Nov 10 2015

Candy and Prince on the Hill (Part 7)

POTH dreamThanks again to my friend, the admin of the Facebook page, William Albert Andrew (el príncipe de la colina), for providing another idea. One of its photo albums showed this picture from the Artbook produced by Kyoko Mizuki & Yumiko Igarashi and published by Kodansha/Nakayoshi in 1978.

I believe the poem was written by Mizuki, titled “Dear Prince”, and it was about Candy’s dreaming of Prince on the Hill from time to time still. This time, she dreamed of her prince coming on a white boat to pick her up, but they encountered thick fog when the boat got near the shore. She became sad and woke up.  Candy wished that her dear prince would one day come to take her out for a boat ride.

For the complete translation of this poem, please click this page.

Note that this Artbook was published before the manga officially ended in March 1979. Those who are familiar with the manga version know that Albert actually took Candy for a ride on a white swan boat (one of Stear’s inventions) soon after Candy reunited with Albert in Lakewood (before she knew he was her prince). ❤ ❤ ❤ I wonder if Mizuki had this scene in mind already when she was writing the poem mentioned above. 😉 The difference this time was that when they were near the shore, the swan boat suddenly malfunctioned and got them both soaking wet. 😀 😛


This particular scene and the following scene to dry themselves in front of the fireplace show that Candy no longer cried for Stear and Terry. Not only that, she was genuinely happy for Terry to return to Broadway to start over (also back to Susanna). I won’t repeat myself here why Candy had evidently got over Terry already by then. 😉

Anyway, in the manga, after Candy discovered Albert was actually the great uncle who had adopted her, these two spent more than a day alone with each other amiably and happily, yet not without nostalgia. Even though Albert didn’t tell Candy why exactly he had kept his true identity a secret all these years, she seemed to be content just to have reunited with him.

For example, though he had vanished in her life quite some time ago on a winter night, she didn’t blame him whatsoever, nor did she tell him anything about how much she had missed him. In the manga strip shown here, Candy said ひさしぶり to Albert’s pet skunk, Pouppe, which means that it’s been a long time of not seeing each other (due to absence or separation). Note that Candy could say that to Pouppe but not to Albert. 😉 Moreover, neither of them mentioned anything about her trip to Rockstown, and she didn’t ask him about the parcel he had sent to her from that town.

Don’t you find this a bit odd? 🙄

I wonder if Mizuki intentionally kept all that unanswered. As my friend Antlay had pointed out, even in Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), we don’t see Candy or Albert mentioned Rockstown to each other. As Antlay said, it was a sensitive topic, and perhaps Albert had chosen to wait till he was ready to return the diary to Candy. What about Candy? I guess she couldn’t bring up Rockstown without being emotional, so she’d rather avoid it altogether.

In fact, in CCFS, Candy was seemingly angry at Albert for a long time ever since she had discovered his real identity in Lakewood. 😮

On P. 241, CCFS Vol 2, the moment all mysteries about Albert had been resolved, Candy felt quite frustrated, vexed, mortified, etc. She used the past tense of the verb, 悔しがる, which is a strong word, to describe herself. Not only that, she blamed him (責めた, another harsh word because it also means scold, reprove, criticize, etc.) with exasperation (indicated by the highlighted words below):

“Grrrrr, I was so worried that as a consequence, I felt I had completely aged!”

Smiling, Albert put on a serious look and told her that

“It’s just right that you look a bit more like a grown-up rather than being thought as my little sister…”

Having said that, he narrowed his eyes teasingly at her. Candy then concluded this scene by saying that Albert was really skillful at baffling her and changing the subject (煙に巻くのが、ほんとうにうまい。).

Although another friend of mine and I both agree that Albert and Candy seemed out of character in this scene, the above conversation is undeniably a solid proof that Albert was not a father figure to Candy. Despite being fully aware that he was her adoptive father and above all the powerful family patriarch, she didn’t show him her gratitude or respect. What a contrast to the equivalent scene in the manga! 🙄 😆

In short, he was her equal, someone whom she could say something harsh to. Though he teased her back, he accepted her outburst without retaliating. It isn’t clear in CCFS when exactly this exchange took place. Do you think this happened while they were still in Lakewood? Then what happened next? It’s not written in CCFS! Sigh… no boat ride no touring around Lakewood? 🙁 There’s no detail how Albert rescued Candy from the forced engagement either. We just know that the two of them didn’t hang around Lakewood together until many months later, when Albert drove Candy to Lakewood as her Prince on the Hill (CCFS epilogue). Which version do you prefer? 🙂 😀

Nonetheless, Candy’s anger had lasted for a period of time. Have you ever wondered why?

Yet, can you see the love behind her anger? 🙂 I’ll elaborate more in Part 8.



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    • Evelyn on November 17, 2015 at 9:25 pm
    • Reply

    Hi Ms Puddle! Hope you and all our other friends are doing well. Busy month so far…! I definitely want to agree with you that Candy, in the manga, besides asking Albert once why he never told her of his true identity, she never questioned him again on this and truly seemed to be content just to be by his side! 🙂 Not talking about Rockstown or the parcel received from Albert is a bit odd! But I guess at that moment all they wanted to do was to spend quality time with each other. Plus it seems that Candy and Albert have a way to know each other’s inner thoughts without saying too many words… sigh!!

    I love how Candy describes that she aged from worrying so much! This statement totally enhances the manga scene where you see Candy not sleeping from terribly missing Albert! And of course Albert with his sense of humor telling her that is “just right” that she looks a bit more like a grown up so people don’t think she is his little sister!! Wow. This is a key statement, don’t you think Ms Puddle?!? Why is Albert in favor of her looking a bit more mature so people do not think she is his little sister (as they lived before as brother and sister)…if he didn’t have any romantic feelings toward her? Did Candy narrate this scene from her memories or was this a letter she read in CCFS?

    You mention that in this conversation between Candy and Albert, they both were out of character. I think Candy for sure was because she never got angry at Albert in the manga but in this case I totally give it to Mizuki! Candy had to become angry or at the very least upset or resentful toward Albert because he did not take into consideration Candy’s feelings here, perhaps assuming that she still loved Terry and would go back to him!?! But regardless, Albert just disappeared from her life and if it wasn’t for Georges making this reunion possible, they may have never reconnected so naturally she was angry at him. Albert here seems like his usual self to me, openly joking with Candy 😀 but so clear communicating his feeling for her! This situation would have made Albert work harder to win her love and trust again, wouldn’t you think? 😉 And finally, I do think it is very possible that this exchange happened in Lakewood as a way to let him know that she missed him terribly!! Sigh! I think Mizuki expects us to use our knowledge from the manga to complete the missing parts in CCFS. She has to otherwise it doesn’t make sense or you couldn’t see then entire picture. She just changed some of the order of events.

    1. Hola Evelyn! ¿Como estas? 😊

      When I first read the manga, I expected either of them would bring up Rockstown or the parcel, but instead, Albert talked about Terry’s return to Broadway. I think Albert knew Candy had gone there but didn’t leave the small town with Terry after all. I agree with you though, that Albert and Candy could intuit each other’s thoughts. Sigh…

      Evelyn, the scene described in this post was part of Candy’s retrospection, following her description of the period when Albert had suddenly vanished in her life, as discussed in Part 6 (that Candy spent many sleepless nights).

      I like Albert’s retort to Candy’s accusations of making her age… Lol… If it happened another time. But I love the manga scene so much that this exchange seemed out of character to me. 😉 Yet, reading your comment now, I see that Candy and Albert might be bantering… Not unlike how Candy and Terry dealt with each other back in London.

      About Candy’s anger toward Albert, I will continue in a new post. I basically agree with you, my friend!

      Thanks again for reading this and commenting despite being very busy! Appreciate your thoughtfulness, Evelyn. See you around. 😍😘

        • Evelyn on November 18, 2015 at 12:15 pm
        • Reply

        Yes I also think that in this case, and possibly the only time, they may have been bantering a little. Specially Candy at Albert. After all, I feel it is only human of Candy to have this reaction toward Albert after what he did to her. Sigh!
        I also like the manga version, however I always thought that Candy was a bit passive and incredibly understanding to not even say a word to Albert after reuniting. But in CCFS she seems a bit more human explaining her feelings to the one she loves and cares about and how this entire experience affected her so that he knew what he put her through! I also like Albert’s retort…very smooth of him I must say 😀

        Very interesting point that you mention that instead of talking about Rockstown, Albert talked about Terry’s return to Broadway!! A very discrete way to touch on this incident! Thanks for your reply, my friend!! 😉

        1. Yes I agree with you Evelyn that Candy appeared more human in CCFS, that she showed her true emotions without fear. At her outburst however, he was able to dodge it by teasing her back. Like you, I feel that Albert let his guard down a bit by saying that it was just right that Candy looked more mature.

          Both of them were more human in a sense. Don’t you think? 😉

            • Evelyn on November 18, 2015 at 5:55 pm
            • Reply

            Yes I do agree Ms Puddle that both seemed more human in CCFS from the spoilers I’ve read and that you have shared with us!! I especially like Albert’s sensitive side in the epilogue as we read the letters to Candy from his POV. The manga was a bit rushed toward the end I feel… We can appreciate Candy’s emotional roller coaster when she re-discovered Albert but he seems quite controlled with his emotions. I’m sure he must have felt emotional as well in CCFS. Does it say?

              • Ms Puddle on November 18, 2015 at 8:04 pm

              Yes indeed, Evelyn. Even though the manga ending was beautiful it still seems rushed 😉

              I think Albert was caught completely off guard when Candy appeared out of nowhere, but he had time to compose himself in his armchair when she was talking on and on 😜😝

              In CCFS it’s mainly Candy’s POV, and to me Albert was most emotional when she blamed herself for being the major cause of Anthony’s death (during their Lakewood trip). Sigh 😳

            • Evelyn on November 19, 2015 at 10:32 am
            • Reply

            You are right, Ms Puddle! Albert did have time to compose himself while listening to Candy talk. Yes, CCFS is Candy’s POV but we do see for the first time Albert’s direct thoughts and feelings through his letter to Candy. I love that we see him struggling with his feelings toward Candy and how he pours his heart out to her! 🙂 So sweet!!

              • Ms Puddle on November 19, 2015 at 4:16 pm

              I can’t agree with you more, Evelyn!! Because we don’t get to read his mind in the manga… mostly his facial expressions and gestures except the time when he had the inner thought he wanted to make Candy happy. 💕

    • Patricia Mtz. O. on November 11, 2015 at 1:23 pm
    • Reply

    Muy buena reflexión sobre lo que pasó entre Candy y Albert….me gusta mucho a las conclusiones que has llegado, yo no entiendo muy bien porque en la serie no sale lo del bote de Stear ni cuando Albert salva a Candy del compromiso con Neal, (y es de mis escenas preferidas, Albert sale esplendido) definitivamente me gusta más el manga. Gracias por compartir tus opiniones con nosotros, cada vez me convenzo más que eran el uno para el otro. Gracias!!!

    1. Hola Patricia! 😊 Gracias por leer!

      Iguamente! I also prefer the manga version a lot! Their reunion in Lakewood was beautiful, touching and emotional! The engagement party was brilliant too, and Albert was the avenger! He not only rescued Candy from his stern aunt but also gave Neil a lesson! Albert’s there for Candy, and nobody would dare to bully her again. Sigh…

      Glad you like my post, mi amiga! ❤ Indeed, Albert and Candy were meant for each other!! 💕

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