Jun 23 2015

The day her life changed (Part 3)

Old CC novel Vol 2 Chapter 2

This picture, Illustrated by Yumiko Igarashi, was captured from Volume II of the old Candy Candy novel, the novelization of the manga version, published on 24/11/1978.

This is the first page to introduce Chapter II of the old CC novel. The poem was written by the author of Candy Candy, Keiko Nagita (名木田 恵子), her official name being Kyoko Mizuki. (Thanks again to the admin of the Facebook page, William Albert Andrew (el príncipe de la colina) for the information.)


風のなかには いつも 大すきなひとが

風ガすき 風の声がすき
ほら  聞こえてくる

The poem is not easy to translate, and here is my attempt:

In the wind

I like the wind,
because the person I always like very much is swaying in the wind

I like the wind, I like the sound of the wind
Listen, I can hear the voice of my dear long-term friend calling me—-

I suppose this was written from Candy’s perspective of Albert. She said “the person I always like very much”, using 大すき “dai-suki”, which can be translated to “love very much” or “highly desirable” depending on the context. 🙂

Please bear in mind that Candy had always liked Albert. Remember how elated she was to see him in London? 🙂 In Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS), Candy also used 大すき “dai-suki” for Anthony (verbally) and later for Terry (in her diary) about her strong feelings for these two. Please read A love declaration for your interest. 😀

But why do I think this is about Albert, not the other way around? Well, the clue is the term なつかしいひと in the last line, which I have tried to translate it to “my dear long-term friend” (please click the link for other examples). It means a person who brings back fond memories, a person who gives you a nostalgic feeling, or a person whom you haven’t seen for a long time. Apparently, Candy referred to Albert here, plausibly with the pleasant feeling of nostalgia. He had lost everything around this time, including his memory, so he had no idea who she was, let alone their past. 🙁

In any case, Candy liked Albert very much just because he was Albert, not because he looked like someone else. She wasn’t even aware he was her prince. The fact that the Scottish teenager was actually Albert in his youth only brought her back to her first love, a full circle. 🙂

Come to think of it, if the incident of a mysterious boy appearing to little Candy was negligible, the author, Mizuki, could have removed this plot in CCFS. It suffices to write how young Candy left Pony’s Home to become a playmate for Eliza and Neil and later adopted by a very wealthy but generous man, William A. Ardlay, who sent Candy to London to study in a strict boarding school. On her way there, she met the love of her life, Terry the rebel, etc.

Do you see what I mean? 🙂 😉

Since Candy is the main protagonist of the story, if Terry is the other most crucial character of the story, then don’t you think Mizuki should have written a lot more about Terry after the heart-wrenching breakup in a New York hospital? Yes, we read through different letters, Susanna’s obituary, and Candy’s retrospection that Terry suffered from his own decision to choose Susanna over Candy, survived the bottomless pit of grief in Rockstown, returned to Susanna’s side to keep his promise to her, emerged as a famous actor in Broadway, and helped Susanna through her grave illness as her fiancé. Yet, none of these had much to do with Candy, as if Terry had been sidelined by the author. Even during Candy’s trip to Rockstown, when she stumbled across him, she didn’t “show her face”. Would Terry ever find out from his mother that Candy was physically there but chose not to approach him at all? 🙄

At any rate, after the breakup, the focus was shifted to the Ardlay’s family and Candy’s relationship with Albert and her friends. More importantly, we readers can see Candy’s firm resolve to get over Terry. Candy wrote explicitly to his mother, Miss Eleanor Baker, that Candy hadn’t really gone to Rockstown for her son. Also, Candy had tried not to read his news, and if possible, she would avoid seeing Terry again (because of her promise to Susanna). That was why Candy turned down Miss Baker’s invitation to see Hamlet (please read Optimistic protagonist for more). Guess what, I can’t shake off the feeling that Candy was indirectly reminding Miss Baker that her son was supposed to be with Susanna. 😉 In the manga, the two were already engaged to be married around then, but in CCFS it was unclear when exactly they got engaged and how long they had lived together.

Besides, Candy wrote a letter to Terry (not intending to send it to him), in which Candy said she was happy now and both Susanna and Terry were wonderful people, as though it was her reply to his brief but ambiguous letter, that unlike him, she had changed and moved on in her life. Not to mention that Candy added, “Terry… I loved you.” at the end of this unsent letter. 😯 For your interest, please read the last few paragraphs in Peculiar Relationship Chapter 7 for my recent analysis of this letter from Terry.

To put things into perspective, if Terry ultimately played an important part in Candy’s life, shouldn’t Mizuki write something to leave a hint (or more) that Candy would eventually reunite with Terry? For example, Mizuki might write that Terry, finally free of obligations, made up his mind to track down Candy at all cost (so as to reconcile with her). Or, Mizuki could write that Candy left everything behind and went to New York to find Terry after reading Susanna’s obituary. Yet, we don’t read anything remotely like this from CCFS.

On the contrary, Terry’s name is hardly ever mentioned in the entire epilogue, except when Albert returned Candy’s old diary to her. Even then, Candy wrote to Albert afterwards that she hadn’t opened the diary at all, which was essentially her story with Terry. Once again, actions speak louder than words, and this proved that Candy had stuck to her decision to leave Terry in her past.

No matter how you look at it, Prince on the Hill is no doubt the center of attention in the epilogue, which is mainly about Candy’s responses to his confession, his heartfelt letters and his actions. If Albert’s role in Candy’s life was merely her guardian or benefactor, why did Mizuki make him lose all his memory and live with Candy for so long? Also, why did Mizuki tell us in detail about Albert’s growing pain, his frustrations in life, and his feelings and deep gratitude for Candy?  😐

To me, the answers can be found in the last two letters from Candy in the epilogue. I’ll continue in Part 4. 🙂

If you like to refresh your memory, please read Part 1 or Part 2. 😀


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    • Quevivacandy on July 6, 2015 at 8:01 pm
    • Reply

    Hello Ms Puddle!!!

    thank you so much for the poem-drawing and even more for the translation! the first time I read it, I have to confess I thought it was from Albert to Candy but actually I didn’t know it belongs to part II of the old novel, I just thought it was part of the artbooks and those things.

    Now that I know that, specially knowing what happens in part II, I can see it was the other way, from Candy to Albert. She always has missed Albert, always. Back in London, (*sigh* just love to read in CCFS that meeting in London), yes, she was so elated and also she said…

    “-I cannot believe… Albert… are you for real? – crying out of happiness, Candy threw her arms around Albert’s neck. – Albert, are you for real? Is this not a dream?

    – Why on earth would be a dream…?


    After she arrived to England, Candy had given up to the fact, she wouldn’t find anymore her friend who was accross the ocean, but instead of that…

    – Candy, you looked at me in a way… I really thought you had forgotten me […]” (she was astonished, noticing he was not wearing beard and his hair was shorter)

    Well, we can see Candy always had the hope to reunite with Albert, wondering where he was and once she was across the ocean, she had given up to the idea. But then, when she was back in America, she knew where he was and I guess she was counting on the day he came back. But suddenly, the train accident and Albert lost his memory. There, as you said, the poem fits in perfectly, she was longing for her friend, the one that comes on goes like the wind. Ooopsss… I guess I already have written a lot about the same… lol…

    About Terry and Susana, well they are not main but secondary characters. And as you said in part 1, in the epilogue’s definition, it is meant to be for the readers could know what happens with the MAIN characters. Ooops, Terry’s note was close getting in there… hehehe of course, just in the case it was written after Sussana’s death but also if that was the situation, still the note was sooo close getting into the epilogue… mua ja ja…

    A friend of mine told me a few days ago a ridiculous theory/explanation of t-fans (sorry if some of you are reading me but I consider it like this). They say in the anime and manga (I guess this includes the old novel ’cause it’s the novelization of manga), it is crystal clear that Candy and Albert ended up together but in CCFS everything changes because Susanna’s death. She was the only obstacle between T&C and being dead, they finally could be together. *rolling eyes*

    They are ignoring several fact but the most important ones,

    1. CCFS is not a sequel
    2. Candy got over Terry

    The last one, as we already said several times, it’s demostrated in several passages and the last one, in the epilogue itself when Candy returns to Albert her diary.

    Oh my, I guess I better stop here… or I guess my comment will compete with your post in size… lol…

    Great post my friend!

    1. I thought like you too, my friend, and I think it was a poster in the magazine when the manga was serialized. It was reused in the CC novel with the poem written by Mizuki herself. I didn’t pay much attention to the words before until recently. 😛

      Very good points about Candy had always liked/missed Albert. They had met for a day or so by the waterfall but she hadn’t forgotten about him. Her reaction of seeing him again in London was a solid proof that she genuinely liked him as a good friend.

      Your thoughts about Terry’s note made me laugh!!! Hahaha… It’s so funny… 😆

      I can’t agree with you more about CCFS… Susanna’s death doesn’t necessarily mean Candy would return to Terry or vice versa, especially because it’s undeniable Candy had long turned the page and moved on with Albert, her Prince on the Hill. 🙂 😀

    • Vera García on June 28, 2015 at 11:34 pm
    • Reply

    Ms. Puddle, a warm greeting
    Le felicito por este análisis tan interesante, en relación al poema considero que se puede percibir que esta dirigido tanto de Albert para Candy, como de Candy para Albert, porque enfatiza su relación de aprecio fortalecida por la amistad.
    En lo referente a Terry yo concuerdo con Usted, no comprendo por que algunos quieren hacer la relación Terry con Anohito, esto no es como en matemáticas A+B= C. No se puede concluir muerte de Susana + carta ambigua= Terry es Anohito.
    En relación a cual seria el objetivo de Mizuki de colocar la carta ambigua antes del epilogo; desde mi particular percepción, es que Mizuki quería enfatizar que tanto Terry y Candy cumplieron su promesa de continuar con sus vidas y alcanzar cada uno por caminos separados la felicidad.

    Muy interesantes todos los comentarios en especial los de Reeka.

    En espera paciente de la 4 parte su amiga Vera García.

    1. Hola Vera mi amiga! 🙂 Yes, I completely agree with you that Susanna’s death doesn’t necessarily mean Terry and Candy would reunite. After all, many years have passed since their breakup, and Candy might have even got married by then. Who knows? 😉 She had determined to move on, no doubt about that. She wouldn’t keep on suffering for Terry and hoping that he would be free one day. As someone has pointed out, how could Candy possibly predict that Susanna would die young? 🙄

      Whether Terry was happy or not, he did support Susanna till her death. For Candy, she was undeniably happy with Prince in the Hill in the epilogue. Those who insist that Candy was waiting for Terry to return to her have to ignore all the proofs of her happiness in her letters to Albert. 😉

      Saludos! 🙂

    • Antlay on June 26, 2015 at 7:42 am
    • Reply

    Hello Ladies

    Yes Reeka, Evelyn and Ms Puddle indeed about Albert, we don’t know him to have a girlfriends.
    However, I think it’s difficult to imagine Albert never fell in love or any intimate relationship before Candy.
    But why not, Albert is an exceptional man after all 😀

    Agnès, I think also that Mizuki wanted to allow time for Candy to fall in love with Albert. And icing on the cake, Albert is the Prince of The Hill, Mizuki has saved the best for last 😉

    1. I agree, Antlay. He might have some crushes before Candy. He was a young man and had been very lonely most of his life.

      Interestingly, he had never forgotten that little girl he had met on Pony’s Hill. He recognized her after rescuing her from the waterfall. 😉

      Icing on the cake? That’s a brilliant analogy, my friend!! Yes, the best is yet to come. Albert was Candy’s destined love for sure. ❤❤❤

    2. Hello Antlay!

      I completely agree with all that you said my friend! 😉
      And icing on the cake, Albert is the Prince of The Hill, I love the idea! ❤

  1. Bonjour Ms Puddle,

    Thank you for your new interesting post as usual! 😀

    I completely agree with all you wrote. Another clue for me, if Albert wasn’t anohito so, why he has revealed to Candy he was her POTH? If it was not the case, why he didn’t do that before? He could have done it when she discovered he was Oncle William or a little bit after but, not one or two years later! It would have been a nonsense to me! I think Mizuki has settled this revelation later in CCFS than Manga or old novel because she wanted him wait to be sure of Candy’s feelings for him of course! To magnifie the effect! If Candy wasn’t in love with him I think Albert would have never said her he was her POTH! Why destroy her childhood fantasy of a Prince, then ? To learn he was a man she wasn’t in love with ? No way! The place of the revelation of the POTH in epilogue speaks volumes indeed, because Candy was in love with Albert and it was the beginning of the last stage of their story, a strong true love story between adults! Don’t you think?

    About Suzanna’s death, if Mizuki wanted to set Terry free for Candy then, why she didn’t do it before? Why wait so long? Ten years, or so after breakup it is sadism! 🙁

    1. Sorry; I meant “To magnify the effect” 😳

      1. It’s alright, my dear! 🙂

    2. Bonsoir Agnès!

      You’re absolutely right about the timing of POTH revelation. At first, I was disappointed why Mizuki made Albert wait so long (at least a year or more) before he could confess to Candy, but the more I thought about it the more I understand Mizuki’s intentions. I think she wanted Candy to have completely healed from her wounds first (moved on in her life already) so that she could be ready for her prince. As you said, Albert didn’t want to ruin Candy’s childhood fantasy unnecessarily, and he wanted to make sure she would reciprocate his feelings. Otherwise, he would end up putting them both in an awkward situation. The place of the revelation indicated that he remembered that day just as much as Candy did. 🙂 He exerted patience and efforts into ensuring that his confession would be memorable for both of them. Yes, indeed their story is a true love story between adults! 😀

      Can’t agree with you more about the timing of Susanna’s death, which could be easily ten years after the breakup! If that’s what Mizuki wanted, then it’s cruelty, if not sadism… 🙁

    • Luna on June 25, 2015 at 7:12 am
    • Reply

    Hello Ms Puddle and dear Ladies:)

    I really like your remarks and I am learning a lot from you ..thank you very much

    Well, for us it is very clear why Terry can’t be that person .For others, I think due to Shakespeare ‘s books in the house, Terry’s note and Susanna’s death, that person is Terry but I’m sorry this isn’t enough. It is like what ever happens ,Candy has to accept it or she has no right to draw her own life or further more ,this is the worst I think , she has to wait for Terry (doesn’t matter how long it takes).

    They should consider about Candy’s feelings and what she lived exactly with ❤️Albert. Their relationship isn’t simple as that. Contrary, it is a very close, very deep and very confidential relationship. More importantly, the story is based on how Candy finds out her Prince after many sad , happy life events or how she understands that he is always with her. If the prince isn’t important as that why did the author create him ?Again Importantly ,why did she reveal his real identity ? As we know, Albert lost his memory in the story and the author put him in the same apartment with Candy and permit them to learn /discover each other very deeply while they were sharing their life together.All these efforts made by the author in order to build a strong line between them should have a special meaning otherwise I would have some serious doubts about the author’s qualifications. ( honestly, due to open ending of the story, I m a bit angry to her )

    1. Bonjour Luna! Glad you like this new post and found it useful! 😀 You’re absolutely right that this is a story about Candy discovering that her prince had always been with her, and the fact that he was willing to confess speaks volumes!

      I can’t agree with you more about your arguments, especially why the author made so much effort in creating the complicated character Albert and put him together with Candy for so long.

      To us, simply because Susanna had died and Terry had remained unchanged doesn’t automatically mean Candy would reunite with him. 😕 Like you, I think they assume Candy would wait for Terry indefinitely, like she’d rather stay single forever, waiting for Terry to be free one day. That’s totally NOT Candy. Yes, she used to love him, but not anymore. As you said, she was a person having every right to live her life the way she wanted. It’s undeniable she had moved on… with Albert! 😀

      And yes, her relationship with Albert was more than family! They depended utterly on each other, feeling grateful to each other; the bond between them was invincible. How could people ignore all the hints that they were in love with each other? 😕

    • Antlay on June 25, 2015 at 3:52 am
    • Reply

    Hello Ms Puddle

    Totally agree with you 🙂
    However, the first time when I’ve read this poem, I thought it was a poem from Albert.
    Why ? Because on the picture, we can see Candy is swaying in the wind in the background and Albert is in the foreground.
    But yes, maybe you were right Ms Puddle ! 😀
    However, in the manga, the Candy’s novel and CCFS, all the boys had a girlfriend. Anthony and Terry were in love with Candy, Archie with Annie, Alistair with Patty, even Neil was in love with Candy !
    Mizuki wouldn’t expect a girlfriend for Albert ! Poor guy ! I can’t believe it, Albert the most beautiful of all !
    I believe strongly that Albert was destined for Candy 😉

    1. Same here, dear Antlay! At first glance, I also thought this was a poem from Albert’s perspective. However, this wasn’t the first time this drawing was used. The first time was in a magazine where the manga was being published. This was like a poster to introduce the content, about Albert losing all his memory and being suspected as a spy. 😐

      You’re right, almost every male character fell for Candy in the story, so why not Albert? 😛 They kept saying she was only a sister or a little girl to him, but in CCFS he clearly said he didn’t want people to think she was his sister. 😕 😉

      • Reeka on June 25, 2015 at 8:48 am
      • Reply

      Hi Antlay! You’re right on Albert seems the only male character on manga who Mizuki didn’t give girlfriend during the story. He mentioned one nurse who looked like Candy in Africa, but that’s all. Well, this nurse then was used by some of fanfic writers as Albert’s previous love interest. But, the fact she never re-mentioned by Mizuki, even on CCFS, made her unimportant for me.

      For me, on my imagination of a perfect CC story, Albert had never fallen in love before Candy, before his amnesiac period. He had lived a life of a wanderer, in disguise, so he must be very cautious in interacting with people, especially women. He became amnesia was the moment he lost his guard and self-discipline. He helplessly fell in love with Candy ( like Ms Puddle said, who didn’t fall in love with Candy?). And I believe, a man like Albert, when he fell in love, he fell so hard 🙂 **sigh**

      I got you Antlay about Albert was destined for Candy. DOn’t you think Mizuki loved this character so much that she didn’t want him having any intimate relationship before Candy? :). Mizuki made sure that his romance history was clean, so people won’t doubt who his love interest was. 😉

      1. Hello Reeka! Yes, even Neil had Daisy (was it her name?)! 😉 About the American nurse whom Albert met in Africa, he did mention the 20-year-old nurse in CCFS in his letter to Candy. 🙂

        I’ve always wondered why he had paid special attention to this nurse though, and he even knew her age (supposedly a woman’s secret, right?) 😉 😛

        I personally think Albert might have crushes before, but he had never been intimate with any of them. Like you, I believe when he had lost everything, including his dignity, memory and identity, he helplessly fell in love with the angel who genuinely cared about him and his well-being. It was only natural that he fell hard for her too. Sigh!

        It was clear they were destined for each other. They stumbled across each other nearly effortlessly. On the contrary, no matter how hard Candy or Terry had tried, they kept missing each other, again and again. What a contrast indeed!

          • Reeka on June 25, 2015 at 2:36 pm
          • Reply

          Did Albert mention the american nurse on CCFS, Ms Puddle? I had never known, and just now I’ve read again the spoilers I have, and still cant find it in the epilogue. Well, I assume the letter was on epilogue.

          Oh, and just a gentle reminder, my friend :), I’m still waiting your explanation about Albert calling Candy “princess” on her near-drowning experience.

          1. Not in the epilogue, Reeka. 🙂 Albert sent this letter to Candy from Kenya while she was still in London. This happened before Eliza’s trap in the manga I think.

            About the near drowning episode, there’s not much to say except Albert called her 姫 not long after she regained consciousness. 🙂 This word means a princess or a lady with noble birth.

            I think that was the only time he called Candy 姫 though 🙄 😉

          2. Hello ladies! May I join your interesting discussion?

            Like you Ms Puddle, I think Albert might have one or two loves in the past. First in college because he was very lonely during his youth and, I think he might have a certain eagerness to contact young people of his age, girls or boys. In addition, this solitude could have made him quite vulnerable and even a little naïve, perhaps! He even may have suffered because young ladies of high society should be rather superficial, indeed. They could even be interested in looking for a good party to marry!

            About the nurse he met in Africa (so she was american?), I think she might have been important, otherwise he wouldn’t have spoken of her in his letter to Candy. Don’t you think? But that didn’t necessarily mean he was in love with her, even if I think otherwise. Actually, I think likewise Candy, Albert might have crushes to better understand then, Candy was her real true big love! ♥ While Candy was growing up, he had unconsciously sought an adult version of her, with the nurse! Candy was in love with Terry at the time and he had not yet developed romantic feelings for her!

            Anyway, Albert was a great man with huge human qualities ♥ and all he might have done, he have done it with love and respect! Always!

            Just my humble opinions of course! 😀

              • Ms Puddle on June 26, 2015 at 10:29 am

              Agnès, I share your sentiments exactly, because I figure Albert having been imprisoned for years longed to find a companion of some sort, men or women. He could even suffer just as you have described in your story. 🙂 ❤

              About the American nurse, she got his attention possibly because they spoke the same language, and he said she looked like Candy. 😉 However, probably that was it. Who knows? Albert was in Kenya for months too. 😛

              I also think Albert had no romantic feelings for Candy at all back then. She was still too young for him. Plus, he did notice she was very happy with friends her age (said so in the same letter from Africa).

            • Reeka on June 26, 2015 at 10:05 am
            • Reply

            Ms Puddle, … Ooo I see, so it’s similar scene with manga’s. Albert was such an enigma, wasn’t he? I can understand if he had been attracted to the american nurse, but I don’t think it’s serious, though. There’s no clue at all from Mizuki as she never related Albert with any woman, except the said nurse who somewhat reminded him of Candy. Like Agnez said, unconsciously Albert might give more attention to the nurse because she’s like a grown-up version of Candy. As Candy found Anthony attractive because he was like POTH.

            Why I think Albert never had fell in love before Candy? As impossible as it sounds, he had been raised very strict by Aunt Elroy, growing up in solitude and carrying responsibility that too heavy for such a young man. I imagine he guarded himself very well. His guard fell apart when he lost his memory.

            Back on the days before I knew CCFS, I had a thought that Albert possibly had already had feeling to Candy before amnesia. maybe I was just being overly romantic, but it’s so beautiful to think that a man could love the same girl/woman even when he had no memories. I can understand some would oppose this idea because it’s inappropriate since Candy was still very young. However, in a case of japanese manga, it’s common actually. Those who read Glass Mask must know what I mean.

            okay, I must stop. It’s more and more out of topic. LOL. I’m sorry, my friend! 😀

              • Ms Puddle on June 26, 2015 at 10:54 am

              Yes Reeka. That part it’s similar to the one in the manga. 😉

              Don’t worry about sharing your opinions here, my friend. Most of us here are open-minded, and it’s interesting how each of us can think very differently sometimes. 🙂 ❤❤

      • Evelyn on June 25, 2015 at 7:14 pm
      • Reply

      I completely agree with you, Antlay! Yes Albert, the most beautiful of them all was reserved for Candy!! 🙂 And like Reeka I agree of a strong possibility that Albert never had a serious relationship with another lady prior to Candy most likely because of his private life and type of personality. Buy he may have liked the nurse in Africa as Ms Puddle said, like a crush and admiration for what she did and physical resemblance to Candy. So, this could be interpreted as a glimpse into Albert’s personal taste in women. The type of girl he admired and liked on the inside and outward appearance. Did Albert really say the 20-year old nurse? Did he also say that this nurse reminded him of Candy like in the manga? Maybe he also liked younger women so her age was mentioned!!?? What do you think? This is just my interpretation 😉

      1. Every male character in CC is beautiful in different ways (except Neil?) but Albert is definitely the most sophisticated one among them. 😀

        Like you, I feel that Albert might have been attracted to that young American nurse. Yes, Evelyn, he did mention she was twenty, and he felt she looked like Candy. Interestingly, he used a phrase that means somewhat, for some reason, don’t know why, etc. I guess the nurse somehow reminded him of Candy. 😉 😛

        Brilliant idea, my dear, about Albert’s personal taste in women! He admired girls with inner beauty and kind hearts!! Wow!! Perhaps he had seen too many superficial ones in the high society, including those he had met in college. 😉

          • Evelyn on June 25, 2015 at 10:03 pm
          • Reply

          Lol! You are right my friend!! All the male characters are beautiful!! Except Neil?…. How funny but true!! 😀 but Albert surely stands out 😉 Still, Anthony, Archie and Stear have a special place in my heart! sigh!!
          It’s interesting how Candy seemed to always follow what Albert said! He mentioned to her about the nurse and she became one. They were tied by an invincible thread then without even realizing it! Thank you for your reply dear Ms Puddle 😀

          1. Me too, Evelyn! The trio plus Albert. Other than Albert, I like Stear next. 😉

            So true. Albert’s mention of a nurse somehow inspired Candy, and little did he know that he would be saved by the nurse-to-be. Invisible thread indeed! 🙂

    • Reeka on June 24, 2015 at 9:36 am
    • Reply

    I was about to sleep when I got notification of your update. So it’s true, better left your mobile away when in bedroom. 🙂

    Again, you write what I have in mind for so long perfectly, Ms Puddle dear. I agree with everything you write here. Think about it logically, with common sense. Why would an author tell so much about one family, about a character, if at the end the protagonist would leave them and go live with another character across the ocean? Not to mention that this other character was known to hardly get along with others. Why Mizuki told us about Albert’s growing pain? Why explained the reason young Albert happened to be there on Pony Hill that day?

    And what we know about Terry’s family other than he was an illegitimate off spring of an english Duke and a broadway actress? That his father had to marry another woman out of duty.

    Common sense. It’s all we need to understand Candy Candy story.

    Well, my friend, I still want leaving comment on another issue, but I think I leave it for tomorrow. Thank you for this part 3. It’s short, but it hit right to the point. Good job, as usual! 🙂

    1. I must say, dear Reeka, that I was a little surprised to read a reply from you at this hour, and yet, I’m not sure if I should tell you to leave your mobile somewhere else before going to bed. 😉 😆

      Glad you agree with everything I have said on this post, and many thanks for your encouraging words! Like you said, it just doesn’t make any sense why the author wrote so much about different members of a family clan, in particular the heir, if they turned out to be not very important. 😉

      On the contrary, Candy wasn’t familiar with Terry’s family, except his birth mother, the famous actress. Not to mention that Terry essentially gave up his status in the Duke’s family by using Graham as his last name instead.

      Please feel free to add anything you like. Looking forward to reading about the other issue on your mind. 🙂

        • Reeka on June 24, 2015 at 11:37 pm
        • Reply

        Hahahah, ya of course I can’t put my mobile away when sleeping. I know it’s unhealthy … 🙁

        Right, Ms Puddle. POTH’s existance was too important in this story. Like we discussed, it’s not about Candy finally found her true love, but since beginning these two characters, Candy and Albert, were created almost equally. In fact, Albert as POTH was like .. mmm 7th or 8th recurring character in manga based on appearance order. We kept seeing Albert in every stage of Candy’s life ( even I bet it was Albert who unlocked the spooky room upstair Lakewood Mansion where Neal& Eliza trapped Candy). And don’t forget The Badge. Why this thing became so important if it’s for nothing? 🙂

        The day they met for the first time was such a life changing point in their life. Unconciously, they both gave each other hope for a better tomorrow. Sigh.

        Well, my friend, I don’t know if what I’m going to talk is related to this post. But since you mentioned about Terry’s ambigous letter & The Epilogue .. I think I have to pour what’s on my mind. I’ve read your reply on previous post to Evelyn ( If i’m not mistaken) that the ambiguous letter was the last letter on the last chapter of CCFS, before epilogue. I’d never been aware of it.

        The letter was left hanging. Here we believe Candy received the letter but decided not to respond, for some reason. We also believe that the letter was sent 1.5 years after the break up. So .. ” I haven’t changed” was understandable. However, we never heard about Terry again since then, except maybe about his success and then Susanna’s obituary. Who could be sure he still hadn’t changed after years? Time elapsed between the letter and Susanna’s death was more than 5 years I guess. It’s a very long time for someone to heal the wound. He might never forget Candy, but the intensity of his feeling pretty much changed I believe.

        I forget if you ever discussed it before :), it just struck me recently when I read some comments about how Terry’s feeling hadn’t changed and they believed the reason the letter unanswered was they soon reunited after Candy received the letter. So much time had passed, how pathetic a person was if he/she still couldn’t move on. Hanging hope on something uncertain.

        Back to CCFS, after the last chapter ends, then it is the epilogue. I come to think that Terry’s ambigous letter was actually being answered, by Mizuki, by the way she put the letter as the ending of the novel’s body and opening the epilogue with Candy’s ecstatic letter to POTH. 🙂 I don’t know if I explain well, as usual 🙂 .. I hope you understand what I mean.

        Oh my friend, I think I am writing too much. And i’m typing with my phone, so pardon me if typo here and there. And sorry if it’s out of topic.

        1. Dear Reeka, I’m sure you’re not the only one who can’t put the mobiles away. 😉

          Great minds think alike, my friend! I totally agree with you. Also, I’m going to say that Albert is the only male character who is present from the beginning to the end of the story, not just the manga but also CCFS. In CCFS, the epilogue is all about him, including Candy’s replies to him and her mental letter to Anthony. The only exception was the last page when Anohito came home. Terry seemed so out of place I must say. 😉

          Terry’s brief letter was left hanging indeed. Some people hate Susanna so much that they assume Terry hated her too, but that wasn’t true. According to her obituary, Terry had been supporting Susanna through her struggles with her illness for a period of time. We don’t know how long, but definitely not short either. I’ll talk more about them in Part 4.

          You’re right some CC fans have jumped to conclusions that Terry’s letter was sent after Susanna’s death, but that actually made Terry inhuman, if not cold-blooded. 😐 Come to think of it, how could he remain unaffected after all this time of seeing Susanna fight with her disease and eventually breathe her last? 🙁

          I know what you mean by saying Candy’s first letter to her prince in the epilogue was essentially Mizuki’s answer to Terry’s letter. Candy had undoubtedly changed and moved on with her prince. His revelation made her too excited to sleep, and she was possibly imagining what life might hold in store for her now that her handsome prince was willing to confess. 🙂 😉

          • Evelyn on June 25, 2015 at 5:55 pm
          • Reply

          Hello Dear Reeka and Ms Puddle, I couldn’t agree more with what you both are saying! My thoughts to this post are so similar to Reeka’s I’ll just add or agree to her thoughts here!! 😀 That is exactly what I was thinking Reeka about Terry’s ambiguous letter and its placement at the end of the last chapter in CCFS! On the surface it can definitely be misleading or interpreted by T-fans that that was a way for Mizuki to “hint” that Candy ended up with Terry at the end. But that can ONLY be if you look at just the last letter and get rid of the “entire” epilogue, literally! Because the epilogue entirely talks about Albert and Candy entering a deeper phase in their relationship with each other and of course I feel they are also flirting with each other confessing their love!! 🙂

          I also agree that the timing of this letter was about 1.5 years after their split up and for Mizuki to place it at the end of the story means that she either wanted to give hope to T-fans or to make a point via the epilogue that Candy had truly moved on and that C&A’s life ended together in the epilogue. Obviously I believe the second one is the answer but Mizuki certainly must have known that it would cause confusion but maybe that was her purpose just to keep everyone happy? Although I really feel that Mizuki’s way of telling this story is not purposely to mislead, but she just has a way to leave things open but she gives you the path by showing you different stages and we as readers must infer or deduct the end. No sure if I’m explaining myself. It’s just this writer’s style to leave bits and pieces of information and we must assume what else happened! For example, remember when Candy rode the train back home after her break up with Terry in the manga? We see Candy imagining what her life could have been with Terry and her holding a beautiful baby?? Well, Mizuki does not tell us at the end of the story that Candy had a baby with Albert but I feel that she already told us that kids are in Candy’s future by letting us see into her heart earlier in the story because she loves and wanted children which I’m sure a wedding would also be in the picture. Does that make sense? So, I wish I read that Candy literally got married and had kids the traditional way but it is inferred that she did.

          Anyway, sorry for my long post also girls 🙂 Hopefully i did not ramble nonsense! Great job with your post dear Ms Puddle and love your reply Reeka!!

          1. You’re absolutely right, dear Evelyn!! Without the epilogue, then perhaps Terry’s brief letter can be a hint, however small it is.

            Yes, you’re not the only one who think that Albert and Candy were flirting with each other through writing, in spite of its serious contents. For example, Candy openly asked Albert to come to her birthday to spend lots of time with her as his birthday present to her. She behaved just like a typical girl who asked her boyfriend to celebrate her birthday with her. 😉

            Yes, Terry’s letter was placed in a misleading order, right after Susanna’s obituary. However, now that I read the Japanese text myself, I’m more convinced than ever he meant an incident they both knew (i.e. their breakup).

            Interesting thought about Candy and babies, my friend! I’ve never thought of that. How I wish Mizuki had clearly written that Candy was already a mother in her 30s! Too bad Mizuki didn’t mention any of that. Sigh! 🙂

            • Reeka on June 26, 2015 at 1:25 am
            • Reply

            Thank you Evelyn, well I assume we all pretty much sure have similar thoughts about this whole story, right? It’s just some of us (me!) sometime having difficulty to express it by words. I imagine we all meet up and have discussion face to face over coffee, I’m sure we’re still talking endlessly on my 10th cup of coffee. 😀

            Yes, Evelyn, if CCFS was well ended by Terry’s letter and no epilogue at all; OR if after Terry’s letter then Anohito came home, and the epilogue content was only Albert and Candy’s letters ( like an appendix or an annex), … probably I would give a slight thought that Anohito was Terry. But that’s not the case. The order was Terry’s letter to end the novel’s body, then continued with the epilogue, and ended with Anohito came home. 🙂

            Evelyn, I agree with you on how Mizuki little by little giving a vision about Candy’s future and what Candy had been longing since childhood. She wanted a family, like you said, in traditional way. So it included a wedding and children. We also had a glimpse of how Candy looked like on her wedding, you know. Remember Anthony’s daydream on the dinner table the night Candy came to Lakewood as Uncle William’s adoptive daughter?

            About no children mentioned on CCFS, yeah I regret that, too. However, I believe she had children :), because Anohito didn’t want her going to America to visit Ms Pony and leave Anohito “alone”. I sensed Anohito meant he didn’t want Candy leave him and children for weeks to cross the ocean, or worse she brought the kids and leave Anohito alone. 🙂 He would sure miss them a lot.

            Ms Puddle,

            About flirting on their letters, don’t forget she did cast a spell to him! For me, it sounds very funny yet romantic. And Albert replied that her spell didn’t work because he had prepared her gifts for some time. It’s like he said he didn’t need to be under a spell to think about her, as she was always on his thought. 🙂

              • Ms Puddle on June 26, 2015 at 10:11 am

              So true, Reeka, the order of the letters and where to put Anohito coming home matters a lot. Good point!

              About Candy wanting a family, I think part of Candy had dreamed of someone taking care of her and giving her a sense of security, like the person would never abandon her. That was why she wanted to take care of Albert when he was sick, and she wouldn’t leave him no matter what. It’s like what Jesus said, do to others what you would have them do to you. You see what I mean? 🙂

              Interesting thought about Candy and her children. Since she and Anohito were so in love, it’s only natural that they have kids… I hope Mizuki wouldn’t make Candy suffer anymore. 🙁

              Oh yes, casting a spell… that part is funny but it shows how much Candy missed Albert and they were friends, not father and daughter. You’re right, Reeka, that Albert essentially acknowledged that Candy was always on his mind. 😉 🙂

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