Nov 12 2016

Monologues (Neal 獨白 一)

It’s my great honor and pleasure to introduce Mina to you all. She has many ideas and imagination about the characters in Candy Candy, and I’ve invited her to join me here on my blog. I’m thrilled she accepted and gave me her permission to edit her works and publish them. 😍

Mina has been a Candy Candy fan for many years and has read the official Italian version of Candy Candy Final Story thoroughly. She’s more familiar with the anime version (TOEI Animation), but she knows the significant parts in the manga version. 😊

She writes in Chinese (for characters’ names, she mainly uses English). Mina’s original idea was to let me translate for her. Regrettably, I really don’t have much free time to translate her writings. 😂 Besides, her works are best in her own words, and I believe I have readers who can read Chinese. 😄😊 If you like, please leave a comment or two to encourage her to keep writing. 😘

Her first series is “Monologues” (獨白), starting with Neal. In short, it’s about Neal’s regrets of bullying Candy in the past and how embarrassed he was when the vagabond, Granduncle William, appeared in the forced Engagement Party to annul the engagement.

Who knows? If any of you is interested to do the translation, please let me know. 😍

Neal 獨白(一)
作者 Mina

地點:Lagan家族集團 邁阿密五星酒店開幕酒會活動


那個丟人現眼的訂婚宴搞的這麼盛大,還在所有Ardlay家族成員面前給我丟大臉….,更讓我一度瞧不起的那個流浪漢!竟然…突然他出現在我面前阻止我的訂婚計畫⁉ 他是什麼東西啊⁉ 沒想到更可怕更讓我顫抖的事情發生了!他…他竟然是大名鼎鼎從沒露面的Granduncle William⁉ 有沒有搞錯啊?傻眼了我!一陣鴉雀無聲之下,他以Ardlay最高領導人地位開口了,言情神態鎮定和態度威嚴地親口拒絕我和Candy的婚事!嚇死我不說,接著馬上整個宴會上的竊竊嘲笑聲傳來,讓我糗大了……!


然後我突然看到Archie先是吃驚的說不出話,手指著他們的好友-流浪漢即是Granduncle William驚訝不已的表情,然後又指向我笑到噴淚的樣子和誇張的模樣,我簡直氣到快腦溢血了!吼!!到現在我想到此還是會氣到臉紅脖子粗呢,很想躲進地洞裡…..,當時的我不顧一切往外跑,還真想一頭撞死算了⋯⋯丟死人了!還好母親和妹妹攔阻我和安慰我,要我去邁阿密渡假整理心情,那裡有多著比Candy還迷人的女人呢,要我不要太執著她一個人,當時我還信以為真⋯⋯,開心著想像有一天再交一個大美人給你們瞧瞧!哈!



我真是笨得像頭豬! 😭😭😭😭😭


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    • Martha Cervantes Quiroga on November 14, 2016 at 3:17 pm
    • Reply

    Congratulations Mina!
    I had to use the translator. Very interesting story.
    Thanks Ms, Puddle for inviting Mina.

    1. !Muchas gracias por leer, Martha!! 😍
      So glad you like it too. Mina will be happy 😘

    • Mina Ferarri on November 13, 2016 at 10:32 am
    • Reply

    😂😂😂He will be a prince 👑!!

    1. Lol… Mina 😅

    • JeannyJJ on November 13, 2016 at 12:40 am
    • Reply

    Reading in Chinese is much faster for me, but I think it’s because it’s a short story. 😉
    Very interesting. I would love to read more of Mina’s work, Ms Puddle.💕

    1. Glad to know you understand Chinese, JeannyJJ! 😍 Yes, Mina likes writing mini chapters, not only about Neal. I’ll upload more later 😁😀

        • JeannyJJ on November 13, 2016 at 10:54 pm
        • Reply

        👏👏👏 Yea! I can’t wait.😉

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