Jan 30 2016

Granduncle William (!)

Uncle William and Candy Korean version

Granduncle William and Candy (Korean manga version)

The powerful patriarch in the Ardlays was always known as William A. Ardlay. Family members, including Sarah Lagan (I was told that it is officially “Lagan” in the Italian version), addressed him as Granduncle William or simply Granduncle. Candy was no exception even though she had known Albert as a friend for years. To her, the name William A. Ardlay was a solemn name. In her letter to Dr. Martin, she said this name was いかめしい. (CCFS Vol 2, p. 246)

Yet, I believe when Candy was alone with Albert, she treated him like an old man and often teased him as “Graaanndpa” (as discussed in Candy and Prince on the Hill (Part 8)). She justified her odd behavior in her letter to George that she wanted to pay back Albert. 😝😋

On the other hand, Candy had mentioned in various occasions that Albert actually looked younger than his age. Not only that, she had troubles accepting that Albert and Granduncle William as the same person. She said so herself in her letter to Archie (CCFS Vol 2, p. 257). Besides, she wrote to Archie that Albert, being the family head, had no time to talk much. I suppose she missed talking to him, so was it her complaint? 😅

Right after Albert’s important confession, Candy hadn’t been able to switch her mindset yet. She still addressed him as Granduncle William in her first letter after the shock. She found it hard to believe Albert was Prince on the Hill, let alone Granduncle William! 😆 She sounded as if Albert had split personality. 😲😂 (CCFS Vol 2, p. 286)

Nonetheless, as Albert continued to open up, writing long heartfelt letters to Candy, she began to change. In her last letter to him (CCFS Vol 2, pp. 317-322), she actually addressed him as “William Albert Ardlay, or alternatively, ちっちゃな (Little) Bert”.

Before I go on, I’ve got wonderful news. There is an unofficial English translation of CCFS prologue by locksleyu. Like I’ve always said, locksleyu also explained in another post that  あのひと (Anohito) simply means “that person”, which is gender neutral. Guess what? He mentioned if he does get to translate Anohito one day, he might consider “my darling”. 😍

I must say his idea is absolutely brilliant! 👏 If I have the liberty to translate ちっちゃな Bert, I’ll translate it to a more endearing name like “Cutie Bert” or “Sweetie Bert”. 😘 Do you have any better suggestion?

By the time Candy wrote this long letter to Cutie Bert, I suppose she had finally accepted Albert, her Prince on the Hill, as who he really was. He was the ultimate decision maker in the family, the heir with the absolute authority in the entire clan. For example, he was the one who selected a new family doctor. He was the man who had the final say whether Archie and Annie could marry each other, in spite of all the obstinate protests from his aunt and other relatives. Could any of them say no to him? 🙄 The answer is no, of course. 😀

Come to think of it. The man with such a dignified position actually gave Candy his permission to call him Cutie Bert. In the aforementioned letter, Candy promised this would be the last time she called Albert “Prince on the Hill” and “Granduncle William”. We know he had asked Candy not to call him prince in a letter, so I think he must have made another request during the day trip, and the reason was obvious. The name “Granduncle William” sounded so distant and formal. 😕 😆 On the other hand, Candy referred to him as Cutie Bert again and again, from the beginning to the end of her letter. 😝😜 Can you imagine their relationship by then? While the name Granduncle William inevitably evoked reverence and respect, Cutie Bert had the exact opposite effect… 😌 😏 Therefore, I have a feeling that when Candy signed this long letter with love and gratitude, she was ready to embrace the future with this young man. 👫

Now, back to Candy’s letter to Vincent Brown, she reminded Anthony’s father of their first encounter. They had met outside the chapel because she hadn’t had the privilege to attend the funeral. But things had definitely changed as discussed in my previous post. Candy wrote she had more opportunities these days to spend time in Chicago mansion, Lakewood and likely other places.

And what did Candy do during her stay? She chose to talk to Rosemary a lot. Why? 🤔 I think it was because Albert had always loved Rosemary. It’s only natural Candy liked Rosemary too. After all, Rosemary was Anthony’s beloved mother. The point is, Candy was comfortable enough to walk around Ardlay’s properties, possibly alone, taking her time to talk to Rosemary. 😘

What struck me though was why Candy signed this letter as Candice W. Ardlay. Many thanks to Reeka, Antlay, and Candy Bert for your marvelous comments / guesses to my previous post. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have the answer. 😛 😉 Yet, if Candy was engaged to Albert, it only makes sense that her adoption had been annulled, so she wouldn’t sign her name as “Miss Ardlay”, like she did to Sarah Lagan, Sister Gray, Eleanor Baker, etc.

Like Reeka, I also had the suspicion that Candy was already married, and she could put Vincent’s Christmas card on the mantelpiece. 🙂 It could also be the first Christmas as “Mrs. Ardlay”, but I couldn’t shake off the question why Candy referred Albert as “Granduncle William Albert” in this letter to Vincent.

Nonetheless, if I’m not mistaken, she’d never called Albert that before. She used to call him Granduncle William or simply Granduncle just like the others. Yet, I think Candy could combine Albert and Granduncle into one person, at long last. ❤ And we can tell from her writing that Candy was now close to this great man in the family, who continued to share his past stories with her (sharing his sandwich — his childhood). That is, he was ready to embrace his destiny together with Candy.

Because of him, her status had undoubtedly changed. Moreover, I believe Candy intentionally added the detail that Granduncle William Albert regarded Vincent with respect. It was like Candy was trying to tell Vincent that “I used to be an outsider, just like you, Mr. Brown. But not anymore. Hence, you’re most welcome to visit anytime you like.” 😉

Hence, one possible reason was that Candy named Albert as Granduncle William Albert to remind Vincent who was really in charge in the family. 🙄 🙂

Thus, my safe guess was that Candy’s engagement had been announced, and her adoption was in the process of being annulled. 😛 🙂 Does this make sense to you? 🙂

Last but not the least, in her 30s, Candy looked at the family picture taken during the opening party of the Lagan’s luxurious resort in Miami, Candy thought of Albert as Granduncle or Granduncle William with exclamation marks (CCFS Vol 2, p.199), just like the title of this post, as though she was surprised this was how how she had addressed him during that party. 😆

I figure this signifies that Candy had LONG stopped calling Albert (her husband) as such. What do you think? 🙄 I’ll continue to talk more about this family photo in a new post. Please stay tuned. Thanks for reading this lengthy post. Have a wonderful weekend! ❤ ❤ ❤



After publishing the post last night, my friend Yue 月 on Twitter showed me something extremely interesting today 😀

She got the Italian version of CCFS, and she took a picture of Candy’s letter to Vincent Brown as shown below, in which Candy wrote “trovarci”, which means “visit us” 😉

Yue 月 attempted to translate the Italian sentences to English for us:

“I heartily hope you visit us at Chicago’s residence and some day I’ll be very happy, in roses season, walk through Lakewood’s Roses Portal…”
Letter to Vincent Brown - Italian


I wasn’t entirely sure before because the Japanese wordings are somewhat ambiguous. Candy wrote お訪ねください (please visit), which might have several possible meanings (1) please visit (someone)… (2) please visit me… (3) please visit us… 😕 🙄

But now, given the text from the Italian version, it’s highly likely that Candy invited Vincent to visit her and Albert. So, what do you think? Does it mean it was Mrs. Ardlay who was writing this letter to Anthony’s father? 😀 🙂


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    • Quevivacandy on March 21, 2016 at 3:15 pm
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    Hello again,

    Now, my comment about Granduncle William, hehehe

    Yep, after she found out his true identity, she wanted to pay back Albert and sometimes she didn’t know how to address to him. She still has the same conflict in her last letter to Stear, when she told Stear that only with him she can share her happiness (about the engagement). Then she says “And what about me?”, so she tells Stear that were Granduncle William word’s speaking as Albert but right away, she knows they are the same person. But like you, I am pretty sure she doesn’t feel anymore that awkwardness after their trip to Lakewood, she was ready to embrace her future next to him.

    But, we still find ‘Granduncle William Albert’ in Vincent’s letter. You know what? The very first time I read this letter, I made plans to write in my fic that they were already married, lol, it is too reasonable to think that, specially from the way she signed that letter but then, the fact she talked about Albert as ‘Granduncle William Albert’ made me doubt, so you already know what I did, hehehe. And my little contribution, at least in the italian version, this is the only time in the whole novel that she only calls Albert as Granduncle William Albert. Like you, I guess she wanted to show to Vincent how close she was to Albert now but I still not quiet sure her reasons to call him like that. And yes, they were already engaged, lol… That is a fact! lol…

    And about the question mark, why do they use it in japanese? Sometimes I think it is out of context but if it is to show suprised, then I guess I have to re-read those lines… :p

    Oh my, while I was writing this, just found out that Yue already showed you the fact Candy wrote, VISIT US, hehehe but I still have my inner fights if she was already Mrs Ardlay, lol…

    Another contribution. Candy also signes as Candice W. Ardlay in CCFS in:

    1. letter to Sara Lagan
    2. letter to aunt Elroy regarding A&A engagement
    3. letter to Eleanor Baker

    1. My sentiments exactly, QuevivaCandy, that for a long time Candy had been having troubles accepting Albert and Granduncle William as the same person…

      This is a solid proof that Candy would never see Albert as her adoptive father! Her question to him later about this was to provoke him to confess more about his feelings to her… 😄😆

      Anyway, back to the reason why Candy addressed Albert as Granduncle William Albert, I think Granduncle William was mainly his title known to everyone in the entire clan. However, now that Candy was close to him, she adjusted the way she called him by adding familiarity. You see what I mean? 😃

      Regarding Candy’s status, it would be strange that she kept the name “Ardlay” if she was officially engaged. Her adoption should have been annulled? What do you think?

      Yes, in addition to those letters that you listed, Candy also signed as Candice White Ardlay to Sister Gray. She did that when writing letters to people she wasn’t close or familiar with. In other words, she was never close to Miss Eleanor Baker either (as some might have wished otherwise). 😅

      However, to Vincent Brown, it’s another story. Candy wasn’t close to him either, but unlike the other letters mentioned above, Candy’s tone was warm, upbeat and eager, and her wish to know him more was obvious.

      Then why did she sign as an Ardlay? It’s likely because now she was Mrs. Ardlay, possibly just recently married. 😍😘❤💗

    • Evelyn on February 25, 2016 at 12:47 pm
    • Reply

    Hello Ms Puddle! Great post ! I think there is great confusion when it comes to crediting C&A having a romantic interest and relationship with each other because of the formal and many times respectfull way she addresses Albert. The claim is that there is nothing romantic to them, however you must look at this in its entire context! She does call him little Bert which is an endearing name, same as her calling Terrus, Terry. It’s not any different! She was very excited and honored that she could call him this way! 😜 I love the progression of when Candy slowly forgives Albert for hiding his true entity from her. Mizuki has created a very realistic reaction for Candy to resent Albert for what he did! In turn he works hard to regain her trust. I also notice that Albert really tries to make himself be human and reachable to Candy by sharing his most intimate and personal life with her. The name Granduncle William A Ardlay is respected and feared by all and to Candy sounds so distant compared to the Albert she knows. Albert makes sure that Candy knows he is the same person she has always known and closes up the gap! This is the phase in their story where they break their barriers and become closer than ever. They declare to one another that they need each other which mean they also love each other!!! 😘♥️💞

    1. Well said, dear Evelyn! 😍

      Some Albert fans are kinda disturbed by the number of times Candy addressed him as Granduncle William. However, as you said, we have to read the story in its entire context. As explained in this post, we readers can see how Candy had gradually changed, from Granduncle William to Little Bert and from anger and frustration to love, intimacy and gratitude.

      Indeed Mizuki had made this transition period longer but more realistic for both Candy and Albert. Evelyn, you’re so right that he had to regain her trust so as to convince her that he was the same sensitive man she had always known. He was willing to open up, being more human and vulnerable, whereas before he had always been the one comforting her.

      I really like what you said near the end, my friend, that they both declared their need for each other. Yes, that means they loved each other. Sigh… 💕💓💖

  1. An affectionate greeting Ms. Puddle

    Estoy robándole un momento a la noche o más bien al día; principalmente para saludarle y felicitarle por tan interesantes post tanto el de Candy y el Príncipe de la Colina parte 9, como este del Tío abuelo William. Entre la familia, el trabajo y los estudios sobre todo que estoy enfocada en mi proyecto de investigación, aprovecho los pequeños lapsos de tiempo libre para seguir visitando su blog, aunque no me sea posible dejar un comentario. Pero en esta ocasión dejaremos a un lado la investigación filosófica y nos enfocaremos a comentar mi humilde punto de vista sobre este interesante post.
    En lo personal considero que a Candy le fue difícil aceptar a Albert como el Tío Abuelo William por lo que implicaba ser el tío abuelo; la carga de prestigio, responsabilidad y tradición familiar que implicaba este titulo. Y que era muy distante de la forma de ser libre, aventurera y afable de Albert a la cual Candy estaba más acostumbrada.

    Lamento en esta ocasión no concordar con la idea de Usted y Reeka de que Candy le realizo la invitación de visitar la residencia de Chicago al Sr. Vincent en calidad de esposa, porque si Candy estuviera ya casada la invitación seria más directa. Yo más bien me inclino a la posibilidad de que se encontraba ya comprometida con Albert, y esta invitación es más una solicitud de que no se aleje de la familia; porque también él forma parte de la familia, además Albert y la misma Candy le tienen una estima especial.

    Como siempre su fiel lectora y amiga Vera García.

    1. Hola Vera!! ¿Cómo estás? 😄

      So nice to hear from you again, and sounds like you’re a researcher, mi amiga! Good for you! Wish you all the best ❤💕

      I’m glad you like my latest posts concerning Candy and Granduncle William. You’re right, and as discussed in my posts, it’s understandable why Candy had difficulties accepting Albert as the powerful patriarch. Those who insist Albert was merely a father figure/big brother to Candy have intentionally turned a blind eye to Candy’s reluctance to his “grand title” and her ready acceptance to him being her prince in CCFS! 😌😝

      About Candy’s status when writing the letter to Vincent Brown, I think she was either in serious courtship or already married. If she was engaged, it’s odd that she signed as Candice W. Ardlay. You see what I mean? Their adoption should have been annuled; she shouldn’t use the Ardlay name until after the wedding, don’t you think?

      But anyway it doesn’t really matter. 😜 😊We can’t deny that Candy was confident and comfortable enough to invite Vincent to visit them (i.e. she and Albert) in Chicago or Lakewood. Remember, Vincent had always been an outsider in the family… I mean, Candy didn’t even mention Aunt Elroy, as though Candy had the rights to invite anyone she liked.

      Warmest regards, my friend! 😍😘

  2. Hello everyone!

    I’m so excited with your new post Ms Puddle, the informations shared by Yue and all your comments, Antlay and Reeka !!! 💙 😍💖💗💓

    About Gand Uncle William Albert, Candy maybe wanted to insist on the actuel Grand Uncle because Vincent Brown had knew another Gand Uncle William, Albert’s father who was William C. and I don’t know if he was always alive when Rosemary and Vincent had eloped to marry each other, but if he was, then he was against their marriage ; as patriarch he could have had the “last word” on the subject and he could have imposed his decision in the family! So perhaps Candy wanted to make the tittle of Gand Uncle somewhat less formal or made an opposition by adding Albert = the Grand Uncle William who welcomed him warmly!

    I agree with you, Vincent had probably met Candy only once before… her wedding 😉 so he had no reason to have sent her alone, a Christmas card, like you I think he sent to M. and Mrs Ardlay! 💑 😉

    1. Bonjour Candy Bert! Like you, I was so excited to read the excerpt from Yue’s CCFS Italian version. 💓💕❤ There’s no need to use our “detective” minds 🕵 to read what “visit us” actually means. 😌

      About Granduncle William Albert, you have good points there, but I’m not sure if Albert’s father was referred to as “Granduncle” as well. To Vincent, Rosemary’s father might simply be Sir William or something like that… I don’t know if Rosemary’s father had passed away or not when she had insisted on marrying Vincent Brown. In the old novel it seems Aunt Elroy was mad at her elopement as a result of all the oppositions… Her late father wasn’t mentioned, but I don’t have the old novel, so I don’t know 🙁 Besides, in CCFS the elopement part was omitted, so I think Mizuki had dropped that plot.

      No matter what, this letter is the only time Candy called Albert as Granduncle William Albert. Yet, her writing tells us that she was close to him, and he had continued sharing his memories with her.

      Vincent had met Candy during Stear’s funeral outside the chapel. You’re right, my friend, that Vincent might also have attended their wedding! 😍😘👰At any rate, it might be inappropriate if Vincent had sent anything to Candy alone. It would have been odd… 😝

  3. Bonjour Ms Puddle and Reeka

    C’est vraiment incroyable, merci à Yue ! 😀 “Nous rendre visite” c’est très explicite, cela ne peut pas être plus clair !
    Il y a un passage dans CCFS si je ne me trompe pas, où Candy dit en parlant d’Anohito, que grâce au Grand Oncle William il a été possible d’acheter le terrain de M. CARTWRIGHT, elle ne veut pas le laisser et Anohito désire plus que tout la présence de Candy. C’est à cette même période que Candy écrit à Archie, elle dit que M. CARTWRIGHT leur a vendu le terrain à un prix favorable, qu’Albert est très occupé, qu’il n’a pas beaucoup le temps pour parler avec elle. Alors je pense qu’Albert a demandé à Candy de se rapprocher de lui, cela ne peux pas être Terry, pas à cette période, Suzanne devait encore être en vie. Probablement que c’est à partir de cette période que Candy a commencé à se rendre fréquemment à Chicago ou à Lakewood. Ms Puddle, Archie était il déjà engagé quand il est parti faire ses études dans le Massachusetts ou pas ?

    1. My sentiments exactly, Antlay, that “visit us” can’t be more clear that Candy was writing this reply on behalf of Albert! As I said to Reeka, since when they had become “us”? This really makes me smile from ear to ear. 😀😁

      About your questions, I’ll answer you in a new post. Thanks, dear Antlay! 😍😘

    2. Sorry Antlay, I read your questions wrong. I believe Candy was talking about Anohito in present tense… Though she’d like to help Miss Pony and others, her husband wants her to be close to him, and she doesn’t want to leave him either.

      Back then, when Candy wrote to Archie in Massachusetts, I believe she hadn’t yet known that Albert was her prince. Whether Archie was already engaged or not is unclear. I just know that the war was already over around that time, and that Pony’s Home was being reconstructed. What do you think? 😄😘

      1. Ok, en lisant ce passage je ne pensais pas que c’était dans les années 30, je pensais que Candy résidait encore aux États Unis et qu’ensuite elle était partie en Angleterre avec son mari.
        Je suis d’accord avec vous quand au calendrier, je pense aussi que quand Candy écrit à Archie c’est avant qu’il se fiance avec Annie car comme vous l’avez dit il semble qu’il redoutait de se rendre à Lakewood avant la commémoration. Et ensuite il choisit Lakewood pour ses fiançailles ce qui prouve qu’il peut s’y rendre sans appréhension.
        Concernant la lettre, je suis d’accord avec vous, il semble qu’il s’agisse de la première lettre que Vincent envoi à Candy. Les obsèques d’Alistair ont eu lieu avant l’hiver, Vincent aurait pu envoyer sa lettre le Noël qui a suivi lorsque Candy résidait encore dans l’appartement des Magnolias, mais ce n’est pas le cas puisque Candy parle de l’Oncle William Albert. Alors pourquoi l’envoyer des années après ? De plus je ne pense pas qu’il avait l’adresse de la maison de Pony. Nul doute que Vincent adressait ses voeux de Noël au Patriarche et à son épouse 😀 Comme Reeka l’a souligné, Candy dans sa lettre semble sûr d’elle, confiante, on ressent une certaine maturité de sa part, nul doute qu’il s’agissait alors de Mme Ardray.😉

        1. Bonjour Antlay, Candy used present tense when she talked about Anohito not wanting her to leave his side and that she felt the same. Hence, I think though she wanted to help Miss Pony, she didn’t travel back to America. Does this make sense to you?

          About Archie, I’m not sure about his timeline. My guess is that the memorial service was held before the war was over, and that was possibly the first time Archie had gone back to Lakewood. Later, his engagement party also took place in Lakewood. But when exactly he had gone to Massachusetts I can’t pinpoint.

          Yet I have a feeling Albert’s confession happened after the engagement party. As you said, Candy’s letter to Stear about this engagement tells us that Candy felt the tension between Albert and his aunt mainly because of Candy herself. However, she didn’t seem to know anything about Albert being her prince. What do you think?

          Like you, I don’t think Vincent had the address to Pony’s Home, and really there was no reason why he sent her a Christmas card. Come to think of it. Back in that era, when propriety was so important, it seemed inappropriate for Vincent to send anything to a young, unmarried lady. I know there could be exceptions, of course… But who knows? 😝🤔

          Yes indeed Candy sounded happy and confident in her letter to Vincent. Thinking about Reeka’s comment, Candy might have been pregnant!!! That’s why she chose to talk to Rosemary a lot 😘😍

            • reeka on February 1, 2016 at 7:04 pm
            • Reply

            Well, being pregnant sound fit to me with the way Candy had used word “unhurriedly”. 😀

            I’ve been wondering what she had meant by that. I know we assume she was now freely wandering around the mansion, but why unhurriedly? 🙂 Being pregnant, she might have been forced to stay at home by Albert or Aunt Elroy. No volunteering at hospital. No all day charity activities. So she spent a lot of time idly at the mansion. How’s that? 🙂

              • Ms Puddle on February 1, 2016 at 7:34 pm

              That’s true… Lol… Who knows? 😀😝😄 For sure Candy had lots of time to wander around doing whatever she enjoyed in the mansion(s)… 😍

              This reminds me of your earlier comment… Perhaps Candy had really been to Scotland with Albert? 😘

            • reeka on February 2, 2016 at 8:09 am
            • Reply

            Well, if they had been married, I believe she would go to Scotland Villa eventually. I imagine once their engagement became official, the first business trip to England Albert had had , he would have tagged Candy along.

            Back to pregnant guess, if Candy was “just” living in mansion as a new matriarch, I still think the usage of unhurriedly was not quite suitable. Don’t you think she would be really busy learning about everything a matriarch should have mastered? And those invitations from relatives and friends of Ardleys who wanted to treat the new matriarch? Much more if the moment she wrote to Vincent actually she had been engaged and soon to be married. I don’t think unhurriedly would ever be in a bride to be’s dictionary. LOL — this post is full of fun guessing game!! 😀

              • Ms Puddle on February 2, 2016 at 5:24 pm

              Not so sure if they could travel together without a chaperone before getting married… Back then people were way more reserved and cautious 😌😝

              You’re right, Reeka, that Candy would have been terribly busy learning to be the lady of the house, before and after getting married. Just imagine Madam Elroy’s stern face… Lol… 😁😝 However, that doesn’t mean Candy didn’t have any free time to walk around. We just know that she had more opportunities recently to take her time to “talk to” Rosemary 😄😘

              Yes indeed this particular letter is full of clues for us to use our detective minds 😍

    • Anonymous on January 30, 2016 at 7:38 pm
    • Reply

    I have a doubt, candy has gave up to the last name Ardly when she studied nursing cause she doesent want anyelse of them??

    1. I have to check, but my memory tells me that Candy wanted to go her own path without any financial help from the Ardlays. She didn’t really give up the name, I believe. Then George wrote a letter to her while she was studying in Mary Jane on behalf of Granduncle William to give her this freedom, and in that letter they confirmed that Candy was still a member of the Ardlays. Hope this helps. 🙂

    • reeka on January 30, 2016 at 4:56 am
    • Reply

    I’ve read this post on my car ride on the way home, and I couldn’t be more impatient to reach home and sit in front of my computer to give this comment. I love guessing things, so let’s start. 😀

    At this stage, I’m sure more than ever that Candy’s life had been changed significantly when she wrote this letter to Vincent. Now we’re guessing … if we want to be more accurate, what was Candy’s status at that specific time.

    First clue that intrigued me, Vincent sending her a christmas card on that year. Why? Something must have led him sending it to Candy. Did he send it to Candy alone or Candy and family/spouse? Second, the mantlepiece as we had talked about. And third, she signed it Candice W. Ardley. I agree with you Ms Puddle, that Candy using Ardley name could be two options, either their engagement had been announced but her adoption hadn’t been officially revoked, OR they had been married.

    But Ms Puddle, you’re intrigued by the way she called Albert “Granduncle William Albert”. I myself am beyond intrigued. That I sense she used that name for the sake of propriety. It matched by the way she signed the letter with Candice W. Ardley. I’m not good at explaining, you know that, my friend. So I’ll be writing my crazy bet, hope you can figure it out.

    I’m guessing the christmas card was addressed to Mr and Mrs Ardley. And maybe it was Vincent’s first contact to her after so long as he often sailed away. Normally, a lady of the house would be the one writing a thank you reply for such greetings. For that reason, she had to reply it rather formally, despite her obvious enthusiasm on talking with Vincent. Now, about Granduncle William Albert. Because of the said reason, she had to address her husband by the name he was formally known in Ardley family. Granduncle it was. Why William Albert? I have two guesses. First, because Vincent was husband of Rosemary, who used to call Albert as Bert. So yeah, because it was Vincent, Candy combined the formality and the familiarity. My second guess may be making you smile at my craziness. Could it be possible at that time there were more than one William in the family? 😀 You bet, I am imagining a heir had been newly born, and that was the reason Vincent sent the christmas card. For that as well, Candy had said she had talked to Rosemary more often. And, for that reason too she had to be more detailed at addressing which William she was talking about. As we often imagine, the heir was most likely sharing the same name and look with Rosemary and Vincent’s son.

    Nonetheless, whether Candy was engaged, or married, or married with a newborn heir, it doesn’t really matter. More than ever, we are sure when writing this letter, she was in a serious relationship with her prince. 🙂

    1. Bravo Reeka! I must say I truly enjoyed reading your analyses and guesses, especially the one with a newborn heir! 😍😁

      You know what? My friend Yue 月 on Twitter gave me new info to share on my blog for this particular post, and you must read it. In short, Candy indeed invited Vincent to “visit us”!

      It does sound like Candy was already married to Albert, and that she invited Vincent as the lady of the house. It’s an eye-opener, isn’t it?

      For whatever reason, Vincent had sent Candy a card, and I have a feeling it was the first card he had ever sent to Candy. Think about it. Candy used to be Anthony’s girlfriend, so Vincent was like a father/uncle figure to Candy. It would be odd for Vincent to send her anything directly.

      However, if Candy was married, then it’s a totally different story. As you said, Reeka, that the card was sent to the couple, and Candy represented her husband to reply to the sender, inviting him to visit them at Chicago’s residence. 😝😜

      That’s why she mentioned Albert as though it was natural she was close to him… Interesting eh?

      About having a baby… I’m not sure, but it’s possible. 😋 However, Candy already used “Granduncle”, so there’s no need to clarify.

      In general, Candy’s tone in this letter was very polite and full of respect, which was very different from her letters to Albert. Those who insist Albert was a father-figure have to think again 😀😁

        • reeka on January 31, 2016 at 3:16 am
        • Reply

        Wowww! Thank you, Yue! True, Ms Puddle, this found really supports our feeling and thought that Candy was acting as Mrs. Ardley here 🙂 Yeah, I understand that it could be ambiguous in Japanese. Given the fact that both speakers know who they talk about, they tend not to put the subject/object in a sentence. Don’t they?

        Like you my friend, I’m certain that it was the first time Vincent wrote to Candy. Yeah they know each other and strongly connected by a person they loved so much. But for what reason did Vincent send her personally a christmas card, right? 🙂

        And yes, Ms Puddle, if we read closely, why ( as always) Candy had to mention Granduncle William Albert here on her reply? If Vincent sent the letter to Candy alone and she was living in Pony’s. It would funny, if not weird, if Candy talked about Albert if Vincent had not mentioned it at the first place. Right? And again, I agree with you that she replied him with respect and in very polite tone. I can’t describe the difference, but compared to her letters to Aunt Elroy, in term of politeness and respects, she sounded different here. Perhaps the aura of confidence?

        About the newborn heir … LOL I just wildly guessed there. I kept repeating “william albert … william albert …” It was as if there’s more than one William. But of course you’re right, with mentioning Granduncle, it would be very clear. I’m more inclined to believe Candy addressed Albert as such because she was talking to Vincent, husband of the late Rosemary, a very dear sister who used to called the patriarch Albert (Bert) rather than William.


        1. So true, “visit us” speaks volumes indeed, right Reeka? Since when Candy and Albert had become “us”? 😍 What’s more, sounds like Candy actually resided in the Chicago mansion already! 😀

          Yes, that Japanese phrase is particularly ambiguous mainly because there are three possible meanings 😋

          Yes, the more I think about it the more I think this is the first time Vincent Brown sent Candy anything, so that’s why she mentioned their first encounter (likely the only time)!

          I can’t agree with you more, that Vincent must have mentioned Albert in his card, so Candy also talked about Albert. The way she wrote seems it was only natural that she mentioned Albert as well.

          Yes indeed Candy was polite and full of respect, and yet she was confident and hanging around the mansions in Chicago and Lakewood was matter-of-fact. On the contrary, the way she had written to Madam Elroy, especially the one she had pleaded for Annie, Candy had written in quite a different tone… and she was seemingly afraid of offending the matriarch. 🤔

          To me, Candy named Albert as Granduncle William Albert was that she had accepted him as a whole… at long last. 😘😍

            • reeka on February 1, 2016 at 6:28 pm
            • Reply

            Can’t agree with you more, Ms Puddle, that Candy had accepted Albert as a whole. The patriarch, her prince, and her trusted best friend.

            I always think this end for Candy is immensely beautiful. That finally she had everything she had been denied for so long. Candy, despite being an orphan, she had never been lack of love. She got love of her mothers, her best friends. But she had never had someone who could truly protect her, who gave a sense of security. And as a girl, she had had loves, but they had been cruelly taken away from her. That’s why no one was more perfect to be Candy’s life partner than William Albert Ardley.

              • Ms Puddle on February 1, 2016 at 7:30 pm

              Very well said, Reeka, clap clap clap!!! 👏👏👏

              Candy no longer saw façades of WAA, but she finally loved him for who he was, after reading his letters and understanding the pain he had gone through due to his destiny.

              He needed her as much as she needed him. He had always been lonely, like a marionette in his own family, but Candy was the first one after Rosemary who accepted him as a person… Not because of his fortune nor name. Sigh… A beautiful ending indeed 💓💕❤

  4. Hello Ms Puddle

    Quel post incroyable, je l’adore ! 😍😀
    Je me rapelle que dans la version française du dessin animé, lorsque Candy découvre l’identité d’Albert à Lakewood, il lui explique que “L’Oncle William” n’est pas un degré de parenté mais un titre. Je supose donc que quand Candy évoque Albert dans ses lettres aux autres membres de la famille, elle se doit de l’appeler ainsi car ces derniers s’adressent à lui de cette façon. Les membres de la famille l’appellent “L’Oncle William” seule laTante Elroy fait exception à la règle en l’appelant William.
    Ce qui est incroyable c’est que comme vous l’avez évoqué, dans sa dernière lettre elle lui dit qu’elle ne l’appelera plus son “Prince de la Colline” ni “Oncle William”. Je pense qu’Albert devait trouver gênant qu’elle le considère comme un Prince, Albert était un homme simple bien qu’il soit à la tête d’une prestigieuse famille. Mais le fait qu’elle lui dise qu’elle ne l’appelera plus “Oncle William” signifierait qu’elle renonce à faire partie de la famille, qu’elle renonce à son adoption ! Sinon en public elle devrait continuer à l’appeler ainsi. Dans sa lettre elle commence par le Prince de la Colline, puis l’Oncle William, Albert et surtout elle termine en l’appelant Bert, ce qui prouve le degré d’intimité. 😀Je pense que c’était une façon subtile de lui dire qu’elle était prête à s’engager à ses côtés tout comme le fait qu’elle lui rende le journal !
    Une autre chose, en relisant la lettre mentale à Anthony, elle dit qu’il était Notre “Grand Oncle William”, pourquoi écrire cette phrase au passé, cela signifie-t-il que pour elle ce n’est plus le cas aujourd’hui ? 😉
    Je vous souhaite un bon week-end Ms Puddle et merci pour ce merveilleux post !😍❤💓💔💕💞💝

    1. Bonjour, Antlay! So glad you enjoyed reading this post. It’s taken me a while to gather enough facts in CCFS that show Candy’s gradual changes towards Albert himself and his destiny. 😍

      You’re right, my friend. I think Granduncle William is a title given to the patriarch all these years, so everyone in the family addressed a young man as such.

      I think Albert made a request to Candy… He no longer wanted to hear her calling him Granduncle. It’s clear that their relationship wasn’t “family”, and the fact she agreed not to call him that again means that she got his subtle hint. He’d rather be her “Little Bert” 😍😘

      My sentiments exactly, my friend, that Candy stopped calling him Granduncle essentially means that she’s not a part of the clan. The adoption was waived! Instead, she would start a new relationship with Albert, as his significant other! 💓❤

      However, in Candy’s mental letter to Anthony, I believe she wrote “Albert-san is indeed Granduncle William and was Rosemary’s brother” 💖

      You have a nice weekend too, Antlay! 💕💓❤

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