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A Man in Love – Chapter 20

If I’m not mistaken, this is Candy’s birthday today! I’ve been incredibly busy lately, but I’m so glad I made it today. Without further ado, here is the new chapter. Hope you like it!

— Ms Puddle

Chapter 20

“Ladies and Gentlemen, including the friends of my beautiful wife, you are all about to witness a unique event in history. The very first time I’m going to make a groom speech.”

The audience bursts out laughing. The most handsome man in the grand dining hall smilingly wait for the laughters to subside before he continues, “Of course, it’s a privilege and an honour to do so. It gives me an opportunity to formally express my gratitude to some of you. Hence, for your information, there will be plenty of toasts over the next ten minutes, and please make sure your glasses are filled.

First and foremost, it’s heartwarming to see many of our relatives and friends here today to celebrate this special day of our lives with us. I know that plenty of you have travelled a long distance to come to Lakewood, which means a lot to us…”

As I’m listening​, I suddenly remember the time when Master William believed Miss Candice was leaving him out of anger. She would leave Chicago for good and return to Pony’s Home.

“Georges, Candy didn’t let me give her a ride, not even to the train station. She kept using the same excuse, that a president of a huge business enterprise like William A. Ardlay should not waste time on trivial matters like this.”

“What she said was not entirely incorrect, sir, but-”

Before I could finish, he cut me off, sounding even more exasperated, “Trust me, she’s still angry, even after I’ve asked her for forgiveness again and again!”

I could only nod my head as my acknowledgement. Miss Candice was truly grateful that Master William had come to her rescue and easily annulled the forced engagement for her. He had openly rebuked his aunt for mistreating Miss Candice, and at last the matriarch had found out from Master Neal who the mysterious lady friend was. The orphan girl whom the matriarch had despised all these years had saved her dear nephew’s life. Not only that, I could see regrets flash across her wrinkled face. She probably could draw an obvious conclusion from what she had known. After all, the matriarch had used her influence to fire the nurse due to her misconduct; she had been secretly cohabitating with a male patient.

Since that day, the matriarch’s attitude towards the girl had softened. What’s more, the Lagans had decided to relocate to Florida. While it looked like the main opposition was gone, neither Master William nor Miss Candice mentioned anything about the girl moving in to the Chicago mansion. She continued living in the apartment. Then, one day she had shown up and informed my master of her decision to help her foster mothers raising orphans.

However, Master William managed to persuade her to keep in touch. That was when they began writing letters to each other. Many things had happened since then, but Master William tried his best to keep her posted. At any rate, Miss Candice didn’t turn down the invitation to join the special family gatherings, like the memorial service for Master Alistair and the engagement party of Master Archibald and Miss Annie. Concerning this latter event, Miss Candice was fully aware of the objections and how the young patriarch used his authority to grant the couple their wish.

As a matter of fact, Miss Candice gladly accepted the gowns Master William prepared for her for these events, and she even had her first dance with him during the engagement party in Lakewood. That day, she kept admiring how beautiful Miss Annie looked, but was she aware that she was just as charming?

Nevertheless, Master William sadly deemed his friendship with Miss Candice practically over. Gone was the girl who cared about his well-being, and she didn’t talk to him like she used to. He could tell that she deliberately kept a good distance from him even when they met, addressing him as Granduncle William like everyone else. What’s more, when there was nobody around, she would tease him by calling​ him “Graaandpa!” He was upset and troubled about it, and she knew.

As a result, Master William rarely talked about her when I was with him, but he refused to give her up. I knew he persistently wrote to her, and she replied to all his letters. Truth be told, I hardly understood anything about women, but I suspected that there was more to it than met the eye. Maybe she had difficulties accepting her friend ‘Albert’, whom she had pined for, as the mighty patriarch? Was it possible she concealed her real feelings behind a mask of anger?

The turning point came when we attended the opening party of a grand resort in Miami, Florida. The Lagans invited the Ardlays, but Madam Elroy was not well, and Master Archibald had some last minute excuse of not going. Interestingly, Miss Candice was willing to travel the long distance with us, and during the trip, I gave them privacy rather than acting like her chaperone. Hence, they had more chances to spend some quality time together.

Near the end of the opening party, Madam Sarah surprisingly gave a brief speech to the guests, mainly to clear Miss Candice’s name and testify that it had been a misunderstanding that the girl was a thief. Later, Miss Candice found out from Madam Sarah that it had been a direct order from Granduncle William. Not to mention that prior to this trip, Master William had purchased the land from Mr. Cartwright and sought approval from Miss Pony and Sister Lane to contract some skillful workers to reconstruct the Pony’s Home. Together with the new clinic he had dedicated to Dr. Martin, the kids would enjoy better conditions and facilities while they resided in the orphanage.

This was way more than what Miss Candice had ever dreamed of. It was like God sent Master William as an answer to her prayers. Needless to say, she was immensely moved, because he actually remembered the stories she had told him back in the House of Magnolia; from now on, her foster mothers could raise the orphans without being burdened by the financial problems year after year.

The night after the opening party, Master William sensed that he was on the verge of an important breakthrough with Miss Candice, so he chose to accompany her all the way back to Pony’s Home. This time she happily accepted his kind offer; but I informed my master that I wasn’t feeling well, so I opted out and returned to Chicago myself. The day we left Miami I suffered high body temperature because of the flu, but what really touched me was that I got a telegram from the boss when I arrived home. He didn’t hide his concerns​, and he planned to spend some time in the orphanage then go to Lakewood to rest before coming back.

Roughly a week later, I received a very long letter from Miss Candice. She had learned from Master William that I was recovering, and he had also related to her about my past and the kindness my benefactor had bestowed upon me. She said he had talked with moisture in his eyes. Though I was surprised that Master William had told her about my childhood, relief washed over me at the same time. Miss Candice sounded elated in her writing; even when she talked about Master William, she was lighthearted, using bantering tone. She then explained why she had intentionally treated him like an old man sometimes. Her reason? It was time she paid him back.

In her letter she expressed her gratitude for my disobedient act by leading her to Granduncle William in Lakewood and believed she hadn’t properly thanked me yet. A smile crept into my face as it all sank in. This letter, though addressed to me, was mostly about Master William or her previous conversations with him. Had they been alone then? They couldn’t possibly talk about any of this when surrounded by other people.

I sincerely hoped that Master William would finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. That Miss Candice and he were back on good terms and could talk to each other like real friends did. Or even better, in her eyes he was her equal again.

I finished reading the letter with tears burning the back of my eyes. Miss Candice wrote that the young heir had regarded me as trustworthy and his most reliable friend, so he was able to tell me everything. I considered myself blessed to be called his friend.

Yet, I wondered​ if it had ever crossed Miss Candice’s mind that I might know the intrinsic nature of her relationship with ‘Albert’, or she had made a trip to a remote town just because she had received a parcel from that place under his name. She had missed him, no doubt, just like the man himself. He just hadn’t let it show.

It was around this time Master William began working regular hours every day, and he tried his best not to work overtime like he used to. For example, he appointed me to attend most social gatherings on his behalf, especially those in the evenings or weekends. It was not until later that he revealed to me that he had a deadline in early May. He wanted to give Miss Candice more than one birthday present on her special day, but he was inevitably running out of time. Therefore, he assigned a tough task to me — to begin the search for the two horses that the Lagans had previously owned​. He said, “I remember Candy thought about them sometimes. She knew they had been sold to different households, which she found unacceptable. I’m​ in agreement​ with her, so it’s time to bring them back under the same roof.”

As if he was unaware of his tight schedule, he was personally renovating one of the better bedrooms on the top floor, a room that was not far away from his. Talking about that, he had officially moved into the luxurious master bedroom of the mansion. He had once related to me that the anteroom itself was almost twice as big as the apartment he had shared with Miss Candice. Together with his bedroom, he joked that it was more than capable to house a family of ten.

I let my glance wander around the spacious bedroom that he had prepared for Miss Candice as a surprise gift. The color he had chosen was a pleasant green color. “Peppermint green,” he corrected me with pride. It had taken him some time to find this peculiar shade of green.

“Do you need help, sir?” I asked because the room was basically empty.

“Most definitely,” he admitted with a sheepish smile. “I have underestimated the tasks.”

He had the designs of some wooden furniture sketched, but he hadn’t yet started working on it. “I wish I could have thirty-six hours a day.”

Thus, I hired two carpenters to assist him in assembling wooden furniture. It was impossible this project could escape his aunt’s attention, and Master William wasn’t going to lie about what essentially motivated him either. When she discovered her nephew’s intentions to please Miss Candice, she remained silent and impassive. We were uncertain how she felt about her nephew’s​ actions, but at least she didn’t express her disapproval or do anything to discourage or hinder him. Frankly, he was a grown-up, no longer a minor under her guardianship. He had the freedom to choose how he wished to spend his spare time.

More than two months had elapsed since then, and on a Sunday morning I got an unexpected visitor. Master William had worked till very late last night wrapping up the quarterly reports for an important meeting this coming week. “I’m heading to Pony’s Home right now and plan to stay as long as necessary. I’ll​ likely spend a night at the Lakewood villa because it might be too late to drive back to Chicago.”

Yet his recent efforts​ in working so hard had taken its toll on him, and I said, “Sir, pardon me for being outspoken. You look exhausted, which will worry Miss Candice.”

He opened his mouth for one long second but no words came forth. Then I added, “Even a warrior needs to rest.”

He relented and gave me the permission to be his chauffeur. I also promised​ I’d stay away and not disturb him and Miss Candice until much later during the day. Then he let himself doze off, sleeping like a baby, over the next few hours. He probably didn’t realize how he had pushed himself to his limits, working on the grueling project of furnishing the green bedroom, which was presentable at long last, I was told.

Regrettably, it turned out I was the one who ruined Master William’s day. Since I had nothing to do, when I wandered around the small village, I realized I forgot to inform my housekeeper that I would likely stay in Lakewood tonight. Therefore, I sent a telegram back home, informing her. While waiting for her acknowledgement, I got a telegram from the chief financial officer. Something urgent happened in our London office, which required Mr. President’s​ signature to proceed.

As if I didn’t feel bad enough that I had to interrupt the two young people, Miss Candice’s longing eyes and tear stained cheeks made me feel worse. I had no clue what had taken place between the two, all I knew was that when they came down the hill together, the girl’s facial expression was nearly indescribable; it was a mixture of desire, admiration and disbelief.

Even Master William looked highly emotional. His brow furrowed further when I explained to him why we had to leave immediately, and Miss Candice simply stood there in a daze, like someone who just woke up from sweet dreams, unsure where she was or what was going on around her. When I apologized to her, she glanced at me with a strained smile, but in a split second she shifted her focus back to the man right beside her, as though she was mesmerized and couldn’t take her eyes off him. If I wasn’t mistaken, despite living so far away, she hadn’t stopped loving him, but her feelings for him were palpable today, for unknown reasons. Just then, her curls danced at the sudden breeze, some strands of her hair stuck on her damp cheeks. Master William reached out to wipe the wetness off her face, ruefully promising he would make this up by writing to her. She attempted an understanding smile, her intense gaze fixed on him. As he got into the car, he waved her goodbye; she responded by breathing out a soft sigh, a look of yearning lingering on her features. It was the first time I witnessed their tenderness towards each other, and it seemed so natural.

On the way back, I heard a tinkling sound, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw something shine. “What is in your hand, sir?”

“It’s my long-lost badge,” he answered, his fingers fumbling with the bell. “As expected, Candy still has it with her like a treasure, just like our good ol’days in the apartment.”

“Did you recognize it then?”

“I didn’t…” he chuckled. “… until after my memory came back to me. By then, I’d heard of this story countless times already, and only then I realized the mysterious boy was actually my teenage self.”

I cast him a fleeting glance. Wait a minute. Why was he blushing? Then, out of the blue, the smile on his face grew into a grin, and he abruptly turned sideways, avoiding my stare. Then, something dawned on me. The badge must have been precious to her, and the fact she had told her roommate about the teenager again and again meant that she hadn’t forgotten about the Scottish boy. He must be somewhat special to Miss Candice, although I probably wouldn’t find out why.

“Sir, did you confess who you were today?” I couldn’t help it.

He hesitated a bit, but he took a deep breath and said, “Yes… and I expected her to ask me tonnes of questions, so…”

As his voice trailed off, I uttered, “Sorry, sir. It’s my fault.”

“It’s alright, Georges… it’s funny how history repeats itself. Back then, I disappeared from her vision because I saw you. Today, also because of you, I had to leave her again, but at least she knows who I am and where to find me. She told me before she had a feeling that as long as she kept the badge with her, the boy would come back to her one day. As a matter of fact, I plan to present it to her as my gift later; I want it to be something I willingly give to her rather than something I lost unconsciously.”

“It Is You (I Have Loved)” by Dana Glover

There is something that I see
In the way you look at me
There’s a smile, there’s a truth in your eyes

But an unexpected way
On this unexpected day
Could it mean this is where I belong
It is you I have loved all along

It’s no more mystery
It is finally clear to me
You’re the home my heart searched for so long
And it is you I have loved all along

There were times I ran to hide
Afraid to show the other side
Alone in the night without you

But now I know just who you are
And I know you hold my heart
Finally this is where I belong
It is you I have loved all along

It’s no more mystery
It is finally clear to me
You’re the home my heart searched for so long
And it is you I have loved all along

Over and over
I’m filled with emotion
Your love, it rushes through my veins

And I am filled
With the sweetest devotion
As I, I look into your perfect face

It’s no more mystery
It is finally clear to me
You’re the home my heart searched for so long
And it is you I have loved
It is you I have loved
It is you I have loved all along

The roaring laughter of the audience jolts me back to the present. Right, the groom is speaking; I should really pay attention to him, just in case he mentions my name when he’s done, because it’s my turn to give a speech next. If I can have a choice, the last thing I want is to be under the spotlight. I told him I didn’t want to be his best man, but he was serious when he asked me. After turning him down twice, he insisted I was his only candidate. “Other than my fiancée, nobody else knows me better than you do, Georges.”

My mind drifts off to the day when Master William decided to take two days off from work, driving to Lakewood himself. “I’ll visit Candy, and I’ll spend an entire day with her.”

“True, you were too preoccupied with work even when she came to Chicago for her birthday with everyone from the orphanage.” He acknowledged with a bitter smile.

She appreciated all the presents wholeheartedly, the products of his sweat and tears, and she could scarcely believe her eyes when she saw the horses in the yard, but I believed she’d rather have Master William by her side instead of seeing him leave in the middle of the party.

“So, this time I won’t let you come with me, Georges. Don’t expect me to contact anyone either.”

Having said that, he threw his head back and guffawed. He was in such a wonderful mood. After all, we just returned from São Paulo in Brazil, and we had signed a handful of business agreements or contracts. We considered this business trip successful, and Madam Elroy was quite pleased that we had discovered new business prospects in South America.

Master William then asked me about where I had stored his personal belongings, the items he had left in Africa before his disappearance. “The box is actually in my storage, sir. You are welcome to drop by my house anytime.”

“Sounds good. I just want to find Candy’s diary, the one she told me to read in order to understand why she had decided to leave St. Paul’s Academy.”

About two weeks later, he came to my office before leaving for the day. “I want to take another day off tomorrow, Georges. Can you reschedule my appointments to this Friday?”

After checking his timetable, I uttered, “It should be alright, sir, but why, may I ask?”

Embarrassment filled his face as he murmured, “I can’t wait to see her. I’ll drive to Lakewood tonight first, so I’ll catch her in the morning before she goes to Happy Martin Clinic.”

I detected the urgency in his tone, so I reassured, “I understand. You need not worry. Sir, if so happen that you want a longer break, just let me know.”

He heaved a sigh of relief, and he left after giving me a pat on the shoulder.

As expected, he didn’t return to work until two days later, but he behaved like a different man. He was in such high spirits, even whistling at times. In the afternoon, when I went to his office to hand in my reports, I noticed something new hanging on the wall right behind his executive desk. It was a childish drawing of a man. I wondered if a kid at Pony’s Home had drawn him this, but I couldn’t see why he would put it up in his office. It was nicely framed too.

He must have seen through my thoughts, and he answered my unspoken question, “It’s from Candy.”

This caught me off guard. “Miss Candice drew you this, sir?”

He considered for a moment before he replied, “Yes and no.”

Then he related to me why she had drawn this. During his absence in the apartment, she had missed him so much that she had been thinking of how to find him.

“But,” I began and yet I shut my mouth at once.

“Go ahead and say it, Georges,” he uttered in a calming tone, his lips forming an amusement smile.

I carefully chose my words before I spoke up, “Did she use this portrait when she went to Rockstown?”

A chuckle escaped his throat when he shook his head. “Dr. Martin drew her another one, and she used that instead for searching. Yesterday I finally got to see both drawings. I really didn’t know the doctor was an artist.”

“I see. Congratulations, sir.”

What I said stupefied him for a long moment. “Why?”

“It means you two could broach the subject of Rockstown at long last.” I could effortlessly envision the flabbergasted moment when he had discovered the truth from her mouth.

He laughed, clearly delighted. “True… it’s true. We have completely avoided the topic until yesterday, when we talked about her old diary.”

Then I approached the picture on the wall. After examining it for five seconds, I appraised, “This is indeed a masterpiece beyond value.”

He laughed even louder. “My sentiments exactly. It’s my fiancée’s artwork.”

I couldn’t​ believe my ears. “Fiancée?”

He had taken her to the hill near Pony’s Home, the location where they had first met many years ago. After playing his bagpipe for her, he had got down on one knee and proposed to her, which she had accepted with glee. Together, they had gone to the city hall in Lakewood and officially filed the annulment of adoption.

At this very instant, I force myself out of reverie and focus on the groom’s speech. I don’t know what’s got into me this evening. I’m normally not this absent-minded, but I guess I’m stirred by the euphoria of this joyous occasion. The groom is my old friend after all.

It’s perfect timing thankfully, because he is talking about his wife. “No words can express my joy to be able to stand here today with Candy. I was unaware of what exactly was missing in my life until I met her. She has been a source of companionship and love. Nobody else can give me the same extent of happiness and satisfaction. When I’m feeling down, only she can make me laugh. Many of you know that I have suffered a serious case of amnesia before, and being homeless, she truly cared about me as a person. In my darkest days, I was nothing but a suspicious man without an identity, not to mention I was absolutely​ penniless, but she offered me her helping hand. Even when she was ridiculed by others because of me, she stayed by my side and didn’t abandon me. In fact, she had never wavered her resolve to take care of me till my recovery. Her unflagging support kept my spirits up, and without her friendship, I wouldn’t have survived-”

He pauses abruptly, looking downwards. Everyone can tell he’s trying to compose himself. The dining hall is so quiet that the guests can hear one another’s breathing, but the silence doesn’t last long. The bride stands up and gives his hand a squeeze. She is evidently struggling to hold back the emotional tears, her glistening eyes gleaming with love as she gazed at the groom. Soon enough, a smile materializes on his face, and he looks up again, his hand holding hers still. “I feel that no matter how many times I thank Candy, it just isn’t enough. Hence, I’ll devote the rest of my life to make her the happiest woman in the world.”

The audience cheers for the groom for his determination, and he thanks everyone. Then he concludes, “Today is my happiest day yet, but I’m more than certain I’ll be happier every day from now on, because I have Candy as my lifelong partner. She makes my life complete and is more than I could ever hope for. Could you all please raise your glasses to my beautiful wife, the woman I love from the bottom of my heart!”

The gorgeous-looking couple beams at the thunderous applause. Without another word, the groom pulls the bride into his arms and captures her lips with his. The kiss is so tender and loving that it can melt anyone’s heart.


A Man in Love

Note: Thank you very much for following. Hope that you like the song I’ve picked for Candy, which I think perfectly describes her feelings for Prince on the Hill when he made the important confession on the hill. It’s a secret between her and Albert, and I believe only Anthony knew about this mysterious figure.

Yes this is the end of the story. Many thanks to the following ladies for your continued support and your positive feedback for Chapter 19 (not in any specific order):

JeannyJJ, Candy Bert, Antlay, Martha Cervantes Quiroga, Gina Riquelme Orellana, Tracy Jordan, Mariacristina Marchetti (Mariacristina), Elen Harket

Unlike most of the previous chapters, this last chapter is mainly inspired by Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS). For those who aren’t familiar with CCFS may be interested in reading some of my related posts:

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    • Elby Ochoa on November 3, 2017 at 10:12 pm
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    Hello: I have just finished reading your story. I absolutely loved everything about it. I have to confess that I am a Terry fan so in order for me to accept Candy to be with Albert as a lover believe me it’s a BIG DEAL! Anyway this is the first of your stories I dare to read because of the different outcome of the preferred fanfics I like to read. The first thing which brought your blog to my attention were your beautiful drawings. You are very talented in many aspects. The comments on your blog were disabled tha’t why I wanted to write you this mail in order to express the way your story and point of view have turns a Terry lover into a possibly accepting Albert lover beacause it is a more mature choice for Candy and all of us her true fans just want her to be happy.
    I will continue to read your work and analysis eventhough I’m still reluctant to read CCFS because I think that Anohito is really Albert and it breaks my heart to think of Terry all by himself!
    Read you later.

    1. Hello Elby, welcome to my blog and I thank you for reading my fanfic A man in love. I’m so glad to hear that you loved everything about it, especially because you admitted to be a Terry fan. Yes, I believe I understand why you’re saying that it’s a big deal. It is, I agree. You’re absolutely right that a true fan just want Candy to be happy. 😊

      Nonetheless, many thanks to you for your encouraging words to me about this story and my drawings. You’re so kind. 😘

      You’re likely aware that I strongly believe Anohito is none other than Albert, Candy’s Prince on the Hill. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean Terry would be lonely all his life. Yet I suppose it would take him some time to accept new love after Susanna’s death. Not exactly because he might have fallen in love with the ill-fated actress, but because he had gone through a lot in life.

      Best wishes ☺️

    • Lovly Ardley on May 26, 2017 at 10:19 am
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    Ms Puddle

    También me encantó esta historia. Estoy un poco triste porque se acabó 🙁

    Espero que escribas más ya que tienes un extraordinario talento. I love you

    Lovly Ardley

    1. Hola Lovly Ardley,

      ¡¡Muchas gracias por leer!!

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    Carissima Ms Puddle, sono un po’ in ritardo ma volevo ringraziarti per questo ultimo capitolo e per tutto il racconto in generale che m’ha fatto emozionare…mi è piaciuto particolarmente il collegamento con “Peculiar Relationship” visto dagli occhi di Georges… sei stata bravissima… grazie ancora!

    1. Ciao amica! ❤️ So glad to know you have enjoyed this story, and yes there is some overlap with my other story Peculiar Relationship, but I tried not to repeat myself​, so how they found out Georges was sick is different this time. Grazie per il tuo sostegno, Mariacristina 💕💓

    • Martha Cervantes Quiroga on May 17, 2017 at 10:12 am
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    Ms Puddle
    I am happy because while I was reading about George and Candy’s letter, I understood the reason why Candy took revenge and named Albert Granduncle William, I think Candy decided played his game.
    The other point is the reaction Albert after his confession to Candy. I always imagine about that and your version it is pretty. I agree, I could see the Albert’s smile and felt his happiness.
    Thank you very much, my friend.

    1. Hola Martha, yes this story is my imagination based on the manga and CCFS, and I’m sure some readers might have imagined differently. I’m so glad you’re in agreement with my version, and I’m more than certain Albert was both happy and relieved that Candy accepted him as her prince. He was her first crush after all, and in CCFS, her attitude changed totally since then. She let her feelings for him show in her letters. It’s undeniable she missed him a lot… Sigh…

      Thank you Martha for your continued support ❤️🌺😘

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    Merci beaucoup de ce magnifique chapitre
    Un peu court à mon goût peux être que je ne voulais pas que l’histoire finissent 😍
    J ai repris depuis le début j adore lu et relu plusieurs fois je ne me lasse pas 😜
    Tout est si bien décrit sur Albert ❤️
    Je ferme les yeux et imagine les scènes que vous avez du si bien d’écrire
    Mille merci espère avoir bientôt le plaisir de lire une nouvelle histoire sur nos 💏

    1. Bonjour Sarah, ❤️🏵️🌹

      I’m very touched by your comment, and I felt very much encouraged too knowing that you’ve re-read this story over again.

      Merci beaucoup! 🌹😙❤️

    • JeannyJJ on May 12, 2017 at 10:22 pm
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    Hi, Ms Puddle.
    So sad that this story has come to an end…😢

    Just wondering if this was in CCFS, about Sarah clearing Candy’s name because you also wrote it in the “Peculiar Relationship”.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful writing!

    1. Yes JeannyJJ, this is the end. I thought of writing an epilogue but finally decided to leave it as is. 😅

      Yes, in CCFS it was Albert’s order for Sarah Lagan to clear Candy’s name during the opening party. We are not sure how many people were present however, but it said the clan.

      Many thanks for your continued support, JeannyJJ! 😗❤️

        • JeannyJJ on May 14, 2017 at 10:19 pm
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        I think this really showed how much Albert cared about Candy. Albert wanted to show and let the clan know that Candy is truly worthy to be part of Ardlay (and the future wife for the head of Ardlay)! 😮🤔

        1. Exactly, JeannyJJ. I believe Albert cared about Candy as a person. ❤️ He probably wasn’t thinking of the future matriarch, but to make amendments and seek justice for Candy without her knowing about it. The fact that the Lagans were required to make a formal speech (likely against their will to openly confess their past misjudgement) in their happy occasion also speaks volumes of Albert’s authority in the clan. Even the Lagans had to take his order, so to speak 🤔🙄

    • Reeka on May 12, 2017 at 1:06 am
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    Hello again, Ms Puddle.

    Just now, I re-read again this chapter more thoroughly. I laughed involuntarily when reading part that georges saw Candy’s drawing in Albert’s office. When he seemed doubtful if Candy searched Albert in Rockstown carrying this drawing around the little town. Bcos, sure she wouldn’t find Albert, none would recognize Albert from Candy’s drawing. I remembered the drawing in manga, it’s like Albert’s face had been crashed by a truck. 🤣🤣🤣 hahahaha

    1. Thanks Reeka for rereading! 😗 Indeed it was a very funny looking drawing, and because of that it speaks volumes of why Albert loved it so much and even put it up in his office for his executives to see. 😂 Of course it was the meanings behind the picture that touched him. Imagine the flabbergasted moment when he discovered the truth from her mouth… Sigh

      That explains why Candy herself couldn’t help smiling when she spotted a bit of Dr. Martin’s drawing amongst her stuff in her jewelry box. 😍❤️

  1. Bonjour Ms Puddle

    Merci pour ce merveilleux chapitre Ms Puddle, le seul regret c’est que l’histoire soit terminée.
    Tout comme Candy Bert et Reeka, la lecture des premières lignes m’a déroutée. Mais j’ai compris rapidement que le plus bel homme de l’assemblée ne pouvait être qu’Albert ! 😀
    L’histoire écrite du point de vue de Georges est très intéressante et comble les blancs de CCFS.
    Quel beau discours que rend Albert à son épouse, tendre et émouvant à la fois ! 😍
    Quant aux paroles de la chanson, elles sont juste parfaites et reflètent à merveille les sentiments qu’éprouvent Candy envers son Prince. 💞💕💓
    Merci Ms Puddle pour cette merveilleuse histoire et pour le temps et le travail passés à écrire pour notre plus grande joie. 😍😚💞💕👏

    1. Bonjour Antlay, merci 😙

      I’m glad that you also like Albert’s groom speech and the song I picked. That’s very encouraging, especially I know how busy you are in real life.

      It’s not easy to write pretending to be Georges, but I’m happy to hear that you think his observations filled in the blanks. This reminds me I have yet written another post about Georges’ comment about Candy’s childish drawing. 😁😅 I should try to find it to show that I didn’t make this up. Georges did have some sense of humor after all. 👍😊

      Thanks again for your support and compliments. ❤️😍 I enjoyed writing this​ story actually. I just couldn’t update as frequently as I wanted. 😂😅

    • reeka on May 8, 2017 at 5:57 pm
    • Reply

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    Albert’s speech was really moving, it had to be that way though. Their love story was so inspiring it would touch many people’s heart. Somewhat cliche, a cinderella kinda story, but our Candy was strong and had much more great qualities compared to Disney princesses, I say. And her story to have finally found her prince was not easy as well, no magic whatsoever 😉

    I love the lyric, my friend. Yes, it is sooooo perfect for Candy and her prince. Beautiful. But if I have to be honest, I don’t fancy Glover’s voice. Hahahaha. Oops.

    Thank you, Ms Puddle. See you and Take Care.

    1. Hello Reeka! Nice to know that you like the song too! The lyrics are simply perfect, and I didn’t know much about the song until months ago. Like you, I wasn’t fond of the singer’s voice 😂, but one day I heard a cover version on Spotify. It was very well done so the words caught my attention, and I couldn’t believe my luck, so to speak. 😅

      This story is special because it’s from Georges’ pov, and I do think he knew a lot more about the relationship between Albert and Candy than what was written in CCFS. His comment about Candy’s childish drawing speaks volumes, don’t you think? 😁

      I didn’t want to write another few chapters so you’re right, the easier way is to make Georges absent-minded… Lol 😊 Glad to hear that you also found Albert’s speech moving. I simply rephrased his letter to Candy in CCFS plus some of my own ideas. Sigh… He was deeply in love, no doubt. ❤️

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    I particularly loved the moment of Albert’s speech about his wife which was so moving, and Candy’s reaction too.💑💘👍
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    Take Care and have a beautiful Monday! 😘

    PS: just a typo I saw in the sentence before the last : you wrote “the gloom” instead of the groom. 😉

    1. Bonjour Candy Bert! Seeing that you left a comment here really touched me 😍 Merci beaucoup, mon amie ❤️

      Thank you so much for pointing out the embarassing typo!! I promptly corrected it… Lol… 😂

      There are so many things I wanted to fit in this chapter, my friend. However, I only put focus on a few important milestones in Candy’s life. This story is already longer than what I have planned ☺️, and originally I was going to stop in last chapter 😅 but I changed my mind.

      The song was from the movie Shrek, and I happened to read the lyrics months ago and was astonished of how perfectly​ it could describe the emotions of our beloved heroine, Candy! ❤️

      Take care Candy Bert. Best wishes 😗😙

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