Oct 15 2016

My coloring dedicated to chosen615

As promised in “The Diary” in Korean 일기장!!, I will choose a particular scene in the manga version of Candy Candy to color. Here it is for you, dear chosen615, 💖💝 for translating my story. I remember I was struck, just like Candy, when I first read this page in the manga, but for a different reason. My reaction was, “Wow, Albert is handsome… I didn’t know that…” 😀 😀

To me, this is one of the major turning points in the story, don’t you think? 😉 Hope you like my choice, and once again,  대단히 감사합니다 (Thank you very much)! ❤❤



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  1. mari

    It was my reaction too…

    1. Ms Puddle

      Really? 😉 That’s the power of Mizuki’s story telling and Igarashi’s drawing! ❤

      1. mari


  2. chosen615

    Oh my god I never expected this scene to be colored by you! Like you, this scene definitely realized me that Albert is a handsome guy. One of my favorite scenes. Haha
    Your coloring is awesome, thank you Ms Puddle♥ You know what? Yours is almost same as Korean version. 😀

    1. Ms Puddle

      Dear chosen615, 😍 so glad you like my choice, and this is definitely one of my favorites, and I often reread this part where Albert was at his weakest, so touching! I think the love seeds begin to sow here ❤

      Thank you for comparing my coloring to the Korean version, and that’s a big compliment! 💓

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