Apr 13 2015

Optimistic protagonist

Many thanks to dear Antlay for her valuable input. 😀 She sent me this screenshot of a comment regarding Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS) from a Candy Candy fan. It was written in Spanish, and my dear friend QuevivaCandy has kindly translated this for me.


I’ve attempted to paraphrase the translation a bit using my interpretation:

I already read both of them, and I already said I would do my analysis. I need the support from you all, terryfans as well as albertfans. I have on mind something that someone has explained to me and what I could understand from the manga, CCFS and the remarkable analysis that some people have done (she makes a joke there, like getting bald). Well, I will share this: “I want to make a little contribution to all this brawl I already read in the reviews. We all talk about being right or not, anohito is whoever the author decided since the beginning. Well, I know someone from Japan. I also have worked with Japanese people, and I hope soon to have CCFS in my hands, even it is going to be in Japanese. Why I say all this, It turns out that, when I talked with a Japanese fan, I asked her if she knew who Anohito was. The truth is, in Japanese or Spanish, the author does not reveal it but it is obvious, for them it’s easier to understand. This girl’s conclusion is Anohito is Albert. Just to see that if she is objective, her sister, a terryfan, concluded that anohito is Albert after reading the novel without being a terryfan. Everything indicates it and that she, being in Japan, knows it so well. What you already have said above and not being manipulated, Mizuki had already planned this way since the beginning. I confess my self an ex terryfan, yes, but now I am an albertfan. After reading the manga and CCFS, I can also come to the same conclusion, not because of the analysis or my own fanaticism, but because of something that people have not considered in many analyses: CANDY!!! OUR PROTAGONIST!!!

She since the manga left clear, that she had already made a decision like she did in Rockstown. In the letter she wrote to Terry and Susanna, she left it clear again, not only because the “I loved you” but she clearly said, “I made a decision and I do not turn back”.


In short, it’s not as ambiguous as you think who Anohito is in CCFS as long as you read the novel with an objective mind. Some people said that Mizuki wrote the story in a way that Terry fans can read it and picked up the hints in favor of Terry whereas the same applies to Albert fans. 🙂  To me however, it can’t be more obvious that Candy was happily living together with Albert somewhere across the Atlantic Ocean.

Antlay has also sent me a few more similar comments but I like the above the best mainly because of what this CC fan said near the end, that many arguments seem to have neglected who Candy really was. She was the protagonist whom the readers admire, right? I think it was brilliant! 😀

Indeed, judging from Section III of CCFS, it was undeniable Candy survived and remained optimistic despite having setbacks in her life.

To support this point, here I will quote Candy’s letter to Miss Eleanor Baker (for your interest, please also read Love Triangle (Part 3)), in which Candy explained to Terry’s mother why Candy had stumbled upon Rockstown. She had been in search of another person (who had helped her very much in the past) but somehow discovered the lousy roadside theater. Anyway, Candy wrote that:


I wanted to throw myself onto that abandoned stage, to strike on Terry’s chest with tears in my eyes, thinking, for what purpose that night, I… we had to feel torn!
But I couldn’t do so.
If the voice in my heart had reached him, a miracle happened.

I believe in Rockstown, when Candy saw Terry like that, she felt upset and disappointed. Essentially, with the following thought in her mind, was all that for nothing? That night, I… we had to feel torn for nothing?, she wanted to lash out in frustration at Terry. Yet, for some reason, Terry suddenly sobered up and was able to perform again even though Candy hadn’t done anything to him.

Then Candy explained to Terry’s mother that after seeing that his luster had returned, she was convinced Terry would get back on his feet. Though Candy wanted to see Terry, she didn’t want to see him this way (miserable and downcast? I don’t know exactly what Candy meant here). Then Candy left the theater on her own, confused and unsure what to do. It was at that moment that Miss Baker spoke to her.

Later in this letter, Candy cordially declined Miss Baker’s invitation to see Terry as Hamlet. Once again, Candy wrote (my own words based on CCFS),

I want to see Terry’s performance … but I don’t want to see. If I see, for sure I want to meet him. If so, I want to exchange a word with him. Besides, I have promised Susanna not to see him again.

We know from CCFS that Candy had kept Miss Baker’s invitation in her precious jewelry box. It’s clear Candy had made up her mind not to see Terry again, partly because of her promise to Susanna and partly because Candy stuck to her original decision of leaving Terry behind.

After that, Candy wrote a letter to Terry, not intending to send it, in which she wrote with absolutely no bitterness about Terry or Susanna. As explained in A love declaration, Candy could have written this letter with all honesty without worrying about anyone or anything. Yet, Candy wrote that she had got over Terry, and now she was happy and wished Terry and Susanna happiness.

Not to mention that in the very last letter of CCFS epilogue, Candy’s mental letter to Anthony, Candy wrote that (from CCFS spoilers):

… I also thought I would never love someone so much.
However … Anthony, you know that, don’t you?
— I was very much attracted to someone who was like you in London.
But it was just for a brief moment that I thought he was like you and maybe he was the diametric opposite of you.
I have learnt that there were different types of love through this person. 
And that there was something we could never restore.
We can’t see someone again who has died — I couldn’t accept such a simple thing for the life of me …
And — now …
I have learnt there is a fate makes it impossible to see someone although the person is still alive.


Remember how much Candy used to love Anthony? As shown in A love declaration, she said she loved Anthony more than anyone, right? Therefore, after Anthony’s death, Candy thought she would never love anybody as much. (She used “suki” here.)

However, Candy admitted to Anthony in this letter that she had been very much attracted to another man who looked like him. (Note that she didn’t even use “suki” this time and just said she was strongly attracted.) But she learned through this person that something could never be restored. That although this person was alive, it was impossible to see this person. Here, Candy meant Terry for sure even though his name wasn’t mentioned in the entire letter, not even once.

But Candy spent nearly half of this letter introducing Albert to Anthony, about his relationships with others (especially Rosemary), his background, the change of his appearance, etc. In fact, she had paid so much attention to his outward appearance (in particular his blue eyes) that it would have been odd if Candy had had no special feelings for Albert. 😆

Bravo to Mizuki! I think this very last letter in the epilogue indicated the three loves in Candy’s life up to this point. Candy wrote to Anthony about how she had felt after his fatal accident and about her past attraction to an unnamed person in London. But now, Albert was the most important man in her life. 😉

In other words, even though Candy wrote in her diary that she loved Terry more than anyone else, it didn’t mean that she had to continue to love Terry with such intensity for the rest of her life. If she could get past Anthony’s death and fell for Terry in London, she could likewise get over her breakup with Terry (as written in her unsent letter mentioned above) and fell in love with another man.

I can talk about this letter to Anthony on and on, but I’ll save it for other post(s). 🙂 No matter what people say, it’s beyond doubt that Candy is a strong-willed woman, and from her recollections and letters in Section III of CCFS, we learned that Candy had gone through a tough time after the breakup with Terry, but we don’t sense her longing to reunite with Terry at all. She remained positive about her future and decided not to dwell in her past by deliberately leaving her diary untouched (it was filled with her tender feelings for Terry), but I will talk more about this in a different post. Similarly, I will also discuss Terry’s ambiguous letter again.

Before I stop, I’d like to share with you the quote from Marianne Williamson, which matches Candy’s attitude in her mental letter to Anthony:

I’ve come to trust not that events will always unfold exactly as I want, but that I will be fine either way. I sense a mysterious force behind what happens in the world, and it seems to me that souls are learning and growing, no matter how things appear. I trust that when people meet, we meet for a transcendent reason, and that the challenges we face in life are always lessons that serve our soul’s growth.  ~Marianne Williamson


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    • Quevivacandy on April 18, 2015 at 7:20 pm
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    Hi Ms Puddle!

    I was really impressed about that comment. When I knew about the candyworld, I kept asking myself why japenese fans didn’t say a word about Anohito’s identity. Soon I discovered the 2 sides, terryfans and albertfans and that they have kept a fight about it. It is amazing what a japanese person, doesn’t being a candyfan, can say about the novel.

    At the beginning I used to think Mizuky left us an open ending but since I’ve been looking for more information, the story keeps sending me in the right direction. Yes, if we use some clues we can say Terry is anohito but we have to suppose many thing changed and those things are not in the novel (like Terry recovered the Grantchester name for say the less). With Albert everything is so fluid and also everything case perfectly, you don’t have to force things. The only thing that might be against him is the adoption but, since CCFS have been translated to italian (at least volumen 1 til now) We can see other things about that.

    Candy was not adopted as Albert’s daughter but under the protection of the family. We can see that in Albert’s note when he notificate that to Aunt Elroy. Then, there is a fragment when Candy wrote a note to Annie and she says that she is not like Annie who has “parents”, she only has Uncle William, her “guardian”. So, we can see there is not legal impediment for their relation. Candy always knew he only was his guardian like Jodie in DLG. I knew this a few days ago.

    Well, as usual, I’m rambling… hehehe sorry…

    Won’t say anything about Anthony’s letter or I will do the same thing, I better wait until you will post something about it.

    1. Yes I agree with you, dear QuevivaCandy! To support Terry as Anohito, they have to explain and add many things that aren’t already in the novel. 😛

      I believe a person without any CC background would easily see who Anohito really is. 🙂

      Yet, QuevivaCandy, remember one letter Candy teased Albert signing herself as his adoptive daughter? He acknowledged that didn’t he? I think he had to adopt her to give her the family name and status :/

        • Quevivacandy on April 19, 2015 at 6:03 pm
        • Reply

        Yes, my friend, when I read those lines, I kept on mind those 2 letters in the epilogue, when Candy calls herself his adoptive daughter and then, he recognizes it. But, to be honest, everything with the novel is so confusing. In one sentence the author says a thing and later, the opposite. The lines I’m talking about are these…

        “In fact, my name is Candice White Ardlay, this is the only change in my life. But I am not like you, Annie. You have a mother and a father. I am also a foster daughter but I keep with not having parents. My guardian is Uncle William, but I haven’t found him yet. Unbeliaveble, isn’t? Maybe, one day…” (page 227 vol 1, italian novel, I guess).

        And then the letter where he indicates, Candy is part of the family…

        “With this letter, it is my intention to inform you all that I have accepted Anthony’s, Alistair’s and Archivald’s request. Hence, I have organized everything for Candy White be adopted and become part of Ardley’s family.”

        I don’t know, I guess at the end, he adopted her but to read what Candy says about herself, like she knows she is not exactly uncle William’s daughter, makes me think about it. Or maybe it was because she doesnt have a close relation father-daughter with him? :/

        1. Yes I agree, QuevivaCandy, that Candy meant that even though she was adopted, she didn’t even know who he was, and he wouldn’t raise her like his daughter. He was more like a mysterious guardian to her :/

    • Evelyn on April 16, 2015 at 7:53 pm
    • Reply

    Yes, Ms Puddle, I have read elsewhere that the novel was written in such a way that either group, Terry or Albert fans, would find their Anohito by interpreting the clues their own way. Also, Terryfan websites swear that all clues lead to Terry…umm, where exactly? But you are absolutely right that CCFS is not as ambiguous as believed to be. The more we analyse different scenes of the novel, the more clear it becomes who Anohito is indeed and it all points to Albert. 😀

    About Candy’s letter to Anthony, you make an interesting remark that she spent nearly half the letter introducing Albert to Anthony and describing his outward appearance! wow! Did Candy ever describe Terry in this manner to anyone? I do not recall so. This shows that Albert occupied her mind by that time in her life when she wrote this letter to Anthony. And the fact that Candy did not mention Terry in this letter has so much meaning. Yes, Bravo to Mizuki for listing on this very letter the three love stages in Candy’s life! How clear is that! 🙂

    1. Yes dear Evelyn! I’ve read a few clues Terry fans found, including daffodils, Shakespeare collection, but mainly Susanna’s death and Terry’s brief letter to Candy.

      They claimed that the biggest hurdle between Candy and Terry was gone (Susanna died young), so Terry would ask Candy for forgiveness, and Candy would happily reunite with Terry after getting his letter.

      Oh well… eventually I’ll talk about why these do not necessarily mean Anohito is Terry.

      Sorry, Evelyn, I meant Candy spent nearly half the letter talking about Albert, such as his background and relationship with others, but also about his appearance (his blue eyes and hairstyles). 😉

      Yes, indeed Albert had fully occupied Candy’s mind by the time she wrote the letter to Anthony 🙂

    • Antlay on April 15, 2015 at 10:55 am
    • Reply

    Bonjour Ms Puddle et bonjour à toutes

    Ravie de savoir que ce commentaire vous a été utile Ms Puddle. 🙂
    Reeka vous avez raison, moi aussi j’avais remarqué la ressemblance entre Anthony et Albert sur cette image dans le manga, mais pas dans le dessin animé car malheureusement Albert n’a pas les cheveux court. Il y a une autre image semblable, quand Anthony vient chercher Candy dans sa chambre pour aller dîner après son adoption. Il porte un costume sombre identique à celui d’Albert quand il apparaît à la fête de fiançailles.
    Je crois aussi qu’Anthony n’aurait pas apprécié Terry, contrairement à Albert qui avait l’air de bien s’entendre avec Terry.
    Dans sa lettre à Anthony, Candy écrit “J’ai appris qu’il y avait différents genres d’amour, par cette personne”,
    j’ai l’impression que Mizuki laisse un indice, ce qu’elle avait prévu depuis le début :
    -un amour éphémère pour Anthony
    -un amour ardent pour Terry
    et pour finir un amoux doux pour Albert, tout comme sa voix douce qui l’a toujours rendue heureuse. 😉

    1. Thanks again, Antlay, for sharing this particular fan’s comment with us all. 🙂
      About the resemblance between Anthony and Albert, good point about Albert wearing a dark suit at the engagement party near the end. He looked like a mature Anthony indeed. 🙂
      As I mentioned, Terry made himself difficult for others to get close to him, and it was his way to protect himself. Hence, I won’t be surprised if Anthony wouldn’t like him either. However, Terry liked Albert first because he had saved him from the gangsters and secondly because Albert was older. Perhaps Terry even admired Albert, who knows? 😉
      Glad to know you agree with me that Candy’s three loves (three stages in her life) are all in this letter: fleeting love for Anthony and ardent love for Terry. When she wrote this letter, she was in love with her destined love, Albert, whose sweet voice always made her happy (just as you said, Antlay)! 😀

    • Tiffany on April 14, 2015 at 6:57 am
    • Reply

    Hi Ms. Puddle ,

    The part where Candy didn’t want to see Terry this way. At that point, Candy still had feeling for Terry and after seeing him being like that, she knew he were still suffering from the break up as well. Personally, I think if I broke up with someone in a mutual decision and still had feeling for each other, I would not want to see him being miserable and suffering like how Terry was. Also, they also promised each other that they have to be happy. Clearly, Terry didn’t really keep his promise when Candy is working her way to keep the promise. Also, Candy knew that Terry would not want Candy to see him in the terrible condition that he was in. I was having hard time trying to type my thoughts into world so I hope you get what I am trying to say XD

    About Candy’s decision of not going to see Terry’s play, I think that is also because she had moved on. Yes, Terry still has a special place in Candy’s heart. That’s why she kept the invitation in the jewelry box. The ticket is also a proof that Terry was able to stand on his feet and start everything again, which I think is also an indication of a new chapter for Terry’s life as well. I think Candy felt relieved when she knew how well Terry is doing but not want to see him. I really like Terry and I hope he can find a new love in his life as well.
    The meaning of the beginning part Candy’s letter to Anthony I think that Candy has learnt something from her love with both him and Terry.
    1.Yes, hardships happen in life, or love life especially in this case. It doesn’t mean that one can’t move on after that
    2.One can experience different types of love during their life time (how different Terry is with Anthony yet she fell for both of them). And from different types of love, you learn and grow from it
    3.Sometimes, despite of your love for each other, fate can be cruel sometimes. Yet we still have to move on
    And then she moved on to talk about our beloved Albert which mesmerizing blue eyes 😛 We all know what’s the meaning behind this.
    The rest of my thoughts are similar to you and the lovely followers of this blog so I wont repeat it again 😛

    1. Well said, Tiffany! May I quote your comment? 🙂

      Yes, it makes sense to me now! 😀 You’re absolutely right that neither Candy nor Terry wanted to see each other at that moment in Rockstown, when he hadn’t kept his promise to Candy or Susanna.

      Indeed, Candy had moved on in her life, and she had learned many lessons in her life, but she said she was happy when she wrote the unsent letter to Terry. Note that she didn’t yet know Albert was her prince around that time, but she said she was happy (probably by being content). She didn’t want to go back to her past by seeing Terry’s play. She’d rather congratulate him as a silent fan in a remote town. Also, I think she didn’t want to make herself appear in front of him so as not to bring up the past. Just as you said, Terry had moved on in his life as well, now a very successful actor. His dream had finally come true.

      Thanks again for your brilliant comment! 🙂

        • Tiffany on April 14, 2015 at 11:14 am
        • Reply

        For sure you can Ms Puddle 😛 I’m glad that you are trying to understand what I said cause I was having a hard time trying to explain myself XD And yes, there are some breakups where people genuinely only wish for the other’s happiness without showing up in person and that’s the kind break-up that Candy and Terry had.

        1. Don’t be too modest, Tiffany! I understood you no problem at all. Thanks for letting me quote you 😀

  1. All I have to say is : I knew it! lol …
    Is a marvelous news Ms Puddle..well in the bottom from my heart. Like a woman..
    So I say they are different things that convince us every one, from the first comments CCFS, was enough for me to Misuki describe an identical way to the manga, Candy ran into the arms of her lover to know it was Albert

    And Terry and blissful Shakespeare Library made me doubt, and that the death of Susana is so vague also has much because Misuki nor is complicated by the character of Terry.

    1. Dear Olenka, me too! I knew it… ha! LOL… 😉 Like you, when I first knew that the very last paragraph in CCFS is exactly the same as the manga ending, I already knew who Anohito was .
      I can’t agree more with this commenter, especially after I read parts of CCFS in Japanese.
      I feel the same… the hints for Terry like Shakespeare collection and Susanna’s death… are not convincing enough. Moreover, it was clear in CCFS that Candy had moved on in her life… with her Prince on the Hill! 🙂

    • Reeka on April 13, 2015 at 5:08 pm
    • Reply

    Thank you for sharing this fan’s opinion, my friend!

    That was I thought when I first read Bequi’s anohito analysis post and the comments for the post. I think I said it to Terryfans there in my comment that people must see the whole story in Candy’s eyes. Candy that Mizuki created was optimistic, cheerful, and never allowed herself drown in misery. So how could these Tfans suggested the idea that Candy remained single longing for Terry until Susanna’s death? Like she could predict Susanna would die so young!

    Come to think about it, I guess you are right my friend, that Mizuki might never intend CCFS to be ambiguous and puzzled. Did she ever mention it actually? I think it was just her style of writing because to be honest, what she did on CCFS was mostly repeating the manga.

    Recalling 1.5 years ago on how I started to revisit Candy Candy after so many years, I think I started it wrong. I was introduced to the battle between Terryfans and Albertfans first. From here I knew about CCFS and I was told that it was a puzzled novel! So I’ve had that on mind until now! We’ve been made to think there was a possibilty of Anohito was Terry, where actually there had never been so. That’s why we’ve been trying to analysis and find clues. Sigh.

    1. I can’t agree with you more, dear Reeka! It wasn’t whom the CC fans love, but whom Candy loved the most, from her perspectives!

      I honestly can’t imagine Candy waiting in misery for Terry indefinitely… As you said, how would she be able to know Susanna was going to die young?

      Besides, when Candy wrote that unsent letter, she had clearly got over Terry. That was indeed a goodbye letter — a closure of a chapter in her life.

      CCFS has some overlap with the manga, but Mizuki has made changes and introduced new additions. Yes, she did mention something like imagining Anohito as whoever you wish. That’s why people look for hints here and there to support their favorite heroes. Sigh… :'(

        • Reeka on April 13, 2015 at 6:34 pm
        • Reply

        Ms Puddle dear, .. so it is true that Mizuki herself let the readers find their own conclusion? 🙁 sigh. Not that it matters for us, though. I don’t know if I still hope someday she made it clear for once and for all because I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed. So I think the best thing is she left it like this, at least for some of us, CCFS is no longer ambiguous and puzzled.

        1. Yes, I believe so. Sigh. I must say I was very disappointed when I first heard that. 🙁

          Yet, after reading the spoilers and now parts of CCFS, I’m absolutely certain who Anohito is. Most hints are undeniably in Albert’s favor, don’t you think? 😉

      • Reeka on April 13, 2015 at 6:22 pm
      • Reply

      I was in the middle of typing my comment above when something came up and needed my care.

      About Candy’s letter to Anthony, after having read it again and again, I say that this letter was a perfect way to conclude the whole story. Mizuki was brilliant. I second you for everything you wrote about this letter, Ms Puddle. I too have the same opinion. There’s a strong statement Candy wrote about someone she met in London (Terry). “I have learnt there is a fate makes it impossible to see someone although the person is still alive”. For me, this says so much about her relationship and Terry.

      It looks like Candy couldn’t stop herself talking about Albert to Anthony in this letter, right? What a typical woman in love 🙂 . And Candy couldn’t tell her feeling to a better person than Anthony. What was among the last things Anthony had told Candy before falling down from the horse? Something about POTH, wasn’t it? That he thought he knew the prince. So in this letter, it’s like Candy saying “I know you knew him, Anthony!”.

      In this letter to Anthony, it’s like Candy closing the Terry chapter for good and welcoming the new chapter of her life with Albert. Terry once tried to make Candy forget Anthony, but apparently it was Albert with all his gentleness who made Candy have a peace with Anthony’s death. This letter was a product of it. She also sounded very optimistic here, just like Candy that we know. If I remember it correctly, she said something like “she was hopeful and looked forward to what Tomorrow would bring”.

      I think I’ve told you before about the scene in manga volume 2 where Anthony imagined his wedding with Candy. I’ve just taken a look at that page again recently. It’s like Mizuki’s premonition of Candy’s future! Matured Anthony looked pretty similar with Albert with short hair.


      1. Yes, Reeka, like you, i think the letter to Anthony is a perfect closure, showing Candy as a woman in love! I have a strong feeling Susanna was still alive when Candy made such a statement concerning fate, don’t you think? 😉

        I agree with you about Anthony being the best audience for Candy. Other than Albert, Anthony was the only one who knew about POTH, so it was only natural for Candy to bring this up to Anthony, telling him that she was now back to her first crush.

        Well said about Terry trying very hard to make Candy forget Anthony, but it was Albert who actually freed Candy from the anguish. She was ready for a new chapter in her life indeed, and she was positive about her future, ready for whatever would happen around the bend. 🙂

        You’re not the only one who said matured Anthony looked just like Albert. No surprise at all. After all, when Albert was Anthony’s age, they were like twins! 🙂

          • Reeka on April 14, 2015 at 12:51 am
          • Reply

          My friend,

          I had read your reply above once and I then busied myself with other things. Just now, I’m having my afternoon coffee and re-read this blogpost. Something hit me. Don’t you think this letter to Anthony sounded more like a diary post to Candy? It’s an unwritten letter, so we understand Candy had to have this urge to pour her feeling. She used to write her feeling to Terry in her diary, but she had it no more.

          As we believe, this letter occured sometime after Candy&Albert’s trip to Lakewood, where she had also given back her diary to Albert’s care.

          As usual, I’m really not good at writing down what’s on my head, but I know you understand what I mean. You’re used to my blabbering. 🙂

          1. Yes, Reeka, I think I understand what you mean because I have similar thoughts. 😛 In fact, I’m going to write something along this line in a new post! 🙂 Please be patient, my friend 🙂

        • Tiffany on April 14, 2015 at 7:04 am
        • Reply

        Hi Reeka ,

        I really like your notice of how old version of Anthony looks like Albert and its premonition meaning between Albert and Candy 😛

        Candy tells a lot of Albert to Anthony because of their relationship and Anthony’s knowledge of POTH. I think Anthony would feel really happy for Candy in heaven knowing how many hardships she had been through her life and finally able to reunite with her first crush, who is none other than his gentle and loving young uncle 🙂

        1. Exactly, Tiffany! I agree, and I do think Mizuki intentionally put this letter as the last in the epilogue just before Candy snapped herself back to her present when Anohito came home to her. Sigh…

            • Agnès on April 15, 2015 at 5:43 am
            • Reply

            I even think that Anthony should have prefered Albert over Terry, perhaps it s why Candy didn’t call him by his name because she knew that! I’m kidding! 😆

              • Ms Puddle on April 15, 2015 at 7:34 am

              Bonjour Agnès! You might be right that Anthony might prefer Albert, but I scratch my head why Candy didn’t use his name at all. She simply used Sonohito (because Anthony never met Terry or she referred to the person she was talking)…

            • Reeka on April 15, 2015 at 8:10 am
            • Reply

            My first thought was simply because Anthony had never known Terry, and they’re not related. More over, she seemed full of Albert :), a woman in love we’ve said it, so I think … Candy might feel slightly “indecent” to mention Terry’s name. You know, Terry’s name was like a dark cloud hanging over Albert’s head since he fell in love with her when she was in love with Terry.

            But now I think about it again, maybe she somehow had a feeling that Anthony wouldn’t like Terry, like his cousin Archie 🙂 And Stear, we can’t say he liked Terry, right? And Terry himself blatantly showed his dislike to Anthony, even he never met him. Can we imagine if these two people met? I don’t think they can like each other as friends. Hahahaha this is just my wild guess. A joke, like the one Agnes said.

              • Ms Puddle on April 15, 2015 at 8:23 am

              Reeka, it seems I’m playing some catch up game with you ladies 😆

              Not sure if Anthony would like Terry or not… But Terry is not ‘popular’ among his peers, so Anthony might not like him either. Don’t know.

              However, dear Reeka, you might be right that because of Albert Candy didn’t mention Terry’s name? Yet, for sure Candy was completely over Terry in this letter to Anthony. Though she said she would never see this person, she sounded very matter-of-fact… 😉

            • Tiffany on April 15, 2015 at 12:35 pm
            • Reply

            Hi ladies, this is quite an interesting topics so I am joining in. I think it’d be quite entertaining to imagine if Anthony and Terry actually meet in person, don’t you think? 😀 We would have a total different story here hahaha…
            Also, like most people when they mention their exes to someone else, I think they would say like “Oh, I was dating this guy ……..”. I don’t think they would mention their ex’name to someone that does not know of that person. 🙂

              • Ms Puddle on April 15, 2015 at 1:57 pm

              I wonder if Anthony hadn’t died in that horse accident, would they have moved across the ocean to study at St. Paul?
              This was Candy’s question in CCFS too… she then realized that Anthony’s death somehow brought her to Terry… Sigh.
              Yeah, Tiffany, what would have happened if Anthony and Terry met in person? If so, Candy and Anthony would still be a pair, and I don’t think Candy would have paid attention to the bad boy Terry… lol…
              You’re right about Candy not mentioning Terry’s name because Anthony didn’t even know him. Why bother? But it shows that Candy was truly over Terry. He belonged to her past.

  1. […] was not a sequel. It was the same story. In other words, she hadn’t changed her mind about Candy’s three loves in her life. […]

  2. […] Optimistic protagonist […]

  3. […] Optimistic protagonist […]

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