Dec 01 2017

The Myths of Candy Candy Final Story (Part 4)

Thank you all for the enthusiastic comments and feedback to the previous post in this series, The Myths of Candy Candy Final Story (Part 3). I know some of you have expressed your wishes to learn more about the legal aspects of adoption back in early 20th century, but let’s give Alex some time. Just so you know, another lawyer has just joined us, and her pen name is Lakewood. You would find her self-introduction and some comments about adoption in the previous post. 🙂

In the meantime, let me present to you another topic Alex would like to discuss — the Shakespeare Corpus in the study of Candy’s house. Note that, apart from this collection, Candy mentioned there were other leather-bound books, including the English and French literature and books on medicine. Alex wanted to debunk the myth that any reference to Shakespeare points nowhere else but to Terry.

First, Alex indicated that Shakespeare has constituted an honourable mention and profound influence in Japanese culture, because “such elements of high quality drama have been intrinsic aspects of Japanese culture itself since time immemorial”. One example is the epic masterpiece (alluding to Shakespeare’s play-King Lear) called Ran, directed by the great Japanese director/film-maker, Akira Kurosawa.

Besides, according to Alex, Nagita herself was a theatre actress during her late adolescence. She worked for the Shiki Theatre Company, the name of which literally means “Four Seasons”. The theatre “focused on the importance of the passage of time and of change via the rapid flow of the four seasons. Seasons, time and change play a vital role in Nagita’s literary works,” said Alex.

Alex, who knows Shakespeare’s works very well, thinks that most CC/CCFS characters bear some form of resemblance or connection with Shakespeare and his characters, even Eliza. She’s most akin to Iago in Othello, especially when it “comes to that inexplicable and grass-root ‘evil’ in her disposition”. What about Candy? She could easily be Juliet but also Viola or Cesario in the Twelfth Night play (during her cross-dressing at the May festival). Terry could be Romeo, Macbeth, Hamlet or even Titus Andronicus (during his self-destructive phases).

Stear, because his name Alistair is Gaelic from the Ancient Greek derivation of Alexander, which stands for ‘the defender of humans/humanity’, Stear could with great ease be Richard II (Richard II play).

Susanna Marlowe could be Juliet too. She had the same last name as Christopher Marlowe, Shakespeare’s bosom friend. According to Alex, many researchers have claimed that he was also Shakespeare’s co-writer in a few plays. Remember Susanna also worked as a playwright in CCFS? Not only that, both Susanna and Christopher Marlowe had suffered tragic ending in their active lives at a young age. Christopher Marlowe was stabbed to death at the age of 29, and Susanna’s leg was amputated following her tragic accident when she was below the age of 20.

Robert Hathaway, the director and renowned Thespian of the Stratford Theatre troupe, derived his last name from Anne Hathaway, the wife of William Shakespeare.

How about Albert? 🙂 Alex thinks that Albert could be Richard III (Richard III play-the ‘return of the king’) or Henry VIII (Henry VIII play). Not only that, she added that “Albert could be Shakespeare himself as he’s the one ‘directing‘ the cross-dressing session as well as coordinating the dynamics of the Terry-Candy bonding at St Paul’s as well as later on at Rockstown. If anyone is closer to Shakespeare himself (as an actor of multiple and diverse roles as well as a director), it sure is Albert!”

Nonetheless, even if we agree that the reference to Shakespeare volumes points to Terry and no one else, don’t forget that Candy provided more details about this library. The entire wall of the study was full of books, some being medical books and many must be English and French literature. Some might say that the medical books belong to nobody but Candy, but Alex believed they might allude to Albert too due to his extensive knowledge in medicine and biology.

Even then, some people might insist only Terry could have his Shakespeare books and Candy her medical  books, but what about the numerous volumes of English and French literature books? Remember, neither Terry nor Candy was as well-educated as Albert. 😛

Since Alex, being a lawyer herself, has received comprehensive and in-depth education in English and French literature as well as Latin and Ancient Greek, she believes those literature books should belong to Albert, due to his extensive academic education in law and business admin.

Alex explained, “As a legal scholar, Albert would have to excel in Latin, Ancient Greek philosophical, historical and political texts (Plato, Aristotle, Thucydides), as well as muster the art of rhetoric, oration and public speaking (as emphasized in British as well as French literature, especially with regards to the Renaissance, Enlightenment, and Age of Reason). He would have to know his Shakespeare as well, and judging by his actions and practises, he certainly knew his Shakespeare all too well. 😉 ”

The information about Albert’s education is scattered throughout CCFS, and Alex figured nobody would argue that Albert, as the patriarch of such a powerful magnate clan, would receive anything less than the highest quality education. Based on his letters to Candy in the epilogue, we readers can envision what kind of strict training and private tutoring he must have endured at a very young age.

As a side note, Alex explained that even a simple well-off business guy with some basic education would still fit perfectly as Candy’s partner in South West rural England in the mid-1930s. She said that what mattered then was the money, not the education, when it came to the investors in mid-1930 Southern England, where it teemed with many North American business entrepreneurs, regardless of their educational background.

Nevertheless, there are a few examples in CCFS regarding the schooling and higher education of wealthy students in between the late 19th century and early 20th century.  The working-class and lower middle-class students were severely deprived of the higher education the upper middle-class and wealthy students were receiving. “Unfortunately, such social discrimination in accessing to high quality education exists even in our day and age,” said Alex.

Back to CCFS, we get an idea of what sorts of intensive private tutoring the Ardlay clan was receiving. Remember the summer holiday in Lakewood when Eliza joined Anthony and the others to study together? She mentioned ‘Physics Lessons’ and lessons in Latin, right? Sounds like Aunt Elroy wouldn’t allow the young generation to slack around all day even during their summer break.

Alex reckoned that “if the Lagans, Cornwells and Browns had been under such tight educational scrutiny and intensive training, one can construe with great ease what intensive and high quality education Albert had been receiving even prior to going to prestigious universities in England.”

In addition, in one of Albert’s letters to Candy in the epilogue, he explained what had pushed his limits, resulting in a runaway incident years ago. He told her how he had to constantly stay in his own room to study, even though the other children or teenagers (his peers) had far more freedom. Well, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone. After all, Albert would be the future patriarch, and his education would constitute the highest quality possible (definitely far higher than the Lagans, Cornwells and Browns).  What’s more, Albert mentioned to Candy that his aunt, Madam Elroy, would always admire (albeit keeping her stern looks) his brilliance in music and intelligence.

In summary, there are plenty of references to the intensive, demanding and high quality education the young people in the Ardlay clan had been receiving since the very first day. Alex said that “Albert was highly regarded as an excellent student with an acutely receptive mind. He had already been undergoing intensive training in law and business administration even during his teens; apparently, this was because Albert was preparing for the examinations regarded for the aforementioned prestigious UK university entrance examinations (nowadays, we would term such exams as ‘A-levels’/SAT/GRE/GMAT, etc)… As a wealthy magnate patriarch, Albert was simply receiving the education fit for such a VIP.” Alex finished with a  😉

Those who are familiar with Albert’s correspondence to Candy in the epilogue would have known that he had received such intensive private tutoring was to prepare him to enter a UK university, in particular, one in England. Alex figured, based on the common knowledge via a historical and sociological framework, “Albert as a massively wealthy and powerful magnate would attend only a prestigious university in the UK being Cambridge or Oxford (perhaps Queen Mary University of London).” Even nowadays, wealthy folks like politicians, tycoons, financial technocrats, for example, attend prestigious universities, likely in either the USA or the UK.

To Alex, it makes perfect sense why Nagita decided to add three more years to the age difference between Candy and Albert. Alex reasoned that since Candy first met Albert as POTH (he was 17 years old), seven years had elapsed when she met Albert again in Lakewood. He was around 24 years old. Those 7 years are significant because they define the years Albert had been studying at a university. He might have studied medicine and law or law and business admin, 5-7 years (6-7 years In Cambridge and Oxford) would be required for attaining a joint major degree from a higher education institution.  Furthermore, the ways Albert (as Granduncle William) had been strongly encouraging Candy to attend a prestigious boarding school in the UK speaks volumes of his keen interest in higher education.

Therefore, Alex concluded that “no matter how hard one tries to ‘force-feed’ Terry as Candy’s partner in mid-1930s South West rural England, this ‘equation’ just can’t fit in the prescriptive setting (time and place) Nagita has firmly provided in her CCFS”.

No, this is not the end of the post yet. Alex has something more to say about Nagita and her character Albert. Have any of you heard of another novelised manga by Keiko Nagita called Milliam Blue Lake?

When Alex first told me about this book, the words Blue Lake struck me right away. Candy Candy fans should know how water bodies are often associated with Albert. 😉 You can probably imagine my reaction when Alex indicated that the main character of this novelized manga realized that she had fallen profoundly in love with a man she had always regarded as her brother.

Sounds very familiar, don’t you think? 😀

But later I found out the protagonist was called Milliam Blue. 😛 If you click the link above, the description is written in Indonesian, and the translation by the Google Translator is shown below:

“Milliam Blue, this sweet little girl turned out to be a picky kid! Her heart was so devastated to accept that fact at her 15th age, but there was a dash of relief in the deepest corner of her heart. She finds true love from a man she has always considered an older brother.”

But Reeka my friend, who understands Indonesian, gave me the correct translation as follows:

“Milliam Blue, a sweet cheerful girl who is actually an adopted daughter! Her heart was broken when she had to accept that fact at the age of 15, but there is a dash of relief in her deepest heart. She found her true love from someone she has been considering as a brother for so long.”

Is this a coincidence?! What do you think? 🙂

Alex further added there was yet another intriguing aspect about Keiko Nagita. “She (Nagita) always expresses her love for Anne of Green Gables and especially the scene where Anne had initially rejected Gilbert’s (how similar his name is phonetically to Albert, let alone how virtually identical Gilbert and Albert are in terms of beauty, gentle voice and calm demeanour) wedding proposal because she had regarded him as her brother. Further on, however, she realizes that she’s deeply in love with Gilbert albeit after many events had occurred… Keiko Nagita has many an occasion expressed her in-depth appreciation and affection for characters/personalities as Gilbert and Albert. In Japanese culture and idiosyncrasy, the Albert-archetype constitutes the insignia of the higher being referring to the intellectual warrior-the true and honourable Samurai.”

In CCFS, Albert is constantly described as a soft-spoken and noble gentleman even when he appeared as a vagabond to Candy. From her very first encounter with him as POTH and then later as a vagabond, (though she couldn’t recognize him), Candy would always be impressed; Albert’s voice and gestures never matched his vagabond-like appearance and attire. You can find the references in Volume One, where Candy was rescued from the waterfall and then again when she met Albert in London. Alex pointed out that Albert’s eloquence, articulate speech and gentle manners were inadvertently betraying his real identity. This is significant, because it signifies that his body language constituted non-verbal leakage of his true gentleman identity.

Thus, Alex wrapped up her analysis of the character Albert by saying that “he wasn’t simply a handsome man but an acutely elegant and graceful youth, mustering a formidable demeanour whether his body is adorned in rags or in silk attire. Nagita makes this crystal clear in the CCFS in both volumes. If you want specific sections, please let me know, although I don’t think it will be difficult to trace them as they’re numerous. Simply go where Albert is mentioned and what you’ll get is Nagita swooning over his swan-like elegance and grace.”

Here I want to attach a picture kindly shared by my friend known as CAA (Candy Albert Andrew). According to CAA, this is the last page of the manga, serialized in the Nakayoshi’s magazine version. As you can see, Candy opened her arms wide and high, running towards Albert. Later, Nagita (Mizuki) asked Igarashi to revise this to make Candy appear slightly more modest. 😉 Nonetheless, when running towards her Prince on the Hill, Candy looked ecstatic, no less. 😀  Those who have read CCFS last scene would understand why I have chosen to show this last page from the manga. ❤ Personally, I think there’s a reason why Nagita moved this ‘running happily towards a certain man’ scene from the confession on Pony’s Hill to the end of CCFS. 😛

p.s. Candy Albert Andrew informed me that I had misunderstood the reason for the revision. Mizuki wanted Igarashi to revise because Mizuki wanted to show that Candy was ready to hug her prince. Therefore, her arms are down and ready to embrace Albert, as shown in my earlier post.



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    • Lakewood on December 24, 2017 at 9:52 am
    • Reply

    In response to your query, Ms Puddle, the official Italian translation reads “I am happy now” and not the original “Now is my happiness”. As explained previously, this is a slight alteration in the syntax but it completely changes the meaning of Candy’s confession to Albert.

    1. Sigh sigh sigh… 😧

    • Myra on December 18, 2017 at 9:14 am
    • Reply

    Hello Ms Puddle and Alex,

    I would like to express my gratitude for your amazing blog and for Alex’s highly intelligent historical documentation of the war, legal and financial background of the CCFS. This entire series on the ‘Myths of the CCFS’ is of such great quality.

    Being a CC enthusiast myself, I’ve come across so many blogs and posts which claim to have conducted research on the CCFS but those claims are in most cases deceptive because opinion and plagiarism continue to outweigh facts and evidence. Some recent bloggers have been trying to copy Alex but like all copies, their attempt is just a cheap version and nothing more than that.

    Alex is really the only one who never uses her opinion or dubious approximations but focuses only on proving her analysis with fully acknowledging all credible sources. I’m in higher education myself and I must say that I find Alex’s work on the CCFS to be of the highest quality and academic honesty. Even many of my friends who support Terry have expressed their respect and admiration for Alex’s impartiality and her sophisticated elegance.

    I’m pleased to have come across this series in which Alex shares her scholarly research and great quality analysis with us. The CC community is in debt to her!

    I’m looking forward to reading your next fan-fiction series. You produce such exciting work! Your artwork on Albert is beautiful. I like the way you bring out the sexiness in him.

    We’ll talk again soon if you’d like because I’d like to add some of my thoughts to Alex’s historical and literary analysis of the CCFS.

    With Regards,

      • Lakewood on December 18, 2017 at 10:03 am
      • Reply

      I see what you mean about online plagiarism, Myra. I’ve seen those blogs myself and the copying going on without citing the sources is of the lowest behaviour. However, the internet is still not the safest place when it comes to copyright laws and online plagiarism, unfortunately. As a practising lawyer, I know this all too well. The web hosts everything-both the high and the low quality stuff. It’s up to us to draw the line and discern the difference in quality. Those of us in higher education can easily do that because we’ve been trained at university for so many years. There are still too many people ignorant of such scams though and fall easy prey to frauds.

      This is also the reason why I’m extremely careful with what I post online. You could never be too careful when it comes to fraudulent behaviour.

      • Interstellar on December 18, 2017 at 1:56 pm
      • Reply

      Myra, I know what you’re talking about and especially of the specific blogger you’re referring to. That blogger is the lowest of the low and I won’t waste my precious time more with that pathetic plagiarizer. My friends and I had a vomit bag ready when reading that blogger’s emetic plagiarism of Alex’s superb work. In the scholarly and scientific cosmos (I’m a scientist myself), there’s nothing worse than copying the work of other people without citing them and acknowledging their work. Such scum belong to the lowest of the low of the food and market chain!

      But Alex is light-years beyond that cunning-fool blogger in intelligence and personal integrity so no need to worry. Alex posted only the facts and she keeps her academic research for credible online academic journals exclusively. She’s an experienced academic and she knows how to protect herself from plagiarizing scammers. I’ve managed to find her work at these academic journals and I must say that she’s ace! She’s a true lady in all terms!

      I was enraged myself as much as you when I came across this non-English blogger. Perhaps this non-English blogger thought that his/her scam could go unnoticed since no one bothers with his/her infantile blog. It’s nonetheless downright pathetic that this insignificant blogger has stooped so low in resorting to such vulgar plagiarizing practices.

      In our times, we all can easily discover and confirm whether someone is truly intelligent and knowledgeable or whether they are simply copy-pasting what other far more intelligent, cultured and educated people than them have to say. At almost all universities and multi-national companies (I work in such a multi-national pharmaceutical company and I know this first-hand), there are search-engines and software programmes which ascertain the level of plagiarism committed by a scammer. We use this at work to determine whether a specific piece of work is original or not and whether citations have been fully and honestly provided. Of-course, there’s no issue in sharing ideas and developing on them, as longs as you accredit and cite them in full!

      My advice and critique to such emetic cunning-fools is to focus on enhancing their own education instead of copying the hard work of people far greater and better than them. If these people want respect, they must first learn to earn it through their intellectual honesty and integrity. End of.

        • Myra on December 18, 2017 at 5:13 pm
        • Reply

        Yes, Interstellar and Lakewood..

        The fact that poor little insignificant scum are so desperate to eat out of the scraps of the truly laudable wonderful ladies like Alex reveals how pathetic and silly they really are..

        Your comments makes so much sense and they reveal how respectable you are.

        Enjoy the beautiful Christmas holiday and we’ll talk again soon!

        With loads of respect to all of you who don’t plagiarize the hard work of intelligent folk,

    1. Hello Myra, welcome to my blog! I’m delighted to hear that you also enjoyed reading this series. Because of Alex’s contributions, I have ‘made friends’ with different talented ladies from various fields. I must say it was a little surprising that quite a few CC fans who are actively commenting in this series so far are in higher education.

      Why is this a surprise? First, some people said Candy Candy was merely a story for young girls, why bother? Besides, I admit I used to feel a bit lonely in CC fandom where the majority of the active fans are seemingly way more comfortable with Spanish. I thought English speaking fans were either a lot fewer or at least much quieter. Now I am fully aware I couldn’t be more wrong. 😅

      Too bad Alex has been quiet lately, or else she could join us all to discuss some more or provide the rest of her research finding(s).

      That being said, I must say I’m grateful that my blog has been chosen to share her works, and once again, it’s my honour and pleasure to showcase her considerable talents.

      Myra, thank you for noticing my works, and your compliments are greatly appreciated. The fact that you think my Albert is sexy really made my day! I wish I could upload one more post before Christmas (not from Alex), but I’m not sure if I can make it because at work I have a deadline to meet 😂…

      Looking forward to hearing from you again 🙂😗

        • Myra on December 20, 2017 at 7:56 am
        • Reply

        It’s my pleasure, Ms Puddle. I’ll thank you again for your cool blog.

        I think the Spanish and Italian CC fans are more familiar with the anime whereas the English-speaking ones with the manga and the books. That could explain why the Spanish and Italians are so hooked on Terry and the English-speaking ones not much. Terry is glorified in the anime but in the manga he’s a desolated soul.

        TOEI productions simply wanted to convert Albert into a spiritual father figure of some sort. He’s beautiful in the anime but in an angelic sort of way. A lot of Albert’s (sexual) features in the manga had been added to the anime Terry. The funny thing is that the Terry fans actually adore Albert’s character (manga version). These Terry fans are really swooning over Albert but they haven’t realised it yet. The anime Terry is just an artificial representation of Nagita’s original intention for describing Albert. I think someone needs to break the news to the poor Terry fans.

        This is really why there’s been so much bickering between the fans since the new book came out. Most fans ran to read the final story straight from their memories of Terry from the anime instead of reading the manga as well. So when they found out that there’s s 50%-50% that Anohito could be Terry as well as Albert, the Terry fans flipped! To be frank, I didn’t expect it either. Back in my teens, all the girls would go crazy for either Anthony or Terry. Albert was not in the picture at all. He was an outsider in the anime but a central character in the manga. I think the TOEI producers wanted to make a more child-friendly programme and that whole Candy-Albert room-mating scheme didn’t appear to go down well with the TOEI crew.

        I’m Greek-Australian and I remember how absolutely mental the Greek girls my age would become whenever the anime was broadcast on the Greek national television in the early 90s. The Greek community (the female members) in Australia would also go nuts for this CC anime show. Of-course, Terry was the king of all the girls’ hearts and they would jump up and down waiting to see him again in the next episode. Those of us who liked Albert were a severe minority because all the girls flocked to watch Anthony and afterwards Terry. Even as a teen, though I always found Albert smoking hot and I’m pleased to see how his popularity has soared these past few years.

        I would agree with Alex that the reason why Terry’s appeal has waned while Albert’s appeal has sky-rocketed is because girls and young women are more dynamic these days and have no respect for women-beaters like Terry. When I was a teen, I was of the very few people who never tolerated rubbish from guys and always liked the good and kind ones. My feelings for Terry were sheer contempt and for Albert sheer respect. As the years have gone by, girls are more empowered and have greater appreciation for feminist men like Albert. You could tell by the way more and more dynamic female characters dominate programmes tailored for children and teens (like Merida in Brave). Imagine what would have happened if Terry had ever tried to pull such a stunt on Merida and force himself on her. She would have turned him into chop suey!

        Dudes like Terry are mere museum-like relics which simply provide some data on the quaint toxic masculinity back in those days. Some friends of mine in Greece still fixate on those stupid dudes and then they complain why they always fall for the wrong guys (insert face-palm gif here).

        If you can translate this link below from Greek to English, you’ll get a laugh out of this ridiculous post on CC and all that Terry-swooning. The lady (she must be in her early forties) is drooling over Terry and her stupidity lies in the fact that she actually admits that she’s dumb for being in love with a guy like Terry but she can’t help it! Seriously, check out this post from her and scroll down where she comments under the Terry section where she actually admits her stupidity in falling for the wrong guy. You can’t make this stuff up!

        I won’t even bother to comment on what she says about Albert and the other guys.

          • Fay on December 20, 2017 at 10:49 am
          • Reply

          Hello, Myra. It’s nice to see you joining this wonderful blog too. Albert is sure lucky to have so many intelligent and mature fans, while Terry’s followers, on the contrary, are far below his own level.

          I agree with you that the Italians are more hooked on Terry, and that explains the ridiculous manga continuation they created in which Candy and Terry get together in the end. While the French and Spanish manga versions followed closely the original Japanese one, the Italian manga carried on after the revelation of Prince on the Hill, and gave a story that didn’t make sense, only to give the Terry fans the satisfaction of seeing him together with Candy. Sadly, that continuation was misleading to the fans who believed that to be Nagita’s original story. Even the Italian anime version provided a similar conclusion, using scenes from previous episodes, showing Candy returning to Terry just after Albert revealed himself as Prince on the Hill. Actually, the scene used was the same we saw when Candy imagined herself going to New York and running into Terry’s arms. Whoever saw that scene would easily recognize it and realize that it had been used before. Maybe the Italian TV producers believed their audience was too stupid to understand that.

          I’m sorry to say that the Italian manga was also followed by the Greek one. I am Greek (so glad to meet a compatriot here in this blog) and read the Greek manga years ago as a teenager. As so many others, I didn’t realize back then where the original story ended and where the laughable Italian version began. The fact is that nevertheless, after a time, I got so bored and disappointed with this story that I decided to stop reading it altogether. Only many years later I found out about that Italian travesty of a story. I suppose it was even harder for the Italian fans to admit after such a long time that Candy finally ended with her prince.

          You are also right about Albert being an outsider in the anime. Most fans relied on that and either ignored the manga or they believed that it wasn’t the original version, so they stuck to the anime and chose either Anthony or Terry. As Anthony was out of the picture rather early, there was only Terry. And since the audience constituted mostly of girls in their early teens, it was not difficult to understand for whom they would fall. In those years such characters as Terry seemed charming and irresistible to young girls, unfortunately preparing them for a future where they might be willingly subjected to such a treatment themselves, and what’s more, to accept it thinking that the man who would treat them like Terry treated Candy really loved them. Young Terry fans swooned over Terry’s kiss but they overlooked his violent and aggressive behavior right after that. That can easily be applied to their age, and of course a great responsibility lies in the anime version which magnified Terry’s attributes and minimized Albert’s. However, as we know, Terry fans are not only adolescents, they are also grown up women, arguably mature, who still swoon over Terry. Unlike Candy herself, who left him in her past as a teenage love and went on with the mature and constant love of Albert, these fans remain fixated on a troubled teenager, forgetting to grow up emotionally and ignoring Albert’s character as the destined love for Candy, or even worse, abusing and insulting him, not realizing that in that way they insult Nagita herself who created this story and chose that character for her heroine.

          It’s funny but the link you provided above has been shared very recently on the Greek CC forum and been discussed too. The writer is definitely a Terry fan, of the kind of those who never grew up, and she admits that Terry is the wrong man whom a woman couldn’t stop loving because he is the one. And not only that, she also diminishes the other boys in Candy’s life too. Albert is the kind of man who is out there for all of us, Stear is the boy whom all of us would like as a friend but would never fall in love with him (except if we are shy and quiet and not so pretty, since he’s not so handsome either), and Archie is just a narcissistic type of a boy who only loves himself and his mirror, a superficial guy who is not hurt or affected by anything and that’s why he ends up happy despite all the sad things that happened in his life.

          I’m not sure if such a post deserves even a translation, unless someone is in a mood to have a good laugh.

            • Myra on December 20, 2017 at 1:17 pm
            • Reply

            Hello Fay!

            I couldn’t agree more with you that women who prefer quality material are in majority Albert fans. As for Terry’s level though, he isn’t worth a dime and those fans who support his forceful and violent attitude against women are not worth my time and certainly not worth respect. Take the CC fan-fic, for instance. The Candy-Terry pairing is based on a guy who continues to abuse and force Candy to submission, while the Candy-Albert pairing focuses on a egalitarian relationship of two equals who respect and care for one another. The Terry fans usually get all the abuse because they want it and they endorse it. I have no respect for such people who provide a standing ovation to slimy woman-beaters like Terry. Terry has no level and I honestly don’t give a rat’s ass if he had a rough childhood. That’s just a dumb and lame excuse and I blatantly refuse to buy it. The Terry fans though are more than willing to wolf down that rubbish but that’s their problem and not mine.

            As for the adulterated ending, I wouldn’t blame the editors and publishers in deceiving the Terry fans since they could easily profit from their unlimited stupidity. Who is one’s right mind wouldn’t have figured out that the added Candy-Terry reunion scene was a scam? It was so freakin fake! To be even more severe here against the Terry fans (yes, I am ruthless, mouhahahaha!!!) that hugging scene in which Candy falls into Terry’s arms and he lifts her in the air is sadly only in her imagination. It never happened! Candy had imagined how she would meet Terry while en route to New York. What’s even worse for the Terry fans (Nagita is such a troll, hehehe) is that this merry-go-round scene does actually happen but between Candy and Albert when they reunite in London. He is the one who lifts Candy into the air and takes her in his arms-not Terry. The irony is so rich, one could get gout!

            Fay, didn’t you notice that the continuation of the CC story after the POTH revelation was just a cheap replica? The illustrations were horrible and so tacky. Igarashi would have had a seizure if she had seen those kitsch illustrations. Do you remember that the sales for the Greek CC manga had slumped after that cheap stunt? My sister and I have still got those Greek manga periodicals but not the cheap Italian continuation because we stopped buying immediately. The original CC manga volumes must be vintage by now. Have you kept them? I remember my sister, cousins and me reading the manga during those hot Greek summer afternoons at the island at the top balcony over-looking the Aegean Sea. Our families were trying to keep us quiet because it was the Greek siesta time but we would never stay put. Beautiful memories fraught with nostalgia and loads of ice-cream (our grandparents would spoil us rotten).

            As for that dumb-ass Greek article, yeah, it’s not worth translating. I don’t think anyone would really care anyway except for the Terry fans patting each other on the back for their dumb-ass proclivity to violent men who have no respect for them. I also noticed that she found Stear unattractive. Is she for real? Stear’s a damn cutie! Yeah, he doesn’t wear those corny long shirts which are unbuttoned all the way down to the navel as Terry does but that doesn’t make Stear any less beautiful than Terry. On the contrary, Stear is adorable and gorgeous-needless to say so damn smart. She also wrote that Candy had rejected and friend-zoned Stear but that’s not exactly how things happened. Stear had already decided to keep Candy at a distance and move on with his life with the lovely brainiac Patty o’Brien. He cared about Candy but he had so many things going in his life.

            Unfortunately, some women (and quite a few men) think that they’re the center of the universe and that they’re the ones who call the shots when it comes to pairing with or friend-zoning someone. What they fail to fathom is that they’ve also been friend-zoned back. It’s all a matter of given circumstances and how life will proceed. I remember such silly girls and boys back at school who always thought that the world revolves them and that they can chase after someone but also have a friend-zoned pal to clean their mess. Well, life doesn’t work like that and these fools eventually get what they deserved especially when they get the boot from their friend-zoned pals.

            The CC story isn’t just for kids but Nagita is telling a tale which appeals to all ages.

              • Fay on December 20, 2017 at 3:16 pm

              I don’t want to remember all the nonsense I have read in Greek forums written by Terry fans. I have become a member in a forum myself quite recently and by that time most of the fanatic and obsessed Terry fans had withdrawn from the forum because of the conflicts with Albert fans but mostly because of their insulting behavior which was not accepted by the moderators of the forum. So when I became a member thankfully there was none of those persons there. Ever since the atmosphere in that forum is so much more polite and civilized, and it’s not difficult to understand why.

              Terry had a rough childhood, yes, but that’s no excuse for his behavior. Candy had also a difficult childhood as an orphan and abandoned child, and she had to suffer so many hardships until she was adopted, and even later on. That didn’t prevent her from developing a healthy character. Albert had a very lonely childhood, an orphan too, but not just that. He lived isolated and without any friends of his age, and even he had been forgotten by the other children of his family, so that everybody would believe William Ardlay was an old man, and not a child. Wasn’t that an abnormal way of life? Yet we know that life didn’t prevent Albert from becoming the man he was.

              About the Italian anime, I saw it only recently and I was amazed at how silly people can be. Anyone could have realized that scene was the same as when Candy went to New York, and what’s more, as you say, she just imagined that scene. Yet the Italian anime made that imagination true in the end. Candy running to Terry’s arms forgetting about Susanna, about her Prince, everything. I just wonder who could be more stupid, the Italian producers or their audience? Maybe that was why Nagita chose to allow her book to be translated to Italian of all languages? However, as it seems, that one and only official translation isn’t so faithful as it should be.
              (I also loved that “merry-go-round” scene with Candy and Albert in London. Not in the manga, but thankfully it’s there in the novel. Although I would like to see it illustrated too.)

              I have to admit I did notice somehow the different images in the Italian continuation but at the same time my interest in the story was diminishing. There was nothing very clear in the plot, and the original ending had confused me too. I expected something more definite. I guess at that age I wanted to see whom Candy married, and I saw nothing of the sort. Then, little by little, I wasn’t buying the manga every week anymore, until one day I stopped buying it altogether. I felt very disappointed and confused, and not only that, I gave all the magazines to a little cousin of mine. I suppose it was just as well, considering how many flaws the Greek manga had, even with the original story. I realized that just a few months ago, when I found the French and the Spanish manga versions on the web, and not only the texts of both of them were almost identical, but also they were very different from the Greek one I had read. So you could say that even when we were reading the original story, it was so altered at some points, and interestingly, those points had mostly to do with the Candy and Albert relationship. The Greek manga, following in the Italian’s footsteps. prepared the readers for the pairing of Candy and Terry. That was, in my opinion, a huge mistake which disillusioned and misled a lot of fans who had to wait for 30 years to discover the truth.
              That silly article you mentioned before is not worth the time to analyze it further. I just got angry because of the injustice to Stear as well as to Archie, The fact that Candy never fell in love with them doesn’t mean any other girl couldn’t love them. And the comment about Albert’s type being out there for all of us, well, I wonder, would we consider Albert such an ideal type of male if there was a man like him in every corner? I just wish there was!

              Yes, Candy Candy isn’t just a children’s story. In fact, we can understand it and evaluate it much better as adults.

              • Myra on December 20, 2017 at 3:40 pm

              Bloody hell.. You’re right about that her insults against Archie. She describes him as some form of egocentric who cares only about himself. Why would she say that? Archie’s a swell guy even in the anime. In the CCFS, he’s even nicer and more considerate.

              I don’t think Candy ever rejected the Cornwell bros or vice-versa. It’s just that the series of events led them to follow different paths. Archie was already going steady with Annie and Candy would never look at the guy with whom her best friend is insanely in love with. She’s not that kind of woman.

              Stear, on the other hand, is a different story. He had already decided to keep a distance from Candy before she even had the chance to notice him. He never took the risk to ascertain whether he had a chance with Candy or not. He had already friend-zoned her and maintained a fierce defence mechanism.

              Albert is really the only guy who unconditionally loved Candy and she is the only one to have loved and appreciated him irrespective of his wealth and status. When she took him in as an amnesiac she demonstrated remarkable self-sacrifice and altruism.

              The beauty in the love between Candy and Albert is beyond passion, sex or physicality. It has to do with equal and mutual giving. Candy gave everything she got for Albert and he did exactly the same for her. What’s even more touching is that Candy risked everything for Albert even though she thought he was poor and alone. In turn, Albert gave the world for Candy even though she was an orphan in poverty.

              I think that the moral and subtle meaning of CC is about giving unconditionally without demanding or expecting anything in return. Candy gave her inner self to Albert because she wanted to and she never wanted anything in return. The same goes for Albert. If we want to find such a man as Albert, we must be willing to be a woman such as Candy. It’s all a matter of quality and transcending the boundaries of insecurity. It’s hard but it’s worth the risk and the effort. Candy was wise enough to give her love whole-heartedly not just to any man but to a worthy one as Albert.

              • Interstellar on December 20, 2017 at 5:21 pm

              I think you nailed it with that final comment of yours, Myra. We all want someone who’s kind-hearted like Albert but are we willing to be as kind-hearted as Candy? It can’t be a one-way street. Albert gave so much love to Candy because she also gave loads of love to him. When all women disregarded him for being a vagabond, Candy was the one who gave her life for him.

              What’s even more interesting is that Candy left Albert and returned to Pony’s Home when Albert assumed his rightful position as WAA. It’s as if she felt that she had done her duty and was content that he was now safe. Candy had loads of class and Albert appreciated that. That’s the reason why he soon went after Candy at the orphanage and revealed his identity as POTH to her.

              Perhaps that’s what Nagita meant when she said that Candy and Albert were bound together by invisible threads. The fact that Candy signs her letter to Albert with the phrase “with love and gratitude” pretty much sums up what true love means and who her anohito really is. Love is not only what others are willing to do for us but what we’re also willing to do for them. What matters is that there’s always profound appreciation and affection between the couple. In other words, there should always be love and gratitude from both sides and not only from one side. In Candy and Albert’s case, their love and gratitude was 100% reciprocal.

              • Ms Puddle on December 20, 2017 at 10:02 pm

              Well said, Interstellar, Myra and Fay! 👏👏👏

              I remember when I finally got CCFS in my hands, the first thing I read was Candy’s letter to Albert in the epilogue. The entire letter is a love letter to me, and her words are filled with admiration, love and gratitude. Candy just confirmed that explicitly at the end of her love letter. Right then, I already sensed who Anohito was, especially because Candy associated her happiness with her present (Albert). The English word happiness doesn’t do the original word 幸せ justice. It actually means the kind of happiness that lasts, which may refer to some lifelong happiness (sort of like the happiness implied in many ‘happily-ever-after’ stories). In the previous letter from Albert he said he wanted to investigate where Candy’s happiness was, in which he also used 幸せ; his intention was clear — he seriously wanted to make her happy.

              FYI, this lesson compares two different ways of saying “I’m happy” in Japanese:


              • Myra on December 21, 2017 at 7:06 am

              Very helpful link-Thank you, Ms Puddle!

              These linguistic nuances are essential in the understanding of a text. The Greek language is also acutely complex as the Japanese language, needless to mention about their long-existing and enriched cultures.

              Fay and Interstellar have got me thinking about the nature of letters sent between two lovers back in the 1900s. My great-grandparents come from Constantinople (present day Istanbul) and they had a habit of writing tons of love letters to each other when my great-grandfather was in the army serving as a military surgeon and my great-grandmother was studying literature and philosophy at university (Byzantine women are known to have been of very high education and my ancestors were no exception). My sister and I have retained their letters and we keep them well-preserved along with their photos prior to the Asia Minor disaster of 1922 and the Great Fire of Smyrna. Here’s a link to get an idea how these photos and other sources back then looked like:



              Photos and letters were really the only ways to keep in touch. Nowadays, we tend to have a different perception of what love letters mean by expecting more explicit and sexually driven language (“sexting”). Back then though it wasn’t like that. Keeping decorum and maintaining a high level of respect was of vital importance. The intimacy was still there and pronounced but with the creative use of literary expressions. Any allusion to sexuality would be considered vulgar and disrespectful.

              There’s a striking similarity between the love letters exchanged between my great-grandparents (they were in love for over 10 years prior to getting married) and the letters exchanged between Candy and Albert. You’ll find common features such as humour, wit, playfulness, loads of narrative about their personal and family affairs, their day-to-day activities and jobs, their concerns about the impending war and other military conflicts, a bit of complaining and nagging for wanting to see each other again, and so on. The most important part of these letters though between my great-grandparents is the way they kept on signing their letters which was this way:

              “Με αγάπη και εκτίμηση” (With love and appreciation) or “Με αγάπη και σεβασμό” (With love and respect) or “Με αγάπη και ευγνωμοσύνη” (With love and gratitude).

              They would thank each other for the time they had devoted in writing their long letters to one another and they would promise to steal some time to get to see one another even for a brief moment.

              I had never managed to see my great-grandparents but my eldest sister did when she was just a kid. They both lived until the age of 98. My great-grandmother died three days after the death of my great-grandfather. The two of them lived an amazing life with many children, grand-children and great-grandchildren.

              The funny thing about all this is that my great-grandmother was a gargantuan woman (she was an amazon-over 6ft3) and from a wealthy family and my great-grandfather was a slender small guy (less than 5ft4 but very handsome-blonde and blue-eyed) who was an orphan and came from a very poor background. In all their photos, my great-grandfather appears to be almost as tall as my great-grandmother because he was advised by the photographer to stand on a apple box! The two of them had to elope because my great-grandmother had been urged to marry a wealthy man from her social circles. She was a head-strong woman though and she defied all odds and married the man she always felt “love and gratitude” for.

              • Ms Puddle on December 21, 2017 at 9:20 am

              Hello Myra, yes I was told that the Greek language is very complex, and the linguistic nuances are often lost in translation. Another example is Candy did put an emphasis on “now” when she indicated “now is my happiness”. That17;s why I’m a little disappointed with the Italian version of CCFS. Sigh.

              Thank you so much for sharing the love story of your great-grandparents. It’s fascinating like a movie. I wonder how they met and fell in love? From your description they were so sweet and adorable ❤️

              I totally agree with you back then writing letters to each other was the only means to keep in contact if the lovers were living apart. Your examples of how your great-grandparents signed their letters put a big smile on my face. Those fans who claim the fact that Candy ended her letter with love and gratitude ‘proved’ that she regarded Albert as her father can’t be more ignorant or self-deceiving. Gratitude and appreciation are essential to nurture any kind of relationship, especially the long-lasting ones between loving couples. 💕💘

              • Lakewood on December 21, 2017 at 3:11 pm

              That’s a fascinating story, Myra!

              I agree with you that we shouldn’t apply our own modern day mentalities to the 1900s. Relationships were so different back then and I would say more meaningful. Couples nowadays tend to be too impatient and more egocentric and narcissistic.

        • Lakewood on December 21, 2017 at 3:22 pm
        • Reply

        Ms Puddle, I’ve also noticed that detail which the official Italian translation modified (“now is my happiness”). It’s a slight alteration but it completely changes the meaning and significance.

        Now many people who’ve read the CCFS are complaining that Nagita makes no mention of Candy being married. I’ve got a theory for this and I think that Nagita deliberately omitted this piece of information because she would have easily revealed who Anohito is.

        Nagita had already given her readers information that Terry isn’t marriage material at all. He only went as far as to get engaged with Susanna and live with her but never marry her. This says a lot about Terry. He had taken all responsibility for Susanna but not marriage. He had said that he never wanted to be like his father but the irony is that he was very much like him. Some kids resent their parents’ actions and swear that they’ll never repeat the same mistakes but it turns out that they do and perhaps even worse than their parents. Therefore, by revealing that Candy is married, the readers would most likely know that Anohito is Albert immediately. I also think that Albert began courting Candy soon after revealing himself as POTH to her. This is just my theory and nothing more than that because the fact remains that Nagita does not make any mention of a husband or children.

        1. Yes Lakewood, I was told the Italian translation was quite different. I’m curious. Can you share it with us?

          Remember I said Albert in the end of his letter to Candy he said “I think from now on, I want to investigate (find out, with determination) where your happiness lies.”

          He used a serious verb:

          I mentioned again and again that’s the reason why he returned the diary to her afterwards.

          Interestingly, in her reply to him she wrote, “Now is my happiness.”


          The fact that she used “ga” (が) implies “now” is her answer to his “where” question. Isn’t it a little odd?

          FYI, you can see how Japanese used “ga” to identify / denote a certain thing/person as the one or the answer:

          I strongly believe she understood his unspoken question, “Terry or me?”

          Nagita is brilliant here to have Candy answered Albert this way. It carries several different meanings. Candy essentially denied the diary (her past with Terry) would make her happy. Now that she and her prince had dealt with her past with Anthony and Terry, she was happy with Albert (not only he told her his childhood nickname and let her call him that, but she was overjoyed and used that nickname a few times in the same letter; this signified their relationship had advanced to a different level).

          Since he used the phrase “from now on”, I believe she also implies she was ready to be with him from now on.

          One may say that writing a letter to Albert makes Candy happy too, but I don’t think she meant that particular moment. How about you? Anyway, by signing her letter with love (愛) indicates that she was willing to make commitment to the relationship. For a girl to take this step (to use such a heavy word), she must have the assurance that he was in love with her, willing to commit too.

          Lakewood, I agree with you about why Nagita chose not to write that Candy was married to Anohito. What you said makes sense to me too. Nagita would have given away who Anohito is (although to me it’s quite obvious already 😉 ).

            • Lakewood on December 24, 2017 at 10:05 am
            • Reply

            Also bear in mind that in the official Italian translation (I would call it pseudo-translation or deceptive and deliberate misinterpretation at certain key points) Terry’s brief letter to Candy reads as “My feelings have not changed” but in the original it actually reads that “I am not changed” (“I have not changed”).

            Moreover, Albert is constantly referenced as “Sir Albert” or “Mr Albert” by Candy in the Italian version but we all know that the original “Albert-san” does not necessarily denote an address to a man of older age or distance but respect and even intimacy. It’s well-known that traditional Japanese couples would address to their husbands as such by adding that -san suffix. It’s also used to refer to a young man of high esteem and respect. It would be idiotic of Candy to be addressing to Albert as “Mr” or “Sir” after having lived with him for over two years.

            Another interpretation is that Candy may deliberately be addressing to Albert as “Sir” or “Mr” simply to troll him a bit because she knows he’s sensitive about being called an old man or a “Sir”. In her letters to him, she’s constantly teasing him about being an old man, a formidable patriarch, or a fairy-tale prince, all of which he hates being called and keeps on telling her to stop doing that.

              • Interstellar on December 24, 2017 at 1:51 pm

              You’re absolutely right, Lakewood. The -san affix alludes to rank or quality of character and not age. Having watched the Japanese anime, I noticed that the young military medical student-Michael-who had appeared at Eliza’s party was referred to as Michael-san. Presumably, he was younger than Albert since he was a still a novice medical personnel at the military front in France. Michael was highly respected among the Ardlays (Eliza wanted to court him) and they would use that -san affix after his name even though he was so young.

              Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years, Folks!

              • Ms Puddle on December 24, 2017 at 10:19 pm

              Hello Interstellar, honorifics is sometimes hard to explain, but for sure -san has nothing much to do with age, mainly politeness. It’s common for co-workers in the office to use -san suffix; the same applies to peers in schools. For example, when I was in Japan, the hotel front desk clerks called one another with the -san suffix. Anyway, it actually implies politeness with familiarity. Lakewood is right; I personally know a couple who called each other using the -san suffix. Of course not every couple does that, and it depends on personal preferences. Even Candy started to address Albert as Little Bert. 🤗

              Merry Christmas 🎄 and Happy New year to you too! 🎉🎊

              • Lakewood on December 24, 2017 at 3:58 pm

              You too, Interstellar!

              • Ms Puddle on December 24, 2017 at 10:51 pm

              Lakewood, after reading your comment I’m more inclined to agree with you that the Italian version is some sort of deliberate misinterpretations… Sigh. ☹️ After working with Fay a bit on her CCFS translations I already found another wrong translations in Candy’s letter to Stear. I’ll probably talk more in a new post.

              Lakewood, may I quote this comment of yours about the discrepancies?

    • Avon on December 17, 2017 at 2:40 pm
    • Reply

    Ms Puddle,

    By saying that Terry had previous sexual intercourse with older women (presumably at brothels and decadent pubs), you’re confirming my point that he was utterly inexperienced in having a genuine romantic relationship. Candy was really his only true and first relationship. Terry was completely unaware on how to treat a woman with respect. His father was not the most ideal example to say the least..

    As for Terry, he could have easily been performed by that fascinating actor-Hugh Dancy, especially in his role as “Will Graham” in “Hannibal” (the irony-Will/William and Graham/Terry Graham Granchester-bloody hell!).

    But I also like Alex’s selection of Nick Drake and Chris Cornell (in particular, “Fell on Black Days”).

    I would like to hear more of Alex’s analysis of Terry. Even though she felt contempt for him, she had adeptly framed his psyche so astutely as no one else has ever done.

    P.S. My selection for Albert would be that massively famous YouTuber going by the name of Rhett McLaughin, height-wise and humour-wise. The irony that his co-star, Link, is an amalgamation of Terry and Stear (insane!):

    1. Avon, I should have clarified earlier that I didn’t mean he had physical relationships with other women before Candy, who might be the first girl to whom he had let his true feelings show. I am not saying he must be a virgin, but when I said he might be experienced I actually meant kissing and/or flirting with other women in the bars. 😂 In fact, the gang fight that got him injured could be because of a woman, but again, who knows? We only know that Albert happened to be there and could get Terry out of troubles. 😉

        • Avon on December 17, 2017 at 5:32 pm
        • Reply

        Have you ever wondered what Albert was doing in a dodgy place like that in the first place? Terry was apparently in a dark and decadent place drinking his a** off but what was Albert doing in such a messed up place? Terry was definitely lucky to be saved from those thugs by Albert but why was Albert in such a filthy place too?

        Could it be that Albert is just as “dark” as Terry but he’s got better street smarts and stealth?

        Just a thought..

          • Interstellar on December 17, 2017 at 6:50 pm
          • Reply

          No doubt Albert must have been a hell-raiser himself very similar to Terry. He actually admits it in the manga and anime during his friendly banter with Terry at the Blue River Zoo. Besides, Terry wouldn’t have liked him so much if they didn’t have a few things in common (such as being trouble-makers). Terry finds Albert cool and that’s obvious in the manga and the anime.

          In the anime Albert is having a pint at a shabby pub in London when he sees Candy running off to fetch medicine for Terry. It’s an interesting detail which is not found in the manga. He’s also in a pub when he stumbles upon Terry again a few years later in Chicago. Of-course Albert’s a sensible drinker whereas Terry always gets completely hammered.

          I don’t think Albert is some naive or innocent youth. He is way calmer, self-controlled and sensible than Terry but I think that he has his own turbulent past. Just because he keeps his mouth sealed about his past doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have one. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had gotten into more trouble than Terry when he was his age. Albert is not the sort of guy who would stay put. He’s a rebel himself and perhaps even more so than Terry.

          1. Hello Interstellar and Avon,

            Honestly I don’t like the anime version much, but again Avon’s question never crossed my mind. I’ve always assumed it was a coincidence that Albert stumbled upon the gang fight… LOL 😅

              • Interstellar on December 18, 2017 at 7:25 am

              LOL Ms Puddle,

              Now are we supposed to believe that Albert just happened to stumble upon a gang fight in one of the dodgiest streets of London late at night?

              My theory is that Albert liked to walk on the wild side sometimes. Just because Terry’s sexuality and rebelliousness are more pronounced in Nagita’s story doesn’t mean he’s the only one with desires, drives and impulses. It’s just that Albert is more of a dark horse than Terry. I agree with Avon here that Albert also has demons of his own to fight. Don’t we all..

              I sort of like the way Nagita makes Albert more human with flaws and weaknesses in the CCFS. Not that I’m a fan of the anime, but I liked the pub scene when Albert punched Terry to a pulp. I know you don’t like that scene at all but I have to admit that I enjoyed watching Terry getting his a$% kicked by Albert. I remember back then when as a teen watching the anime I was sub-consciously anticipating the day Terry would get punched in the face. And then when I watched that pub scene in Chicago it was a dream come true. What made that scene even more enjoyable was that Albert was the one who had the “honour” to rough Terry up a bit. I think that Albert was answering the requests of many of us who really wanted to punch that dumb-a$% woman-beating punk in the face. He deserved what he got from Albert.

      • Interstellar on December 17, 2017 at 6:35 pm
      • Reply

      Do you watch Good Mythical Morning too, Avon? I agree with you that Rhett looks so much like Albert (that playfulness of his) and he’s also of Scottish descent. I think Link is more like Stear though. Had Stear been alive, he and Albert would have had a similar relationship like Rhett and Link based on loads of good humour and friendly banter.

      I had never thought of Hugh Dancy as Terry but in Hannibal he does have that tormented character that Terry’s got. He’s an interesting actor and one of those very few remaining quality artists.

    • Avon on December 7, 2017 at 8:12 am
    • Reply

    Hello Ms Puddle,

    Alex’s analysis on the Shakespearean influences in the CCFS is remarkable. I’m an English Literature major with a preference for Renaissance and Early Modern English literary works and I have to say that Alex’s references to Shakespeare are absolutely correct. I’m impressed with her depth of knowledge on Shakespeare’s works and especially his tragedies and historical dramas. She really seems to be so focused on always providing evidence for each and every point she makes. She seems not to want to express her own perspectives and preferences. I wouldn’t blame her given all the fighting between the fans. Even though I’m a grass-rooted Terry fan, I appreciate the hard work Alex has done in keeping a distance and providing only the facts. What Alex has done is something no one else has done and that is providing facts instead of her opinion. My criticism goes to both the Terry and the Albert fans. From the Terry and the Albert fans, what we usually get is what they feel rather than what really is and this is the reason why the fighting has lasted for so long. Without proof, it doesn’t really matter what anyone believes. I am fond of Terry but as Alex says, I wouldn’t force-feed him as anohito in the CCFS.

    Like I just said, I’m a Terry fan but I had always found those claims that Shakespearean reference only point to Terry as stupid. Alex is right about the Japanese holding Shakespeare in the highest esteem and let’s not forget that the Japanese as the Ancient Greeks and Romans were way prior to England when it came to performance arts-especially the Ancient Greeks who invented the terms drama-tragedy-comedy. There’s a mutual respect among these great cultures and Alex is clever to have pointed that out by saying that Nagita’s stories have no borders. Akira Kurosawa along with other great directors have been influenced by Shakespeare in combination with their own national culture and identity, and countries all over the world have been influenced by the Japanese culture as well.

    I agree with Alex that Shakespeare doesn’t belong to Terry but the Shakespearean influence permeates all the characters in the CCFS. Terry may be a Shakespearean actor but that doesn’t make him the gatekeeper to the great Renaissance Bard himself! I love Alex’s references to Candy’s cross-dressing to Viola and Cesario in the Twelfth Night. This play is one of my favourite and Candy is so much like Viola in character. As Viola, Candy is also struggling to survive in a male-dominated world and strives to become an independent woman. But sometimes she has to disguise as a man in order to achieve this just as Candy has to pretend to be tough and resilient in order not to cry and give in to hardship. Viola also has her sensitive side and so does Candy. It’s interesting that Candy sheds her defence mechanism to Albert as an actress or actor has to shed their outer ego to the director. There’s so much I could say here but I won’t bore you with all my literature ramblings.

    I was awe-struck when Alex mentioned that Terry could also be Titus Andronicus when in self-destructive mode. If you have read this particular Shakespearean play, you’ll understand why I’m stunned. No matter how much I like and sympathize with Terry, his violent and destructive sides are terrifying. Acting is the healing for his perturbed soul-not Candy. Terry loves Candy but the real breath of his life is acting and his career in the theatre arts. Alex is precise in comparing and identifying Terry to a Shakespearean tragic hero.

    I was even more shocked when Alex dared to state that Albert is very much like Richard III and other king-like Shakespearean leading characters such as Henry VIII. For those who have studied about Richard III know that he was a powerful but also terrifyingly clever and manipulative sovereign. He was loyal to his own but murderous to his enemies. It’s obvious that Alex is not implying that Albert’s a murderer but she has clearly pointed out that he’s a master-mind who is far smarter than Terry but also far more manipulative. I agree with many of you that Terry has some horrible violent streaks but they’re never premeditated. Terry’s too emotional and sensitive and when he lashes out he does so on a whim and not out of evil or bad intentions. Terry’s in need of counselling for his anger management but he’s no criminal or villain. Albert, however, always thinks carefully before he acts and even though his intentions are good, he does have a bit of a habit in lying or concealing the truth to people. Albert is a bit of a control-freak and he always wants to have the upper hand in all matters. I know that many Albert fans only focus on his kind side but that’s not all Albert is. I agree with Alex that Albert is a profoundly complex character and perhaps even more than all the characters put together in the CCFS. Albert can be just as violent and arguably even more so than Terry. The difference is that Albert is superbly capable of controlling his emotions and his anger. This is the main difference between Terry and Albert. I think that both are kind men but Albert is far more capable of harnessing his rage whereas Terry could easily go ape-shit at any given moment. On the other hand, Terry is more honest and open than Albert whereas Albert has told many lies about himself and has deceived quite a few people.

    My final point is to discuss a bit about Alex’s reference to Albert as Shakespeare himself. This is a bold but intelligent statement given Albert’s dark and light side. If you know about Shakespeare a bit, you’ll be aware that he was an actor as well as a director. He had also composed sonnets. Shakespeare was known to display kindness as well as rage and violence. But Shakespeare knew how to contain his violence and mainly demonstrated his self-control but also deceptive and manipulative character. He knew how to play with people’s emotions and arguably that’s what had made him such a remarkable playwright. It’s even more intriguing to know that Shakespeare was a very mysterious and complicated person. We know very little about Shakespeare’s life and character and scholars continue to scratch their heads about him even nowadays. Albert is very much like Shakespeare when it comes to being dark and mysterious with loads of different aspects to his character. As Shakespeare, Albert has many faces and many colours.

    Needless to say that no one is trying to say-especially not Alex-that the CCFS characters are related to Shakespeare in any way. There are compelling Shakespearean influences, however, and it would be downright stupid for the Terry fans to claim that Shakespeare belongs to Terry alone.

    Shakespeare belongs to no one.

    Thank you very much for your post, Ms Puddle. Even though I’m a Terry fan, I love your work because you’re of those very few sensible bloggers out there who embrace so many diverse views. Maybe that’s the reason why Alex wanted to share her academic knowledge at this forum and nowhere else. I cannot speak for her but I think her wise and intelligent actions have spoken and they have spoken very clearly.

      • Lakewood on December 8, 2017 at 7:50 am
      • Reply

      As you can see, Avon, we lawyers can also be adept in the literary sources (you do know apparently that Alex was a practising lawyer before getting into academia)!

      Lawyers are often misunderstood as having studied only the boring bureaucratic and overwhelmingly difficult constitutional law stuff, but we have our moments of fun as well as our curriculum includes the Classics, history, psychology and literature. I have to say that literature is not easy especially when it comes to studying rhetoric, drama and poetry. A literature major must have a very strong command of the language (for example English when studying English literature) but I presume you already know that since you’re a lit major yourself.

      I agree with your viewpoints expressed and I also consider that both sides of the fandom have often resorted to inappropriate and offensive behaviour. But I will point out that the Terry fans tend to be far more rude and often vulgar than the Albert fans online. At least this is what I have experienced so far. Feel free to disagree with me if you want to.

      As you’ve mentioned in your post, Alex’s decision in sharing her academic knowledge with us at Ms Puddle’s blog and nowhere else proves her preference into high quality blogs and definitely high quality people as Ms Puddle. I don’t post comments anywhere else but this space myself because this is really the only blog which hosts the most logical and reasonable commenters, all of whom use sound arguments and debate in very polite ways.

      I’m glad you’ve joined us here, Avon, and please stay tuned to a comment I’ve promised to Ms Puddle regarding certain foolish Terry fan claims against the Albert fans on the issue of adoption. If this is fine and approved by Ms Puddle, I will post this analysis somewhere during this weekend when I’ll have a bit more free time from work. Since you’re a Terry fan, I would like your feedback on what I’ll say about this issue. I would also suggest you read Ms Puddle’s posts on Terry which are intelligent and thoughtful. As Alex, Ms Puddle is known for using logic and evidence for all her claims and statements. I’ve been reading Ms Puddle’s posts for many years and not once have I been disappointed as she always produces sterling work.

      I also agree with you about Terry’s “breath of life” and “meaning of existence” being his art and not Candy. I agree with you that Terry’s feelings for Candy are genuine and he sure isn’t a villain but the theatre is more important to him and so is his career. I like the phrase you used that the theatre is “the healing process” for Terry. This really sums up what and who he is.

      Have a good weekend!

      1. Lakewood, thank you so much for your compliments and extremely encouraging words. It’s my honor that most commenters have been well-behaved and politely expressed their thoughts.

        Truly looking forward to reading your analysis about the foolish claims by some fans. But take your time, of course!

        Best wishes 😗

    1. First of all, welcome to my blog, Avon. Thank you for leaving a comment full of insights, and your encouraging words and compliments to me and my blog are much appreciated. 😘 I think I’ve mentioned this before but let me repeat myself. It’s my honour Alex has chosen my blog to share her academic knowledge and analyses. I consider this as one of the greatest encouragements I’ve ever received. ☺️

      It’s wonderful to hear from someone else to share her knowledge about Shakespeare and his marvelous works/characters. I’ve learned a lot just by reading your comment and Alex’s comparisons make even more sense to me now. Thank you Avon. Your comment is truly fascinating, and if possible, you can share with us more of your literature knowledge. 👍

      However, I don’t agree with you about Terry being honest and open. Everyone has his/her own dark secrets and so does Terry. It was by chance Candy could discover his secrets one after one. Talking about coincidence… LOL 😊

      Terry also couldn’t seem to get along with his peers, including his fellow co-workers in Stratford. He was aloof (or anti-social) and rather be alone most of the time. Interestingly, in public he didn’t mind to appear close to Susanna.

      I also disagreed with you about Albert lying to others. When he had interactions with Candy after the rescue, he was supposedly a hidden figure (for many years he couldn’t tell others who he really was, so he had to hide his identity from this orphan girl). Yes, he did lie to her, but he didn’t mean any harm.

      Later, right after his recovery, he chose not to disclose to her and continued living with her for who knows how long (it’s clear in the manga but unclear in CCFS). That he had his own inner demons/feelings to struggle with. Again, he had no intentions to hurt her.

      I also don’t see Albert as a manipulative person. He might have ‘lured’ Candy to Rockstown, but that action, I strongly believe, was out of his love for her. Or one can say he just wanted her to find her happiness, or so he thought.

      I don’t think you meant his adoption behind the scene was a manipulation?

      Anyway, once again, Avon, you’re more than welcome to share your thoughts. 🙂

        • Avon on December 8, 2017 at 9:22 am
        • Reply

        Hello Ms Puddle and Lakewood,

        Thank you for your responses. I’ll be delighted to discuss our views further but I’m a bit pressed for time these few days. I’ll get back to you in due time to clarify some points but for now I’ll quickly respond to the following:

        First, thank you Ms Puddle for inviting me and embracing my views on your blog. You’re a very kind and considerate person and it will be a pleasure to engage in a discussion with you whether we agree or disagree. The sheer beauty of conversations is to share both the agreements and the disagreements as long as that’s within a polite environment. Your blog encourages such politeness so I’m happy to be part of it. I think that Terry fans and Albert fans can build constructive discussions within a civilized framework. This is what I want and I’m glad that you want that too.

        Second, on Terry’s lack of openness to Candy about Susanna’s accident, please take into consideration that Terry was held at point-blank (figuratively speaking) by Mrs Marlowe as well as being consumed-if not ravaged-by his own guilt (even though this accident wasn’t his fault). He’s also far younger than Albert meaning that he would also be less mature and experienced. I’ll discuss this point further afterwards.

        Third, apparently I do not consider Albert’s adoption act as manipulative. I also categorically disagree with and oppose all the Terry fan insults against the Albert fans concerning the adoption issue as mentioned by Lakewood. Those of us who have got some education, culture and common sense know very well that this adoption was not a parental one. Back in those days, adoptions were muddled and often conflated with mere guardianship. I find it idiotic that some Terry fans continue to rant about Albert being a father to Candy. This is ludicrous and the author herself has already debunked this idiotic claim by repeatedly stating in her story that this adoption was a fluke.

        Fourth, I also find it sexist (not from you or your commenters of-course) that Candy is viewed as some form of trophy which Terry or Albert must claim as their own. I think the fans from both sides should get a grip and accept the decision made by this wonderful and independent woman. Whether she has chosen Terry or Albert or anyone else is entirely up to her and her beloved man of-course. I’m perfectly fine if Candy has chosen Albert and that decision would never change my preference for Terry. Alex has formed the most compelling and indisputable evidence that Terry could never be anohito in the UK in the 1930s-at least not as an active and successful theatre actor. Alex’s evidence and factual analysis for Albert is just as compelling and solid. I’ll discuss this further on as well in my next comment.

        Fifth, please put a semi-colon or a footnote (a pending one for that matter) on the word I’ve used “manipulation”. I should have de-constructed this word and clarified on the literary meaning of this word. I’ll just say for now that being “manipulative” doesn’t necessarily mean that one’s a villain. In one way or another, we are all “manipulative” up to a certain point. It constitutes the crux for survival and development. This is the reason why I specified that Albert is not a Machiavellian villain but a master-mind and often a control-freak. I utterly agree with you that Albert’s intentions are always good but that doesn’t leave aside the fact that he does tend to pull the strings of the lives of others. I’ll discuss at some point what I think about the Rockstown incident. On a personal note, I will only say that if Albert had pulled that stunt on me, I would have been pissed off at him even though I would be aware that he did it for my own good. He still had no right to decide or create an environment for me without my consent and knowledge. Again I will say that I know Albert did this out of kindness but I still find it controlling behaviour from him. But then again, Terry is also like this and far worse. I would like to specify at this point that I utterly condemn Terry’s forceful and violent behaviour against Candy during their school time at St Paul’s in London. No one has the right to abuse another person. I appreciate the fact that Albert has never displayed violence against women and that he was a feminist for his time (and for our time as well). My critique for Albert involves the ways in which he does meddle in other people’s business even if it’s for their own good. But I’ll leave it here for now because so much could be said about this.

        Thank you again Ms Puddle and Lakewood for your kind response, and we’ll talk again soon.

          • Interstellar on December 8, 2017 at 5:09 pm
          • Reply

          I see what you mean about the word-manipulation-Avon. It’s sort of a similar way to saying-manipulation of data, isn’t it? I have the impression that you mean control when referring to this word-am I right?

          You’ve got my support when it comes to an open and honest debate between the fans as long as the civility and politeness prevails. I’m sick&tired of echo chambers and bias confirmation myself. I’m glad you’ve joined the club here because we could use a few sensible Terry fans. So far, you appear to be one of those and you also appear to be a smart person knowing what you’re talking about.

          I think Alex has inspired many of us to unite and share our thoughts even though we’ve got different preferences. I agree with you that awesome discussions can be created without having to be in absolute agreement with those you interact with.

          I will say to you though that Terry turned out to be a kitten rather than a lion he had always been boasting that he was. I understand where you’re coming from when you say that he was consumed by guilt but the irony is that Terry had always played tough guy but when the crucial moment arrived where he had to be tough, he just whimpered away like a wounded vulnerable little wuss. Candy proved to be the lion and Terry the mouse. Avon, that’s the cold, hard but honest-to-god truth. Bottom line, Terry’s a wimp and he’ll head for the booze when times get a bit difficult for him. He’s got zero resilience and zero perseverance.

          A truly strong woman or man is the one who doesn’t boast about it but reveals it through her or his actions at that very crucial moment. In such moments, Terry failed miserably whereas the true champions were Candy and Albert, both of whom always demonstrated strength of will, resilience and integrity.

          Sure, Albert had told his fables but who hasn’t? At the end of the day, no one is an angel and even they’ve got their flaws. Don’t forget that back in Albert’s time, there were no child protection services or women’s emancipation. During those days, dudes called the shots. So when Candy was going to be sent as a child slave in Mexico there were no state or governmental services for Albert to turn to. The same applies for women’s rights. It was really up to the men-especially the wealthy ones-to protect the vulnerable members of society. Candy may have been a resourceful and strong woman but she lived in a male dominated society. I don’t think it would be realistic to compare our egalitarian times with the previous centuries when it comes to women’s rights and child welfare. I’m saying this to you because I want to explain to you that Albert acted out of his intention to protect Candy and not to control her as there were no state or governmental services to provide her such protection as we have in our times.

          Hope this makes sense.

            • Avon on December 9, 2017 at 9:16 am
            • Reply

            Thank you, Interstellar for your thoughts on CCFS. I’m pleased that you’ve comprehended what I meant by using the term “manipulation”. It’s closer to the meaning of handling or being capable of handling adroitly. I should have explained further that I meant to say Albert was more deft and dexterous than Terry in handling difficult situations. We’ll have loads of time to discuss the further points you’ve mentioned.

            I’ll just suggest not to be so hard on Terry and his flaws (I absolutely agree with you on condemning his violence against women though).

            Sure, Terry likes to play the role of a “tough guy” but he’s still only a kid (a decade younger than Albert). He wasn’t even 18yrs old when he broke up with Candy..

              • Ms Puddle on December 9, 2017 at 4:23 pm

              True, Terry was not yet 18 then, but Candy was even younger. She helped him out by making the decision for him, which he had been struggling for weeks.

              That’s why the fans can’t blame Candy. They have likely ignored the fact that Terry didn’t even attempt to ask Candy to reconsider. Her action was possibly a relief to him?

              Yet, I won’t blame Terry either. In fact, I think he has done the right thing by staying with Susanna, who lost her leg and career/future because of him (I know the accident wasn’t entirely his fault). He would look like a heartless soul if he didn’t take care of her by any means. But if he did, his relationship with Candy would never be the same. IMHO, I think the fact that Terry let go of Candy had been an honorable action. He let her find her happiness elsewhere, something he would never be able to give her from now on. Therefore, it makes total sense to me why his last words to Candy was about her happiness (“or else I won’t forgive you!”, he said to Candy). Sigh…

              • Avon on December 10, 2017 at 2:10 pm

              Ms Puddle, I’m probably one of the very few Terry fans who knows that Candy had less to lose than Terry after Susanna’s accident because Candy had already been falling for Albert whereas Terry had nowhere to turn to for intimacy in tandem with sexuality.

              I’m not going down that road trying to compare Terry and Albert because each person has his/her own quality and individuality. I find it demeaning in comparing people as if they’re pieces of meat or merchandise. I consider Terry and Albert to be equivalent characters in their own different and distinct ways.

              IMHO, Candy had first been charmed by Albert before he had reciprocated her feelings. Her feelings become more obvious when she runs after Albert when he leave the hospital in Chicago. Her frantic search for him went way ahead of any fraternal love. Both of them had fallen in love with each other but they didn’t want to admit it. Perhaps they didn’t even know what was happening between them and within their own selves. In their case, love wasn’t as pronounced and straight-forward as in the case of Terry and Candy. The Albert-Candy relationship developed unobtrusively and utterly unexpectedly.

              Terry had somehow perceived a special bond between these two and perhaps that’s the reason why he had sent that ticket without return to Candy. He was jealous of Albert but due to his respect for him he would never admit his insecurity. The manga version portrays Terry’s insecurity about Candy and Albert most effectively.

              My opinion is that Candy was the one who left Terry because subconsciously her relationship with Albert had become more important to her. In reality, it was Candy’s decision to fight for or let go of her short-lived relationship with Terry. Terry was simply a passive recipient of the tragic series of events which had befallen all parties involved. If Candy had wanted to stay with Terry, she would have easily won that battle. However, Candy left Terry in his own fate and misery so she would return to the man she was truly in love with and that was Albert. From my part, I understand her action because if I were in her position, I would have done the exact same. At the end of the day, we follow our own initiatives and our own sentiments depending on the given circumstances and unfathomably unpredictable series of events.

              • Ms Puddle on December 10, 2017 at 5:50 pm

              Avon, I disagree with you again because I believe Candy still loved Terry very much before the painful breakup. While I think you’re right that Candy’s feelings for Albert was inexplicably strong when he disappeared from the hospital, it was because he was her onjin 恩人 (yes when she argued with Dr. Leonard she actually used this term when referring to Albert). There’s no equivalent term in English, and often times the translation for this word is benefactor, which is only half of its meanings. Anyway, in Japanese / Chinese culture (likely Korean too), an onjin can be a person who has helped you in various ways, in particular from some life-threatening situations / deep financial crises.

              Since Albert had rescued Candy from drowning in the waterfall, he was definitely her onjin. In aforementioned Asian cultures, people tend to pay extremely high respects to their onjins and will often do anything in attempt to pay back their kindness. This is a common theme in many literature books, and in some stories some characters would even give up their lives, so Candy’s actions to help Albert is well understood. It’s nothing about romance.

              Yes, Candy did develop feelings for Albert, but that happened months after the breakup, unexpectedly, just as you said.

              About the one-way ticket, I guess Terry didn’t have enough cash for her train tickets because he probably paid for her accommodation? I don’t know. She did dream about her future with Terry, but she didn’t quit her job nor bid Albert farewell. She had the plan to return to Chicago. Terry didn’t invite her to stay in New York with him (at least not in his letter to her) even though that seems to be his wish.

              Candy could hardly wait to go to New York to reunite with Terry, but she faced the reality later. She even went to the hospital with the intention to confront Susanna for forcing Terry to marry her.

              No, Candy didn’t leave Terry in his misery. On one hand, she saw through him and understood his dilemma. He had already chosen Susanna over her. Period. He just didn’t have the guts to break the news to Candy yet. On the other hand, Terry promised Susanna right after that heartbreaking staircase scene that he would stay by her side forever. You really think he had no choice? He could have asked Candy to reconsider or chased after her. I’m sure Candy would have wavered in her determination.

              Candy’s reactions (getting sick in the train and all that crying even months afterwards) prove that she was in the grieving period of losing someone very dear to her heart.

              • Sarah on December 10, 2017 at 5:44 pm

              Interesting take you’ve got on the Candy-Terry-Albert triangle, Avon. I agree with you that Terry was no longer in decision-making mode. Who would be? Imagine his predicament in watching a young beautiful colleague giving one’s life in order to save him. It’s too great a burden and it’s so messed up. It would have been better if Terry had been the one who suffered this accident and not Susanna (he even exclaimed this in his despair). But it’s no fault of his that this tragic accident had happened and yet he feels compelled to take responsibility and protect Susanna as a token of his gratitude for her self-sacrifice. Back then, there was no substantial health insurance to cover for those massive medical bills and Terry would have to work even harder in order to cover these bills and Susanna’s further medical treatments. It’s really one-way street for Terry and a no-way street for Susanna as prosthetics were prohibitively expensive back then and of very little effect.

              But I see your point when you say that Candy could have pressured him out of this. If Candy had acted like that and forced Terry to make a decision and prefer her, she would be a very different person to the Candy that we as readers know and appreciate. Candy has too much class to ever pressure Terry to leave Susanna. She just wouldn’t do it.

              You’ve got me thinking though about Candy’s feelings for Albert. Had Albert been in Terry’s position, would she have acted in the same way? Would she let him go as she let Terry go? If Candy hadn’t been cohabiting with Albert, would she have had the strength to leave Terry and carry on? The possibility you’ve mentioned that Candy may have already been developing feelings for Albert is worth considering. Albert had definitely been developing feelings for Candy because we get to read his thoughts that his cohabitation with Candy makes him feel complete even if he remains an amnesiac.

              As for Terry’s response when he read Candy’s letter about her flat-sharing with Albert, yes, I remember how he went absolutely mental. His response in the manga was hilarious.

              It’s a pity most of the Terry-fans don’t share Terry’s acumen regarding the possible repercussions surrounding the flat-sharing between a beautiful young female and a beautiful young male. In contrast to these self-deluding Terry-fans, Terry himself was far more intelligent and intuitive to consider this possibility. It’s good to know that you’re not one of those obtuse Terry-fans.

          • Sarah on December 9, 2017 at 7:22 am
          • Reply

          Hi Avon, I see what you mean and to a certain extent I agree with some of your points, but we’ll talk about them later.

          I’ll just add to what Interstellar astutely explained about the difference between caring and controlling. Not once had Albert ever tried to control Candy, in stark contrast to Terry who had attempted to control her quite a few times. Even the one-way train ticket he had posted to her was condescending from his part as this signified his lack of consideration for her job, responsibilities and friends.

          If we were to follow that assumption or claim that Albert tried to control Candy through her brief travel to Rockstown (he never forced her to do so-she went there on her own accord and initiative), then Candy herself is also a control-freak for pleading with Albert to stay with her and never letting him go. When Albert tried to escape the hospital because he didn’t want to burden Candy, she ran after him and forced him to stay through her desperate pleas. She had also concealed the truth to Albert (conceal the truth is a form of lying) that she had lost her job at the hospital because she didn’t want to upset him.

          As for lying to people, Albert really had no other alternative but to do so as he was stifled by all those arteriosclerotic and authoritarian Ardlay elders. They had raised him to conceal his true identity until they deemed the time to be right for them.

          It wasn’t only Terry would was held at “point blank” range as you say but Albert as well. And in Albert’s case, he was held in tight and suffocating confines all his youthful life.

          • Sarah on December 9, 2017 at 7:44 am
          • Reply

          Hi again Avon-I just want to briefly add that I re-read that point where Alex is referring to Richard III and Henry VIII but she’s making no mention of Albert sharing any form of manipulative characteristics. Instead, Alex is specifying the kingly aspects. If you’ve noticed she’s put (the return of the king) in parenthesis in order to specify this. I’ve read those historical plays myself when I was at uni and the common feature of those two plays is grabbing the reigns of power and proving one’s hegemony. You’re right about Richard III having been severely manipulative, but Shakespeare also unveils his other aspects which are loyalty to his own and protecting his own (in other words, being very territorial). Wealthy and powerful magnates or sovereigns have to be territorial because their high-level position is always under constant threat by rivals and foes. Re-check that point and tell me what you think. Cheers, Sarah

            • Avon on December 9, 2017 at 9:26 am
            • Reply

            Hello to you too, Sarah. I’ve re-checked that paragraph and you’re perfectly right. Alex never mentioned anything about “manipulation” or Albert being “manipulative” of any sort. That was my misinterpretation. Alex has clearly specified the “kingly” aspect of those two plays and I take full responsibility for misunderstanding that point. Having re-checked that section of her analysis, I see where Alex is getting at and she’s utterly accurate about it.

            Your interpretation concerning the ramifications of lying (whether it be of good or bad intent) is interesting and I would like to discuss that more with you later on. I’ll just briefly point out that I see your point on this as you’ve made yourself clear. Your argument about Candy having lied to Albert as well is powerful and it adeptly counter-acts my argument.

            Enjoy your weekend!

        1. Hello again Avon, I know you’re busy, but I just have a few points to say in response to your comment. First, about Terry’s openness, you in your original comment said that Terry was more honest and open when compared to Albert. In my reply I disagreed and said he had his own dark secrets, but I didn’t mean only about his lack of openness about Susanna’s accident. In general, he kept a good distance from everyone possibly due to his inferiority complex — he was an illegitimate child. He essentially built a wall around himself, but somehow Candy discovered his secrets one after one, mainly about his birth mother Miss Baker and later Susanna’s accident. That’s why he appeared ‘more open’ to her.

          I’m so glad that you’re also in agreement with us that the adoption issue is not such a big deal as some people have claimed. Besides, you’re absolutely right that Candy wasn’t a trophy. Well said, Avon. 👏👏👏

          Lastly, about Rockstown incident, when I first read the manga, I scratched my head again and again, trying to understand why Albert would send a parcel under his name when he actually wanted Candy to go to Rockstown to “run into” Terry.

          We readers got to see Candy had been missing Albert very much and even attempted to draw a portrait, so it seems natural that upon receiving his parcel and his brief note about her, she spontaneously decided to head there, no second thoughts. I think Mizuki’s story telling was brilliant; Candy’s actions prove how desperate she was to see Albert’s face again.

          But why didn’t Albert tell her directly that Terry was there too? It’s a mystery to me. If he had done so, how would Candy react? Would she go anyway because of a slight possibility that Albert would stay with Terry?

          Avon, you think Albert’s trick was a manipulation, and you would have been pissed off, you said. However, Candy wasn’t angry at Albert at all, despite feeling exhausted and disappointed. While leaving the small town with her hopes dashed, she wasn’t dumb and actually saw through why Albert had ‘lured’ her to come — because of Terry. Her actions speak volumes; to me, she was already in love but unaware.

          In CCFS, Archie and the others had been helping Candy to find Albert, her missing friend. Archie even urged her not to worry too much. Why? Archie probably was thinking, “Albert is a grown-up man, no longer that sick patient in that terrible room. Why on earth is Candy so worried?” Again, Candy was unaware of her own feelings.

          This part is not in the manga, but I believe somehow Albert realized that Candy would want to find him, and that’s why he sent such a parcel. Why didn’t he mention anything about Terry?

          I have a hunch that Albert wanted to prove something, that Candy didn’t really miss him as much as some people had informed him (likely from Georges).

          Perhaps Albert wasn’t sure how long Terry would be around. Or perhaps he remembered Candy’s promise to Susanna. Yet, Terry was in a miserable state that Albert could be thinking:

          1. If Candy indeed misses me this much, she might head to Rockstown
          2. She might also find Terry
          3. They would reunite because Terry apparently had left Susanna
          4. Candy would find her happiness and forget about her vagabond friend
          5. Terry would be happy again and hopefully emerge from his depression

          I see none of the above as manipulation, because Albert didn’t force Candy to go. He didn’t even say he was there, waiting for her. She just thought he might be there, and for this mere likelihood she decided to go anyway, even wearing his gift and carrying the portrait.

          To me, Albert just wanted to help two friends. It turns out Candy had indeed helped Terry, a miracle as she said. Yet, the outcome was probably a big surprise to Albert.

          Anyway, this Rockstown incident is one of my favorite episodes in the manga. ❤️

            • Avon on December 9, 2017 at 1:17 pm
            • Reply

            No need for concern, Ms Puddle. I’ve re-checked what Alex had stated (and meant) so I understand perfectly. As an English major I should have been more careful and attuned to what Alex had actually analysed and not infiltrate my own perspectives. No excuses from my part!

            Thank you again for your response and I would be pleased to continue our constructive discussion and healthy debate.

            Enjoy the weekend (at least what has remained of it)!

              • Ms Puddle on December 9, 2017 at 3:40 pm

              Thank you Avon. It’s been a pleasure to have joined the discussions with you, Interstellar , Lakewood and Sarah.

              Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday ❤️

            • Moudy on December 12, 2017 at 7:41 am
            • Reply

            Hi Miss P 😊

            Interesting assumptions you made about the possibiliites that Albert thought about when He sent the parcell…😃

            We all know the outcome that speaks volume of who was more important in Candy’s heart..she even wore the spring dress too probably she thought Albert would smile from ear to ear if he saw her wearing the gift he gave her 😍

            I’ve read it in your fan fiction A Man In Love Chapter 18… And i love the way you describe Albert’s wall of emotions knowing that his plan had failed…😄

              • Ms Puddle on December 12, 2017 at 5:20 pm

              Thank you Moudy for your encouraging words! So glad to hear that you like my imagination 😘 and my fanfic A man in love. ❤️😍

        • Sarah on December 10, 2017 at 6:36 pm
        • Reply

        Hi Ms Puddle,

        Avon is not saying that Candy doesn’t love Terry or that her decision to leave Terry was easy for her. What Avon is saying is that Candy had probably also been developing feelings for Albert as well. It’s just a hypothesis and it’s worth considering given the fact that feelings and emotions are so complex and often indecipherable. We can’t simply take a ruler and draw a line and say “here is where my feelings for man/woman A begins and here it is where it ends, while my feelings for man/woman B begins here and so forth,,” Human relationships are so complicated. Parallel and conflicting emotions for more than one person may emerge and often coincide and sometimes even oppose our other feelings. From my part, I understand what Avon is suggesting and I agree with most of the points expressed because they respond to the reality of intricate human interactions. I would also say that Terry had also been developing parallel feelings for Susanna prior to her accident. The irony in these cases is that the protagonists of such romances don’t usually admit or realise their feelings as we readers (we outsiders) do because we’re not affected as these protagonists are by their overflowing emotions. It’s not unusual to suffer a break-up with one person but simultaneously being attracted to someone else. These things may easily happen..

        Another point is that in all cultures and civilizations, considerate people always feel utmost duty and respect for those who have functioned as a certain form of “benefactor” whether it be in the shape of saving someone’s life or assisting them in severe need, etc. You will see such mutual respect in all cultures. Bottom line, respect-love-gratitude know no borders or national identities. These are universal themes and emotions and you will find loads of countries in which such gratitude is profoundly demonstrated. I’ll avoid referring to specific countries as I wouldn’t want to appear as invidious.

        In Candy’s case, her reaction in running after Albert and not letting him go even when that came at the heavy cost of losing her job does actually signify extremely strong feelings for an unknown man (she didn’t even know his last name). Candy’s trust in this stranger is extraordinary. I don’t think that anyone would easily trust a stranger and risk so much for him as Candy did. I agree with Avon here that Candy’s feelings for Albert were so intense. Take note that I’m not saying that she was in love with him at that point (maybe she was-I don’t know) but the foundations for such sentiments had already been lain. We as readers see a “further on” between Candy and this unknown beautiful and mysterious nomad. The older Candy is getting, the more intricate her emotions are concerning Albert. Of-course she was heart-broken after her break-up with Terry, but her sorrow would have been unbearable without Albert by her side and not just as a replacement for Terry but a relationship developing into a prospective significant other. Her love for Terry was entangled with her developing feelings for Albert.

        When it comes to the severely complicated human relationships, I think it’s best to keep an open mind not only what others feel about us and what we feel about others, but especially how we manage to define and accept our own sentiments. It’s one hell of a difficult and painful process but that’s life with its innumerable intertwining and undulating paths.

        I would suggest a superb narrative written by Jorge Louis Borges called “The Garden of Forking Paths” which focuses on the “infinite labyrinth of life” (as stated verbatim in this book).

        1. Hello Sarah and Avon,

          Perhaps I have misunderstood, but Avon seemed to suggest Candy already had romantic feelings for Albert at the time he had vanished from room 0, and by the time she was in New York, it was a relatively ‘easy’ decision for her to break up with Terry because she had Albert to fall back to.

          If I have indeed misconstrued the comment and/or overreacted, then I apologize, Avon.

          Sarah, I just wanted to point out that it was most likely deep gratitude that “pushed” Candy to help Albert till his recovery, which might have baffled some readers not in the same culture. It’s a very typical plot in Asian stories that even Albert himself later mocked that it was like a cheap novel, LOL 😅

          Anyway, I believe you might have heard that Mizuki had asked Igarashi to make amendments to her drawings because Mizuki didn’t want her readers to get the impression that Candy and Albert were already in love. Since I haven’t read about Mizuki’s revision in Japanese (only read its English translation somewhere on a fansite), I won’t comment any further.

          On the other hand, I do agree that Terry might have developed feelings for Susanna long before the accident. I won’t elaborate more because I’ve mentioned this several times in my old posts.

          I also wanted to defend Candy’s actions for “leaving Terry behind”. Candy was the one who bravely made the call, but the breakup was essentially a mutual decision.

          Just like Candy felt ‘responsible’ to take care of Albert, Terry’s decision to stay with Susanna for the rest of her life also makes sense to me. Even though he was still young, he was fully aware Susanna was his onjin 恩人. Without her, the tragedy could have happened to him (he would have lost his life or a part of his limb, etc.). Therefore, it might not be his number one wish in life, but it wasn’t necessarily his guilt that caused him to make up his mind to choose Susanna over Candy. Again, this is a common story plot found in Asian literature/movies/drama series.

          Sarah, yes it’s very true this gratitude thing is not limited to Asian cultures, but I believe many readers don’t understand why Terry could not simply support Susanna financially. Other than the reasons I mentioned above, both Candy and Terry knew the beautiful actress had saved the man out of her love for him. Even if he had insisted to choose Candy, Susanna would always be the third wheel. 😑 Candy would never be truly happy with such a thought constantly looming over her head.

          • Avon on December 11, 2017 at 8:21 am
          • Reply

          Thank you Sarah for your support and understanding what I have analysed. Even though we’re not on the same “team” when it comes to “fandom” (but I do find Albert just as beautiful as Terry, nonetheless), I find your response classy and sophisticated.

          I’m also pleased to know that you have suggested that remarkable book by Borges. I had also read it some years ago and it’s one of my favourite stories about the complexities and ineffability of life.

          Thanks again, Sarah!

            • Interstellar on December 11, 2017 at 12:34 pm
            • Reply

            You know what, Avon? You may have found a niche here no one else has explored regarding the Candy-Albert relationship development. Before I provide my response though, I want to re-examine the 4 crucial times Candy and Albert encountered one another and then met each other again.

            Alex mentioned that Nagita had worked for a theatre troupe in her late teens/early adulthood which roughly translates as “The Four Seasons” and emphasizes the significance of seasons, change and the passage of time. Following Alex’s incredible research, I delved a bit deeper into this theatre troupe and found some interesting stuff but I’ll explain later because I want to have all my facts straight like Alex always does and never rely on mere opinion or “feelings”.

            Right. Here are my questions (based on the CCFS):
            1. Did Candy (she was six) meet Albert (as POTH-he was 17) for the first time in spring or summer at Pony’s Hill (the year was probably 1904-1905 if Candy was born in 1898 or 1899)?
            2. Did Candy (she was around 13) meet Albert (presumably about 24 years old) again when he saved her from drowning at Lakewood in the summer (somewhere between 1911-1912)?
            3. For this one I’m sure that Candy (she was around 14) met Albert (around 25 years old) again in London in winter (somewhere between 1912-1913).
            4. I’m almost sure that Candy (she was around 15-16 then) encountered Albert (about 27 years old) again at the Chicago hospital in autumn (around late 1914 after the declaration of WWI).

            If I’m wrong, by all means, do correct me! I may have got the dates wrong. I’ll check my sources again to make sure. You do the same.

              • Moudy on December 12, 2017 at 7:26 am

              Well..interstellar, in that case…Candy and Albert have been together for more than 20 years until the day Candy wrote her first letter in CCFS…which was in the late 1930’s…

              One by one…a person Candy loved so much had to be taken away from her…in a tragic most heartbreaking way a girl could handle…

              The young Anthony who was only 15… Stear who left her later died in his most favourite spot…an airplane…And then Terry whom she was able to change out of his youth rage, anger and bitterness…in the end also left her..

              The only one who kept on coming back to her and for her…and never forgotten her..was always Albert..Her Prince on The Hill who turned out to be ever so beautiful down to earth worthy of love kind of man…which she came to realize months after he left her in Magnolia House…

              So..that’s why the cover and the ending scene was only Candy and Her Prince…..

              O well…Good night here from the other part of the world…🌚🌚

              • Avon on December 12, 2017 at 11:33 am

              Thank you again, Interstellar, for your support even though we belong to different sides of the CCFS fandon, haha!

              Here are some answers to your questions along with the relevant CCFS textual evidence (I’m not referring to the manga or the anime but only to the CCFS as you’ve requested and I’m also maintaining your exact numbering to avoid confusion):
              1. Section I / Chapter 1 (“Trees covered with new sprouts..”): Spring-Candy meets POTH.
              2. Section I / Chapter 12 (“The blue colour of that summer sky was dazzling..”): Summer-Candy gets on boat and almost drowns-saved by Albert.
              3. Section II / Chapter 4 (“January.. Ten days have passed since I became a student of St. Paul’s Institute..”): Winter-Terry gets wasted and ends up in Candy’s dorm-Candy and Albert meet again in London.
              4. Section III-Letters and Narratives: Autumn-
              Since the declaration of WWI was on 28 July 1914 and Candy treated Albert as an amnesiac patient after Fran Hamilton’s departure as a nurse for the war front, it would be safe to assume that the season in which Candy and Albert meet again is in autumn for clearly historical accuracy reasons.

              As for Candy’s date or at least her year of birth, forget it, there’s no clear and indisputable reference to that. We’ll have to resign to the widespread claim that she was born “somewhere around the turn of the century..”.

              All we’ve really got is that Stear died a year before the end of WWI (which would be in 1917 since WWI ended in 1918). The declaration of WWI in 1914 also functions as a solid time reference and the fact that Candy is still a nurse student in Chicago helps. Given these dates, I think your Candy-Albert age estimations are as accurate as possible. Nagita has already informed us that Candy was 6 when she met POTH; she was then 13 when taken as an assistant for the Lagans; a year had passed at the May festival which means she was 14; and another year had passed by when Terry reminisced about that May festival at St Paul’s, which means that Candy turned 15. It would make sense to construe that Candy was born in 1899 and Albert in 1888 as he was 11 years her senior.

              What do you think?

              • Interstellar on December 12, 2017 at 4:32 pm

              Well said, Moudy! Goodnight to you too!

              • Interstellar on December 12, 2017 at 4:41 pm

              Thanks for all that helpful information, Avon. It’s good to know that I haven’t been too off track time-wise when it comes to the CCFS saga..

              Yes, the passage of the four seasons play an essential role in the CCFS. Albert may signify change and development whereas Terry is a foil to Albert by desperately clinging to timelessness and never-changing status. He appears to be obsessed with freezing time. Perhaps time for Terry is synonymous to pain and suffering and arguably even death. This may be the reason why he tells Candy at that notorious “staircase scene” in New York that he wished “time could stop right now”.

              It’s quite sad really..

              • Avon on December 13, 2017 at 11:33 am

              Glad to be of help-Interstellar.

              I agree with your theory about Terry being obsessed with keeping time still. He may be conflating the passage of time to pain as you say. This theory of yours adds a new dimension to the meaning of that phrase in his letter to Candy that he “hasn’t changed at all..”. The tragic irony in his case is that he *has* changed and very much so whether he likes it or not. Perhaps he means that he hasn’t changed in *essence* but that still is just wishful thinking from his part because everyone changes inside-out. It’s inevitable.

              I could add a further point by saying that one of the main differences between Terry and Albert is that Terry can’t adopt to time and change whereas Albert is far more flexible, dynamic and inter-changeable. Terry appears to dread change but Albert appears to thrive in it and that’s his major advantage over people like Terry (if we were to consider this under a Darwinian perspective that those who survive are those who are capable of adapting to change thus the evolutionary process).

              • Ms Puddle on December 13, 2017 at 12:36 pm

              Avon, I can’t agree more with you how specious Terry’s claim of not having changed is, and I was once ‘taken aback’ by the fact that many fans took his words to heart and/or swooned over this so-called clue in CCFS…

              • Avon on December 13, 2017 at 2:52 pm

              Dear Ms Puddle,

              That’s the exact reason why I was drawn to your blog and to your analysis of Terry’s character even though your website is apparently pro-Albert. The irony is that you’ve done more justice to Terry’s persona than the actual Terry fans (most of which reduce him to this nonsensical satyr-like violent and misogynistic drunkard). If only the Terry-fans could be even half as sophisticated and intelligent as you.. Do not take this as a compliment but as an indisputable reality.

              I will not burden you with the reasons why I’m more fascinated with Terry’s character. The reasons are personal and I’ll keep them as that. Nonetheless, I find it in the least vulgar and vacuous that the severe majority of Terry fans are too ignorant and obsessive with the anime version of Terry when he was a simplistic adolescent at that London catholic-whatever boarding school. You, however, have delved into Nagita’s story through a diversity of sources. Even though we may disagree in certain aspects, I have far more respect in being in disagreement with you than being in agreement with imbecilic creatures.

              I’ll just end this specific message by specifying that I treat Terry as a psychologist would treat a patient and as a philologist (as myself) would treat an acutely subversive and controversial albeit beautifully fascinating poem. When I read Alex’s analysis that she compares Terry to Hamlet and at certain times to Titus Andronicus, I have to admit that I was awe-struck because Alex nailed it with that analysis of hers.

              Unfortunately, the plethora of the Terry fandom is nowhere near the level of the Albert ones. This is such a pity because Terry is just as sublime as Albert albeit in different and diverse ways.

              Thanks again for you blog and insight, Ms Puddle, and I hope I have not confused you too much with my philological ramblings.

              P.S. I consider the River Avon to be as close to Terry’s as well as Albert’s character. The main difference is that Terry is swept away by the tide (even though he stubbornly fights was is truly within him quintessentially) whereas Albert embraces and embodies its rapid flow with all the strength of character that he musters.

              • Ms Puddle on December 13, 2017 at 8:58 pm

              Avon, it’s my honour having you here in my blog. Your compliment (though you said it was not one) and encouraging words are most appreciated.

              I can sense your disappointment, if not frustrations, about some other fans, and I must say you’re by far one of the most intelligent and sensible pro-Terry fans in CC world. I haven’t ‘met’ many, but I was told some are particularly difficult and offensive.

              Anyway, Terry’s character has my pity, and as I said before, to me he made the right decision to stay with Susanna and let Candy find her happiness elsewhere. IMHO Candy wasn’t the only one who had made a self-sacrificing move.

              I also strongly believe Terry had matured significantly after returning from Rockstown. He could actually keep his promise and take care of Susanna till she breathed her last. She had been struggling with some unnamed disease(s) for who knows how long, but he didn’t leave her, even taking care of her (the Japanese version seems to imply he was the only caretaker). I know for a fact that not every man is willing to take care of a sick partner, addressing her physical needs day in day out; a friend of a friend recently went through such predicament (in a prolonged state of illness) and her husband kept a distance from her.

              That’s why I never believe his brief letter to Candy was sent after Susanna’s death. Even if so, my gut feeling tells me that Candy wouldn’t go back to him. He was practically a stranger to her by then, not to mention she wasn’t a ‘standby’. Sigh…

              • Avon on December 14, 2017 at 8:28 am

              I began to enjoy a good laugh regarding Terry’s character when he had challenged the church authorities at St Paul’s school, especially when he barged in the church hall while the students were (pretending to be) praying. It’s still one of my favourite scenes. Even his teasing was hilarious and the way he would drive Candy to near insanity. However, I was shocked and appalled by his disgusting behaviour and violent actions against Candy during the May festival. It’s interesting how Terry always blocks his violence against Candy in his memories of the May festival. Talk about “selective memory”..

              Apparently, Terry was ashamed of himself and his rotten behaviour against Candy but I consider him to be low for not apologizing. That was cheap of him. He did try to be gallant towards Candy after the May festival but what he did was appalling and the fact that he didn’t apologize makes him even more appalling. It’s intriguing that Nagita does not remove this scene and Terry’s violent disposition in the CCFS. Instead, she intensifies his aggressive streak and his lack of self-control. On the other hand, when it comes to Albert, Nagita retains his respectable and honourable character without reducing his calm and noble demeanour in the slightest. One could easily understand that Nagita had not been planning to develop Terry into Candy’s “anohito”. It’s sensible to assume that a lady like Candy would share her life with an equivalent gentleman and that man is no other but Albert or perhaps someone who is very much like him in character. Unfortunately, Terry cannot be any woman’s (at least those women who respect themselves) “anohito; there’s still too much work to be done on Terry to make him somewhat decent because he’s got too many flaws and far too many inner demons to battle with before becoming any woman’s “anohito”.

              Although the severe majority of Terry fans would condemn me as a “blasphemer” for saying this, I consider Terry and Susanna to be the most fascinating couple. In the manga as well as in the anime, Terry confesses to himself that he’s attracted to Susanna even though he desperately tries to avoid her. Igarashi beautifully draws Terry’s expressions when encountering Susanna, especially when he met her for the first time at the theatre school in New York. Igarashi is so damn clever and talented in drawing those expressions and those “split second moments” where the characters are silent and just look at each other. These are really intense moments. Such moments (I least the ones I remember) are the ones shared between Terry and Candy when he asks her to dance with him at the May festival; the other one is when Terry meets Susanna for the first time; and there are those stunning Albert and Candy moments, especially the one where they gaze at each other at the park (the renowned “sandwich scene”).

              Terry would have never supported Susanna simply out of pity or obligation. He was already attracted to her but unfortunately Susanna will never know this as she considers that Terry is by her side only due to guilt and duty. However, there’s a slight possibility that she was finally convinced that he had deeper feelings for her when he returned to her after the Rockstown incident. Perhaps he had also appreciated the fact that she had let him go when he wanted to leave for a while. He returned to her because he wanted to. Men and women like Terry’s character could never be harnessed nor forced to do anything unless they really want to do it. The same applies in Candy’s case. She clung to Albert and wouldn’t let him go when he tried to escape from the hospital because she had begun to develop deeper feelings for him as well. Just because Terry and Candy didn’t openly admit or understand their feelings for other people doesn’t mean that those feelings aren’t there and that they’re not strong. Let’s not forget that Candy didn’t want to admit that she was in love with Terry either. It took her almost a year to finally admit it. Deep-rooted feelings are complex and they’re often extremely difficult to accept. As for Albert, he would also try to delude himself into thinking that he’s continuing his cohabitation with Candy because she needs him to get over her separation with Terry. Albert does not want to admit that he continues to live with Candy because he’s also attracted to her. Candy wants to see Albert as her brother and he wants to see her as his sister, but eventually the both realise and accept that this is not the case.

              If any of these characters lived in our times and had a Facebook account, they would probably have a “it’s complicated” notification under their “relationship status”.

              • Ms Puddle on December 15, 2017 at 8:03 am

              Blasphemer? Lol… Avon, you used this term as though Terry was god or a sacred entity 😂

              Hmmm, I also think Terry was attracted to Susanna, and she sensed it as well. Rumor is not always groundless, and in their case neither of them attempted to deny it. Was it Alex who compared them to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? I find that ‘analogy’ or real life example perfect. 😉

              I’ve said this more than once, but please bear with me for repeating myself. If Terry really loved Candy this much, he wouldn’t have left London without a trace. In fact, he would have done everything he could in order to keep in touch with her.

              But no, he didn’t. About Susanna, Terry probably didn’t want to admit his feelings for her, as you said, Avon. However, the mere fact he didn’t mind appearing close to her in public speaks volumes. Not to mention that Susanna had no idea about Candy’s existence until Chicago. In short, Terry had given Susanna false hope. He could have told her about Candy back in London but he didn’t.

              I personally agree with you that Terry and Susanna were actually “made for each other”. They both were attractive, talented actors on stage, and they both loved theatre. These two had far more common interests when compared to the pair Terry and Candy. What really did the latter pair do other than fighting or bantering all the time? In CCFS Nagita actually improved their relationship by letting Candy learn piano from Terry. But still, music is not Terry’s number one interest. The funny thing is that Candy had never properly watched Terry’s performance.

              I wish Nagita had put more effort into developing Terry and Susanna’s relationship, but too bad it looks more like an obligation (or guilt) that made Terry choose the actress over his highschool ‘sweetheart’.

              I like what you said about the silent moments in the manga, in particular the sandwich sharing scene. Candy with hindsight understood her own feelings for Albert and the implications behind his ‘proposal’ to share everything. Note that in CCFS she mentioned this sandwich sharing scene again and again. It’s obvious Nagita wanted to emphasize its significance.

              Anyway, in a sense Terry had become Susanna’s “Anohito” because he was the only one who was there for her till the end. I’d never rule out the possibility that they had become inseparable… Not passionate love between adolescents but the kind of love shared by a loving elderly couple.

            • Interstellar on December 14, 2017 at 2:21 pm
            • Reply

            Loved your comment, Avon!

            If the Terry fans consider you to be a *blasphemer* as you say, so be it. Blasphemers are actually quite interesting people. At least they’re better than the conservative servility.

            I find your comparison between the Terry-Susanna and Albert-Candy relationships to be insightful. At least Albert was in a better position than Susanna because he managed to regain his health, strength and wealth.

              • Sarah on December 15, 2017 at 9:17 am

              I would agree with Ms Puddle at this point. If Terry wanted to maintain contact with Candy, he could have easily done so. Instead, he headed off to America with a simple note which providing nothing further concerning his whereabouts. It’s obvious that Terry wanted a fresh start in his life and Candy was not in his plans and definitely not near his priorities.

              As for his excuse that he was too young to take Candy with him to America, it’s valid but it doesn’t justify his decision to cut all ties with her. He could have easily maintained correspondence with her wit her through St Paul’s school or Pony’s Home until he reached a legally valid age for him to be with Candy. It was really a matter of a couple of years the most.

              Bottom-line, Terry had all the opportunities to further his relationship with Candy but he simply didn’t want to. The reasons are his own and he has no one else to blame for the repercussions of his actions but his own idiotic self. Candy was absolutely right to move on with her life with a far more commendable and respectable hard-working and conscientious man as Albert.

              • Ms Puddle on December 15, 2017 at 10:59 am

              Yes, Sarah. Can’t agree with you more. IMHO, it was puppy love, and Candy was likely not the first girl Terry kissed. She might be the only girl who slapped him though 😂

              • Avon on December 16, 2017 at 9:46 am

              Hello Ms Puddle, Interstellar, Sarah:

              Terry didn’t prioritize Candy at all and by adding further insult to injury, Terry treated Susanna far better and more gallantly than he ever did to Candy. His feelings for Susanna were definitely there but her tragic accident ceased any further development into a healthy romance between those two artists.

              Terry appeared to struggle with his growing desire for Susanna as if he felt a bit guilty for somewhat “cheating” on Candy. The attraction was there, however, and Terry says this himself that he also had feelings for her. The evidence is there and it has been provided by Terry himself.

              As for having other romantic adventures, I don’t think Terry was experienced. During his school years at St Paul’s the rumours about him circulating were those of an anti-social and acutely solitary young man with no friends. You’ll find this textual evidence in the CCFS (Section II) where the girls who are swooning over him are wondering the reasons for him not ever having a girlfriend. One may assume that Candy was probably his first romance and arguably his inexperience was the reason was he would always mess everything up. He pretended to be a cool rebel but in reality he was a melancholic and lonely shy guy who play-acted his so-called “toughness”.

              His defence mechanism though started to shed away from him when he met Susanna. He was also a bit older and presumably more mature and confident (at least more than he ever was at St Paul’s).

              You may now perhaps realize why the Terry fans consider me to be a “blasphemer”, and the reasons are two:
              1. I regard Terry and Susanna to be far more compatible than Terry and Candy.
              2. I pin-point that Terry was attracted to Susanna. The Terry fans hate it when this is pointed out to them. They continue to be in denial even though Terry himself in both the manga and the anime confesses to himself that he’s attracted to Susanna. The ways in which the Terry fans have been slut-shaming Susanna is absolutely disgusting.

              I agree with Ms Puddle that Terry could have easily dispelled the rumours surrounding his affair with Susanna and he could have simply told her that he was in a relationship with Candy. But he didn’t do any of that..

              • Ms Puddle on December 16, 2017 at 2:12 pm

              Avon, I agree with you everything about Terry and Susanna, and yet I kinda doubt that Terry was inexperienced with women. He might have frequented the bars and met older women. He being a handsome boy wouldn’t have escaped their notice. He might not develop relationships with any of them, but I doubt Candy was the first girl he kissed. Her slappings might have been the first time in his life, as I said before. 😂 His reactions by slapping her back after forcing a kiss on her didn’t convince me he was a shy guy. On the contrary, he might have never encountered any obstacles in such matters.

              He was aloof to his peers in the Catholic school might be because he was afraid his dark secrets would be discovered. 😑

              • Interstellar on December 16, 2017 at 1:09 pm

              I couldn’t agree with you more on those emetic ways many Terry fans slut-shame Susanna. Their misogyny and racism are cheap. It’s such a disgrace that these Terry fan females are so misogynistic and sexist. Such awful attacks from women against women. It’s a good thing that Terry isn’t real because he would have been appalled and mortified that he’s got such a vomitous fandom.

              • Ms Puddle on December 16, 2017 at 2:29 pm

              You’re making me laugh, Interstellar. 😁😅

              Not to mention they exaggerated Terry’s love for Candy. No, sorry to inform them, Candy was far from being the love of his life. He gave her up twice. Avon nailed it. It was acting / theatre.

    • reeka on December 4, 2017 at 4:59 pm
    • Reply

    Ms Puddle, this is an awesome post. Bravo. All the love Nagita put on character Albert is very much clear, isn’t it?

    My friend, I am afraid I can’t talk much now. It’s morning now in this side of the world :), and I need to do many errands. Just want to give you a little help on Milliam Blue Lake.

    The translation would be :

    “Milliam Blue, a sweet cheerful girl who is actually an adopted daughter! Her heart was broken when she had to accept that fact at the age of 15, but there is a dash of relief in her deepest heart. She found her true love from someone she has been considering as a brother for so long.”

    I understand why translator gave you “picky kid”. The word used in this description was very casual. And the word it used for adopted child was not the one you would use if you don’t want to hurt the person’s heart.

    HTH, my friend.

    note : I know your smile would be wider reading my “correction” of the translation. 🙂

    1. Dear Reeka, your translation is so much better, and it makes sense to me now. So Milliam Blue was unaware she was adopted till 15 years old? Though it was hard to accept but I guess deep down she was in love with her ‘brother’? Wow!

      This reminds me of another Japanese novel that I read years ago. The heroine learned that she was adopted when she was in grade 1, but she pretended not knowing it. Later as a teenager, she thought she fell in love with her brother’s friend, but when she had to make a choice, she realized the one whom she had always loved was her brother. Anyway, it was a tragic story. Enough said.

      Thank you so much Reeka, and of course I’ve modified my post accordingly 😍😘

        • reeka on December 5, 2017 at 3:08 am
        • Reply

        You’re welcome, my friend!

        I was a bit surprised when clicking the link and it was Indonesian ( I clicked before even reading your next lines hahaha, my bad). So when I read your translation, I giggled on the “picky kid”.

        Yes, you can say Milliam Blue knew the fact she had been adopted at 15 y.o. The strong connection with the theme of CC story is amazing. And do you notice Milliam sounds like William? M is even an upside down of W, although here Milliam is the female protagonist. 😀

        That Japanese novel you had read, was it which later became Korean TV series “Endless Love”? The storyline looked very similar. The female protagonist was diagnosed for cancer?

          • Fay on December 5, 2017 at 4:30 am
          • Reply

          Reeka, thank you for this interesting information about this work of Nagita. It’s a pity it’s not very well known. It must be a fascinating story judging from the few lines you gave us. It makes you want to find out more about it.
          I think this manga was published in 1975. That means it was earlier than Candy Candy, right? Also the fact that the heroine realized she was actually in love with her supposed brother gives the story more depth. Maybe she loved him subconsciously and didn’t realize it until she knew for sure they were not related. So many similarities with CC and yet it sounds rather different too. It would be nice to know more about this underrated story by Nagita.
          Ms. Puddle, about the last page of CC manga changed by Igarashi at Nagita’s request, I think it was very nice to see Candy expressing so much joy opening her arms wide and running towards Albert. I don’t see why that picture had to be revised to tone down Candy’s exaltation. Anyway, the current page we know expresses very well too her excitement. I love this scene in the manga, but I also like very much the CCFS version of the same scene, when Candy cries with emotion discovering the identity of her prince. I love Albert’s phrase “Now you’re also pretty when you’re crying, little girl”. Both scenes are very emotional and I really can’t decide which is the best. However, you are right that Nagita chose to move that last scene of the manga to the conclusion of CCFS. So both the manga and the novel conclude the story on a very high and optimistic note.

            • moudy on December 5, 2017 at 5:28 am
            • Reply

            Hello Fay…

            I also love the scene in CCFS when Albert confessed to Candy that he is POTH…The way Nagita wrote every words that came out of Albert’s mind is beautiful and special..Mostly because he had chosen Pony Hill to be the perfect place for his confession….

            It’s a pity that there are less illustrations in the I had to use my imagination of how would Albert’s emotions and Candy’s teary eyes looked like..

            About this Milliam Blue Lake Novel..Is there anyone here who have read it..?I’m curious..what it looks like inside..

            Cheers 🙋

              • Fay on December 5, 2017 at 8:37 am

              Yes, Moudy, the scene of Albert’s confession is very special. He chose carefully the time and place to reveal his last secret to Candy. It wouldn’t be the same if he had told her anywhere else. He knew Pony’s Hill was a special place to her and he wanted to relive the moment of their first meeting and feel again like the boy he was back then. And as we know, it worked…
              There are no illustrations in CCFS, but thankfully Nagita has a wonderful way of writing, she almost gives us the images through her words. And we can always imagine the faces of the characters as Igarashi portrayed them in the manga. Let’s not forget that she was the one who gave them substance through her drawings, so every time we read about any of them we can picture them too in our mind.

              • Ms Puddle on December 5, 2017 at 9:12 pm

              Hi Moudy, you’re not the only one who complained about the lack of illustrations in CCFS. Even the old CC novels cost much more in second-hand stores if illustrations are included (my friends told me). But I guess we adults should be able to use our own imagination when reading the text. 😊

          1. Hello Fay I’ll get back to you on this with more details, but right now I just want to point out I had misunderstood the revision. I’ve modified my post (near the end) accordingly. My bad 😅

          2. Hi Fay, like you, I like both this manga ending and the confession on the hill in CCFS. Though I used to prefer the subtle confession in the manga, that Albert simply repeated his words to see if Candy understood him, I’ve grown to like the version in CCFS too. Some people even said it was more romantic and poignant, because not only Candy cried, but Albert had moist eyes as well. These two were both emotional, which makes sense.

            Indeed, both the manga and CCFS conclude on an optimistic note. 👍👏

        1. Hello Reeka, yes the other reader Moudy also mentioned about how similar the names Milliam and William are, M is just W upside down. It’s very interesting that Nagita (Mizuki) had written another story that also talked about adoption and love between ‘siblings’. 🙂

          The Japanese novel is not the same as what you described. The girl told her boyfriend about her true love, and despite being devastated, he respected her choice and let her go. Yet, some time later, this same guy got severely injured because this girl was in danger, and he tried to rescue her (he still loved her). Therefore, at the end, the girl gave up her ‘brother’ and decided to marry this hero (who got his leg amputated because of her). The guy, now disabled, refused to let this happen, but she insisted, and her brother agreed too. Yes, a tragic story indeed.

    • Lakewood on December 4, 2017 at 1:15 pm
    • Reply

    I see that Alex does not cease from amazing us with her intelligent analysis and incisiveness. I’ll return soon to post my refutation against a foolish Terry-fan claim about adoption. My contribution however is only minimal in comparison to the solid argument already provided by Alex. She has burnt the Terry fan claims to the ground. This case is closed and Alex can claim her spoils from the ransacked Terry fan front.

    Thank you for your great blog, Ms Puddle!

    1. Thank you Lakewood! Truly looking forward to reading your analysis as well 😘 Don’t underestimate what you’re going to publish here, the more the merrier 😄

      Most comments are considered contributions to my blog, and I am motivated to keep writing because of the encouraging words from you and the others 😍

    • Interstellar on December 3, 2017 at 7:52 am
    • Reply

    Hello All,

    First of all, kudos for this intriguing new post-Ms P&Alex!

    I’ll come back to this page to provide some of my own feedback because there’s so much to say for this fourth part. The two of you here have done something different which is just as fascinating as the previous posts but in an alternative way. I’ll explain later what I mean because I want to re-read this new post during my free-time with patience and being at ease.

    It turns out that Alex is cerebral as well as analytical in a sensitive and astute way. She doesn’t only provide cold-cut facts but she moves on to dig deeper into the hard surface of these facts. Alex’s is highly educated but also profoundly intuitive. Ms P has done a superb job in getting all this work beautifully edited and well-organised for all of us to read and enjoy.

    Ms P, if I’m not mistaken you’ve mentioned that you’re in computer science. That would explain your organised methodology and clear-cut delineation of key points in an analysis. Who said that science and art can’t mix?

    Great work, folks!

      • Sarah on December 3, 2017 at 11:22 am
      • Reply

      Haha, Interstellar, your post has been posted twice-something like a “Dolby Surround Audio”, right?

      It happens to me too. When I try to submit a comment, I have to re-submit because it’s not accepted for some reason. Is this what happened to you too?

      I so agree with your viewpoint on Alex. Her latest analysis is different and I mean that in a good way. I think she made an effort to be a bit more of “approachable” and tone down the academic complex data.

      Either way, this new post is ace!

        • Interstellar on December 3, 2017 at 1:36 pm
        • Reply

        I know.. I keep on getting a notification that the message hasn’t gone through. I remember you saying something about gmail. Maybe I should switch to that because wordpress is being a pain..

        1. Interstellar and Sarah, you two might consider entering your email addresses in addition to your pen names. Should get automatic approval for the same combination of name + email once I have approved your first comment. Nobody will see your emails except me. 😉

            • Interstellar on December 3, 2017 at 1:53 pm
            • Reply

            Will do! Thanks!

      1. Thank you Sarah, and I’m so glad you enjoyed this post despite the fact that it’s slightly more personal and less ‘academic’ 😄

    1. Hello Interstellar, thank you so much for your encouraging words and compliments, which are greatly appreciated. 🙂 Yes, I’m a boring software engineer in real life… lol 😛 I actually liked math as a kid and thought of being a mathematician one day, but in university I learned to accept I wasn’t cut for that. 😉

      Anyway, enough details of myself. This post is definitely different from the previous ones, and I’m happy to hear that you also enjoyed reading something not necessarily based on cold hard facts and evidence. Looking forward to reading your subsequent comments in the near future. Take your time, my friend!

      p.s. I’ve deleted the duplicate comment, Interstellar 🙂

        • Interstellar on December 4, 2017 at 8:08 am
        • Reply

        There’s no such thing a a boring software engineer. You folk do all the amazing stuff. It’s great to see more and more women in technology/computer science. I agree with Alex’s feminism on this and I share her views on female empowerment.

        Albert also loved women in dynamic positions and he began to appreciate Candy more and more when she was becoming independent. I love that scene in the manga where Albert and Candy are waving goodbye to each other at Lakewood and he’s thinking about Candy’s independent nature and how much he respects that. In the anime Albert is also shown respecting women in medical sciences (Dr Kerry) and there’s an added scene where he’s admiring Candy’s independent nature when she refuses to allow him to accompany her at the train station en route to New York. If Albert were alive today, he would have definitely voted for a woman for president or prime minister. He would have definitely encouraged his daughters to attain higher education as he had strongly encouraged Candy to become well educated and cultured.

        Women in science are awesome and we need more of them!

        Thanks for removing that duplicate comment, btw..

        1. Interstellar, are you in science too? Just curious ☺️

          Yes, indeed things have changed. Nowadays we see more and more women in technology / science not only in research / academic conferences but in offices / business conferences.

          My sentiments exactly concerning what you said about Albert. He never looked down on Candy due to her background and even admired her for choosing her own path and working to be independent.

          The only thing I want to point out is that scene was in the Chicago mansion, not Lakewood. 😉

            • Interstellar on December 5, 2017 at 7:36 am
            • Reply

            Ms Puddle, I’m in the biomedical sciences with a further postgraduate degree in business administration which enabled me to find work in a pharmaceutical company.

            While women’s role in the intellectual and scientific workforce is getting stronger and stronger, the wage gap still prevails and we have very few women CEOs. The situation is improving though and I think positive about that. Nothing comes for free anyway and we must all fight hard for our rights and never take anything for granted nor be a defeatist.

            As for Albert, he does actually derive from a sort of “feminist” family as the female members are so dynamic. We could start with the Grand Matriarch being Aunt Elroy, and then we could go to Albert’s sister Rosemary, who proved to be a tremendously strong-willed woman who challenged her own family tradition in order to marry the man she loves. Even Eliza (although a horrible brat) is far more dynamic and intelligent than Neal and quite a few males in her family. Her mother also appears to call the shots in the Lagan family. The men appear to be playing second fiddle apart from the head patriarch, of-course.The Ardlay women seem to have received high level education and they’re also adept in business and financial matters (I’m referring to Eliza’s mother again and to Aunt Elroy). These women possess good looks (most of which Nordic) and well-shaped fihgures due to sports (Eliza is tall, slender and a capable equestrian). These women are shrewd and formidable. The Ardlay women are not to be messed around with.

            So Albert was born and bred within such a dynamic female family. He had always looked up to his sister which means that she had quite an effect on his upbringing and character.

              • Ms Puddle on December 5, 2017 at 9:25 pm

              Hello Interstellar, it’s wonderful to ‘meet’ another lady in science! Sounds like you know what you want to pursue in life, and who knows, maybe one day you will be a CEO in a pharmaceutical company!

              I’m honored to have met different marvelous, talented ladies here in my blog, including you, my friend! It’s a wonder how the story of Candy Candy bring us all together 😊

              Yes I can’t agree with you more about Albert’s upbringing and how he grew up in a “feminist” family. Both his aunt and his late sister were women with strong will. Besides Eliza’s mom, there’s also Mrs. Cornwell, Stear and Archie’s mother. She was with her husband working on some businesses overseas.

    • Sarah on December 2, 2017 at 1:17 pm
    • Reply

    Right, these posts are getting better and better. I’ll get back to you soon for some input.

    Congrats and Kudos for this fantastic new post!

    1. Thank you Sarah! I’m happy to hear that you find the posts getting better and better 😘 Thanks to Alex, of course 😍

        • Sarah on December 2, 2017 at 5:03 pm
        • Reply

        Thanks to both of you!

    • Anonymous on December 2, 2017 at 9:03 am
    • Reply


    Wuuaoo, hermoso análisis, Albert es único.
    Me encanta su página y sus historias de fanfic.

    1. Silvia, ¡muchas gracias por leer mi historias de fanfic y mi página! 😍 Sí, ¡Albert es único!

    • Moudy on December 2, 2017 at 2:53 am
    • Reply

    I’m back 😁😁

    Kuddos to you and Alex for providing us all the unthinkable proof from based on historical analysis which for me is really worth to know..

    I can not tell you how dissapointed I was as a young teenage when I saw this ending scene in the manga because I thought there would be something more rather than just Candy ran with tears of joy towards her prince of the hill…It took me more than 30 years to find out the reason why thru this posts of yours,Miss Puddle 😅😅…where have you been all this years…Miss P?😁😁

    From the moment I read about how Candy described the house, the handmade painting of Pony House that is specially placed on a wall where it can be seen all over the room , the rose garden..and then the library…there is only one man I can think of that is close with all that..yes Albert..
    Albert being the head of the Ardlay clan,has used to be surrounded by books of all sorts..while Terry could not even last long in classroom while in St Paul..he was always outside smoking or up on a horse..and finally gave up his academic year for acting..leaving Candy heartbroken..twice !
    Albert gave Terry a chance to meet Candy when he saw Terry drunk ( in the anime episode 112 ) but he did not do it….he walked away..

    Everything written in the manga and in CCFS has the same ending..without Terry or clues leading to Terry being said in the ending..

    About the Milliam Blue Lake….phonetically it sounds like William’s Blue Lake…😊
    Has anyone here ever read this manga? If the story is the same…then it probably is the sequel to Candy and Albert’s love story 😁😁

    Cheers to Everyone here 🙌🙌🙌

    1. Hello Moudy! So glad you like my post. Yes, I must say the background materials and resources provided by Alex are truly fascinating 👍👏 

      Like you, I was extremely disappointed when reading the manga for the first time. I could hardly believe it was over… LOL… But I was told that this particular well-known ending is now considered classic in Japan. Anyway, why do you think I gave you the answer, Moudy? 🤔😊😁

      Indeed, I also doubt that Terry would read any book other than Shakespeare’s works. Well, he might be familiar with the famous plays, but why all these literature books?

      You’re right, Moudy. Terry had broken Candy’s heart twice! 💔💔 Too bad many people seem to have neglected the fact…

      If we put the anime version aside, Terry in the manga didn’t go to Chicago. I have mentioned this before, but let me repeat myself here. He was depressed not necessarily (or not only) because of Candy… I have a hunch one reason he was depressed was his career going downhill 🤔

      So true that there’s no hint in the manga or CCFS that Candy and Terry would see each other again.

      About Milliam Blue, I think you can understand Indonesian right? Yes, it’s very interesting that the name rhymes with William! 😉

        • Moudy on December 3, 2017 at 4:26 pm
        • Reply

        Yes I can understand Indonesian 😂 but I have not read it yet..I found it also at goodreads but can not seem to read it..had to be purchased..I am looking for a free version 😁

        I found a link to watch the anime version but somehow it got disconnected 😑 Perhaps if anyone here found the link can share it here 😊

        Oh…The ballad of Candy and Albert we just can’t get over with until we can see one picture of their wedding somewhere in the CCFS…*sigh*… But….I’ll live with the unbeatable facts and hints of who Anohito is by the way Nagita portayed Albert in every word she wrote..also described in Igarashi’s illustration of being manly angelic with a deep warm voice…

        Albert is the Alpha and Omega of the core of the Candy Candy story.Period!😄

      • Interstellar on December 3, 2017 at 7:38 am
      • Reply

      That’s an awesome detail you’ve pin-pointed, Moudy!

      In reality, Nagita just turned the letter W upside down and formed the name Milliam. Excellent observation of yours, Moudy!

      Maybe the subsequent story Milliam Blue Lake is a way for Nagita to rectify her ambiguous stance on the Candy&Albert relationship. Nagita did actually mention that her narratives on CC were often influenced by pressure received from third parties such as producers (anime) and editors (manga and books). Let’s not forget that Japanese society was far more conservative back in the 1970s when the CC story first came out as a manga and as an anime. Milliam Blue Lake came out later and it would presumably be far more mature work where Nagita is also a more mature and powerful woman who fights for her creative content more dynamically.

      From what I see here

      this story was published in 2008.

      If I find that Milliam Blue Lake story in English, I’ll grab it with both hands!

        • Fay on December 3, 2017 at 10:11 am
        • Reply

        I got interested too in that story by Nagita I knew nothing about. I hope it’s published in English sometime. I also found this page with a description in English. It’s nothing much.

        1. Thank you Fay for this info. Too bad it was seemingly not available in English 🤔
          Yet, sounds like the guy was a step-brother in the story. 🙂

      1. Me too, Interstellar, I’m curious to grab a copy of this book too if possible.

        I was told that the anime production had to put Albert in a different bedroom because of the age-group of the potential audience. 😉 In the manga the two blondes shared a bunkbed in the same room, which in my opinion was more realistic… I don’t think they could afford a two-bedroom apartment with that income… LOL 😅

        • Moudy on December 3, 2017 at 4:39 pm
        • Reply

        Hello Interstellar..
        I’d like to think that way too…about the Milliam Blue Lake novel..How Nagita wanted to do justice for Candy and Albert in another story where she made clear that the story is about a young girl who fell in love with her so called brother….😆

        Too bad I can not read it yet…I’ll wait for you and the others here should you find and read it first.🙏🙏

          • Interstellar on December 4, 2017 at 7:56 am
          • Reply

          I don’t think we’ll be able to find it in English. We can’t even get Nagita to have her acutely popular Candy Candy stories translated in English. I’ve got the impression that Nagita’s targeted audience is the Japanese youth because she’s written loads of stories which are popular in Japan alone. She’s also received an award for a story about the significance of nuclear disarmament.

          As for those people keep on saying “Oh, I love him like my brother..” or “Oh, I would never pair with him because we’re family..” they are simply deluding themselves. Unless he/she really is your biological relative, there’s no way a heterosexual female and a heterosexual male-both of whom are attractive-could completely rule out the possibility that something romantic or sexual alone wouldn’t ever happen between them. I’m not saying that it will happen but no one can claim that it will not happen either.

          On a personal note, a friend of mine back at university had a severe crush on a guy who was a lousy dude but she was hooked on him. We tried to warn her of her mistake but she wouldn’t listen. That dude was a handsome guy but a prick with an abusive and aggressive streak (very much like Terry). This friend of mine also had a male friend with whom she was very close but would refuse to see him as anything more than a friend. Now this guy was a sheer beauty (tall, athletic, beautiful face) and a lovely kind-hearted gentleman. He was always there for her and the rest of us knew that he was in love with her. He had made it clear to her in an honest way. We tried to make her see the truth but we failed since she was too fixated on that Terry-like prick. But life is one hell of a b…. and one day her beautiful friend found a beautiful young woman who was so kind to him and really loved him. The two of them are still together now and their relationship is wonderful. The sheer irony to all of this is that my friend became furious when he (the beautiful “friend-zoned” man) decided to move on with his life and keep her at a distance. She then admitted to us that she felt differently (non-brotherly) for him and that she wanted to be with him. My response to her was “tough sh..”.

          Bottom line, women like my friend are idiots and they have no one else to blame but themselves for their poor life choices. Those of us who are sensible know how to discern the wonderful man to those pieces of garbage like Terry. It’s ironic though that such idiotic women have to lose that wonderful Albert-like man in order to realize their tremendous loss.

          But their loss is another one’s gain. If Candy is so stupid to let Albert go and continue running after Terry, then that’s her loss. As for Albert, no clever and high quality woman would ever let him go and soon he would stop being single and available.

          1. Absolutely agree with you, Interstellar! If some people were right that Candy would rather let Albert go because she still lived in the past or insisted on waiting indefinitely for Terry to come back, then it was her loss.

            Thanks for sharing your friends’ story with us, which is fascinating to say the least. It’s almost like a movie plot, and of course the main characters of which would be the gentleman and the other better girl he met later in life. 😄 I’m actually glad that this man found his happiness with a different woman, someone who deserves his love and attention. About the lady who was obsessed with the other man but was upset because this tall beauty had finally decided to move on in his life, she was probably a spoiled child, who took things for granted, for example? Perhaps she could always get what she wanted in her life, so she wouldn’t give up until she could tame the ‘bad boy’? Well… I don’t know… 🤔 Just some wild guesses… 😅

            I do have friends who claimed to regard each other as brother and sister for years but later got married! Like you, I think friendship can change, and unless they are real brother and sister, there’s always a possibility. 🙂

              • moudy on December 5, 2017 at 5:51 am

              Well…If only there are more of Albert kind of guy nowadays….that would be awesome 😋😋

              I have to say, great great illustrations from Igarashi in the CC manga…That’s why I was so interested to read the manga because every character was drawn so beautiful and handsome…even though the novel is in black and white…Thank God for the anime television already in colour…😁

              And I love the moral of the story too..that in the end to have courage and be kind will really pay off…for a girl like Candy who has endured so much…
              At first I cried at the part where Candy had to leave New York in winter saying goodbye to her love at that time…But then when she found true companionship / new found love with her so called brother…I still cried because I never really knew what happened afterwards 😂🤣
              ( here i go again..murmuring about the long awaited answer to the real ending of CCFS 🙂…Pardon me….)

              Now I Know…and We all know…😉😉

              So….Ms P…( May I call you Ms P….) Keep posting!

              Write Soon 😊😊💌💌

              • Ms Puddle on December 5, 2017 at 9:15 pm

              Hello Moudy, so you like to call me Ms P? Hahaha… It’s ok. 😉

              Yes, me too, I cried at the sight of that famous staircase scene — Terry holding Candy from the back as his farewell.

              But I didn’t cry at the end… Just sighed. Why didn’t Mizuki tell us more? But then now we have CCFS 👍

              • Interstellar on December 5, 2017 at 7:56 am

              It’s narcissism, Ms Puddle. Some people out there actually believe that the world is all about them and their “friend-zoned” pals are something like “ladies or gentlemen in waiting”. That said, my friend had to learn the hard way (and she deserved it) that she’s not better or worse than anyone else meaning that she’s neither entitled nor privileged. Such attention-seeking fools eventually get what they deserve in life. It’s just a matter of time. And yes, I sure am glad that the friend-zoned guy told her to get lost and he found a woman of great worth and quality.

              As for men/women who are like Albert in character, there are actually quite a few people out there who have got a heart of gold, and they don’t necessarily have to look like Albert in appearance. Nobody’s perfect. There are people out there who aren’t fashion model material but their intelligence and quality of ethos are far more superior than all those fashion models put together. I have never believed in princes or princesses in my life even when I was a kid. I always found that silly and cheesy. A true prince or a true princess is a good and caring person who knows how to respect him/herself as well as others.

              One of my favourite scenes in the CCFS is where Albert straight-forwardly tells Candy to stop calling him POTH because he detests it and it makes him shudder. Albert wants Candy to see him as a real man with real issues and real values. He wants her to snap out of the fairy tale rubbish because the true men and women out there are far better and far more valuable than any piece of so-called royalty, irrespective of their imperfections.

              I consider that people should have more realistic expectations from life and focus on having a partner who is worthy of their time because youth and beauty are severely ephemeral, and at the end of the day, meaningless and insignificant.

              What I personally like about Albert is that he’s not a prince but a down-to-earth man who lived in poverty and knows how horrible it is. What makes Albert a great person is his compassion and respect for all people irrespective of their financial status or background. His pleasant looks simply add to his grandiose character but nothing more than that.

              • Ms Puddle on December 5, 2017 at 9:44 pm

              Bravo to you, Interstellar! My sentiments exactly 👏👏👏

              In addition to what you said, I admit that I’ve never dreamed of being a princess or finding a prince in my life either. I’m also a down-to-earth person, just like you. Yes, kindness will make a person more beautiful.

              • Fay on December 5, 2017 at 9:12 am

              From all the strong evidence provided for us in these posts we have no reason to doubt Candy did choose Albert in the end. Of course, if she didn’t it would be her loss, but I believe she wasn’t so blind as to let Albert go out of her life. Besides, Albert didn’t deserve to be any woman’s second choice and I don’t think he wanted that. He deserved to be loved for himself alone and not because the other man was not available.
              I can easily believe that a strong friendship such as Candy and Albert’s can lead to love, and what’s more, a love which can last. Two people can know each other very well through a close friendship, especially if they are so close as these two are. During their cohabitation at the Magnolia they lived side by side, very much like brother and sister, they saw each other’s best and worst moments, and inevitably they came as close to each other as they had never done before. It’s natural for two people of different sex, and both heterosexual, to feel a mutual attraction after such a long time of living together under the same roof. Their friendship is the basis on which this new kind of relationship can stand. Yes, I agree that friendship can change to love between a man and a woman who are not related, as long as circumstances allow it. In Candy and Albert’s case, amnesia was the perfect opportunity to bring them close. Without it probably nothing would have happened. Nagita had her reasons for cleverly putting this important fact into her story.

              • Ms Puddle on December 5, 2017 at 9:52 pm

              Yes, Fay, I agree with you totally. Those who insist that Candy would always regard Albert as her big brother didn’t really understand the story of Candy Candy or CCFS. A girl in her right mind would not call her brother (or father) ‘my prince’ or a nickname like Little Bert.

              • Lakewood on December 5, 2017 at 9:29 am

              Yes Interstellar and Ms Puddle, I agree with both of you on this aspect and the real-life example Interstellar has eloquently described confirms the unlimited stupidity some people have due to their narcissism and egocentricity. These foolish people must know for their own good and welfare that they’re not the centre of the universe.

              The common denominator which also functioned as a unifying factor linking Candy and Albert is their beautiful ability to display compassion for others. One of my beloved scenes in the manga and the anime is where Albert explains to Candy that he would have also done the same in her position and release Terry of his inner torment and dilemma. This is where I had begun to deeply admire and respect Albert and ignore his physical beauty since his extraordinary character outshone any appealing physical attribute.

              This unifying factor becomes even stronger even when the two of them are apart. Candy tries everything possible to contact Albert and write to him and he tries to see and communicate with her at any given moment possible even though both are working so hard and both are so terribly busy with their jobs.

              In reality, Candy and Albert have already been enjoying the crux of a truly beloved married couple and no wedding ring could ever replace or amount to that. They’ve been together in sickness and in health, in poverty and in wealth, in grief and in joy. In both cases, their relationship was tested and it came out stronger and stronger.

              Congratulations again Ms Puddle for your beautiful blog! You and Alex have collaborated on such thought-provoking work!

              • moudy on December 5, 2017 at 3:15 pm

              Well said , Lakewood 😉👌👌

              They have been thru a lot together in sickness and in health…
              Albert is the man who would fight for Candy no matter what and it has been proven.

              His compassion is real and naturally flows out of his heart just to make Candy feels comfortable and loved..

              That is more than any wedding vows..
              I think..

              Cheers 🤗🤗

              • Ms Puddle on December 5, 2017 at 10:10 pm

              Hello Lakewood, I also like that episode in the manga where Candy broke the sad news to Albert. His empathy did help Candy to open up. She implied she couldn’t even hate Susanna because she wasn’t a bad person.

              This reminds me that many people blamed Candy for easily giving up Terry (or breaking up with him). These people failed to see that it was Terry who had given her up without saying it directly. Lakewood, you’re absolutely right that Candy’s self-sacrifice was to release Terry of his inner torment and dilemma.

              I guess these same people were the ones who rejoiced at the news that Susanna died young in CCFS. They likely missed the fact that the kind-hearted Candy actually collapsed in tears. They couldn’t be more wrong about Candy. She had best wishes for Terry and Susanna and never expected such outcome.

              Well said, Lakewood! Candy and Albert had endured a lot together, in sickness and in health, in poverty and in wealth, in grief and in joy. No wonder Albert proposed to share a sandwich with Candy. He wanted to continue taking care of her and being close to her. We can easily imagine why Candy felt so lost without Albert.

              • Sarah on December 5, 2017 at 11:27 am

              Interstellar has a point here and I’ll add to what Lakewood (love your username) states about the Candy-Albert relationship. It’s not about wedding rings or chapels or wedding cakes and pretentious filthy rich parties but about the union of two very good and kind people who always put their own egos aside for the common good. I so respect the ways in which Candy and Albert prioritize their work load and place their duties and responsibilities above their own romance and courting. Albert was a reckless youth in his twenties but he was also a self-sacrificing young man who travelled to Africa to volunteer as a medical assistance and help the poor who were deprived of health care and basic human amenities. The reason why Candy became a nurse are many but one could argue that Albert’s admiration and reverence for this profession prompted her in a way to consider being a nurse. Candy is also a young woman who puts her own needs aside for the welfare of others and this is evident in her hard work back at Pony’s Home. If there’s any couple more worthy of being with each other, it sure is the Candy-Albert one. Those two do not focus on demeaning other people in need by charity but on rigorous hard work in order to help those in need. I admire the directors of Pony’s Home who refused the money from Albert but accepted his own hard work which was based on his active compassion and not on whimsical charities. Albert’s amnesiac predicament made him endure the horrors of living in poverty and being without healthcare but instead he was tossed away in an awful room as if he was a piece of garbage. Alex is so right in her analysis about the severe social inequality in education but also in healthcare and justice.

              I’ll end with a quote from the honourable Clement Atlee:
              “Charity is a cold grey loveless thing. If a rich man wants to help the poor, he should pay his taxes gladly, not dole out money at a whim.”

              This article is worth reading and from an excellent Cambridge academic, Professor Richard Murphy on how this awful reality continues in our times as well (see link below):

              • Ms Puddle on December 5, 2017 at 10:20 pm

              Well said, Sarah! Brilliant analysis! 👍
              I like the quote. When I have a chance I’ll read the article too. Thanks for sharing 👏

              I only disagreed on one point though. Albert finished his college degree(s) and did start some business in London. He might have lived like a vagabond in Lakewood (for unknown reasons), but to me, the only reckless thing he did (which he admitted) was to cut all ties with the Ardlays when he was in Africa. 😂

              • Sarah on December 6, 2017 at 5:07 am

              Thanks Ms Puddle-Yes I do find Albert’s decision to cut ties with his family and colleagues reckless and above all unfair to George. One of the most commendable characters in CCFS is George. He stood by Albert like a father, a brother, and especially a mentor. George worked his a*& off for the Ardlays and he didn’t deserve such treatment from Albert. It’s a good thing that Albert had the good grace to admit his foolishness and we as readers can see this in Candy’s letters to George. Albert finally acknowledges George’s worth and his invaluable contributions to the Ardlays.

              George represents everything I really like in a person. Apart from the fact that he’s so elegant and physically beautiful, he’s also a highly educated person who excelled at university as well as in business. George never had the fortune to be an Ardlay leader as Albert and yet he achieved so many things with his hard work and remarkable intelligence. But he also knows how to be a true leader and take initiative when deemed necessary. His rebellious act in leading Candy to Albert is very telling of his complex character. George is not what he seems and there are layers to his character. I’m glad that the CCFS provides some insight into his character. In some fan-fic George has been paired with Patty which I find quite interesting. Both of them are so educated and smart. The only downside would be the wide age difference because George is described as much older than Albert in the CCFS.

              Albert is absolutely right when he told Candy that George was an invaluable asset for the Ardlays and that he regretted so much for causing all that pain to George with his whims. No, Albert is not some spoilt brat but he had made some mistakes which he had the class to admit and intend to reprove.

            • Interstellar on December 6, 2017 at 9:51 am
            • Reply

            Sarah, I’m very fond of George too. He’s that strong silent type which is so captivating and inspires loads of respect. To be frank and objective, George is superior to all the CCFS characters including Albert. George became important on his own means and strength and he wasn’t born a rich kid like Terry and Albert. Albert’s father had offered George a home and education but he repaid all that in full by excelling in everything he ventured into. The man is golden. I felt bad for him though that his love life was nowhere near as successful. If I had the opportunity to choose between Terry and George, I would choose George 100% as he’s such a fine and dignified person!

              • Sarah on December 6, 2017 at 1:09 pm

              Interstellar-What if you had to choose between Albert and George (had we been living in a parallel universe)?

              • Ms Puddle on December 6, 2017 at 7:43 pm

              Hello Sarah and Interstellar!

              Like you two, I also admire the character Georges very much. Without him, the story of Candy Candy falls apart. Not to mention he’s essentially played Cupid ❤️ to Candy and Albert 😁

              I also think it’s a pity Georges doesn’t have a partner in life. In the old novel he suffered from unrequited love, but in CCFS this seems omitted.

              But I think Georges is possibly twenty years older (or even more) than Patty… Personally not my cup of tea, but oh well.

              If I have to choose between Georges and Albert, I’d pick Albert mainly because I like his sense of humour and cheerful disposition. Georges is a bit too reserved to my liking 😅

              • Interstellar on December 6, 2017 at 3:07 pm

              Tough question!

              • Sarah on December 7, 2017 at 6:57 am

              Hi Ms Puddle and Interstellar,

              I agree with you Ms Puddle that the age difference is way too wide but it’s not impossible because there are actually a few couples like that (Clooney-Alamuddin for example) and they seem to be just fine.

              As for George, I kinda like his reserved and low-key attitude. It makes him even more attractive. He’s a bit of a dark horse and that adds to his appeal.

              Unfortunately, Nagita doesn’t provide any info about George’s personal life and how he naturally behaves when at ease. We really only get to see him in his professional role. Who knows? Maybe George is just as humorous and pleasant as Albert in his personal life. Many of us tend to behave differently at work and differently at home or with friends (I’m one of those people). George is not an employer as Albert but an employee so he doesn’t have the same freedom of movement and expression as his boss does.

              We do get some hints about George’s kind nature and sensitivity through the manga where he approaches Archie to express his deep sorrow for Stear’s death. Igarashi has effectively portrayed his saddened face where he puts effort not to break down. He’s also so tender to Candy and when he visited her at Pony’s Home to convince her to study in London, he was so kind as to take the orphan children on a brief field trip with his car. George may appear as stern and cold but there’s so much emotion and kindness within him. It’s a pity that Nagita only gave us a glimpse of his beautiful soul and put more emphasis on that frivolous woman-beater Terry.

              On the other hand, Albert is not always a kind and tender man. He can become fierce as a lion when protecting those in need. As WAA, he snapped at Aunt Elroy for her collusion with the Lagans to get Candy married to Neal. He was furious. At the début, Albert was stone cold and stern to his guests. He only resumed his kind side when alone with Candy. Albert is actually very similar to George when at work. I wouldn’t be surprised if George was just as tender and fun to be with as Albert during his personal and leisure time too.

              Like Interstellar, I wouldn’t be able to choose between those two extraordinary people. George and Albert are so alike in so many ways.

              P.S. I think that Albert got his excellent fighting skills from George due to a brief reference provided by Stear in the CCFS, after Candy is brought back to Lakewood as an Ardlay. Stear explains that George is excellent in martial arts and that’s where he got his self-control and formidable demeanour. Albert had also made a brief reference to George’s athletic built in his letter to Candy where he explains that George quickly managed to stop his escape because he’s so nimble. Lastly, Candy is comfortable when talking and writing to George as if they’re long-term pals. She seems to have scratched the surface and has a clear view of George’s true character because she cares about and respects him so much. She may love him even more because as Ms Puddle specified, it was George who played Cupid and got those two together again.

              • Ms Puddle on December 7, 2017 at 10:33 pm

              Yes I see. Sarah, you’re absolutely right. I’m a different person too when I’m in the office.

              In the letter to Georges we can tell both Candy and Albert were grateful to him, albeit for different reasons; not only that, Albert cared about him too. Indeed, Georges was like a father figure to him, a loyal companion all these years. Not every boss is blessed to have such a faithful employee. Georges had essentially paid back way more than Albert’s late father had bestowed upon him.

              True, I didn’t realize that Georges must be physically fit because he could stop young Albert from running away again. You’re right, Sarah… Albert was running downhill whereas Georges was coming towards him when going up. 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

              • Lakewood on December 8, 2017 at 7:59 am

              Haha, I’ll join in and cast my vote too and it’s for George because my husband looks so much like him in character and appearance (he’s got a beard and a moustache though). Don’t be daunted by that reserved and serious look of theirs. Deep down inside men like George are a bed of roses and tender hearted to the core (I speak from experience, hahaha).

              Oh, our age difference is less than five years apart. I agree with Ms Puddle that huge age gaps are not my cup of tea either. As for Amal, she looks like George C’s daughter and not his wife in any way. Sorry, but that’s the bitter truth. Those two surely won’t be growing old together (I’m being mean again so I’ll stop now).

              Bye for now!

              • Ms Puddle on December 9, 2017 at 3:43 pm

              Lakewood, sounds like you’re still very much in love with your husband. Good for you! It’s a blessing to have found true love in life ❤️

              Just so you know, you’re not the only one who thinks that Amal looks like George Clooney’s daughter, not his wife. Me too… Oh well, it’s none of my business 😂

    • moudy on December 1, 2017 at 8:54 pm
    • Reply

    Hi Miss Puddle 😀
    be right back…after reading this with full concentration😉
    Seriously…i be right back 😊

    Cheers 😙

    1. Sure thing. Talk to you later, Moudy 😊😙

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