Apr 06 2015

Expressions of love

There are various ways to express love in Japanese. The direct translation of “I love you” is aishite-imasu (愛しています) or aishite-ru (愛してる), but according to How to Say ‘I love you’ in Japanese, Japanese people hardly use this strong expression unlike the westerners, mainly because of cultural differences. In fact, don’t be surprised if some say they have never said this in their lives; they rather express love through their actions, and if they do talk about love, they prefer to use suki-desu (好きです) or dai-suki-desu (大好きです) for more emphasis.

In general, they reserve the heavy word ai (愛) only for those they deeply love or have devotions to, such as their spouses (sweethearts), family members, the country, etc. For your interest, you can browse the following forum discussions of ai (愛) Vs. suki (好き).



Therefore, no wonder Terry was this shocked when Susanna made her love confession using both expressions, first suki (好き) then ai (愛), as shown below. Literally, she said, “I like you, Terry.” Then she added, “I love you…” (aishite-imasu… 愛しています…).


In Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), Susanna was described as a beauty, bijin 美人, so her words must have carried some weight. After that, with hurtful pride, this beautiful actress confessed of sending Candy away back in the Chicago hotel, and Terry was surprised that these two ladies had actually met. Anyway, feeling somewhat guilty, Susanna expected Terry to be angry at her. Yet, she wanted him to know her feelings for him were deep and true, and in defiance she said she wouldn’t let anyone or anything stop her. There she repeated the strong word ai (愛) again.

Also, she honestly told Terry that she had been feeling very happy (the same word for happiness in the post Her happiness) just to be with him until she had become aware of Candy’s existence during the celebration after the charity performance in Chicago.

In other words, Terry had never informed anyone about being in a relationship or having a crush with a girl back home (he had always assumed Candy still remained in London), nor had he put any effort to clarify the rumors about him and Susanna. They had even appeared together like a couple after the charity performance in Chicago, don’t you think? 🙁

Then, after knowing that Candy was indeed her love rival, Susanna left the scene in tears. Terry thought about the whole thing and said he didn’t dislike Susanna even after knowing what she had done to Candy. He gathered he had probably begun to develop feelings for Candy ever since their first encounter on the ocean liner while crossing the Atlantic.

I’m not saying I doubt his feelings for Candy, but it seems to me she wasn’t as important to him as he had claimed. In short, his behavior was inconsistent with his words. Please read Agnès’ comment for her detailed analysis of Terry’s character in Candy Candy.

In any case, it’s very odd why Terry had never made any attempt to contact Candy ever since he had settled down in Stratford Theatre around a year ago. He seemed perfectly comfortable with his rising career as though he had moved on in his life (read Evelyn’s comment for more). Even Candy suspected Terry had forgotten about her, remember?

Didn’t he know the address of Pony’s Home? Or was it that difficult to write to the Ardlays in Chicago? Didn’t the Ardlays get the admission tickets to the Stratford’s special charity show?

Nevertheless, back to the love expressions mentioned above, if I’m not mistaken, 😉 in CCFS, Candy had always used suki (好き) and sometimes dai-suki (大好き) for Anthony and Terry, but Candy used ai (愛) whenever she mentioned Susanna’s love for Terry (more than a handful of times here and there in CCFS). However, Candy did directly use the heavy word ai (愛) once to one man only. Who? Albert. 🙂 Please read the series With love and gratitude for now, and I’ll talk about this in detail later. 😀


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    • Grecialica on April 23, 2015 at 2:32 am
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    Hello Miss. Puddle, your analysis caught my attention. First of all, I would like to clarify that this scene (the declaration of Susana’s love scene) is not in CCFS, this scene is in the manga. Having said this I’ll proceed to explain a few things, I hope you won’t mind.

    First, Terry’s feelings towards Susana; you write “Susana was described as a beauty, so her words must have carried some weight”. If I’m not mistaken, and I’m not misinterpreting, you are trying to say that because Susana was pretty, her words had an impact on Terry, maybe deep inside he liked it?, maybe he felt flattered?, or maybe without realizing it he started to see Susana in a romantic way/feeling a little attracted to her? If this is the case, let me inform you that these assumptions are completely wrong. Yes, Terry was shocked by Susana’s declaration of love, he simply didn’t see that coming; however, her looks had nothing to do with this reaction. He didn’t disliked her; as an English speaker, you may acknowledge that when someone “likes” somebody, this doesn’t necessary implies romanticism. One can say “I like you” to somebody, and this can mean that you find that person agreeable; it is very common use “like” in a friendly way. Terry is a character with noble sentiments, a good person; if he found Susana agreeable, of course he would feel guilty of seeing her crying for him. Of course he would feel guilty of not correspond her love, and breaking her heart. It’s not that he didn’t care that Susana interfered in Chicago, after all, at that time Terry and Candy were exchanging letters everyday, and were officially boyfriend and girlfriend; Chicago was in the past, and at the present he has a girlfriend that loves him to death, as much as he loves her; and a poor girl crying for him right in front of his eyes (let’s remember that Susana was always nice to him, of course he would se her as a nice girl). He didn’t like what Susana did, but he felt sorry for her; and even though he felt pity for her, he tried to explained her that he only loved Candy and always will, but Susana ran away.

    Second, Terry’s feelings towards Candy are not that strong; you based your thinking in the fact that Susana ignored the existence of Candy, no body knew that Terry had a girlfriend. Miss Puddle, it seems to me that you are forgetting that Terry is a private person/character; he is not good making friends and prefers to be alone. How can you expect him to talk about his private life with others? Why would he do that? He doesn’t have the need of telling everyone that he has a girlfriend, or is it that some fans expected him to have a tag on his shirt that reads “taken”? LOL When it comes to the fact that they appeared together after the charity performance in Chicago, I must remind you that in the play they were a “couple” or so, right? (please correct me if I’m mistaken) and it’s perfectly normal, have you seen any movie premiere? yep, many actors pose with the other actors. In Terry’s case, Susana was always after him, and she knew how to take advantage of it. He simply didn’t care. Miss Puddle, Terry loved Candy with all his heart, she was his everything, the reason for him to keep on living. Terry fell in love with her from the very first day he saw her, and as he said it in the night of Susana’s declaration, he will always be. As proof of that, we have the letter he wrote to Candy; yes, the letter he wrote after so many years, in which he says “I haven’t change”.

    Third, Terry failed to contact Candy; YES! I agree with you. He left the school in Autumn and they got in touch in Summer,it passed nine freaking months (or so)!! ugh! Nevertheless, Miss Puddle, I would like to remind you something. What was Terry thought when he decided to save Candy and leave the school? Wasn’t it that if he was older, he would take Candy with him and leave everything behind? Yes, Terry wanted Candy for him, take care of her, and provide for her, but how would he do it? he was starting his career; he didn’t have the slightness idea that she left the school, and the Andlay/Andley. He thought that Candy was safe at the school; he knew that if he wanted to take Candy with him, and give her a decent life, he had to work hard; and after saving a good sum of money contact her and try to convince her to run away with him. Yes, he could have write at Ponny’s Home or the Andlay/Andley Mansion, but he didn’t. Why? maybe he wanted to be “somebody” in order to present himself properly in front of Candy? maybe he wanted to have a good sum of money, so he would be able to provide a good leaving for Candy? maybe he was afraid that the duke would fin out of his plans and do something against him or even against Candy? Maybe he just wanted to surprise her, go to London, climb to her balcony in the middle of the night, and tell her: “Candy, I came back for you, let’s leave everything behind and start a new life together”? LOL I don’t know his plan exactly, I just know that he wanted to be a MAN to take Candy with him.

    Finally, when it comes to the word Ai, Candy used it in TWO occasions with Terry (in one of the occasions she used it while talking with Annie, they talked about real love, and becoming somebody’s true love, and BOOM Terry came to her mind). Candy used the word Ai with Albert once. Yes, at the end of her letter; there is something that many of you may ignore, in Japan it’s common to write “with love and gratitude” in birthday cards and letters, yes, it is common to do it with your parents. So, now that you know that this “love and gratitude” is used with parents, not with lovers, do you still believe that this Ai is romantic?

    Thanks for your time Miss Puddle, have a pleasant day =)

    1. Thank you for your long comment, and I’ll reply to you in a new post. Please be patient. 🙂

        • Grecialica on April 23, 2015 at 1:11 pm
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        No problem! I’m very sure, it will be interesting. =)

        1. Thanks! I appended my response to you to a post that I had been writing 😉

  1. It seems to me that in your effort to try to shoehorn Albert is Anohito, you muddle the three versions of the CC story, of which only one (CCFS) Mizuki had complete control over the content. If people are content to be spoon fed with partial data points, that’s fine, but the reality is that with publishing of CCFS in Italian, a Romance language quite accessible to a good deal of the Western CC fans, it will be harder and harder to try to present obfuscated snippets as holistic “facts”. I am more than happy to discuss the points of CCFS with you here, or at http://www.candyterry.com/forums or at my Facebook page.

    1. Hello there, I’m glad you speak English fluently, so we can talk. Feel free to leave any comment here anytime you like, but I really don’t have time to join any forums. I’m barely able to keep my blog updated regularly. 😉

      Yes I know CCFS is now published in Italian, which is good news to many people indeed, but still, something is bound to be lost in translation. That’s why I mainly discussed the Japanese version.

      I disagree with you that only CCFS Mizuki had complete control. She was the author of the Candy Candy Manga, and she had the absolute last words. It’s well known that the illustrator, Igarashi, had made changes to the original story plot that Mizuki had made her redraw those scenes. Not to mention that Igarashi lost the lawsuit to Mizuki over the copyrights of Candy Candy. Even to this day, Mizuki respected what was published in the manga.

    • Quevivacandy on April 17, 2015 at 9:05 pm
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    Oh my! Ms Puddle, before I finished to read your last sentence, I had a question on my mind but you answered at the end! so, she used “AI” with love and gratitud? then…. why are some girls soooooooo but sooooooooo blind???? grrr… lol…

    I guess there are a lot of things that we, western people, do not finish to understand because the novel is written in japanese… and many things get lost in translations, even they are made by people who knows the language, if not remember that phrase I asked for your help translated to italian….

    Anw, thank you so much for keep liting up my mind!

    1. You’re welcome, QuevivaCandy! My pleasure to explain what’s lost in translation. Candy did use “ai” to end that particular letter. I explained much more in “A love declaration” for your interest 🙂

    • Antlay on April 9, 2015 at 10:36 pm
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    Bonjour Evelyn et Ms Puddle

    Cela fait au moins un an que j’avais lu ce commentaire, je ne sais plus sur quel blog, moi aussi je perdsla mémoire, lol !
    Mais promis je vais faire de mon mieux pour le retrouver !
    Bonne journée à toutes.

    1. No worries, Antlay! It’s OK if you can’t find the comment anymore. Have a good day! Bonjour! 🙂

      • Evelyn on April 11, 2015 at 10:33 pm
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      Ne vous inquiétez, Antlay! il a été longtemps depuis que vous l’avez trouvé. Bonne journée! Have a nice day 😀

    • Antlay on April 9, 2015 at 4:10 am
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    Hello dear Ms Puddle

    Waow ! Quelle révèlation ! Vous me comblez de bonheur ! <3

    Comme l'a dit Evelyn, nous aussi en France on utilise le mot "Je t'aime" à toutes les sauces.
    Un objet, des animaux, des amis, les enfants et les conjoints. C'est un peu dommage car je trouve que le mot perd de sa force.
    Tout comme le fait de traduire un roman dans une autre langue, l'histoire perd son authenticité, son essence même malheureusement. La preuve avec CCFS.
    Au moins en japonais il n'y a pas d'ambiguïté.
    J'ai lu il y a quelque temps de cela sur un blog, un fan de Candy qui avait demandé à une amie japonaise qui n'était elle fan, de lire CCFS afin qu'elle lui donne ses impressions. En fait pour la lectrice japonaise, cela ne faisait aucun doute, pour elle Anohito est Albert ! 😀
    Malheureusement je suis incapable de retrouver ce commentaire 🙁
    Alors merci encore de nous faire partager CCFS grâce à vos connaissance en japonais, Ms Puddle. Un vrai bonheur ! 😀

    1. Bonjour Antlay! I’m so glad this post has made you happy! 🙂 My pleasure in sharing my limited knowledge of the Japanese language.

      Guess what? As soon as I got the CCFS novels in my hands, I quickly checked what Candy wrote to Terry and Albert… LOL… I couldn’t help it because I’ve always known there is a real difference between “suki” and “ai”! Not only French, even in English, people use “love” way more casually. Therefore, both “suki” and “ai” are translated to “love” in English, so the essence is lost. Sigh.

      How interesting about asking an objective Japanese person to read CCFS! I wish you could find such comment again and share it with us. As you said, it was not as ambiguous as people thought. 😉 Now that I read the books in its original text, it’s even more clear who Anohito is even though I’m a little biased. 😛 😉

      • Evelyn on April 9, 2015 at 3:22 pm
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      Hello Antlay and Ms Puddle. You both said it best! The essence is lost in the translation of the word “love” when used freely for just about anything. As you said Antlay, in French is the same thing. The verb “aimer or to love” can be used with just about anything. It would be nice to find the blog about the neutral Japanese reader giving her opinion about who Anohito is. Grâce à deux! 😉

      1. Exactly, Evelyn! I’ll try to write a new post comparing Candy’s three loves 🙂

        • Quevivacandy on April 17, 2015 at 9:10 pm
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        And what about in spanish Evelyn?

        Some people just say, “te quiero” and other ones “te amo”. In English both of them mean “I love you” but we know “Te amo” is a deeper and stronger feeling. 😀

        1. Right on! So in Spanish there are expressions that go deeper too? 🙂

            • Quevivacandy on April 17, 2015 at 10:11 pm
            • Reply

            yes! We can say “te quiero”, meaning you have feelings for someone or something (friends, pets, toys, etc) but saying “Te amo”, is a complete different thing.

            Usually we use it in a romantic way (even it could be say to close relatives, parents, siblings) but it shows a deep deep feeling, that is not generally used between friends but lovers. To say “te amo” to another person and from the opposite sex, wow, you really have to meant it… I used to have a friend that already was dating for a while with a guy and suddenly, she said to him “Te amo” and he kept quiet, don’t knowing what to response because he didn’t feel the same way yet.

            So I guess that is what Candy meant using “ai” with Albert. She wanted to show him her deep and strong feelings for him.

            It’s so romantic! weee I’m so happy! 😀 I guess “I won’t be able to sleep tonight!”… lol

              • Ms Puddle on April 17, 2015 at 10:21 pm

              QuevivaCandy dear, then this is the Spanish equivalents of suki and ai in Japanese!! 😀 I think you understand it completely! For people of opposite sex, they often just use suki or at most daisuki for each other until they are ready to devote or commit to each other. People can use suki for ice creams, cars, pets, etc., but never use ai for these, only for people, especially lovers. 😀

    • Agnès on April 8, 2015 at 10:02 am
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    Hello, Ms Puddle and thank you for the mention! 😉

    Japanese language is indeed complex and rich! What a great revelation, in her last letter to Albert she used the word “Aï ”!? So, no need to say more! It is obvious for me that Albert is the one! 😀 Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m dancing now! 😆
    Many thanks, Ms Puddle, for this revelation! You’ve made my day! Many hugs!!! 😀 😀 😀

    1. Thank you dear Agnès for your brilliant analysis so that I could use it! 🙂

      Yes, Candy used that big word to end her letter to Albert! Indeed, we need no more argument 😀

      • Reeka on April 9, 2015 at 5:43 pm
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      How could I miss the part you told us that Candy used ‘ai’ in her last letter to Albert, my friend! Wow! Even we all agree that Anohito is Albert, the word still means a lot! A-LOT! For those who know how huge the meaning of word ‘ai’ in japanese!

      did Candy write ‘ai’ in “LOVE and gratitude” part? Or somewhere in the letter? ( i know you said you’ll have a post about it soon, but I am just too excited!) 🙂

      And if Candy wrote it in her last letter, do you think by that time, Albert and she was already in relationship? It’s the letter after their trip to Lakewood, isn’t it? Because if we think it is in japanese culture, it took a lot of courage for her to say/write the word ‘ai’ to Albert. And it was the letter she replied Albert where her happiness was. Okay, now I really want to hug myself because I’m so happy happy happy!

      1. Exactly, Reeka!! That was what I first checked in CCFS novels, and I was overjoyed 🙂

        Yes, you bet!!! Candy used the word “ai” in love and gratitude to Albert. I’ll talk more about that. Please stay tuned. 😉

    • SweetCandyAndley on April 6, 2015 at 5:23 pm
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    Hi Ms Puddle,

    So, according to this post, I have the feeling that Candy loved Terry more than he actually loved her. She decided to leave everything behind in order to chase him.

    And, was Susanna the only one who told him that she loved him? So what about actions instead of words?

    Thanks for the explanation about the use of words in Japanese!

    1. Dear SweetCandyAndley, my friend, I feel the same. She loved him more than he loved her. 🙁

      If I’m right, Candy never had a chance to express her feelings directly to him. She wrote everything in her diary (CCFS). In the manga, she realized her feelings at the harbor when Terry was gone. Poor Candy.

      Susanna had indeed not only confessed her love for Terry but also proved it with her action. She took his place on the stage. If it wasn’t for her, he would have been direly injured or lost his life. The magnitude of her sacrifice made Candy realize that her so-called relationship with Terry was over. :'(

        • Reeka on April 6, 2015 at 6:53 pm
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        Hi ladies,

        I might say Terry just didn’t know how to love someone. I don’t know if I am explaining correctly, but for me, this complex character of his had never cared others before he knew Candy. It’s like Candy unlocked his tender side, something he might never thought he had. That’s why he then could see his mother Eleanor Baker with different point of view and accepted her. We also could see Terry greeted an old lady warmly in his apartment building in NY. And his gentle treatment to Susanna.

        For me, he loved Candy so much. He just didn’t show it enough. Was candy’s love bigger than his? I always thought it was the other way around. Candy was just being Candy, she always never gave up. Do you think she would be a stowaway if her destination was not America? I think she left London not solely because of Terry. It’s her home anyway, a land where Pony Home was.

        1. Reeka dear, yes, Candy did soften Terry somewhat, but he remained aloof and socially impaired with his coworkers in Stratford. Even to Susanna he wasn’t particularly tender until after her love confession and the accident. He had never rejected her ‘advance’ though. 😉

          If Terry really loved Candy, he would have at least attempted to contact her once he settled down in Broadway. The more I read the manga the more I think Terry loved his career way more than he loved Candy as mentioned in my recent posts. In CCFS, Candy returned to America mainly because of Terry, not because of Pony’s Home. To me, her love for him was much stronger. Sigh.

          • Evelyn on April 7, 2015 at 6:04 pm
          • Reply

          Hello ladies, I do feel the same way as Ms Puddle. Candy loved Terry on a greater scale than he loved her. I do realize that Terry left St. Paul’s school to protect Candy’s honor so he took her place so that she wouldn’t get expelled. Yes, that showed love but above all, honor, I feel!! At the same time, remember, Terry was dealing with his father and decided to get away from his family name, so between the issues with the school and his father, what a better time to leave to America and start a new life in pursue of his dreams? Not to say he didn’t feel broken to leave as he called Candy “his first love” behind. Maybe he thought of Candy just as a phase in his life? My issue is why not promise Candy a future at a later date once he is financially stable? Leave an address with someone at some point? At first I thought things were going well with them and thought they may have had a future but he just left poor Candy alone 🙁

          I feel she definitely left the school to follow him, and along the way she discovered her calling to be a nurse by remembering Albert’s letter from Africa. Did she not say, after Terry left the school, that she did not have a purpose to stay at the school any longer? Sigh.

            • Evelyn on April 7, 2015 at 6:12 pm
            • Reply

            Sorry it came out wrong about Terry. I meant to say: “I am not trying to say that he (Terry) did not have a broken heart when he left Candy behind. I think I remember reading when he said “good-bye to my first love” (Spanish manga) as he walked away from the school.” Sigh.

          • SweetCandyAndley on April 7, 2015 at 6:54 pm
          • Reply

          Hi Reeka!

          I agree that Terry is a very complex character. And it is interesting what you say about “unlocking his tender side”. If we consider his life up to the point when he meets Candy, he had a hard one. I suppose he was always rejected and he didn’t receive a real fatherly love. To me, the Duke was never really interested on his emotions or thoughts. And his wife was openly tough with Terry. So, no one actually taught him how to show his love, concern, tenderness. He did not even had friends, so I can try to understand that he was alone. Being a lonely person, he was used to care only for himself. (and I say this not in a selfish way, but because no one else would.)

          If I remember correctly, Terry told Candy that he only had ONE happy memory about his childhood, and it was a family pic-nic.

          I strongly believe that Candy taught him how to care about others, his mom is a very special example of a change in his heart. During their holidays in Scotland, he learned to socialize a bit more, with Candy’s friends.

          So, Terry is a very complicated character, but at the same he needed to mature and learn more about human relations. He was passionate, impulsive and sometimes arrogant. But he was always a strong honorable person, and indeed he had a heart. He was starting to accept that fact, by the time of Susanna’s accident.

          • Evelyn on April 7, 2015 at 7:52 pm
          • Reply

          Hi Reeka and SweetCandyAndley, Terry was truly a complex character. His face always seemed hard as if he had a hard life, which he did. He seemed to come alive when around Candy so you are right, Candy did unlock his tender side. Yes, SweetCandyAndley, Terry did say he only had one happy memory about his childhood with both his mother and father together while at a picnic! 🙁 I really don’t blame him for having developed a hard shell on the outside around others, to be rejected by society for being an legitimate child, to have such a father who did not care one bit about his son and an evil step-mother and siblings would make anyone anti-social. Such a hard life.

          I won’t repeat everything already said, but, yes Candy definitely helped Terry come out of his shell, taught him to try to be around other people and be nice to them, and was the influencing factor in reuniting Terry with his mother. I know Terry always kept those precious moments with Candy close to his heart, just like Candy did the same. Not sure if it was in CCFS or in the old novel, but Candy said about Terry that he taught her a different way to love.

          1. Hello Evelyn and SweetCandyAndley!

            I agree with you all regarding what you said above. Terry was indeed a complicated character, and he was only second to Albert, a mysterious character since the very beginning.

            Evelyn, Candy didn’t exactly say Terry taught her a different way to love. I think she meant from Terry, she had learned more about love. I’ll explain her exact wording later in a new post. She said that in her mental letter to Anthony in CCFS without mentioning Terry’s name for some reason.

            • Evelyn on April 8, 2015 at 3:51 am
            • Reply

            You are right. Sorry for my mistake Ms Puddle!

            Thank you for your great post by the way! The Japanese language is so broad and they have so many ways of self expressions. Is great to learn exactly what Mizuki really said in her novel right from the original language! 🙂

              • Ms Puddle on April 8, 2015 at 7:38 am

              Dear Evelyn, don’t worry. It’s totally fine! 🙂

              I remember you once said that in your culture “I love you” is said more casually, and sometimes people may say that without meaning it? Was that you who said this?

              Anyway, in Japan, it’s completely opposite. They only used the word “ai” when they absolutely mean it. 🙂

            • Evelyn on April 8, 2015 at 8:24 am
            • Reply

            Yes I believe it was me. In Western culture, in English one can say I love my car or I love my husband and use the same word but it is understood that these are two different types of love. You can say “I like” a car or a person which carries a less powerful attachment. In Spanish we use the word “Amar=To Love” which is said to a loved one like a child or spouse or someone important. “Amo a mi esposo y mis hijos = I love my husband and my children”.

            Where and when did Candy use the word “ai” with Albert? 🙂

              • Ms Puddle on April 8, 2015 at 8:53 am

              Thanks, Evelyn, for your good examples! I believe Japanese don’t use the word “ai” for objects like cars, but I’m not 100% sure. 😉 In most cases, they’d rather use suki (or daisuki for emphasis) for anything or anyone. Candy said exactly that to Anthony, and that was enough. Upon hearing her confession, he was astonished, and she literally fled in embarrassment. Remember that scene in the manga? It’s the same in CCFS too. 🙂

              Candy used the word “ai” to end her last letter to Albert in CCFS epilogue. 🙂 Imagine his response when he read her letter. 🙂

            • Evelyn on April 8, 2015 at 5:31 pm
            • Reply

            Yes I do remember when she told Anthony that she loved him! Poor Candy, she was so young and got embarrassed. But you have to give it to her, she always knew what she wanted! 🙂 I’m Glad to know that Candy used the same word “ai” to tell Albert that she loved him! It makes me smile 😀 Thank you Ms Puddle for your wonderful insight of the Japanese language.

              • Ms Puddle on April 8, 2015 at 5:54 pm

              You’re very welcome! But sounds like you have misunderstood my earlier comment, dear Evelyn. Sorry about confusing you.

              So Candy said “suki” to Anthony but used “ai” in her letter to Albert. 🙂 That’s a deep and heavy word in Japanese culture as discussed in the post.

            • Evelyn on April 8, 2015 at 7:18 pm
            • Reply

            Yes I had misunderstood you! That is even more special for Albert. Thank you again, dear Ms Puddle!! 🙂

              • Ms Puddle on April 8, 2015 at 7:56 pm

              You’re welcome, Evelyn! 🙂

    • Reeka on April 6, 2015 at 5:02 pm
    • Reply

    Hello, my friend!

    I feel like we have discussed this love expression somewhere before, but I forgot where it was 🙂

    anyway, yes you are true, japanese mostly feel comfortable to say “suki” ( or “koi”) rather than “ai” to express love. My japanese tutor once told me about it. So when Mizuki said about 3 loves of Candy’s and she only used ‘ai’ when she defined Albert as Candy’s predestined love, no doubt Albert is the one. And Mizuki used “koi” to described Anthony and Terry. ( Now I remember, we’ve discussed it on your post about 3 loves of Candy’s!)

    About Terry’s attitude toward Susanna … 🙂 you also know how I dislike Terry’s soft action to Susanna when she told him about chasing Candy away in Chicago’s hotel and hid her letters to Terry. He was not angry! He’s shocked but he was definitely not angry. Is he just being a gentleman? Well at least we know he don’t bother to spit to Eliza and slap Candy!

    The more I think about his attitude to Susanna, the more I am sure he was not worth Candy’s love. Grrrr.

    1. Yes indeed, dear Reeka, but many think that Mizuki’s interview was ‘outdated’ and in CCFS she had changed her mind they said.

      Apparently they are wrong. Mizuki hasn’t changed. I’ll talk more later about this. 😉

      About Terry and Susanna, I feel that he could have prevented her from believing she and Terry were a pair right from the beginning. Instead, he seemed to have ‘led her on’… don’t you think? At least he never truly rejected her even though he wasn’t keen either. Sigh…

  2. Aha !! I’m half dizzy with the explanation … but what has become clear to me is that the “ai” is used only to express deep feelings in Japanese …
    I love reading and crumble the manga. Wow. You’re very good at this.
    And now I have much more clear why Albert is “that person’s” Candy.
    And I also think that actions speak louder than words. Therefore, I don’t need to think more.
    Albert vs “Voldemort” … Obviously I go with my beautiful blonde. lol

    1. Yes indeed Olenka dear! The “ai” word is not used lightly, and they really mean it when it’s used. 🙂 Like you, they think actions speak louder than words, so they prefer to show love through behavior or actions.

      Yes, I’m more than sure who Anohito is 😀

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