Jul 24 2014

Love Never Fails Chapter 48: Epilogue

My long journey is finally over. “Love Never Fails” is officially complete. Hurray! I have mixed feelings, somewhere between excited and nostalgic. I also give thanks to God for giving me health all these months, in particular the times when I was tired and occupied by other responsibilities. Anyway, thank you all for your continued support and encouragement, especially those who have taken their time to write to me or reviewed the chapter(s). Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to finish writing this story.

To express my gratitude, I’d like to dedicate this concluding chapter, an extra long one, to all of you who have given me your feedback for Chapter 46 “Nuptials” or Chapter 47 “Eden”. It’s also my gift to those of you who have asked me not to end the story or wanted a sequel. Hope you enjoy the ride! If so, I’d like to hear from you. Thank you! 😀


The following is the teaser:

Their resort was located on a stunning beach in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, and the place was like a paradise to Candy. With palm trees everywhere, miles of pristine sand stretched as far as her eyes could see, not to mention the jaw-dropping view of the vast, deep blue sea that spanned to the horizon. Yet, the ocean waves were placid, gently lapping the shore.

From the balcony, they could watch marvelous sunsets without going out at all. The first day they had so much fun in the sea, enjoying various water sports in the vicinity alone. They particularly loved snorkeling when schools of fish were swimming in the waters with them. It was indubitably eye-opening, and the lovebirds had imprinted spectacular images of the marine life on their minds.

Since Jamaica was well known for its lush landscape, Albert had been looking forward to traverse the natural beauty of the area, so they hired a tour guide to drive them around. Their first stop was Dunn’s River Falls. According to the locals, Dunn’s River flowed directly into the Caribbean Sea, and the couple was told they could practically climb up the falls and hang out in one of the several lagoons along the way. That sounded enchanting enough, and they did exactly that.


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