Oct 26 2015

Candy and Prince on the Hill (Part 5)

When writing Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), Mizuki mainly used the epistolary format for the second half of Volume 2 and the epilogue (filled with many letters to and from Candy). Therefore, to better understand the story, we need to rely on our knowledge of the manga version unless it’s clearly written otherwise in CCFS. Together with Candy’s retrospection, we can link pieces together from her various letters in CCFS to “re-construct” the Rockstown episode.

キャンディキャンディ第09巻095In the manga (see more details in Part 4), Candy longed to see Albert again, so much so that she went to an unknown place called Rockstown just because this was where his parcel came from. (Again, please read the manga strip from right to left, top to bottom. See the name “Ardlay” on the parcel? That’s why I chose this name for my fanfics. 😛 )

Candy probably asked Dr. Martin for a short break, which he likely let her have it right away. Thus, Candy took a train to Rockstown, wearing the spring coat that Albert had mailed to her. Not only that, she brought with her a portrait of Albert, not the poor one she had attempted herself, but the better one that Dr. Martin had drawn for her earlier. Then, as soon as she arrived at the tiny town, without finding a place to rest first, she went straight to the post office, carrying her suitcase and holding a portrait of Albert in her hand. Logically, at least one person in the post office must have seen him.

Don’t you think she couldn’t wait to track him down? 😉

Before I continue, I’d like to quote Vera’s comment first. Vera believed that Candy was upset during Albert’s absence not really because he had disappeared in her life. Candy should have expected that this would eventually take place one day, so Vera thought that Candy shed many tears and wanted to find Albert was because Candy had realized her strong feelings for him were not brotherly anymore. In other words, Candy was afraid of losing him because he didn’t know he was more than a big brother to Candy now. Vera, please let me know if I have understood you correctly. Thanks to Evelyn for her translation too!   ❤  ❤

Regardless of our interpretation, it’s undeniable that Candy couldn’t sleep well during those days, missing Albert a lot. At least that’s the case in the manga. 😉

How about CCFS? As I have mentioned before, unlike the manga, in CCFS Albert didn’t inform Candy of his recovery in his departure note. I don’t understand why Mizuki made this change, but Reeka figured Albert didn’t want to hurt Candy even more.  See her comment if you’re interested. 🙂

What we know is that on P. 239 of CCFS Vol 2, when Candy in her 30s spotted Albert’s portrait (the one drawn by Dr. Martin) in her damascene jewelry box, a smile naturally appeared on her face. She then recalled her own childish portrait, done for the purpose of finding Albert, who had suddenly disappeared. So far this is the same as described in the manga, but there’s something new. Candy continued to tell us what had happened to that childish drawing some time later, and I believe this is what made her smile from the heart. She said Granduncle William liked (desired) this particular drawing badly (which can also mean violently, severely, terribly, dreadfully, etc.).

Yes, indeed she wrote, ひどく気に入った.

This is not unlike English. Sometimes we use adjectives or adverbs with negative connotation for emphasis effect. For example, I miss her terribly or he wants it so badly, etc. Back to Candy’s case, she said Granduncle William liked her poor drawing badly, and he put it in his office for display. (To read my interpretation regarding this childish drawing, please go to my old post, Candy’s drawing of Albert. 🙂 ) We don’t know when exactly this happened, but from Candy’s recollection, she was told that George appraised her drawing with a serious face but in a colloquial tone, saying, “It’s a masterpiece beyond price, possibly…”

So George left his remark hanging in the air. I think Candy wasn’t there when this took place, and Albert probably related it to her afterwards. 😉 Anyway, I gather it was between George and his young boss. You see? George must have understood what this childish drawing was all about, don’t you agree? 😛 😉

Come to think of it, although Candy was able to smile about this whole incident at present, it wasn’t really a fond memory to her. She went on to describe her unhappy experience in the days after Albert’s disappearance. First, she hadn’t expected that he would vanish, and believing that he was still amnesiac, he wasn’t yet fully recovered in her standard (literally, she wrote that his physical condition isn’t perfect, 体調も万全ではない, using present tense). This is my interpretation, so please correct me if you think I’m wrong. 🙂

For this reason, Candy frantically tried to track his whereabouts in an aimless manner (あてのないまま必死で捜した). Aimless? Because she had no idea how or where to find him. In addition, she felt like her chest was crushed every day (CCFS Vol 2, P. 240): 押しつぶされそうだった每日ーーー。

That sounds pretty serious. Do you think Candy has exaggerated her anxiety? 🙄

She then remembered his sandwich proposal. Since she had been completely honest with him, being able to share her portion of the “sandwich” and holding nothing back, she was obviously upset that he didn’t tell her anything before leaving her for good. She wrote “What happened to him?” 身に何が起こったのだろう。

At the end of her recollection on P. 240, she said


I found this sentence difficult to translate word for word, so I have rephrased it to “How many nights did I spend, feeling anxious and restless…?” or “How many restless nights did I spend in anxiety…?”

Some people have brushed off the significance of this period, reasoning that Candy, being a kind soul, couldn’t sleep much because she was worrying about her sick brother. But come on… Even though Albert was amnesiac, he wasn’t the same vulnerable and helpless patient in “Room 0” anymore. He was a big guy, a grown-up who was more than capable to take care of himself. Why did Candy want to find him so desperately? What did she want when she did track him down? Ask him to come back to her? But really, why? 😮 In CCFS, Candy also went to Rockstown to look for Albert (she told Terry’s mother later in a letter that she was looking for a missing person who had helped her a lot). Although it’s not obvious why Candy went to that small town, we assume it was because of Albert’s parcel as explained in the manga.

Moreover, to worry about someone day after day? 😕 For how long? Weeks? Months? Not just a few days for sure… though in CCFS it doesn’t tell us how long this had lasted, we know Candy had lost count of the sleepless nights. In the manga, Albert left on a cold winter night, and Candy didn’t see him again until spring (possibly mid-spring when the flowers were blooming in Lakewood and ladies could wear short sleeves).

Compared to Daddy-Long-Legs, Judy Abbott hadn’t seen Master Jervie for at least two months. By the time she met her Daddy in New York, she was deeply in love with Master Jervie already. She just didn’t know they were the same person.

Similarly, Candy had developed inexplicably strong feelings for Albert during his absence and pined for him for a considerable time. When George instructed her to find her guardian in Lakewood, her heart was preoccupied by her ex-roommate, a vagabond missing in her life. She just didn’t know that he was actually her adoptive father, let alone her Prince on the Hill. I’ll elaborate more in Part 6. Thank you for reading till the end ❣ ❣ 😀


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    • Reeka on November 6, 2015 at 4:47 am
    • Reply

    Hello, my friend! 🙂 Here I am now …

    First, I have to agree with Vera. I can sense Candy’s regret for taking Albert for granted and having thought he would still be around for some time. She felt awfully miserable because she didn’t know when she could see him again. Yes, Albert had always appeared out of the blue, but this time, Albert was no longer just Albert her vagabond friend. Wasn’t he? She realised she had fallen in love with him for a while now .. that she regretted for wasting her time dealing with Terry issue.

    This is what I am thinking right now .. At this point, Candy wasn’t aware who Albert actually was. He was just a regular man she had known and been close for years. And I don’t think Candy was so naive. She must realise she was beautiful and many men had fallen on to her feet :). So what made her amnesiac friend different? She must have been aware that she might get a chance to win Albert’s heart. Moreover, she must have felt that Albert also cared so much for her to the point he shielded her from Tongo the lion. So yeah … she was upset for her own “stupidity” because now the man she loved was out there freely … and sure she knew she was not the only woman who found Albert was a handsome man with a kind heart. And being heart broken by Albert was terrible for her. Because he was usually the person who had consoled her.

    About Albert’s portrait. I agree with your interpretation, Ms Puddle. Although the memory of this picture was not a happy one, she could smile now because what happened afterward … years from that moment she lost Albert was something she fondly remembered. Not to mention it was a picture of her handsome husband which had been drawn beautifully by doctor Martin. I think you and I agree, my friend, that at the present time of CCFS, Albert was on business trip. So, she must have missed him a lot. Ahhh … I can even imagine how tender her smile must be when she saw that picture.

    Yes, ” the badly or terribly” part does speak volume! It showed how much Albert loved that picture. It was a story behind that poorly drawn picture that moved him terribly, I believe. And yes … let’s compare these two sentences. I love you so much – I love you badly. To me, the latter sounds more desperate, it’s more than so much … like you love someone so much it makes your heart hurts. I suppose that was how much Albert liked the drawing.

    🙂 Actually, how Candy could think Albert’s physical condition wasn’t perfect when he was the one who shielded her from Tongo ( God, I’ve mentioned Tongo twice here … and what crossing my mind right now is Candy Bert’s Tongo LOL). He also could climb that tall tree ( which Candy said she thought no one would be able to climb that high) to console Candy after Stear’s death. To me, it sounds like her excuse to search her frantically. She didn’t worry about him being incapable to live alone … it’s her losing him that worry her so much. That’s what I could think about.

    If someone could say that Candy was deeply in love with Terry that she dared to be a stowaway and going to America, what it makes her state at this time of losing Albert different then? What different is … when she had chased Terry, she knew where she was going and what she’s going to do there. This time with Albert, she didn’t know where to go … yet, she was desperately searching for him for weeks.

    Lastly, I am totally with you, my friend. I am not buying the idea that she was worrying him because she’s such a kind person and it’s normal she worried about her sick “brother”. Come on! It’s crystal clear in manga that even though Albert was still amnesiac, he’s very much capable for living alone without any help.

    1. Hello Reeka! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us! ❤

      Before reading Vera’s comment, I actually didn’t see things this way, but it also makes sense. What I know for sure though is that Candy missed Albert for some reason. The strong feelings are undeniable, and she wanted to look for him, which pushed her to draw a picture.

      In CCFS, she wrote that she had been looking for him frantically… Sounds like this was even more serious than the one shown in the manga. Don’t you think?

      Reeka, great minds think alike again, that Candy fell in love with the vagabond, not knowing who he really was. I was going to elaborate more on this in a new post. 😘

      About Tongo the lion (cough cough… I burst out laughing when I read that you mentioned Candy Bert’s Tongo… 😆 ), in CCFS it’s never mentioned, so probably Mizuki had omitted that heroic scene. Nevertheless, Albert was more than capable to take care of himself by then. The argument that Candy was a kind soul, looking for her sick ‘brother’, is not convincing enough, right? As Antlay and Candy Bert had pointed out, Albert was safe and sound when Candy received his parcel. As a friend, there’s no reason for her to worry so much anymore, but Candy said she felt that her chest was crushed every day… I wonder how long that lasted…😲

      Indeed the fact that Albert loved Candy’s poor drawing speaks volumes! Even George, who was normally reticent, teased it was a masterpiece beyond price with a casual tone. Because as you said, it was the story behind the drawing that captivated Albert’s heart and soul, and he was proud to show that off in his office, not his bedroom. To me, their relationship must have advanced to another stage by then. 😋

      Like you, I also can visualize the sweet smile 😄 that appeared on Candy’s face when she glanced at Albert’s portrait, drawn by Dr. Martin. It only makes sense that everything had turned out much better in the end, and Candy could smile at present even though she remembered those sleepless nights she had spent, worrying about a certain vagabond. 😍😘

        • Reeka on November 8, 2015 at 11:19 pm
        • Reply

        My dear Ms Puddle,

        I’ve come across an article ( from local blog) about the difference between To Fall in Love with Someone vs To (truly) Love Someone. I thought I shoud share some points here.

        1. To fall in love with someone makes you want to own that person. To make him/her belong to you. While to love someone truly means you are content just to be able to love him/her and see that person happy.

        Hmmm reminds us of someone pretty much, doesn’t it?

        2. To fall in love makes you like to ask/demand things … And to truly love someone mostly makes us like to give anythinh to that person.

        Again … remind us of a certain handsome blond man? 🙂

        3. Emotion. Fall in love tends to make people more emotional … Like more possesive, jealous. While truly loving usually brings people calm and stable emotion.

        A marvelous sense of security and a pair of outstretched arms when life is being cruel? 🙂

        4. To love someone couldn’t be pretended or exaggerated. You would out of the blue think about him/her.

        5. To love someone truly makes you accept and love yourself for who you really are.

        I don’t know but it reminds me of Albert. Throughout his life, he had not quite accepted his fate as a patriarch. He had spent his young age to run away from his destiny. Until he became amnesiac and living together with Candy.

        Well, that’s all. When I read this article, I smiled. Some particular points show clearly the different between Candy’s two love interests. 🙂

        1. This is so good, dear Reeka! I think you just provided what I wanted to say in a new post! Thank you, dear, and I will definitely quote this. 😍😘

    • Evelyn on November 5, 2015 at 5:45 am
    • Reply

    Great post, Ms Puddle! Sorry I’m late. Very interesting that you brought up the significance of this period when Albert suddenly left Candy without notice in both manga and CCFS. We know that Daddly-Long-Legs inspired Mizuki greatly when creating her own story of Candy. So, assuming that she copied a similar flow of events and emotions from the lead characters Judy Abbott and Master Jervie from DLL and transferred this plot to her own Candy story, the theory that she developed strong feeling or even realized that she had fallen in love with Albert is very logical. Furthermore, in CCFS, Mizuki omits Albert’s confession that by then he had recovered his memory leaving Candy to worry sick even more for Albert for months. She had enough time to ponder about her own feelings for Albert and in the process she could have realized that she was indeed in love with this man after all. Absence makes your heart grow fonder! If months went by without knowing Albert’s whereabouts, her love for him surely grew deeper. As Albert reveals the final 2 secrets one at a time but with enough time in between events to let them sink in to her heart, it just makes her fall more and more in love with him because he is everything she had been looking for all her life! Sigh!! 😉 ❤❤❤

    I am re-reading excerpts of the manga when Albert was admitted to Saint Jane (?) hospital, then after Albert decided to leave still confused and weak, Candy finds him and then offers to take care of him until his recovery. It is so interesting and touching that both Candy and Albert think to themselves that they feel at peace or at ease with each other! Sigh!! 🙂

    1. Hola Evelyn! 😍 You deserve a round of applause from all of us! Very well said, my dear. Bravo! Indeed, Albert was the man Candy had been looking for all her life. Her first love and kind guardian combined into one, which is not unlike Daddy-Long-Legs! 👏👏👏

      It’s so true that “absence makes your heart grow fonder” applies to Candy and Albert very well. They were meant for each other, and yes, I remember the scene in the park when Candy finally tracked down Albert the amnesiac patient, lost and weak. Absolutely brilliant point, my friend, that they both felt peace and at ease with each other. I’ll quote your comment in a new post, Evelyn. Thank you very much for your inputs! 💕❤😍

  1. Hello Ms Puddle

    Je partage vos idées ainsi que celles de Vera et de Candy Bert. La première fois que Candy a cherché désespérément Albert, c’est le jour où il a quitté l’hopital. Cette fois là, il était faible physiquement et il n’avait absolument pas le moral. On pouvait penser alors que Candy voulait l’aider à son tour pour le remercier pour toutes ces fois où lui-même était présent quand elle était au plus bas. Mais quand Albert la quitte la deuxième fois, il est bonne santé, il a retrouvé sa joie de vivre, et travaille. Elle n’a aucune raison de s’en faire pour lui, lui le solitaire qui avait l’habitude de partir sans lui dire au revoir les fois précédentes. Mais là, elle se précipite pour le retrouver, de la même façon qu’elle l’avait fait à Londres quand Terry était parti précipitamment pour New-York. Puis quand elle reçoit le colis de Rockstown, elle aurait pu penser que tout allait bien pour lui, que probablement il travaillait puisqu’il lui offre un manteau, mais à nouveau elle abondonne le docteur Martin à la hâte pour le retrouver avec les fameux portraits dessinés par le docteur lui-même. Sa réaction et les nuits sans dormir à pleurer dans le lit d’Albert comme dessinés dans le manga, prouvent qu’il lui manquait terriblement, que ses sentiments pour lui avaient évolués et que probablement elle souhait lui faire savoir.
    Tout au long de leurs correspondances, le dessin de Candy et Rockstown ne sont pas évoqués. Quand Candy a écrit sa dernière lettre à Albert et le fait qu’elle veuille lui rendre le journal, Albert à ce moment là était sûr des sentiments de Candy pour lui et par la suite il a été plus facile pour eux deux d’évoquer Terry et Rockstown. Il a dû vouloir récupérer le dessin alors pour l’afficher dans son bureau, une façon de penser à elle à chaque fois qu’il regardait son chef d’oeuvre.
    La citation qu’évoque Candy Bert s’applique effectivement bien à Candy.

    1. My sentiments exactly, dear Antlay! That Albert was not the helpless patient he used to be even though Candy assumed he hadn’t yet recovered his memory. Like you and Candy Bert, I agree that a parcel sent from Rockstown was essentially a reassurance from him. He was alive and doing well. He had probably got a new job and bought her a coat! At least he still remembered her, unlike Terry who hadn’t even tried to contact her.

      You’re absolutely right, that neither Albert nor Candy brought up Rockstown or her drawing in their correspondence to each other, and I agree with you, that they might talk about it after the return of Candy’s diary (a closure of a chapter in Candy’s life). Only after that Albert would decorate his office with Candy’s childish drawing, and she actually let him do that. Sigh…

      Now that you reminded me, Antlay, that Candy went to Rockstown just in hopes to find Albert there. She knew Terry was in New York, but she didn’t even think of moving to New York… isn’t this interesting? 😉

  2. Hello Ms Puddle!

    I particularly love this post! Rockstown is the turn of the story with a definitive goodbye to Terry.

    About Candy’s worries, I agree with you Ms Puddle, Albert was an adult capable of take himself in charge he also found a job when he lived in Magnolias, so she could be a little worried because of his well being but not in the way she was worried sick! No way! She wanted to see him, to feel his hugs because she terribly missed Albert, his absence was was unbearable. In addition, she knew Albert left with the idea that she was always in love with Terry and after she had realised she had strong feelings for Albert, it was unbearable that he didn’t know about the new nature of her feelings to him! So, she had to find him to say she wasn’t in love with Terry anymore and perhaps, “pushed in the corner”, she could be able to tell him she loves him, like she once had spontaneously told to Anthony. Only my two scents. 😀
    Perhaps, then she wondered the true meaning of the sandwich scene sharing, perhaps she found out that maybe Albert had deep feelings for her and she wanted to clear this.
    Anyway, by receiving this parcel and this gift from Albert could have reassured her because it was a hint that Albert was fine! So, why she tried to chase him so frantically? A typical attitude of a woman desperately and madly in love! 💗

    I finish with a French quote of Bussy-Rabutin that I have often use: « L’absence est à l’amour ce qu’est au feu, le vent , il éteint le petit et allume le grand. » that means “Absence is to love what wind is to fire, it extinguishes the small and revives the great”. 💓 That illustrates very well the feelings of Candy Don’t you think? 😉 💖

    1. Bonjour Candy Bert! 😘

      Oh, I love the quote you left at the end. 💖 Brilliant! I must use it in my next post, so thank you. It’s just perfect! 😍

      Indeed Rockstown is the turning point in the story, no matter how you look at it. Candy’s feelings for Terry had changed. She shed lots of tears, but it wasn’t because she wanted to return to him. She felt bad for him and sad that he couldn’t get over. This part is also slightly different in CCFS. I’ll see if I can dig up an old post about this.

      Totally agree with you, Candy Bert, that Candy wanted to find Albert so desperately indicates that she had fallen in love with him already. So you agree with Vera? That Candy wanted to let him know her feelings for him had evolved?

      The sandwich scene is very important, and like you, I think Candy realized the meaning behind Albert’s proposal to share everything, both joy and grief. Sigh…

  3. Great post as usual 🙂

    You know I haven’t read your recent posts because my laptop broke down, right now I’m using my husband’s computer.Anyway, let’s not forget that while she was at her apartment searching through the newspaper, she thought it would be a good idea to pretend she was sick, thinking that Albert would see it and return to her. This happened in the anime.

    Seems to me she wanted to see him again desperately.

    Have a good day Ms Puddle.

    1. Hello kittenandley! 😍 How are you these days? Feeling better? 😘

      Yes, even in the anime version, Candy was desperate… She wanted Albert to show up again. Too bad there’s no Rockstown incident in the anime… which I prefer much more than Terry coming to Chicago, drunk and depressed. It’s totally different when it was Candy herself who decided not to approach Terry at all. What do you think?

      Have a wonderful day too, kittenandley! ❤

    • Brenda on October 26, 2015 at 11:04 pm
    • Reply

    You are right Ms.Puddle! Please check it out this http://www.houseofnames.com/ardlay-family-crest. Very nice post!
    Hope to hear from you soon! Ps. I have just read it in the original manga.

    1. Thank you, Brenda!! 💕💟 I’ll add the link to my post. So Ardley is actually a variant of Ardlay! 😘😋

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