Dec 05 2014

Important confession

As mentioned in the post, Candy’s letter after the shock, in Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), soon after Albert revealed his last secret that he was actually Candy’s prince, George unexpectedly appeared to pick him up due to some urgent business.

So Albert didn’t come alone, and it’s very likely that George had driven his young boss all the way from Chicago to Pony’s Home. 😛

Perhaps George had been told to come back some time later. Albert said to Candy in his letter that “I intended to take my time to talk with you on the hill.” I figure Albert planned to explain to Candy why he had stumbled upon Pony’s Hill that many years ago, wearing kilt and carrying a bagpipe with him, but vanished moments later.

Yet, rather than dawdling the hours away, George, being a responsible assistant, possibly tried to touch base with someone back in the head office via telegram. That’s probably why he found out about something that required Albert’s immediate attention. Guess what? I can’t shake off the feeling that it had been an impulsive decision by Albert early that morning to go to Pony’s Home (because of the perfect weather?), and that was why George had to contact the head office, just in case. Of course, this is purely my imagination. 😉

Anyway, Albert had to leave Candy behind, which was against his wish, and yet she couldn’t say goodbye to her prince just like that. Based on the CCFS spoilers, he wrote the following to her,

Georges always gets in my way at the right moment.
I didn’t vanish. You followed me to the car, didn’t you?

Candy and POTH poster

Candy and Prince on the Hill

Note that she wasn’t that little girl anymore, so it wasn’t like she wouldn’t see her prince again or didn’t know how to contact him. Nonetheless, when he had to leave her, she followed him to the car as though she wanted to be by his side for as long as possible. It’s clear she wished he could stay. I’m sure she had many, many questions for him.

It means that George would see Candy in a very emotional state, with tear stains on her cheeks and possibly red, puffy eyes too. If Albert hadn’t related to George that he had run into a six-year-old Candy by chance the day he had successfully escaped from home as a teenager back then, Albert probably would give an account of his brief encounter with the orphan girl to George on their way back to Chicago.

So why didn’t Albert drive? If George hadn’t left Chicago and come to Pony’s Home with his boss, George might be able to handle the urgent matter on Albert’s behalf. If Albert had come by himself, he could have spent hours with Candy without anyone’s interruption.

After all, Albert was depicted as a highly independent guy in Candy Candy, and he liked traveling alone. Do you think he had too much on his mind to focus and drive long distance? Perhaps he was jittery or antsy? 😆

In CCFS, Albert told Candy in person that George had always been his reliable friend. “… When he told me this story, I saw his eyes moist with emotion. Georges has been always by my side since I was a child… I could talk everything over with him, he has been the most reliable friend…”

In fact, George’s funny remark regarding Candy’s lousy drawing of Albert implies that George knew everything, including how Albert had come and gone in Candy’s life again and again, why Albert had decided to stay living with Candy even after his recovery from amnesia, and Candy’s desperate attempt to look for Albert after his disappearance. Remember back when Candy had been forced to marry Neil, George could have informed his boss himself using telegram, and I’m certain Albert could have solved the problem without showing his face. However, George had chosen to disobey Sir William and deliberately instructed Candy to meet her adoptive father in Lakewood. In the manga, Albert actually thanked George for doing that, and Candy also thanked George herself (in her letter to George in CCFS).

Thus, I suppose George was fully aware that Albert was planning to make an important confession to Candy on Pony’s Hill that day, and this loyal assistant possibly offered to give his young boss a ride or keep him company as a supporting friend.

Albert said so himself (from spoilers):

“It was highly regrettable for me as well that I had to leave immediately, even though I made such an important confession.”

I will talk more about the significance of this confession to both Albert and Candy. Please stay tuned. 🙂

Note: The above picture was downloaded from Candy & Albert World.


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    • CKati on December 7, 2014 at 11:48 am
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    What you’re writing makes sense. I hadn’t thought about it like that. I always thought Albert went to Pony’s home by himself and George chased after him (just like you thought before). I was actually annoyed that George was there too soon to pick Albert up. But he made it up to both Candy and Albert by bringing Candy to him in Lakewood when the engagement with Neil was planned.

    1. Hello CKati! I think both of us had the same assumption that Albert had gone to Pony’s Home by himself because that’s the Albert we are familiar with… That he was independent and liked to travel alone. However, as I have already explained to Reeka above, I realized just recently that when George appeared, he actually came to pick up his boss, and there was only one car.

      In the manga or the old CC novel however, Albert came with Archie, Annie and Patty, secretly waiting for Candy to show up in Pony’s Home. It made sense that George came later from Chicago to inform Albert of some urgent matter and drive him back to deal with that.

      So in CCFS, either Mizuki forgot the differences, or she deliberately kept it this way such that George had dropped off Albert at Pony’s Home before he found out about something that required immediate attention. 😉

      I guess nobody knows the answer except the author herself, right?

        • CKati on December 8, 2014 at 2:10 am
        • Reply

        That’s probably right.

        Or maybe Mizuki left certains things unclear on purpose, so her readers could fill it in the way they want to. Leading to fanfiction and a blog by Ms Puddle. I’m not complaining LOL.

        1. Hahaha… Lol… CKati, this is funny 😉

    • Reeka on December 5, 2014 at 12:36 pm
    • Reply

    It’s interesting, Ms Puddle. Well, to be honest I never had a thought about why George drove Albert thay day to Pony Hill. I just thought that maybe he had been extremely busy with work. However, this issue bothered him so much and he couldn’t supress his feeling any longer. That’s why when he got a chance to come to Pony home, he did it. Eventhough he needed to do it in between his meetings/business trips.

    I agree with you that George played significant role in Candy-Albert relationship. He might advise Albert that he needed to open his heart to Candy, to reveal who he was to her. Being much older and George himself had experienced unspoken love ( to rosemary) , he of course didn’t want Albert to go through what he did. George was sharp and observant. He must know what silently happened between these two blondes.

    I might get influenced by a few of great fanfics. I remembered that Amor Aeternus had this plot. It was a make-sense fan imagination though, related to what Mizuki described everything in manga and ccfs.

    And if we have your CC timeline as a base, this action of Albert impulsively traveled to pony home could be understood. He might have diffiiculties to sleep and concentrate at work after what he and Candy shared in Lakewood. 🙂

    1. Hello there, Reeka! Enjoying your stay so far? 🙂

      Actually, I have always assumed that Albert had driven there by himself, and George drove from the head office to chase after him to inform him of an urgent situation.

      Until recently of course. 😉 Apparently, there was only one car, and George had come to pick up Albert, so I realized that it was George who had given Albert a ride to Pony’s Home that day.

      Yeah, based on what we have learned from the manga, the old novel and CCFS, we know that George played a significant role in their relationship. The fact that a faithful, tight-lipped assistant like him actually chose to disobey his boss says a lot, and being observant and more objective as an outsider, George believed he had done the right thing by leading Candy back to Albert.

        • Guest on December 5, 2014 at 1:59 pm
        • Reply

        I guess that shows George is a real Albertfan, don’t you think? 😉

        What was Albert going to confess? That he was in love with Candy since they first met? Huh? Huh? Huh?

        KIDDING! As if I didn’t read the ccfs spoilers lol 😉

        Enjoy the weekend

        1. LOL… Of course George is always faithful to his young boss… the only son of his benefactor 😉
          You enjoy the weekend too, and hope you get well soon. 😀

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