May 03 2014

Love Never Fails Chapter 44: Birthday

Thank you all for the reviews and comments! To show my appreciation for your support, I present to you one of the longest chapters in my story. 😀 Hope you like it, and if so, I’d like to hear from you. Thank you!

The following is the teaser:

“That’s it?” asked Candy, her brows knitting together. Disappointment was evident in her voice.

“Yes, my dear,” replied Albert in a bantering tone. “Terry stopped right there and spoke nothing more. Of course, he congratulated me on my recovery and told me to pass his warmest regards to you. Before I left, he asked what kind of wedding present we wanted from him.”

“So is he coming?”

“I did invite him too, but he didn’t give me a definite answer.”

Candy looked away, lost in her contemplation. Moments later, she brought her focus back to Albert and held his gaze, saying, “I just want him to be happy.”

“Me too,” Albert acknowledged, nodding thoughtfully.

Neither said a word for a while until Candy dispersed the silence, “So have you met her, Albert?”

“Who?” He appeared genuinely clueless.


    • Reeka on May 4, 2014 at 11:41 pm
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    One fine chapter, Ms Puddle! Thanks for writing such an intense yet beautiful scene on the swan boat.
    From what i’ve gathered since LNF chapter 1, your albert is very tender, sensitive, and sometimes i found a slight shyness in him. Definitely a gentler version compared to Mizuki’s. That’s why i was so excited to find another side of albert in this chapter. He’s more daring, perhaps because the wedding is just around the corner. I went crazy when albert said to candy “kiss me back”. Gosh, Ms Puddle! You’re killing me with this chapter’s romanticism. ^^

    can’t wait for the prince revelation. I think i’m going to play the song “someday my prince will come” while reading it. LOL


    1. Thank you so much dear Reeka!! You think my Albert is a gentler version? Never thought of that… 😉 Did you mean he’s more gentleman? Lol. 😛 Anyway, you’re right. The wedding is around the corner, so he’s more ‘man’ if you know what I mean. *wink *

      Didn’t mean to kill you my dear, but I take it as a compliment! Thank you! 😀

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