Jun 23 2016

Mayme Angel

My admin friend of the Facebook page, William Albert Andrew (el príncipe de la colina), sent me yet another interesting picture quite a while ago. I’ve almost forgotten about it. 😅 Anyway, it’s a drawing by Yumiko Igarashi for her own manga story Mayme (Maime) Angel. If you don’t remember her, she was the illustrator of Candy Candy manga. In her story, Mayme and her cousin, Alman, are in love with each other. ❤ ❤ Many people think they look so much like Albert and Candy. Don’t you agree? 😍 Not only that, this drawing reminds us so much of a famous scene near the end of Candy Candy. For your interest, you can read my other post, Old Candy Candy novel. 😀

Maimy Angel


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  1. JeannyJJ

    Ms. Puddle, you’re right! This does reminds me of one of the famous scene. I googled “Maimy Angel” and it turned out there are quite a lot of pictures and some of them do look like Candy and Albert! 🙂 But somehow, I feel like it’s a little bit of “Candy Candy” & “Georgie” combination. 😛 Just a thought.

    1. Ms Puddle

      Totally agree with you, JeannyJJ! Mayme and Alman look so adorable as a couple, but I don’t like Georgie unfortunately 😅

      1. JeannyJJ

        Same here, Candy Candy is one of the classic! 🙂

        1. Ms Puddle

          Yes, no offense to the Georgie fans 😉

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