Apr 12 2014

Love Never Fails Chapter 43: Recuperation

This is another lengthy chapter, though not as long as last one. Hope you like it, and if so, please let me know. I appreciate it!


The following is the teaser:

Terry heard from Anna and Lucas that Albert had barely survived a terrible accident back at his own residence. Needless to say, all three of them were bowled over by the various news articles that Anna’s family had mailed to her from Chicago. They learned that Albert had become paralyzed, not sure for how long, and yet what shocked them even more was that Albert had been the mysterious millionaire who had adopted Candy years ago. In spite of that, they would be getting married in the coming spring. The longest news article had used Anna’s sketch as his portrait, which had successfully portrayed a hint of uncertainty in the depths of his thoughtful eyes. It proved that the wealthy heir used to be a nobody residing on the outskirts of Chicago, wearing casual clothes with unruly wavy hair.

Terry was a little surprised that they had used Anna’s drawing, but while Lucas was joking that he wished his girlfriend would draw him as handsome as this picture, it suddenly made sense to Terry why Candy had chosen to leave Albert despite herself. Their legal relationship or their vast social gap must have thrown her off. Yet, what struck Terry most was that Candy’s love for Albert was so persistent and tenacious that she was willing to marry him not knowing if he would ever recover.

Later when Terry went home from work, he lighted his first cigarette of the day and plopped himself down on his bed, pondering over this whole incident. He couldn’t stop himself from wondering if Susanna had not sacrificed herself for him during that fatal rehearsal, and he had been the one whose leg had to be amputated, would Candy have stayed with him and even married him?


    • Reeka on April 12, 2014 at 5:41 pm
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    Finally Mspuddle, after tensed atmosphere in the last few chapters, now we’re enjoying some romance 🙂 thank you!

    i love the way you could put story after story in our journey toward the most anticipated wedding. To tell you the truth, i don’t want this story end quickly. ^^

    btw while i was reading this chapter, the song “i wanna grow up with you” by Westlife was coming across my mind. The lyric’s so suitable to show albert’s feeling. After what they’ve gone through, the very least they want is to be apart again.

    and i was a bit curious whether this “juliet” would become terry’s cure. who is she? she seemed mysterious 😀

    1. Hello again, Reeka! Thanks for reading! I thought it was time to slow down a little bit for this chapter. Glad you like my “treat”. 😉

      Thank you so much for your encouragement about my story, and yeah, my goal is to make each episode special on its own. 🙂 Also, I didn’t have a chance to talk about Candy being traumatized in the previous chapter, which focused on Albert mostly. But think about it, that was a horrible experience to her to say the least.

      I love that song too but I already used it twice LOL (once in LNF and once in another story). But it does fit Albert’s feelings very well.

      Last but not the least, yes, I have intentionally made this “Juliet” mysterious. 😛

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