next chapter of “Love Never Fails” (my draft is about half done now, yeah!). Anyway, I can’t believe my Facebook page has reached yet another milestone (>400 likes) within such a short time. Thank you all for your support! 😀 😀 I wish I had time to draw a new picture to celebrate, but I’m tied up with real life priorities. (Sigh.) Therefore, I’ve picked one of my old drawings to modify, and I’ll later reuse part of this for a completely new fanart. In the meantime, I show you the teaser below. Writing is still my priority in my spare time, but I’m almost done polishing the drawing. Later, you will see whether you like the modified one better or not. 😛



  1. Thanks again! I appreciate it!
    About his face… it’s similar to the old one 😉

  2. Don’t look at me why your page is improving so fast. Probably the fan pages I made friends with that did the job lol 😛


    Hey why did you rip Albert’s face off? That’s not very nice. 😉

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